16:00:01 <hberaud> #startmeeting oslo
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16:00:20 <hberaud> Courtesy ping for hberaud, stephenfin, moguimar, jungleboyj, bnemec, johnsom, bcafarel, kgiusti, gmann, valleedelisle, sboyron
16:00:29 <hberaud> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting
16:00:41 <moguimar> o/
16:00:43 <kgiusti> o/
16:01:12 <johnsom> o/
16:01:15 <bcafarel> \o
16:02:37 <stephenfin> o/
16:03:43 <hberaud> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
16:04:23 <johnsom> Nothing from Octavia/Designate
16:04:27 <hberaud> AFAIK nothing from oslo
16:04:32 <moguimar> nothing from Barbican
16:06:01 <hberaud> #topic Releases liaison
16:06:41 <bcafarel> nothing from Neutron from what I know
16:07:17 <hberaud> The deadline of Milestone 2 is thursday so I proposed to release few useful fixes (oslo.messaging, etc...)
16:07:48 <hberaud> #topic Security liaison
16:07:58 <hberaud> bnemec: any update?
16:08:09 <bnemec> Nope
16:08:15 <hberaud> cool
16:08:18 <hberaud> thanks
16:08:36 <hberaud> #topic TaCT SIG liaison
16:08:38 <hberaud> moguimar: the floor is yours
16:08:52 <moguimar> no smoke alarms
16:08:59 <hberaud> thanks
16:09:22 <hberaud> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:10:22 <hberaud> No defined item from last week
16:10:34 <hberaud> #topic Weekly Wayward Wallaby Review
16:10:50 <hberaud> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.messaging/+/771240
16:10:58 <hberaud> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.messaging/+/771241
16:11:30 <hberaud> if some of you can review these 2 fixes, thanks
16:11:49 <hberaud> they are oslo.messaging fixes that should be backported
16:11:58 <hberaud> kgiusti: FYI ^
16:12:20 <kgiusti> hberaud: LGTM
16:12:35 <hberaud> thanks
16:12:41 <hberaud> #topic adopting the independent release model on etcd3gw
16:12:54 <hberaud> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-January/019840.html
16:13:35 <hberaud> Last week I opened a related ML thread
16:14:21 <hberaud> Some Osloers already responded but I want to confirm with all of you first
16:15:42 <hberaud> etcd3gw was never released under the openstack scope, and we found some inconsistence between the governance info and the release team deliverables, and etcd3gw is one of these inconsistences
16:15:57 <hberaud> so we need to adopt a release model
16:16:26 <hberaud> etcd3gw seems stable so I proposed to adopt the independent release model
16:16:48 <hberaud> https://releases.openstack.org/reference/release_models.html#independent
16:17:26 <hberaud> Does it make sense?
16:18:19 <hberaud> I'll propose a patch to openstack/release to adopt this model ASAP
16:19:01 <kgiusti> +1
16:19:05 <hberaud> let's debate on the patch if needed
16:19:17 <hberaud> kgiusti: thanks
16:19:33 <hberaud> #topic Open discussion
16:19:49 <hberaud> Anything else to discuss today?
16:20:25 <moguimar> o/
16:20:36 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/oslo.messaging master: Use py3 as the default runtime for tox  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.messaging/+/761307
16:20:41 <moguimar> we included cursive in Barbican's review list
16:20:59 <hberaud> moguimar: thanks for the heads up
16:21:12 <moguimar> also I'll bring barbican-ui's discussion to the meeting tomorrow
16:21:38 <hberaud> ack
16:21:46 <hberaud> thanks
16:22:38 <hberaud> moguimar: do not hesistate to react on the thread (for the barbican-ui discussion)
16:23:27 <moguimar> ack
16:23:37 <hberaud> thanks
16:24:01 <hberaud> OK, thanks everyone. Let's wrap up.
16:24:08 <hberaud> #endmeeting