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16:00:22 <rbradfor> o.
16:00:23 <johnsom> o/
16:00:23 <rpodolyaka> o/
16:00:23 <rbradfor> o/
16:00:25 <e0ne> hi
16:00:25 <bknudson> hi
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16:00:26 <jroll> \o
16:00:28 <amrith> ./
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16:00:47 <dims> hi rbradfor johnsom rpodolyaka e0ne bknudson jecarey jroll amrith dhellmann kgiusti
16:00:52 <dims> hi miqui
16:00:55 <amrith> hi dims
16:00:59 <dims> welcome miqui
16:01:00 <miqui> hi dims..
16:01:18 <dims> #topic Mitaka update
16:01:19 <miqui> hi all...
16:01:25 <jungleboyj> o/
16:01:34 <dims> we ended up doing one last batch from stable/mitaka branches last night
16:01:52 <dims> oslo.messaging 4.6.0 broke windows CI. Fix is in progress (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298195/)
16:01:54 <ozamiatin> o/
16:02:06 <dims> so we'll end up with a 4.6.1 for oslo.messaging
16:02:40 <dims> did anyone else see any CI failures? please holler immediately
16:02:55 <bknudson> windows CI?
16:03:00 <dims> bknudson : yep
16:03:20 <dims> bknudson claudiu pinged me early in the AM and we came up with that fix
16:03:39 <dims> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
16:03:49 <bknudson> they don't report CI failures to gerrit they report to you?
16:03:52 <jungleboyj> dims: Nothing from Cinder.
16:03:52 <amrith> none from trove at this time.
16:04:04 <dims> thanks jungleboyj amrith
16:04:12 <bknudson> no red flags from keystone that I know of
16:04:29 <dims> thanks bknudson
16:04:40 <johnsom> I found an issue where networkx changed it's module paths in 1.11, but that only impacted a documentation feature in TaskFlow.  I put a quick patch up for that.  Otherwise nothing from LBaaS
16:04:59 <dims> we'll need to make sure requirements branch of stable/mitaka has the right upper-constraints. already pinged mriedem about it
16:05:20 <dims> johnsom : ack thanks
16:06:19 <dims> k let's switch to open discussion as i don't have any other topics
16:06:21 <dims> #topic Open discussion
16:06:54 <rbradfor> so, I've been working with harlowja on his advocacy work.
16:07:05 <miqui> hi , am thinking into looking at oslo.logging first...
16:07:16 <dims> everyone, please look at the Design Summit schedule
16:07:18 <dims> #link http://markmail.org/message/yeg57r5yyddveoka
16:07:20 * amrith waits for a break in the traffic
16:07:32 <dims> rbradfor : got a etherpad?
16:07:47 <dims> miqui : sounds good
16:07:49 <rbradfor> one part of advocacy is blogging, and one part of blogging is a planned approach.  See https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo_blog
16:08:09 <dims> any volunteers for blogging? ^^
16:08:19 <amrith> dims, happy to help with blogging
16:08:21 <rbradfor> dims, we are seeking volunteers in Newton to put their name on a oslo project, and then a calendar week
16:08:40 <dims> rbradfor : looks promising
16:08:50 <rbradfor> while we have a much bigger picture in advocacy, this is the background resource work.
16:09:00 <dims> rbradfor : somehow reuse the blogging material into documentation too?
16:09:01 <amrith> maybe I could blog about the soon to be obsolete isotime() function :)
16:09:09 <dims> LOL +1 amrith
16:09:21 <dims> seriously, yes, we should amrith
16:09:23 <amrith> I will be taking that conversation to the mailing list as discussed at last OSLO meeting.
16:09:31 <rbradfor> we are also wanting the blogger to update developer docs with better examples,  following the examples of oslo.log (which includes actual docs/source/examples/*.py, and that running codde is embedded into usage documentation
16:09:37 <amrith> I have written up a lengthy description of the issues
16:09:45 <amrith> and some possible solutions.
16:09:56 <rbradfor> amrith, absolutely, we want exactly these types of issues also
16:10:27 * amrith makes a note to update Wikipedia entry for 'lightning rod'
16:10:59 <rbradfor> amrith, speaking of wiki, what does OpenStack have about projects?
