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16:01:26 <bknudson> hi
16:01:32 <harlowja_at_home> yo yo
16:01:38 <toabctl> hi
16:02:07 <droyal> hi
16:02:11 <dims> let's get started :)
16:02:14 <dims> hi droyal
16:02:19 <dims> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
16:02:39 <jungleboyj> None from Cinder.
16:02:55 <johnsom> Nothing on the Octavia front
16:03:00 <bknudson> I'd like to get a call on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189523/ -- Revert "timeutils: deprecate isotime()"
16:03:02 <dhellmann> o/
16:03:07 <zzzeek> im not a liason but neutron’s pymysql woes are probably significant
16:03:09 <dims> liaisons, i had filed some oslo-incubator sync's please look out for them
16:03:11 <ihrachyshka> afaik none for neutron.
16:03:22 <dims> bknudson: ack
16:03:44 <amrith> ./
16:04:43 <bknudson> I don't care which way it goes myself, but if it's going to remain deprecated then we need to move away, and if it's un-deprecated then we'll go back to using it
16:04:53 <dims> bknudson: stevemar: did the python-dateutils get through global?
16:05:31 <ihrachyshka> zzzeek, yeah, it's under control
16:05:35 <zzzeek> ihrachyshka: :)
16:05:35 <dims> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190268/
16:06:46 <stevemar> dims, not yet, needs another +2
16:06:46 <bknudson> where's the docs?
16:06:56 <bknudson> https://dateutil.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
16:07:04 <harlowja_at_home> jd__, yt
16:07:14 <stevemar> dims, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190268/
16:07:17 <dims> bknudson: so my take on this is...we are just marking it as deprecated, so keystone does not have to remove it immediately and can leave it for a cycle. but keystone really wants to get rid of it right away, so you should do what you want to do which is copy the code or use python-dateutils or something else
16:08:03 <dims> in effect we want to be able to tell everyone else that it's a bad idea and find alternatives i feel
16:08:19 <dims> bknudson: works?
16:08:20 * jd__ nods
16:08:28 <bknudson> dims: I'd like to see -2s on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189523/
16:08:56 <harlowja_at_home> how many -2s u want, lol
16:09:12 <jungleboyj> -2 with extreme prejudice!
16:09:15 <stevemar> i can help there -_-
16:09:19 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:09:24 <dims> i just did a -1
16:09:34 <harlowja_at_home> real men put -4 on it
16:09:37 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:09:44 <jungleboyj> :-)
16:10:00 <ihrachyshka> they say Chuck Norris puts -8
16:10:10 <jungleboyj> -4, when -2 just doesn't get the message across
16:10:19 <harlowja_at_home> ihrachyshka, i'm pretty sure the whole CI system blows up when chuck norris touches it
16:10:21 <dims> bknudson: thanks for your patience and helping navigate all of us to a path
16:10:26 <dims> forward
16:10:36 <jungleboyj> harlowja_at_home: ++
16:10:41 <ihrachyshka> harlowja_at_home, you should not be the one to blow it up sometimes
16:10:48 <ihrachyshka> it takes a single new library release
16:10:51 <harlowja_at_home> (that may or may not explain how it blows up every now or then)
16:11:36 <dims> any other issues?
16:11:43 <dims> k. moving on
16:11:47 <dims> #topic Releases for this week
16:11:47 <dims> Do we neeed any releases? Here are the unreleased changes
16:11:47 <dims> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/294121/
16:11:58 * harlowja_at_home is going to pop out a taskflow release today
16:12:13 <harlowja_at_home> or get dhellmann to (mr.release-man)
16:12:21 <dims> tooz?
16:12:37 <harlowja_at_home> yes, tooz we should to, jd__ what u think?
16:12:49 * harlowja_at_home also needs to get kazoo out (another lib that people use)
16:12:59 <jd__> yes!
16:13:28 <harlowja_at_home> * https://github.com/python-zk/kazoo/pull/336 (if people care, the PR for that kazoo releasE)
16:13:29 <dims> tooz, taskflow from oslo space :)
16:13:43 <harlowja_at_home> the oslo galaxy
16:13:44 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:14:47 <dims> on oslo.vmware 1.x i got word from vipin, garyk etc about fixing up their exception hierarchy as a pre-req for 1.x designation
16:14:58 <dims> so that's probably another week
16:15:13 <dims> k. next topic
16:15:16 <dims> #topic New libraries and drivers - how is it going?
