14:01:30 <dhellmann> #startmeeting oslo
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14:01:36 <markmc> hey
14:01:38 <dhellmann> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo
14:01:43 <dhellmann> Show of hands, please?
14:01:44 <dhellmann> o/
14:01:49 <bpokorny> o/
14:01:52 <e-vad> \o
14:02:02 <dims> o/
14:02:24 <bnemec_> \o
14:02:34 <dhellmann> luisg, here?
14:02:53 <dhellmann> ok, we'll start without him...
14:02:55 <dhellmann> #topic Pecan/WSME status
14:03:01 <dhellmann> bnemec, the floor is yours
14:03:04 <flaper87> o/
14:03:09 <bnemec_> Okay
14:03:21 <bnemec_> This came up with some of the work around Tuskar/Ironic.
14:03:50 <bnemec_> They apparently just copy-pasted the basic code for Pecan/WSME and were wondering if there's anything going on in Oslo to make some of that common code available.
14:04:16 <ryanpetrello> so pecan comes with a "project scaffold", but it's really meant for web applications
14:04:25 <dhellmann> we had planned to create some common base code, but had not yet
14:04:44 <ryanpetrello> Doug and I discussed the possibility of one that was basically a pecan+wsme REST API scaffold
14:04:56 <markmc> yeah, ironic API stuff was based on ceilometer and tuskar was based on ironic
14:05:02 <markmc> definitely some stuff copied around
14:05:18 <jd__> o/
14:05:35 <bnemec_> I didn't see a blueprint for any of this.
14:05:39 <sileht> o/
14:05:40 <bnemec_> Should we get one opened to track it?
14:05:46 <flaper87> +1
14:05:53 <dhellmann> we should start figuring out how much of that we can share through oslo
14:05:57 <dhellmann> yes, a blueprint would make sense
14:06:06 <dhellmann> bnemec_, want to open that?
14:06:08 <jd__> what the common mode would look like? I wonder if it makes sense to release an oslo lib for that, or just putting that in Pecan makes sense
14:06:21 <bnemec_> I can, but I don't know much about it so it's going to be pretty basic if I write it.
14:06:37 <dhellmann> jd__, yeah I'm not sure -- let's get it into the incubator, and then decide where it makes sense to put it
14:06:45 <bnemec_> I suppose someone else can add to it later.
14:06:46 <dhellmann> bnemec_, ok, I'll open one
14:06:46 <jd__> works for me :)
14:06:53 <bnemec_> dhellmann: Okay, thanks.
14:07:09 <dims> +1
14:07:15 <dhellmann> #action dhellmann open blueprint to track adding common pecan/wsme API code to the incubator
14:07:26 <bnemec_> I guess that's all I was looking for on that topic.
14:07:33 <ryanpetrello> looks like pecan exposes a setuptools entrypoint for defining new scaffolds: https://github.com/stackforge/pecan/blob/master/setup.py#L118
14:07:33 <dhellmann> ok, thanks
14:07:44 <ryanpetrello> (in other packages)
14:08:44 <dhellmann> yeah, there's scaffold code and then there's truly sharable code that we can place in a library
14:08:53 <ryanpetrello> right
14:08:53 <dhellmann> we need to work out how much of the latter we really have
14:09:16 <dhellmann> next up...
14:09:18 <dhellmann> #topic python3 requirements file
14:09:23 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/55606/
14:09:25 <dhellmann> dims?
14:09:39 * jd__ hides
14:09:44 <dims> lol
14:09:47 <flaper87> lol
14:10:00 <dims> so, do we want to maintain py3 requirements in another file? :)
14:10:03 <bnemec_> -1, needs a better commit message :-)
14:10:11 <dhellmann> jd__ and I discussed this at the summit
14:10:20 <jd__> I'm ok to go to the front and ask -infra FWIW
14:10:40 <dhellmann> we need to track the requirements for each version of python separately (e.g., mox vs. mox3)
14:10:46 <dims> +1 to that jd__ since they need to think about global-requirements and devstack etc
14:11:08 <flaper87> yeah, we need to get -infra thoughts and considerations here
14:11:17 <jd__> basically the requirements are the same, except that python 3 can't have everything installed
14:11:33 <markmc> would be good if we had requirements.txt, requirements-py2.txt and requirements-py3.txt
14:11:39 <markmc> and for most things to live in requirements.txt
14:11:39 <jd__> but we could have mox3 and mox installed in parallel for all Python to minimize divergence
14:11:47 <markmc> only exceptions in py2.txt and py3.txt
14:11:57 <flaper87> markmc: +1
14:12:05 <jd__> markmc: we just need requirements.txt and requirements-py2.txt then
14:12:14 <dhellmann> markmc: that would be more complicated to track upstream in the requirements project, I think
14:12:15 <flaper87> that's the common way to do it, AFAIK
14:12:20 <dhellmann> that was one option we talked about
14:12:27 <dhellmann> oh, there's precedent?