16:11:30 <amrith> rbradford, say again plz
16:11:34 <dims> rbradfor : project vs tenant?
16:11:52 <rbradfor> #link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStack
16:11:55 <amrith> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStack
16:11:59 <rbradfor> no mention of Olso, will have to change that.
16:12:16 <rbradfor> dims, you talking about context?
16:12:17 <dims> ah ok
16:12:33 <amrith> ah, good point
16:12:35 <dims> rbradfor : misunderstood "OpenStack have about projects"
16:12:40 <amrith> I have a note to also add more details about Trove.
16:12:47 <rbradfor> dims, ok.
16:13:58 <rbradfor> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo_blog
16:14:03 <bknudson> oslo people might find this interesting -- proposed switching keystone to use oslo.db's opportunistic testing -- https://review.openstack.org/#/c/295837/
16:14:42 <bknudson> it found a few issues with keystone's unit tests
16:15:02 <dims> bknudson : nice
16:15:36 <rpodolyaka> nice!
16:15:38 <dims> reminds me, not sure if i posted this already - DSVM jobs now generate a deprecations.txt - http://logs.openstack.org/58/294758/18/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-full/713d8bb/logs/deprecations.txt.gz
16:16:06 <amrith> dims: very good change!
16:16:07 <amrith> thanks
16:16:10 <rbradfor> dims, I'm not sure you have mentioned it before, but I've been looking at them, it's great.
16:16:33 <rbradfor> dims, inspired one now merged patch
16:16:35 <dims> thanks. bknudson : glance seems to be generating deprecations from keystone a lot
16:17:10 <dims> rbradfor : cool
16:17:33 <dims> anyone get a change to see ozamiatin 's zmq status to ML?
16:17:58 <dims> #link http://markmail.org/message/owimiyhpe6aj4v3v
16:18:07 <bknudson> hopefully the deprecation messages are clear enough for the problems to be fixed.
16:18:11 <rbradfor> dims, it also produced a great flameout also, seems keystone has it's own inconistencies in renamed options
16:18:54 <dims> bknudson : so the idea is to look at the count (first column) then go searching logs
16:19:01 <dims> rbradfor : ack
16:19:22 <dims> kgiusti : haven't asked you in a while here, all's well in qpid-proton-land?
16:19:46 <kgiusti> dims: as well as ever :P
16:19:53 <dims> haha
16:19:54 <kgiusti> I'm working on a summit preso
16:20:07 <dims> nice
16:20:09 <kgiusti> explaining the work I'm doing with qpid-dispatch router
16:20:13 <kgiusti> and oslo.messaging
16:20:23 <kgiusti> bring rotten tomatoes
16:21:18 <kgiusti> ozamiatin's status puts me to shame ....
16:21:50 <dims> :)
16:21:53 <kgiusti> I'll get a formal status together for summit
16:22:05 <dims> kgiusti : ack thanks
16:22:17 <dims> anyone here not making it to the summit?
16:22:54 <rbradfor> dims, I'll be attending
16:23:16 <dims> thanks rbradfor
16:23:17 <rbradfor> shall we do a roll call?
16:23:24 <johnsom> I will be attending as well
16:23:59 <kgiusti> me three
16:24:08 <rbradfor> dims, when do you think we will have a schedule of Oslo design slots?
16:24:22 <dims> anyone who can't make it, please let harlowja and me know how to make sure you are involved we can do hangouts etc
16:25:18 <dims> rbradfor : the time slots are ready, the etherpad has ideas, so we should all try to figure out which goes where and combine talks if needed
16:25:33 <dims> rbradfor : harlowja is on point for that
16:25:38 <rbradfor> dims, I'd not seen an anouncement of the timeslots.
16:25:39 <dims> am sure he can use help
16:25:49 <rbradfor> dims, happy to help!
16:26:12 <dims> rbradfor : if you scroll back i posted link
16:26:17 <dims> rbradfor http://markmail.org/message/yeg57r5yyddveoka
16:26:35 <rbradfor> dims, thanks, missed that.
16:27:37 <dims> one success...oslo.messaging now advertises python 3 support as we have a functional test that runs python3 + rabbit
16:28:21 <dims> anything else from anyone?
16:28:46 <dims> thanks everyone. talk to you all next week
16:28:53 <dims> #endmeeting