16:15:16 <dims> #link specs - http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/oslo-specs/
16:15:26 <ozamiatin> dims, dhellmann, we were going to create a feature branch for the new zmq driver
16:15:42 <harlowja_at_home> new libraries going good, hopefully a futurist release soon
16:15:51 <harlowja_at_home> *new librraries i'm helping get out there
16:15:56 <dims> ozamiatin: you need to provide dhellmann with a SHA which he can use to create a feature branch
16:16:08 <harlowja_at_home> i did create https://bugs.python.org/issue24451 (that would be nice for futurist)
16:16:16 <dims> harlowja_at_home: thanks
16:16:27 <harlowja_at_home> and i'll probably try to get something upstream in python for that, haypo hopefully help ;)
16:16:34 <ozamiatin> dims, k, got it
16:16:57 <dims> ozamiatin: sileht: the "new" support for dropping devstack in functional test is enough for zmq as well?
16:16:58 <kgiusti> amqp 1.0 in CI - progress continues.  If I can send more Red Bull to flaper87, we should be done soon
16:17:08 <dims> kgiusti: awesome
16:17:31 <dims> Anyone working on oslo.cache? i am concerned about that
16:17:59 <sileht> dims, the gate jobs work, but the zmq functionnal tests still don't pass
16:18:23 <ozamiatin> silent, dims,  they didn't pass with devstack too
16:18:30 <dims> sileht: thx for the update
16:18:36 <sileht> something is stuck inside the driver during the tests, I have not invetigated more
16:18:38 <dims> ozamiatin: ack
16:19:19 <dims> anyone working on oslo.service or oslo.reports here today?
16:19:31 <ozamiatin> silent, I think it will be fixed in new driver now :)
16:19:42 <dims> ozamiatin: haha ++
16:20:43 <dims> k switching
16:20:46 <dims> #topic New Specs
16:20:46 <dims> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189006/ (Kafka)
16:20:46 <dims> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191168/ (Windows support in oslo.service)
16:21:21 <harlowja_at_home> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191168/ will be an interseting one to see how that goes
16:21:24 <dims> sileht: how much work is needed to expose our base classes so someone can write a messaging and notification driver outside our tree? any ideas?
16:21:28 * dhellmann steps away to deal with sofa delivery
16:22:06 <dims> harlowja_at_home: y especially reloading configs etc
16:22:14 * harlowja_at_home needs to poke sputnix (min) to get him to update https://review.openstack.org/#/c/186524/
16:22:26 <sileht> dims, no idea
16:22:37 <harlowja_at_home> dims, ya, it might expose some stuff we need in upstream python (or it might not, unsure)
16:22:49 <sileht> dims, but that shouldn't be hard
16:22:59 <harlowja_at_home> #action harlowja_at_home poke sputnix about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/186524/
16:23:39 <dims> sileht: so we can tell them to get their own repo and implement a kafka driver?
16:24:00 <sileht> dims, for notifier it's very easy
16:24:01 <dims> since most of the code they pointed to is a kafka client from what harlowja_at_home told me :)
16:24:09 <harlowja_at_home> zzzeek, is there any online migration spec or such for oslo.db (it'd be interseting to read at the least, although u said u might be doing the changes in alembic itself, so maybe not oslo releated)
16:24:28 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: at the moment i’ve been tasked with doing one for neutron
16:24:33 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: it can become an oslo thing
16:24:47 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: i wrote the rambly version on friday today I hope to chop out all the ramble from it
16:24:49 <harlowja_at_home> zzzeek, or alemibc thing, i was more interested in just reading how it would work :)
16:24:54 <harlowja_at_home> zzzeek, haha, kk
16:25:04 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: yeah tehre’s also some alembic stuff I want to do in support of it
16:25:21 <sileht> dims, I think we should document how to write a messaging that does only notification stuff
16:25:27 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: but realy this issue of, “the model that speaks to both schema versions”, this is an unsolved, or not-very-well-solved problem
16:25:33 <dims> sileht: ++
16:25:40 <harlowja_at_home> zzzeek, cool, i know to get alembic to run migrations automatically i had to do something 'weird' in taskflow
16:25:56 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: wonder what you mean by “automatically"
16:26:10 <dims> sileht: i remember we also talked about more than one active notification driver with different messaging infra as well (is it possible now?)
16:26:10 <harlowja_at_home> well zzzeek by calling an upgrade() function
16:26:30 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: OK, that is pretty straightforward….
