15:00:12 <damani> #startmeeting oslo
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15:00:25 <damani> hi everyone
15:00:27 <hberaud> o/
15:00:51 <damani> like i said last week, we will run back the meeting
15:01:20 <damani> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting
15:01:52 <damani> i think i can start
15:01:56 <damani> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
15:02:15 <damani> hberaud, do you have any red flags ?
15:03:18 <hberaud> nope
15:03:41 <damani> hberaud, thanks a lot
15:03:51 <damani> #topic Releases liaison
15:04:27 <damani> nothing to raise about the releases ?
15:05:14 <damani> #topic Security liaison
15:05:23 <hberaud> wait
15:05:27 <damani> hberaud, sorry
15:05:33 <hberaud> I was checking the calendar
15:05:40 <damani> hberaud, yes
15:05:44 <hberaud> so
15:07:01 <hberaud> victoria will be moved to extended maintenance in 3 months and as this date is near to the yoga deadline we (the release team) started to create patches to release things for V
15:07:41 <hberaud> also we should notice that oslo's feature freeze is in 2 weeks
15:08:10 <hberaud> so we should focus on patch that need to take the yoga train
15:08:18 <hberaud> s/patch/patches/
15:08:26 <damani> hberaud, good point, thanks a lot
15:08:57 <hberaud> our deadline is Februry 10th
15:09:05 <damani> yes
15:09:20 <hberaud> that's tomorrow
15:09:31 <hberaud> :)
15:09:35 <damani> very soon yes :)
15:09:49 <hberaud> that's all for me
15:10:13 <damani> hberaud, thanks a lot for the very good point
15:10:27 <damani> about security something to raise ?
15:10:41 <damani> who is the liaison by the way ?
15:10:41 <hberaud> AFAIK nope
15:10:50 <hberaud> damani: bnemec
15:10:59 <damani> ok
15:11:15 <damani> i think he is not here
15:11:23 <damani> so i suppose we can go on
15:11:26 <damani> #topic TaCT SIG liaison
15:12:09 <damani> hberaud, the liaison here is sboyron
15:12:15 <damani> right ?
15:12:18 <hberaud> damani: liaisons are moguimar (not connected and no longer an active maintainer too) and sboyron
15:12:44 <damani> sboyron, do you have something ?
15:13:56 <hberaud> damani: you missed to ping people
15:14:02 <damani> seems no
15:14:08 <damani> let's continue
15:14:14 <damani> hberaud, what do you mean ?
15:14:20 <damani> before the meeting ?
15:14:37 <damani> #topic Action items from last meeting
15:15:10 <hberaud> damani: in the agenda template (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo#Agenda_Template) we have a line with the courtesy ping list
15:15:24 <damani> hberaud, yes right
15:15:28 <damani> sorry
15:15:40 <hberaud> damani: usually the person who start the meeting also submit this line
15:15:50 <hberaud> np
15:15:51 <damani> sorry my bad
15:15:55 <hberaud> np
15:16:01 <damani> hberaud, bnemec, johnsom, redrobot, stephenfin, bcafarel, kgiusti, jungleboyj, gmann, sorry guys
15:16:13 <damani> if someone have something to raise
15:16:20 <damani> feel free to do it
15:18:12 <damani> in all the case we will have the next meeting next week :)
15:18:39 <damani> no sorry in two weeks
15:18:55 <damani> #topic Open discussion
15:19:39 <damani> about open discussion
15:20:09 <damani> this week i will check  if you have the setuptools issue on other projects https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.context/+/825750/2/tox.ini
15:20:14 <damani> and that all for me
15:20:21 <damani> hberaud, something to raise ?
15:21:24 <hberaud> Please can someone review https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.cache/+/824944/ https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.cache/+/803747/ https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo.cache/+/803716/ these patches are important fixes and are a bit urgent for downstream, and as I said previously our feature freeze is in 2 weeks
15:21:42 <damani> hberaud, i will review it
15:21:46 <damani> about that
15:21:47 <hberaud> bnemec, stephenfin ^
15:21:49 <hberaud> thanks
15:21:53 <damani> i have something to ask
15:22:04 <damani> can we talk about my core status ?
15:23:43 <damani> we can talk about that the next time
15:23:59 <damani> thanks a lot guys and see you on two weeks for the meeting
15:24:02 <damani> take care
15:24:12 <sboyron> damani, I did not see anything but wasn't so active
15:24:43 <damani> sboyron, ok
15:24:54 <damani> sboyron, thanks a lot
15:25:57 <damani> sboyron, by the way do you want to stay liaison ?
15:28:26 <damani> ok
15:28:38 <damani> let's finish for today
15:28:44 <damani> #endmeeting