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17:01:48 <mahatic> welcome everyone!
17:01:55 <celebdor> Hi
17:02:17 <mahatic> here is the meeting agenda - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-outreachy-midterm-dec-mar-2018
17:03:10 <maysamacedos> mahatic: May I start?
17:03:13 <mahatic> Interns - please introduce yourself
17:03:19 <mahatic> maysamacedos: go ahead!
17:03:45 <maysamacedos> Hi everyone, I’m from Campina Grande, which is a city in the North East of Currently, I’m at my last semester at the University and during my degree I’ve come to have interest in Cloud computing and web development.
17:04:06 <maysamacedos> I’m an intern on Kuryr-Kubernetes project and mentored by apuimedo, who is always giving me a lot of support, thanks again :) .
17:04:24 <mahatic> that's great to know :)
17:04:28 <maysamacedos> I’m working on improving Kuryr-Kubernetes interaction with Kubernetes, by adding readiness/liveness checks to Kuryr pods (Controller and CNI).
17:04:47 <apuimedo> thank you for all the work you are putting. Specially for coming up with competing implementations :-)
17:05:12 <mahatic> congrats on the good work maysamacedos !
17:05:27 <maysamacedos> :)
17:05:46 <phionah> congrats and nice to meet you maysamacedos! I will go next
17:06:00 <phionah> I am phionah, from kampala, Uganda, Africa.  I recently finished my undergraduate studies in computer science.
17:06:13 <phionah> I am working on Go container related projects in openstack. I am basically working on openstack in kubernetes.
17:06:30 <phionah> The community is welcoming and the biggest highlight for me is that I have an opportunity to learn and develop my skills while being relevant to openstack. Thanks to dims for his time volunteering to mentor me and other new people in sig/openstack. For the short time I have worked with openstack, he has been diligently giving me and other new contributors guidance.
17:06:51 <phionah> For the last period, I have been working on adding cinder E2E tests in kubernetes(https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/pull/56936) and current emphasis is ensuring we work on issues in kubernetes related to openstack but also make progress on the external cloud provider (https://github.com/dims/openstack-cloud-controller-manager).
17:07:01 <apuimedo> phionah: on the openstack cloud provider?
17:07:32 <phionah> basically working on openstack in kubernetes
17:08:00 <Suramya_> That is so great maysamacedos and phionah o/ o/
17:08:08 <mahatic> that's awesome phionah :)
17:08:20 <mahatic> glad to know it's going well for you
17:08:32 <phionah> Thank you :)
17:08:37 <apuimedo> :-)
17:08:57 <maysamacedos> that's great, phionah
17:09:12 <Suramya_> I am Suramya from Almora, India. I too am at my last semester  and thought of applying to outreachy..I applied to two projects both for OpenStack here :) and got selected for the one i.e Consolidating the documentation of KeyStone with my mentor Lance, lbragstad over here :)
17:09:38 <lbragstad> o/
17:10:11 <mahatic> nice to know Suramya_ ! How has been your experience with Outreachy so far?
17:11:22 <mahatic> for all the interns: If you're hitting any blockers or have otherwise general questions about the internship program, this is the right place
17:11:29 <Suramya_> Its really great I got to know so many people during the application period itself I pinged dims a lot here :D...and everyone here is really ready to help everytime!
17:11:31 <mahatic> Of course you could still reach out to me offline with any questions
17:11:51 <mahatic> Suramya_: that's great :)
17:12:08 <oikiki> hi suramya_ phionah and maysamacedos!
17:12:23 <oikiki> your work sounds really cool
17:12:32 <phionah> Nice to meet you suramya and nice work... hi oikiki :)
17:12:38 <oikiki> I'm in Los Angeles, California. I have a degree in Computer Science and before this I was working as a web developer.  I wanted to try something different, new and difficult so when I hear about the program and saw OpenStack I knew I had to apply :)  I’m working on OpenStack Magnum with strigazi as my mentor.  I’m working on monitoring tasks.
17:12:58 <mahatic> oikiki is Kirsten right?
17:13:02 <oikiki> yep!!