16:26:36 <harlowja_at_home> ya, https://github.com/openstack/taskflow/blob/master/taskflow/persistence/backends/sqlalchemy/migration.py#L31
16:26:44 <harlowja_at_home> nothing to magical
16:26:51 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: you did too much here
16:26:56 <harlowja_at_home> probably, lol
16:26:57 <sileht> dims, that possible from oslo.messaging PoV, but nova/neutron/... need to be updated to setup multiple transport instead of one global object
16:27:03 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: you just call command.upgrade() for a straight upgrade
16:27:47 <harlowja_at_home> zzzeek, k, can chat after meeting to tweak that
16:27:51 <zzzeek> harlowja_at_home: k
16:27:59 <dims> couple of new things, to help with release/requirements issues, we took over mox3 last week from mordred's repo
16:28:26 <harlowja_at_home> how much are people still using that?
16:28:34 <dims> jamielennox pinged me about a jsonhome impl - https://github.com/jamielennox/jsonhome/ - to see if oslo folks are interested
16:29:02 <harlowja_at_home> because i've seen weirdo errors with mox3 like in http://logs.openstack.org/72/190372/6/check/gate-oslo.service-python34/0e83172/console.html.gz
16:29:07 <harlowja_at_home> 'AttributeError: No values given for arguments: self'
16:29:18 <dims> harlowja_at_home: it's in our global requirements, at least nova is using it. there's active work to move to mock, so we'll get rid of it when we are able to
16:29:20 <bknudson> we've got JSON-Home in keystone but it's just implemented with dicts
16:29:32 <bknudson> so if there was a library we'd use it in keystone
16:29:38 <dims> harlowja_at_home: y i logged a bug for that one
16:29:40 <harlowja_at_home> whats jsonhome?
16:29:55 <bknudson> and also when we add support for JSON Home resolution in keystoneclient we'll need some invention
16:30:04 <dims> harlowja_at_home: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nottingham-json-home-02
16:30:10 <bknudson> JSONHome describes your REST resources
16:30:36 <harlowja_at_home> ah, k
16:30:56 <bknudson> it's provides relationships for the URLs so there's a level of indirection
16:31:33 <bknudson> so rather than go to /v3/auth/tokens, you would look up the relationship for "get_a_token" or whatever we call it.
16:31:54 <dims> it wont fit neatly into any existing oslo projects (like CORS did with oslo.middleware)...
16:32:09 <dims> so would need a new repo
16:32:47 <dims> me / bknudson will talk more with jamie and let everyone know...ok?
16:33:06 <dims> switching
16:33:10 <dims> #topic Ongoing work & Review priorities
16:33:10 <dims> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-oslo-priorities-tracking
16:33:33 <dims> any items folks would like to speed up?
16:34:01 <harlowja_at_home> depends on how big of chunks of taskflow people want to know about :-P
16:34:23 <harlowja_at_home> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189526/ would be neat (and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189536/ )
16:34:29 <harlowja_at_home> the example is neat imho if u want to try it
16:34:33 <harlowja_at_home> pretty awesome-sauce
16:34:54 <dims> some easy ones from harlowja_at_home - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/message:pypip.in,n,z :)
16:35:09 <harlowja_at_home> ya, i have up on that site
16:35:11 <harlowja_at_home> *gave up
16:35:16 <harlowja_at_home> been up/down to much
16:35:46 <harlowja_at_home> they even tried giving the owner some paypal money
16:35:48 <harlowja_at_home> didn't help
16:36:17 <harlowja_at_home> *see https://github.com/badges/pypipins/issues/37
16:36:17 <dims> here's an old one from jamie - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/143423/
16:37:03 <dims> this one is a security related one in nova (needs a change in our code) - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190472/
16:37:32 <dims> essentially provide a hook so nova can track the pid and know when to kill
16:37:49 <harlowja_at_home> cool
16:38:28 <bnemec> dims: I don't think we want to add anything new to CfgFilter.
16:38:49 <bnemec> Given that we pretty much decided we weren't going to support it going forward.
