15:00:12 <hberaud> #startmeeting oslo
15:00:13 <TheJulia> I'm guessing list_opts needs to return a key-value pair with a single element for the value, not a list?
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15:00:17 <hberaud> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting
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15:00:22 <moguimar> o/
15:00:25 <stephenfin> o/
15:00:39 <bcafarel> o/
15:00:53 <bnemec> On another meeting right now.
15:01:27 <damani> hi
15:01:48 <johnsom> o/
15:03:17 <hberaud> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
15:03:34 <hberaud> Nothing that I'm aware from us
15:03:42 <johnsom> Nothing from the Octavia or Designate side
15:04:35 <bcafarel> Looks good from Neutron side (we were busy to get RC1 in shape, but just the usual)
15:06:03 <moguimar> nothing from Barbican
15:07:33 <hberaud> #topic Releases liaison
15:08:04 <damani> about the pre-commit flake8 move
15:08:11 <damani> still in progress
15:08:34 <moguimar> was going to bring that up in TactSig
15:08:48 <damani> ok
15:08:53 <hberaud> The final release of Wallaby will be in 2 weeks so as said Ben we should avoid to merge ground breaking changes until we reach this point
15:09:20 <hberaud> yeah the flake8/pre-commit point is related to QA/tests
15:09:25 <damani> ok
15:09:36 <damani> so apart that nothing on my side
15:09:59 <hberaud> Else from a release point of view I don't think we have much things than that to discuss today
15:10:13 <hberaud> #topic Security liaison
15:10:15 <moguimar> I saw some comments towards the "local" stragety taken, are we still going for that damani, or are we changing the plan?
15:10:59 <damani> moguimar, still the plan
15:11:04 <moguimar> ack
15:11:24 <hberaud> bnemec: any update?
15:11:41 <moguimar> I think ben is multitasking
15:11:43 <hberaud> AFAIK I didn't see related topic
15:11:46 <hberaud> yes
15:11:50 <bnemec> Nothing right now. I added a topic to the ptg etherpad.
15:12:01 <hberaud> cool thanks bnemec
15:12:18 <hberaud> #topic TaCT SIG liaison
15:12:38 <hberaud> moguimar: the floor is yours
15:12:49 <sboyron> nothing on my side
15:13:00 <damani> so the fix still in progress :)
15:13:02 <moguimar> I think the only topic here was the pre-commit thing that is affecting ci
15:13:11 <hberaud> ok
15:13:21 <damani> almost all the independant project is done
15:13:25 <hberaud> AFAIK many related patches are now merged
15:13:51 <damani> for others i will continue this week to do cherry-pick
15:13:57 <hberaud> so those need to be backported to unlock stable/wallaby (for non independent projects)
15:14:04 <damani> yes
15:14:07 <damani> i work on it
15:14:16 <hberaud> thanks damani
15:14:27 <damani> you're welcome
15:15:07 <hberaud> #topic Action items from last meeting
15:15:19 <hberaud> No actions from previous meetings
15:15:34 <hberaud> #topic Weekly Wayward Wallaby Review
15:16:15 <hberaud> stephenfin: any update? => https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.context/+/742487
15:16:32 * stephenfin looks
15:16:41 <stephenfin> yeah, I need to respin that. I can do so this week
15:16:52 <hberaud> excellent thanks stephenfin
15:17:32 <hberaud> #topic Western European Summer Time and meeting schedule
15:18:53 <moguimar> schedule was smoth on my side
15:18:58 <moguimar> +1
15:19:05 <hberaud> Just a heads-up about the DST the WEST will be observed until April 11, after this date we will us the summer time
15:19:53 <hberaud> 4pm UTC
15:20:28 <damani> ok
15:21:06 <hberaud> so the new schedule will start on Monday April 12
15:21:20 <hberaud> #topic Open discussion
15:21:27 <hberaud> Anything else?
15:22:11 <damani> not on my side
15:25:27 <moguimar> same here
15:25:43 <hberaud> Ok thanks everyone
15:25:55 <openstackgerrit> Stephen Finucane proposed openstack/oslo.context master: Integrate mypy  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.context/+/742487
15:26:02 <stephenfin> hberaud: ^
15:26:14 <hberaud> excellent thank you stephenfin
15:26:25 <hberaud> I'll try to have a look leter
15:26:27 <hberaud> later
15:26:54 <hberaud> #endmeeting