14:12:39 <markmc> dhellmann, yeah - maybe what I describe only belongs in the requirements repo
14:12:57 <markmc> dhellmann, and we autogenerate distinct python2 and python3 requirements files from the sources in the requirements repo
14:13:14 <dhellmann> markmc: I like that
14:13:24 <bnemec_> +1
14:13:46 <dims> nice
14:14:01 <dhellmann> if we leave the python 2 requirements file in each project "requirements.txt" then we don't have to change devstack
14:14:20 <dhellmann> doesn't it merge the requirements together now?
14:14:36 <dhellmann> oh, no, nevermind, the way they implemented that was to update the requirements in each repo before installing anything
14:15:01 <dhellmann> still, it feels like keeping python 2 in requirements.txt will result in fewer changes overall
14:15:42 <flaper87> mmh, but I think requirements.txt should have Py2 and Py3 requirements
14:16:11 <flaper87> otherwise we won't be able to know which packages are not py3k compatible
14:16:41 <flaper87> (unless I'm missing something)
14:16:56 <dhellmann> how does combining them tell us which are not py3 compatible?
14:17:39 <flaper87> it doesn't but at least we know they work for both.
14:17:59 <flaper87> ahh, you are suggesting to have requirements.txt for py2 and requirements-py3.txt for py3k
14:18:06 <dims> i like 3 files - common/py2-only/py3-only approach then we know the py2 wont work in py3 and vice versa and common will work on both
14:18:19 <dhellmann> flaper87: yes
14:18:29 <flaper87> damn, it's friday! :D
14:18:39 <beekneemech> Yes
14:18:41 <flaper87> yeah, that would make it easier
14:18:43 <beekneemech> Yes it is :-)
14:18:49 <dims> dhellmann, in that approach won't you have some stuff in py2 file that wont work in py3?
14:19:19 <flaper87> the only downside is that we would have some packages duplicated in both requirements, IIUC
14:19:24 <dhellmann> dims: the idea would be to ignore requirements.txt when installing under python 3
14:19:38 <dhellmann> thinking about where we need to make changes, this is going to be complicated
14:19:39 <beekneemech> So I gather from this conversation that "remove all deps that don't work in py3" is not an option?
14:19:40 <dims> dhellmann, got it.
14:19:47 <dhellmann> pbr will have to look at different file(s)
14:19:56 <dhellmann> the requirements updater tool will have to modify more files
14:20:12 <dhellmann> the mirror building tool will have to look at all of these files
14:20:50 <dhellmann> I wonder if we can keep a single global requirements list in the requirements project, and only have separate files in the repos where we run tox
14:21:18 <dhellmann> that would work as long as we don't require different versions of the same library under python 2 and 3
14:21:26 <dhellmann> which I don't think we do now
14:22:00 <dhellmann> jd__: I think we need a blueprint, and input from infra on this, but I think we can make it work
14:22:22 <flaper87> dhellmann: +1 for bp and input from -infra
14:22:23 <jd__> yeah, I'm just waiting for instructions on how to build it basically
14:22:29 <jd__> either 2 files or 3 files
14:22:30 <dims> and devstack folks
14:22:47 <flaper87> I think this affects other projects as well so, definitely -infra input is worth it.
14:22:48 <dhellmann> #action jd__ open a blueprint for tracking python 3 requirements and solicit input from -infra
14:23:01 <dhellmann> dims: I think we can assume devstack runs python 2 for the time being
14:23:05 <jd__> dhellmann: bp on oslo ?
14:23:20 <dhellmann> jd__: probably on the requirements project, but oslo if there isn't a launchpad project for that
14:23:41 <jd__> dhellmann: I don't know nor think there's a LP for that indeed :)
14:24:03 <jd__> I can use https://launchpad.net/openstack-ci
14:24:09 <dhellmann> that works
14:24:10 <dims> jd__, worst case mailing list
14:24:36 <jd__> dims: yeah, worst case, I'd like to avoid bikeshedding :D
14:24:46 <dhellmann> once we figure out how to manage the requirements, we should update the python 3 page in the wiki with directions, too
14:24:49 <flaper87> mailing-list +1
14:24:53 <dims> jd__, agree :)
14:25:05 <jd__> dhellmann: fair enough
14:25:14 <dhellmann> luisg: ping?