16:38:57 <dims> bnemec: ack, please cast your vote on that review
16:39:01 <dims> i'll change mine too
16:39:02 * bnemec needs to get busy on that deprecation patch
16:40:00 <dims> another one i wanted to bring here - oslo.messaging does not use oslo.log...do we want to add oslo.log? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190683/
16:40:05 <harlowja_at_home> if people want some meaty taskflow review, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/164922/ (cue and octavia projects want that)
16:40:16 <harlowja_at_home> maybe to meaty for some people, idk
16:40:43 <harlowja_at_home> *especially vegetarians
16:40:51 <dims> bnemec: ++ on the deprecation patch
16:41:00 <dims> #topic Open discussion
16:41:11 <bnemec> #action bnemec deprecate config filter
16:41:25 <harlowja_at_home> if people are intersted: https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-ideas/2015-May/033609.html
16:41:29 <harlowja_at_home> 'Adding jsonschema to the standard library'
16:41:48 <rpodolyaka1> dims: what's the profit of using oslo.log in oslo.messaging? I thought, we tried to avoid inter-dependencies between oslo libs
16:41:48 <harlowja_at_home> may or may not happen
16:41:52 <bknudson> batteries included
16:42:03 <dims> rpodolyaka1: right, that's why i brought it up here
16:42:18 <dhellmann> rpodolyaka1: in this case, there's a deprecation helper in oslo.log that might be useful in oslo.messaging
16:43:08 <rpodolyaka1> dhellmann: ahh, haven't seen it yet
16:43:09 <dims> dhellmann: how's the sofa? :)
16:43:11 <harlowja_at_home> also, https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-ideas/2015-May/033740.html
16:43:16 <harlowja_at_home> 'Displaying DeprecationWarnings in the interactive interpreter, second try'
16:43:25 <harlowja_at_home> *relevant a little to oslo
16:43:43 <dhellmann> dims: the old one is gone now, still waiting for the new one :-)
16:43:54 <dims> :)
16:44:13 <dims> dhellmann: remember we talked about Oslo project group on Launchpad ?
16:44:20 <dims> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/oslo/
16:44:20 <dims> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/oslo
16:44:43 <dims> folks, do we need that group? or should all projects just show up under openstack?
16:44:50 <dims> openstack launchpad group
16:44:51 <harlowja_at_home> oh, dims dhellmann  almost forgot, 2.6 dropping support, how much longer does that still have to happen?
16:45:05 <harlowja_at_home> *retaining 2.6 support that is
16:45:28 <dhellmann> dims: the question is whether we ever need to look at all oslo projects in launchpad at once
16:45:43 <dhellmann> we did for kilo, as we tried to predict what would land in certain milestones
16:45:46 * harlowja_at_home gets asked by infra sometimes, why 2.6 support for this new library X (since other library Y still maintains 2.6 and Y will use X)
16:45:55 <dhellmann> but now that we're releasing on demand, that seems less useful
16:46:07 <harlowja_at_home> anddddddd oh, oslo.blog (??)
16:46:28 <dhellmann> harlowja_at_home: we can use blog.openstack.org for blogging, we just need to give people the credentials they need
16:46:28 <bknudson> a handy library for blogging.
16:46:29 * harlowja_at_home is gonna blog all over that thing, lol
16:46:40 <dims> on the pro side, if we get rid of the group, our links in commit messages for bp(s) would work
16:46:56 <harlowja_at_home> bknudson,  :)
16:47:10 <dhellmann> harlowja: for 2.6 support, we need to maintain it in libs that are used by clients that still support 2.6
16:47:23 * dims has credentials, but has not worked up any posts yet
16:47:37 <harlowja_at_home> dhellmann, k, guess i need to go examine all those clients
16:47:42 <harlowja_at_home> see what they are up to
16:48:23 <dhellmann> I believe juno is still tested on 2.6, but we have stable branches for libs now so that shouldn't affect us -- just projects testing 2.6 against master
16:48:30 <bknudson> keystonclient still has a 2.6 job
16:48:44 <bknudson> we'll drop it for 2.0
16:49:17 <harlowja_at_home> kk, so hopefully don't have to wait much longer i think
16:49:47 <dims> going to try something new, let's vote on the oslo group thing
16:49:49 <dims> #startvote Drop oslo project group? Yes, No, Maybe
16:49:50 <openstack> Begin voting on: Drop oslo project group? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Maybe.
16:49:51 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
16:49:56 <dims> #vote Yes
16:50:10 <dhellmann> #vote Yes
16:50:15 <harlowja_at_home> #vote yes
16:50:19 <harlowja_at_home> seems fine with me
16:50:32 <harlowja_at_home> *not sure what it buys us really
16:50:48 * sileht never uses it
16:50:52 <sileht> #vote yes
16:51:14 <dims> harlowja_at_home: did you prepare the list of names for our mascot? :)
16:51:26 <dims> anyone else wants to vote?
16:51:28 <harlowja_at_home> oh crap
16:51:29 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:51:39 <harlowja_at_home> maybe next time :-P
16:52:03 * jungleboyj doesn't have a strong feeling either way
16:52:08 <dims> #endvote
16:52:08 <dims> folks probably moved on :)
16:52:09 <openstack> Voted on "Drop oslo project group?" Results are
16:52:10 <openstack> Yes (4): harlowja_at_home, dims, dhellmann, sileht
16:52:29 <dims> anything else from anyone?
16:52:40 <dims> if not...give you back 8 mins
16:52:47 <dims> thanks everyone
16:52:48 <dims> #endmeeting