17:13:04 <Suramya_> hi oikiki :) your work sounds nice too!
17:13:27 <oikiki> It’s been hard at times but really satisfying.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an engineer.  I really appreciate all of the help strigazi has given me along with tasks that challenge me!
17:14:08 <apuimedo> nice oikiki!
17:14:08 <mahatic> that's very encouraging to hear oikiki! I'm sure you're doing a great job.
17:14:14 <maysamacedos> Hi oikiki, nice meeting you and it's good to hear that :)
17:14:24 <oikiki> The first task that I worked on was merged at it was such a great feeling.  I have two more ready for review and starting another.
17:14:27 <oikiki> Thanks all!!
17:14:34 <strigazi> oikiki: I don't think you were ever seriously stuck :)
17:14:45 <mahatic> oikiki: awesome and congrats on the good work!
17:14:47 <mahatic> :)
17:14:51 <oikiki> strigazi: only temporarily but i worked through it
17:14:51 <apuimedo> magnum, kuryr-kubernetes and kubernetes e2e are nicely related
17:14:57 <strigazi> You are doing very well  :)
17:15:00 <oikiki> :) thank you!!
17:15:56 <mahatic> thank you for your introductions. Very glad to hear on the progress that each of you is making!
17:16:06 <mahatic> #topic Mentors introduction
17:16:29 <strigazi> I think it's me right?
17:16:45 <mahatic> strigazi: yup :)
17:16:47 <apuimedo> strigazi: it is
17:16:49 <apuimedo> !
17:17:43 <strigazi> Hello  everyone, I'm Spyros Trigazis. I'm Magnum's PTL for the queens cycle and I a member of the CERN cloud team
17:18:44 <strigazi> It is great so far being involved in outreachy and oikiki is a very good mentee :)
17:19:01 <oikiki> :D
17:19:25 <strigazi> She working on bugs that will go in out production cloud in a month or so :)
17:19:56 <mahatic> strigazi: that's nice to know :)
17:20:31 <mahatic> do you have anything to share with regards to Outreachy program? or otherwise based on your experience is great too :)
17:21:41 <mahatic> If nothing, let's move onto next mentor
17:21:49 <strigazi> I think more meetings like this or another mean to sync with others mentors mentees would be nice
17:21:59 <strigazi> overall it is great for me :)
17:22:13 <apuimedo> :-)
17:22:32 <mahatic> strigazi: agree. We usually do a kick off meeting at the start of the internship program. I'm sorry that it did not happen this time
17:22:43 <mahatic> we will have one more meeting at the end of internship though
17:22:51 <strigazi> mahatic: cool
17:23:31 <mahatic> apuimedo: would you like to go next?
17:23:36 <apuimedo> sure!
17:24:34 <apuimedo> Hi! My name is Antoni Segura Puimedon. I'm from Catalonia and I started Kuryr together with gsagie. I've been serving as its PTL for the past few cycles and I work at Red Hat in the OpenShift on OpenStack effort
17:25:33 <apuimedo> My mentee is maysamacedos, who's done a great job at learning the codebase, its deployment challenges and contribute to the reliability of the upcoming OpenShift on OpenStack product with Kuryr networking
17:25:58 <apuimedo> The tips I would like to share are about the day to day of the OpenStack developer
17:26:07 <maysamacedos> =D
17:26:26 <apuimedo> When you find some bug or bp you want to work on
17:26:41 <apuimedo> I recommend doing git blame to see the two or three people who've touched it the most recently
17:26:57 <apuimedo> also to find who are the most active reviewers in review.openstack.org in the project
17:27:25 <mahatic> +1
17:27:26 <apuimedo> in order to bounce off ideas
17:27:34 <apuimedo> with the latest committers
17:27:45 <apuimedo> and seek feedback before and during the implementation
17:27:55 <maysamacedos> apuimedo: great tips
17:27:56 <apuimedo> and finally, to add those you discussed with as reviewers
17:28:04 <mahatic> those are great tips!