14:25:20 <luisg> dhellmann, here
14:25:27 <dhellmann> hi!
14:25:34 <dhellmann> anything else on python 3 requirements before we move on?
14:25:55 <dhellmann> #topic Message code changes & implications to the current code base
14:25:56 <dhellmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/i18nmessages
14:26:00 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/56093/
14:26:04 <dhellmann> luisg, you have the floor
14:26:18 <luisg> thx, sorry i was late
14:26:38 <luisg> so i implemented the changes that we had agreed on our last meeting on this topic
14:26:53 <luisg> and i have been running into several issues, that i documented in that ehterpad
14:27:20 <luisg> basically one of the one that worries me more is the first one in the etherpad, about logging exceptions
14:27:22 <dhellmann> for the first issue, with passing exceptions to the logging code, I like option 3
14:27:45 <dhellmann> however, I think this is why we at one point said we would support .__unicode__() on Message
14:28:24 <dhellmann> to cut down on code churn in the other projects, where exceptions are turned into strings explicitly like this
14:28:40 <luisg> dhellmann, y im finding that not supporting unicode() can be problematic
14:29:02 <dhellmann> what do you think about supporting it for now, and phasing it out later?
14:29:02 <luisg> even for non-exceptions, like in the example of logging a connection object
14:29:06 <dhellmann> smaller steps...
14:29:57 <luisg> if we phase it out eventually, would u want to phase it out in favor of a "translate()" interface?
14:30:11 <luisg> or how would  we w2nt to address that and the other issues
14:30:46 <dhellmann> it seems like we'll always be merging an exception with a message object, right?
14:30:57 <dhellmann> _('some text: %s') % the_exception
14:31:24 <dhellmann> if that's the case, we can have Message look for exceptions when doing the final interpolation, and treat them differently
14:31:53 <dhellmann> the *right* way to do it is to pass them separately: log.error(_('bad thing happened: %s'), the_exception)
14:32:01 <dhellmann> or just log.exception(the_exception)
14:32:16 <dhellmann> but that really just delays the point at which the % operator is used
14:32:29 <dhellmann> so we still have to look for them explicitly
14:32:38 <dhellmann> make sense?
14:32:40 <luisg> yeah..whether they 7use % or , it is ultimately the same
14:32:46 <dhellmann> right
14:32:55 <luisg> the problem is that not all exceptions have their message in the same field
14:33:09 <luisg> some use explanation, some use message, details..
14:33:22 <dhellmann> we should definitely not look inside the exception object
14:33:24 <luisg> so it is up to each exception to choose its representation in their __unicode__
14:33:41 <luisg> not knowing what they use woudl kind of force us to look inside
14:33:43 <dhellmann> we should either have an exception base class that supports translate() or just require it to support __unicode__
14:33:47 <luisg> unless we somehow unify where to look
14:34:10 * beekneemech notes that we just removed our exception base class :-)
14:34:16 <dhellmann> yeah
14:34:41 <luisg> ok that addresses exceptions only, but we are limiting devs to log anyother object
14:34:47 <luisg> i.e. the connection example
14:34:49 <dhellmann> I wonder, if we do nothing, would unicode(the_exception) return a Message instance?
14:34:56 <luisg> they would only be allowed to log "translatables"
14:36:01 <dhellmann> because if that's the case, we could have our log formatter turn the exception into a message, and then call translate on it
14:36:43 <luisg> what i am seeing is that in the basic case where for instance in that cinder example
14:36:58 <luisg> where we log message, unicode(e)
14:37:23 <luisg> the exception was raised, but i need to see if that i b/c unicode was invoked inside Fault on the msg
14:37:47 <dhellmann> right
14:37:54 <luisg> that is issue 1, what do u guys think about the other issues?
14:38:05 <dhellmann> ok, let's err on the side of avoiding exceptions and support __unicode__ using the default translation
14:38:37 <dhellmann> issues with messages not being logged with the proper language are then bugs in the app or library code that is handling the exception improperly, right?
