15:00:24 <raildo> #startmeeting oslo-config-plaintext-secrets
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15:00:32 <dhellmann> o/
15:00:35 <raildo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo-config-plaintext-secrets
15:00:48 <raildo> #chair dhellmann
15:00:49 <openstack> Current chairs: dhellmann raildo
15:01:14 <raildo> hey dhellmann :)
15:01:25 <dhellmann> hi, raildo!
15:02:50 <raildo> dhellmann, we changed our meeting time due a conflict with the new keystone meeting time
15:02:58 <raildo> dhellmann, this time is good for you?
15:03:10 <dhellmann> the wifi here is a bit laggy
15:03:24 <dhellmann> yes, this should be ok
15:03:42 <raildo> ok, that's fine
15:03:44 <dhellmann> how about everyone else?
15:04:44 <dhellmann> I don't see spilla online
15:04:51 <raildo> spilla was the guy who suggested this time slot, I pinged him to see if he will be able to join us
15:04:56 <dhellmann> ok
15:05:02 <raildo> looks like he is online, but not on this channel
15:05:07 <dhellmann> ah
15:06:10 <raildo> but I believe that we can start and he can catch up later
15:06:17 <dhellmann> sure
15:06:24 <raildo> #topic status check
15:06:37 <dhellmann> I put together an incomplete example patch for how I thought the config_source option should work
15:06:38 <dhellmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/554316
15:07:04 <dhellmann> that takes advantage of the existing parser by registering the option as a regular option
15:07:13 <raildo> yeah, I saw that, thanks for doing that work, I hope to review it int he next days
15:07:24 <dhellmann> it's incomplete because we can't actually do anything with a given set of options for a source until we have some drivers
15:07:53 <dhellmann> the spec lays out several other steps that have to come before this one
15:08:09 <raildo> dhellmann, so, are you saying that we should implement the castellan driver, before have that merged?
15:08:28 <dhellmann> I don't know if spilla started in the middle of the list because he wanted to experiment with some stuff that wasn't clear or what
15:08:41 <dhellmann> no, the spec describes a "http" driver that we can have in-tree
15:09:08 <dhellmann> hang on...
15:09:18 * gagehugo sneaks in late
15:09:21 <raildo> ok, got it. so let's set an action item to sync this with spilla
15:09:28 <dhellmann> http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/oslo-specs/specs/queens/oslo-config-drivers.html#work-items
15:09:49 <raildo> gagehugo, hey gagehugo we are talking about the alternative approach that dhellmann proposed here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/554316/1
15:09:57 <dhellmann> this patch is the 5th item on that list
15:10:17 <raildo> gagehugo, do you have any idea where are spilla? :D I pinged him but I got no responses
15:10:32 <gagehugo> yeah let me yell at him
15:10:41 <raildo> spilla, hey \o
15:10:42 <gagehugo> he's sitting across from me :)
15:10:43 <spilla> o/
15:10:50 <spilla> i thought it auto joined this channel, oops
15:11:24 <gagehugo> raildo yeah I saw that yesterday, will take a look
15:11:50 <raildo> spilla, did you had a chance to check the dhellmann's patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/554316/1
15:12:04 <spilla> ^ also looking at that, was going to setup a meeting with him to go through it and work on it
15:12:20 <raildo> spilla, I mean, looks like we still need to define a new driver for loading configuration from simple URLs to be used as a test case, before using it
15:12:26 <dhellmann> yeah, I'm happy to set up a hangout or whatever to go through things
15:12:41 <raildo> that would be great :)
15:12:44 <dhellmann> right, the spec lays out steps and although they aren't numbered they are in order
15:12:56 <dhellmann> with the idea that each can build on the work done in the previous step
15:13:26 <dhellmann> this was one of the trickier parts to get right, but we won't actually want to land the patch until some of the other stuff is in place
15:13:42 <dhellmann> we can set it up as a series of patches so that other reviewers can understand how the parts interact
15:14:10 <gagehugo> ok
15:14:15 <spilla> ++
15:14:26 <raildo> dhellmann, ++ imo,  that would be the best approach for that, having a dependecy between patches to keep that in order to be merged
15:14:32 <dhellmann> in other projects we might use a feature branch for the work, but openstack doesn't really use feature branches
15:14:59 <spilla> raildo agreed, just have to make sure dependencies don't get all over the place
15:15:04 <dhellmann> raildo : exactly
15:15:21 <dhellmann> if we keep it as a series it should work out ok
15:15:36 <dhellmann> someone can start with that first item and when we get to the bit I did we can rebase onto the others
15:15:47 <dhellmann> and finish it, of course, since it's incomplete
15:16:47 <raildo> spilla, I remember that you said that someone was going to start the base class for a configuration driver, is that still valid?
