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14:00:47 <gcb> #chair kgiusti
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14:01:16 <jungleboyj> @!
14:01:16 <_pewp_> jungleboyj ヽ(´・ω・`)、
14:01:37 <gcb> zxy_, kgiusti , ansmith, jungleboyj , _pewp_  welcome
14:02:17 <kgiusti> hi there gcb!
14:02:23 <gcb> At the beginning,  let's welcome our new core reviewer of  oslo.messaging  Andy !
14:02:48 <kgiusti> Yay ansmith!
14:03:00 <ansmith> Thanks all for your consideration and support!
14:03:17 <kgiusti> ansmith: if kafka done yet?  ;)
14:03:41 <ansmith> soon :)
14:04:22 <gcb> Let's move on,  I think today may be a short meeting
14:04:30 <gcb> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
14:05:10 <gcb> http://status.openstack.org/openstack-health/#/?groupKey=build_name&resolutionKey=hour&searchProject=-with-oslo shows no failure
14:05:34 <gcb> Any issues about oslo libraries ?
14:05:55 <gcb> #topic Releases
14:06:05 <gcb> There is no release for oslo recently, maybe we can begin release master in next week.
14:06:24 <jungleboyj> Sorry, in another meeting as well.  No red flags from Cinder.
14:06:48 <gcb> jungleboyj: ack
14:07:03 * gcb Cinder PTL is a busy role lol
14:07:30 <jungleboyj> I did raise the fact that you guys are doing cleanup of deprecated options.  Have Sean and Ivan will to help take a look at those and make sure we are good.
14:09:37 <gcb> jungleboyj,  yeah we plan to cleanup some deprecated stuff  recently,  is it good to do that at the beginning of Queens for Cinder ?
14:10:12 <jungleboyj> Yes, I am going to make sure that the team is looking at impacts to Cinder and available to help out.
14:10:22 <gcb> thanks
14:10:41 <gcb> it's our next topic today
14:10:42 <jungleboyj> gcb welcome.  Sorry for hijacking things.
14:11:07 <gcb> #topic clean up deprecated stuff
14:12:06 <gcb> we discussed in recently weekly meeting, would like to do some clean up work to avoid breaking consuming projects when it's close to the date of release
14:12:13 <gcb> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-August/121345.html  this is background
14:12:47 <gcb> we use #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo-queens-tasks to track the work, welcome to pick up and help
14:14:22 <gcb> I aslo reserved a room at Tuesday afternoon at PTG  to do some coding about that  https://ethercalc.openstack.org/Queens-PTG-Discussion-Rooms
14:14:53 <gcb> #topic Sydney project updates
14:15:52 <gcb> Oslo team have a chance to do project updates in Sydney Summit.  It's 20 minutes or 40 minutes, decided by what content we can provide
14:16:39 <gcb> so please add topic in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/pike-live-from-oslo  even you can't be there
14:17:11 <gcb> ansmith, kgiusti : do you have updates for oslo.messaging ?
14:18:05 <kgiusti> I've got a couple in mind -
14:18:21 <kgiusti> I'll get some slides together for review.
14:18:33 <kgiusti> but nothing earth-shattering (IMHO)
14:18:52 <gcb> cool,  so we need 40 minutes , right ?
14:19:14 <kgiusti> that's 40mins across all projects, correct?
14:20:07 <gcb> yeah, 40 minutes is for all oslo libraries
14:20:11 <gcb> I need also contact with jd__, check if he would like to give a update about tooz
14:21:00 <gcb> kgiusti,  I'm sure you can give a talk more than 40 minutes lol
14:21:35 <kgiusti> gcb: thanks - I'll work on a few stand up jokes maybe...
14:21:52 <kgiusti> magic tricks, etc - can I saw ansmith in half??
14:22:33 <gcb> dims, dhellmann , I'm collecting project update for Sydney, do you have any updates
14:22:34 <jungleboyj> kgiusti:  Humor is always a good choice.
14:23:04 <dhellmann> gcb : you've seen https://review.openstack.org/#/c/492543/ right?
14:23:36 <gcb> kgiusti: yeah , let's revere the 40 minutes one lol, looking forward to your joking
14:23:53 <dhellmann> oh, wait, sydney
14:24:00 <dhellmann> sorry, I'm still only thinking about denver
14:24:43 <dhellmann> I don't think I had much to talk about for new features in oslo for pike
14:24:49 <gcb> dhellmann, yeah,  runan_he talked with me about the spec before , and we would like to have a discussion in the Denver PTG
14:25:01 <dhellmann> yes, good
14:25:13 <gcb> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo-ptg-queens
14:25:14 * dhellmann has to step away for another meeting
14:25:21 <ruan_he> gcb, I've updated the spec
14:26:05 <ruan_he> if the hook used http_check function, we only need to add a piece of data in the request body
14:26:30 <ruan_he> here is the implementation we proposed: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/498467/
14:27:21 <gcb> ruan_he, dhellmann  just add comments on your spec review
14:27:34 <gcb> will look at the new version
14:27:46 <gcb> #topic Open discussion
14:28:02 <ruan_he> I've seen them, most are about the usage of this hook
14:28:34 <Kimamisa> Hi there ! I have a pending request that need to be discussed. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/491629/
14:29:00 <gcb> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/498467/ seems an easy way
14:29:53 <gcb> Kimamisa: ack
14:32:13 <ruan_he> it's up to each external PDP to set up an endpoint to receive the request
14:33:05 <gcb> Kimamisa: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/491629/ in my review list, will give my comments tomorrow after I look at it closely
14:33:14 <Kimamisa> ok, thanks
14:33:46 <gcb> Kimamisa: you're welcome
14:34:16 <gcb> ruan_he:  does the way work for you ?
14:34:33 <ruan_he> yes, it works perfectly with us
14:35:21 <ruan_he> another advantage is to test component by component
14:38:15 <gcb> ruan_he: yeah
14:40:38 <gcb> okay , any other stuff need to be raised ?
14:41:49 <ruan_he> is it possible to set up the schedule for PTG?
14:42:09 <ruan_he> I guest we will have parallel sessions these days
14:43:33 <gcb> ruan_he:  yeah, will finish it today,  we just have just a few topics,  we can adjust if we have some conflicts with others
14:45:42 <gcb> I'm on it
14:46:11 <gcb> I think we can end the meeting today, thanks everyone
14:47:11 <gcb> #endmeeting