14:39:10 <dhellmann> although I guess we need to provide a path for getting a Message out of an exception, still
14:39:33 <luisg> yeah so that we can do the secondary log
14:39:54 <dhellmann> ok, I'm going to have to spend more time thinking about that, I think
14:39:58 <luisg> if we loose the M object say by supporting _uni_ we need to be able to recreate the msg
14:40:06 <luisg> k
14:40:34 <dhellmann> I think we'll have to handle it explicitly, so if someone calls unicode() on an exception, translation of the result will no longer be supported
14:40:42 <dhellmann> but there might be a get_message() method or something
14:40:47 <dhellmann> or get_translatable()
14:40:59 <dhellmann> but in any case, let's start by avoiding unicode exceptions
14:41:16 <luisg> k
14:41:30 <dhellmann> how about the keystone context formatter issue?
14:41:41 <dhellmann> do they not use it because they don't like it, or because no one has added it?
14:42:18 <luisg> yeah that is a nother tricky one, and it comes back to the fact that we now depend on that formatter or there will be no translation() and thig would crash
14:42:26 <luisg> due to the explicit translation reuqired
14:42:34 <luisg> i think we if allow unicode, this would not be a problem
14:42:39 <luisg> but need to double check paths
14:42:45 <luisg> i don't know why it's not used tbh
14:42:48 <dhellmann> except that they would not have translated logs
14:42:53 <luisg> but out of the box it's not used
14:43:07 <dhellmann> do you feel up to proposing a patch to keystone to have it used?
14:43:22 <luisg> dhellmann, yeah i could do that
14:43:32 <dhellmann> cool -- add me as a reviewer
14:43:44 <dhellmann> ok, the + operator
14:43:54 <dhellmann> I thought we said we did need to go ahead and support that?
14:43:58 <luisg> i was thinking that is the smaller issue, we just go in and change all to %
14:44:04 <luisg> we said no add
14:44:06 <luisg> only % and format
14:44:15 <luisg> we can add add or change that to %
14:44:29 <dhellmann> ok, it seems to me that the use of + in the specific example you've provided is a mistake anyway
14:44:32 <luisg> line 22 says where we said no add
14:44:41 <dhellmann> I believe you :-)
14:44:46 <luisg> haha..
14:44:53 <luisg> the reason i pointed out the line was b/c of the rationale
14:45:03 <dhellmann> would it help to support __add__ but have it log a deprecated message?
14:45:31 <luisg> it says that it would imply trnslation in improper ways
14:45:34 <luisg> bnut can't rememebr what that was about
14:45:42 <beekneemech> Do we have any idea how many places that's happening?
14:45:43 <dhellmann> yeah, I'm thinking pragmatically again: can we get something working, then remove some of the parts we don't want long term?
14:45:48 <luisg> i have only seen it in noa
14:45:50 <luisg> *nova
14:45:51 <beekneemech> Because it's definitely wrong to add translated strings.
14:45:57 <dhellmann> are there a lot of cases like that in nova?
14:46:01 <beekneemech> So that should be fixed anyway.
14:46:03 <luisg> the whole exception module
14:46:10 <luisg> k
14:46:14 <dhellmann> anything outside of that module?
14:46:21 <dhellmann> maybe beekneemech is right, and we should just fix nova first
14:46:31 <luisg> i did not see, but there may still be stuff in there
14:46:38 <dhellmann> ok
14:47:00 <dhellmann> well, I'm willing to be flexible on __add__ and __radd__ if it gets us to the point where things mostly work, and we can phase out their use later
14:47:25 <dhellmann> rather than trying to make it all work right at one time, if you know what I mean
14:47:33 <beekneemech> Yeah, that makes sense to me.
14:47:35 <luisg> yeah that make sense
14:47:46 <beekneemech> Logging the message would be nice so we can find out how much this is happening.
14:48:00 <dhellmann> yeah
14:48:13 <beekneemech> (a deprecation message, not a Message message :-)
14:48:19 <dhellmann> right :-)
14:48:32 <dhellmann> ok, luisg, did we cover all of the issues you had?
14:48:41 <luisg> we didn't talk about the issue of sending Ex through RPC
14:49:00 <luisg> that would be fixed with unicode worknig i guess
14:49:07 <dhellmann> supporting __unicode__ should fix that for now -- right
14:49:20 <luisg> so still im worried about several things, 1) we can't log "non-translatables" 2) we depend on the contxt formatter and 3) strings don't support all operations, and 4) how to recover the M after unicoding for secondary log
14:49:25 <dhellmann> and when we know what explicit interface we will provide, we can address it differently later
14:49:41 <dhellmann> non-translatables?
14:49:42 <luisg> i was wondering if u would allow me to send out a WIP with what I propose at the bottom
14:50:07 <dhellmann> what is a non-translatable?