15:17:31 <spilla> yes, they got pulled back into project-tags for keystone. I will check with him to see if he is available
15:17:33 <raildo> should we create an action item for someone here for this specific task?
15:18:01 <dhellmann> it would be good to know who is going to work on each part
15:18:33 <raildo> dhellmann, agreed
15:19:08 <raildo> I was planning to work more in the castellan driver and custodia-castellan stuff, but I can stop for a while and get some tasks on this first tasks
15:19:21 <dhellmann> I added a section to the top of the etherpad
15:20:56 <raildo> spilla, can you go here and add your name in the specific tasks that you're covering with your patch: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo-config-plaintext-secrets
15:21:25 <spilla> yep, also i can put mine on hold for any earlier tasks
15:25:22 <raildo> spilla, let's set a deadline for like next meeting? so you can confirm of they will be able to help us on this first task or someone can put their name in this first task, at least?
15:26:30 <spilla> ok, I am good to switch gears to it asap. ill see what nhelgesen's availability is like
15:26:34 <dhellmann> I know you all have other things to do, so what sort of availability do all of you have for working on this?
15:27:45 <raildo> dhellmann, for the next two/three weeks I'll be busy with a bunch of downstream stuff, but after that, I hope to be almost full time on this feature
15:27:51 <spilla> also my i believe dhellmann's patch is a reimplementation of mine (fixed in etherpad)
15:28:30 <dhellmann> spilla : yes, that's right
15:28:41 <dhellmann> raildo : ok
15:28:55 <dhellmann> what's the timeline looking like? is our goal still the first milestone?
15:29:08 <gagehugo> I do not have much availability unfortunately right now
15:29:12 <spilla> i should be available to work on this most of my time for the next few weeks
15:29:18 <raildo> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html
15:29:21 <spilla> im double checking on that
15:29:42 <dhellmann> spilla : ok, good. I will try to keep time open to review and work with you on details
15:29:49 <raildo> we have a bit more that 1 month for rocky-1
15:30:05 <dhellmann> yes, that's not a lot of time
15:30:09 <raildo> so, that start to become a bit trick
15:30:34 <spilla> yeah, maybe rocky-2 instead
15:31:01 <raildo> dhellmann, spilla  let's try to define at least some of this tasks for rocky-1?
15:31:40 <dhellmann> my concern if we slip things too late in the schedule is that it's changing things at such a low level
15:31:47 <dhellmann> so yeah, let's see how far we can get by the first milestone
15:32:26 <raildo> I believe that we can finish at least a few work items from this list (two or three) for rock-1
15:32:46 <raildo> and then we can measure our effort to finish it for rocky-2
15:32:53 <dhellmann> ok
15:32:59 <spilla> ++
15:33:04 <raildo> since we have a bunch of that done in the item 5
15:35:45 <raildo> dhellmann, spilla I believe that's it for today, let's focus to get this first items done ASAP :)
15:36:36 <dhellmann> sounds good, I'll watch for patches to review :-)
15:36:57 <raildo> dhellmann, sounds great
15:37:06 <spilla> Let's get this done! :D
15:37:18 <raildo> have a good week everyone
15:37:22 <raildo> #endmeeting