15:01:48 <damani> #startmeeting oslo
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15:01:59 <damani> Courtesy ping for hberaud, bnemec, johnsom, redrobot, stephenfin, bcafarel, kgiusti, jungleboyj, gmann
15:02:08 <johnsom> o/
15:02:12 <damani> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Oslo#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting
15:02:18 <jungleboyj> o/
15:02:40 <damani> #topic Red flags for/from liaisons
15:02:54 <johnsom> Nothing from Octavia or Designate
15:03:04 <jungleboyj> Nothing from Cinder.
15:03:33 <hberaud> o/
15:03:37 <gmann> o/
15:03:57 <hberaud> AFAIK nothing from oslo
15:04:13 <damani> ok
15:04:18 <damani> thanks a lot
15:04:28 <damani> #topic Releases liaison
15:05:27 <hberaud> Nothing relevant
15:05:37 <damani> hberaud, do you have something here ?
15:05:46 <hberaud> Nothing relevant
15:06:10 <damani> ok let's continue to the next topic
15:06:18 <damani> #topic Security liaison
15:06:36 <damani> bnemec, do you have something to raise ?
15:08:38 <damani> #topic TaCT SIG liaison
15:09:30 <gmann> nothing specific from me but one thing about lower constraints job removal and I think oslo has done it already and all good. if any repo is remaining we can propose to remove it.
15:09:53 <damani> gmann, ok thanks a lot
15:10:08 <gmann> and py3.10 is now running on ubuntu 22.04 so it should pass now
15:10:09 <hberaud> AFAIK only a couple of stable branches needs LC remove
15:10:12 <damani> and thanks a lot to take in charge the topic by the way
15:10:21 <gmann> though it is non voting but good to keep eyes if any failure
15:10:29 <hberaud> ack
15:10:36 <gmann> hberaud: +1, I will check those
15:10:44 <gmann> damani: np!
15:10:58 <damani> #topic Action items from last meeting
15:11:03 <hberaud> usually we remove them when we face them during a backport
15:12:20 <damani> hberaud, do you have clean the core dev list ?
15:13:40 <hberaud> I cleaned the list of our connections
15:13:48 <hberaud> s/connections/liaisons
15:14:17 <damani> hberaud, ok
15:15:05 <damani> #topic Weekly Wayward Wallaby Review
15:15:25 <damani> ok let's jump this for today, i will prepare the list for the next meeting
15:15:34 <damani> #topic Open discussion
15:17:29 <hberaud> damani: if you have spare time please can you validate https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:drop-py36
15:17:45 <hberaud> that's all for me
15:17:46 <gmann> +1
15:17:48 <damani> hberaud, sure i will do it
15:17:56 <hberaud> thanks
15:17:57 <damani> tomorrow morning
15:18:10 <damani> someone have something else to raise ?
15:18:23 <gmann> nothing from me
15:18:38 <jungleboyj> Nothing from me.
15:19:03 <damani> jungleboyj, johnsom, gmann, hberaud, thanks a lot for your participation and see you next week for this meeting
15:19:15 <jungleboyj> Thanks!
15:19:19 <gmann> thanks
15:20:30 <damani> #endmeeting