14:50:30 <luisg> sorry 1) is no t an issue only 4)
14:50:56 <dhellmann> 2) relying on that class to handle translation is just going to have to be ok
14:51:01 <dhellmann> 3) what operations/
14:51:02 <dhellmann> ?
14:51:12 <dhellmann> 4) why would we need to do that? what is a "secondary log"?
14:51:22 <luisg> like these places where ppl use +
14:51:47 <dhellmann> ok, we can generalize that approach: if you find other operators that are needed, support them with deprecation warnings
14:51:48 <luisg> i thought we were conswidering the requirement where we would log in different languages
14:52:12 <dhellmann> I thought we wanted to let the operator choose to log in one language, that might not be english
14:52:12 <luisg> the default, but if there was another handler that wants to log in a diff lang thatn the default
14:52:50 <dhellmann> in that case, the log record would be given to 2 formatters for 2 loggers and the translation would just happen twice, right?
14:52:51 <luisg> there is another req to basically create different logs, e.g. one in INFO in the default locale, and a debug one in a diff one
14:53:05 <dhellmann> although the formatter would have to get the language value from somewhere other than the locale
14:53:23 <luisg> yeah from the logg config  most likely
14:53:27 <dims> luisg, do we really need that "feature"?
14:53:27 <dhellmann> let's get this working properly for one language at a time before we try to make it work in parallel
14:53:35 <dims> right
14:53:42 <dhellmann> one step at a time
14:53:55 <luisg> dims, it's a controversial one, but there was a blueprint pushed out from havana
14:54:41 <dhellmann> I won't say no to supporting it, but like I said, let's get one language working first :-)
14:54:48 <beekneemech> +1
14:54:52 <dhellmann> ok, we're almost out of time and I need to talk schedule
14:54:53 <dims> luisg, agree with dhellmann
14:55:02 <dhellmann> #topic scheduling
14:55:03 <luisg> ok
14:55:06 <dhellmann> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Icehouse_Release_Schedule
14:55:09 <dhellmann> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Summit/Icehouse/Etherpads#Oslo
14:55:16 <dhellmann> I need to know estimates for targets for the blueprints that are going into icehouse
14:55:44 <dhellmann> so if you have a blueprint, either go ahead and set the target or email me the info (I'm not sure what permissions are required to change that field)
14:56:09 <dhellmann> I'll be reviewing the summit etherpads today and at least setting the release on all of the blueprints
14:56:18 <dhellmann> but we need to be more specific about which milestone, too
14:57:02 <dhellmann> does anyone have any concerns about the blueprints based on what we discussed at the summit? are there any that we need to include that did not have a session?
14:57:07 <flaper87> I think we need to split oslo.config side effects into several blueprints
14:57:26 <dhellmann> flaper87: good point, I have that on my list
14:58:32 <dhellmann> I was also going to open blueprints for graduating each part of the incubator, but not assign them to icehouse until we think we're actually going to be able to do them
14:58:50 <dhellmann> that will give us a place to track what would be required for graduation for each piece, though
14:59:23 <flaper87> sounds good, that'll also let us discuss the graduation aspects in the blueprint itself
14:59:28 <flaper87> for each module
14:59:33 <dhellmann> right
14:59:48 <flaper87> ah damn, I didn't read your last message
14:59:51 <flaper87> lol
15:00:01 <dhellmann> I'll take a stab at grouping some of the smaller modules into libraries, too, although that's up for discussion
15:00:22 <flaper87> Can we start discussing the grouping on an etherpad ?
15:00:31 <flaper87> if there isn't one already
15:00:38 <dhellmann> flaper87: sure, we could do it that way
15:00:49 <dhellmann> I'll start one and send an email
15:00:51 <dhellmann> to the ml
15:00:54 <flaper87> then we can translate that into a blueprint!
15:00:56 <flaper87> awesome
15:01:08 <dhellmann> we're at the end of our time slot for the meeting
15:01:17 <dhellmann> thanks everyone!
15:01:19 <flaper87> good meeting!
15:01:21 <flaper87> thanks guys!
15:01:29 <dims> markmc, sad to see the oslo.messaging abandoned :(
15:01:29 <luisg> thank you!
15:01:35 <dhellmann> #action dhellmann create etherpad to start grouping oslo modules into libraries
15:01:38 <dims> patch to nova i mean
15:01:44 <markmc> temporarily
15:01:54 <dims> whew ok
15:01:57 <dhellmann> good
15:02:06 <dhellmann> #endmeeting