16:01:01 <harlowja_at_home> #startmeeting oslo
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16:01:22 <harlowja_at_home> o/
16:01:25 <johnsom> o/
16:01:36 <ihrachys> harlowja_at_home: need to leave, sorry. neutron grafana looks ok, so you can release. :)
16:01:39 <jungleboyj> o/
16:01:43 <harlowja_at_home> ihrachys, :) thx
16:02:13 <harlowja_at_home> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
16:02:21 <johnsom> Nothing here
16:02:25 <harlowja_at_home> red, yellow, green, blue flags from anyone?
16:02:28 <harlowja_at_home> or perhaps gold?
16:02:29 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:02:35 <jecarey> 0/
16:02:44 <kgiusti> \o/
16:02:52 <harlowja_at_home> olypmic spirit (and also funny reading https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/4xtae3/michael_phelps_announces_retirement_on_today_this/ )
16:02:53 <harlowja_at_home> ha
16:03:05 <jungleboyj> Only thing from Cinder is the new discussion on oslo.privsep logging levels on the mailing list.
16:03:15 <harlowja_at_home> jungleboyj, right
16:03:23 <harlowja_at_home> and nova and cinder + locking stuff
16:03:24 <jungleboyj> It looks like Ridemann is driving that.
16:03:40 <jungleboyj> Oh yes, that one too.  Don't know the right answer there.
16:04:20 <harlowja_at_home> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-August/101631.html
16:04:24 <harlowja_at_home> ^ privsep one
16:04:39 <harlowja_at_home> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-August/thread.html#101539
16:04:42 <harlowja_at_home> ^ locking one
16:05:01 <harlowja_at_home> both are probably orange/yellow flags (not immediate critical issues)
16:06:04 <harlowja_at_home> feel free to read, comment, review :-P
16:06:09 <jungleboyj> Yes, I would agree they are yellow/orange.
16:07:08 <harlowja_at_home> the locking one may get bigger, tbd
16:07:14 <harlowja_at_home> (never ending locking issues, ha)
16:07:15 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:07:34 <harlowja_at_home> #topic Releases for newton
16:07:50 <jungleboyj> As for the logging it seems like reducing the logging for now is fine and we can work on making it configurable.
16:07:56 <harlowja_at_home> jungleboyj, right
16:08:05 <harlowja_at_home> anyone need a release of any oslo things?
16:08:30 <harlowja_at_home> although i'll probably talk with some glance folks before that release
16:08:33 <harlowja_at_home> http://logs.openstack.org/periodic/periodic-glance-py27-with-oslo-master/0ac9ce4/console.html#_2016-08-15_06_21_59_336047 seems to be happening
16:08:41 <harlowja_at_home> (although looks like a unrelated issue)
16:09:05 <harlowja_at_home> oslo.messaging will probably need a release soon due to kgiusti and friends work
16:09:16 <kgiusti> I have friends?
16:09:18 <harlowja_at_home> otherwise i'll get out a 'release-all-the-oslo' today
16:09:19 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:09:24 <harlowja_at_home> kgiusti, hug
16:09:24 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:09:36 * kgiusti aw shucks...
16:10:46 <harlowja_at_home> also keep in mind folks
16:10:50 <harlowja_at_home> #link http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html
16:10:55 <harlowja_at_home> Aug 22-26 	R-6 	Final release for non-client libraries
16:11:01 <harlowja_at_home> thats next week :-P
16:11:35 <harlowja_at_home> so if u have things needing to merge, get er' done
16:11:37 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:11:57 <harlowja_at_home> #topic Reviews needing reviews/eyes
16:12:03 <harlowja_at_home> and on that topic
16:12:15 <harlowja_at_home> any reviews needing eyes on them to 'help' them merge?
16:13:34 <rpodolyaka> we are a bit short on cores in oslo.db, so if you could keep an eye on +2'ed patches to get them merged, that would be super cool
16:13:40 <harlowja_at_home> k
16:13:42 <harlowja_at_home> i also got one
16:13:43 <harlowja_at_home> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349683/
16:13:46 <kgiusti> The 'last' patch for amqp 1.0 work on the feature branch is here, just fyi: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349290/
16:13:58 <harlowja_at_home> it'd be nice to get that taskflow one in, it helped during a lbaas debug session
16:14:29 <kgiusti> Once that's done there will be a merge-back patch, so stay tuned.
16:14:52 <harlowja_at_home> woot
16:15:07 <harlowja_at_home> rpodolyaka, any specific reviews in oslo.db that u think are 'high priority'
16:15:13 <harlowja_at_home> (for some definition of high)
16:15:44 <rpodolyaka> I'm currently going through the zzzeek's patch series
16:15:49 <rpodolyaka> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/352520/ is the one which already has +2
16:16:01 <harlowja_at_home> k
16:16:06 <rpodolyaka> thanks!
16:16:18 <harlowja_at_home> np
16:17:10 <harlowja_at_home> #topic Open discussion
16:17:22 <harlowja_at_home> anyone want to talk about anything else
16:17:36 <harlowja_at_home> or bring anything else up?
16:17:39 <harlowja_at_home> or life in general
16:17:40 <harlowja_at_home> or ...
16:17:41 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:18:48 <rbradfor> harlowja_at_home, short meeting today
16:19:23 <harlowja_at_home> ya, rbradfor everyone busy i guess
16:19:43 <harlowja_at_home> a few other things to bring up
16:19:45 <harlowja_at_home> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349070/
16:19:53 <harlowja_at_home> ^ 'add ocata goal "remove copies of incubated Oslo code"'
16:20:09 <harlowja_at_home> and
16:20:10 <harlowja_at_home> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349069/
16:20:18 <harlowja_at_home> ^ 'add ocata goal "support python 3.5"'
16:20:26 <harlowja_at_home> thx to dhellmann for pushing these onwards and upwards
16:20:27 <rbradfor> harlowja_at_home, doug had talked about this a while back. I'd tried in Austin to see this a Newton goal.
16:20:39 <johnsom> I will likely not attend next week.  We are having our mid-cycle
16:21:04 <harlowja_at_home> rbradfor, ya its interesting how this community works with regards to these types of things
16:21:18 <harlowja_at_home> i wouldn't call it speedy :-P
16:21:28 <harlowja_at_home> johnsom, where the mid-cycle at?
16:21:53 <johnsom> San Antonio @ Rackspace
16:22:10 <harlowja_at_home> k
16:25:05 <harlowja_at_home> ok, all i hear is crickets
16:25:06 <harlowja_at_home> ha
16:25:35 * jungleboyj hears white noise generators
16:25:57 * harlowja_at_home hears voices
16:25:57 * rbradfor my printer toner just cycled
16:25:58 <harlowja_at_home> lol
16:26:10 <harlowja_at_home> ha
16:26:47 <harlowja_at_home> okie dokie, to hear more voices i guess we can all jump in #openstack-oslo
16:26:54 <harlowja_at_home> quick meetings ftw (with not many issues, ha)
16:27:36 <harlowja_at_home> #endmeeting