17:28:11 <apuimedo> it's also good to ask those people for additional reviewers
17:28:23 <apuimedo> as they may know somebody else who's currently working on a related patch
17:28:29 <apuimedo> that may end up conflicting
17:28:43 <apuimedo> Finally, I'd recommend to participate in the weekly irc meetings
17:28:51 <apuimedo> even on topics you are not working on
17:28:56 <apuimedo> try to give feedback
17:29:03 <apuimedo> if you don't understand a topic ask
17:29:31 <apuimedo> (and drop it if you don't find it interesting or relevant. If it is interesting you may learn something new)
17:29:36 <apuimedo> That's all from me
17:29:41 <apuimedo> Ask me questions at any time
17:29:45 <apuimedo> I answer when I can
17:29:50 <apuimedo> and do crazy hours
17:29:54 <oikiki> haha
17:30:03 <oikiki> those were great apuimedo thank you!
17:30:09 <mahatic> thank you! very nice list of things to keep in mind :)
17:30:10 <apuimedo> oikiki: you're most welcome
17:30:12 <apuimedo> :-)
17:30:14 <phionah> Thanks for the great insight . Its very helpful
17:30:22 <maysamacedos> haha thanks o/
17:30:28 <mahatic> :)
17:30:45 * vkmc sneaks in
17:31:20 <mahatic> lbragstad: hello, would you like to go next?
17:31:26 <lbragstad> mahatic: sure
17:31:33 <Suramya_> strigazi apuimedo thanks :) yes those were great.
17:31:41 <lbragstad> o/ My name is Lance, I live up in North Dakota, and I work on OpenStack's Identity implementation called keystone where I try and focus on cross-project problems that help improve the usability of the platform as a whole (at least I hope!)
17:32:00 <lbragstad> Suramya_: has been doing a bunch of great work with keystone's documentation, which the entire keystone team is excited to see :)
17:32:21 <mahatic> that's great! :)
17:33:15 <oikiki> OpenStack documentation is soooo helpful to me. So thanks Suramya_ for making more :)
17:33:21 <mahatic> :)
17:33:33 <mahatic> very true! docs are very helpful
17:34:14 <mahatic> thank you mentors for your introductions and amazing tips :)
17:34:26 <mahatic> good to know you all!
17:34:40 <mahatic> #topic Organizers introduction
17:34:59 <Suramya_> :) yes I too never thought they were that much important for every project :D thanks lance for being a great mentor :)
17:36:17 <mahatic> Hello, I'm Mahati. I work for Intel and spend most of my time on storage software. I was a core developer in OpenStack Swift and now contribute to Ceph. I am also a past Outreachy intern :)
17:37:14 <mahatic> it's been a pleasure to work with the OpenStack community and have an opportunity to help bring in more contributors via Outreachy!
17:38:15 <mahatic> I have a few things to share that I think would help the interns
17:39:02 <mahatic> first and foremost, about the events in OpenStack
17:39:14 <mahatic> as you might know, we have a PTG and then summit coming up
17:39:20 <mahatic> https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
17:39:30 <mahatic> https://www.openstack.org/summit/
17:39:42 <apuimedo> travel support!
17:39:44 <apuimedo> :-)
17:39:50 <mahatic> getting there :)
17:40:54 <mahatic> PTG is primarily about project design discussions, cross-team collaborations and active contributors are expected to attend
17:41:14 <vkmc> #link https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
17:41:19 <mahatic> s/project/OpenStack project
17:41:20 <vkmc> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/
17:42:20 <mahatic> summit - "Open Infrastructure event" is a more broader event that facilitates discussion/talks about other open source relevant projects
17:42:57 <mahatic> there will be useful mentoring sessions and women of openstack gatherings at the summit as well. I'd say it's a good place to learn more about OpenStack and it's eco-system
17:44:00 <mahatic> If you'd like to attend the summit, you can find more info over here - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Travel_Support_Program
17:44:32 <vkmc> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Travel_Support_Program
17:45:12 <mahatic> I encourage all interns to apply for the travel support. I guarantee it will be a great learning experience along with possible employment opportunities!
17:45:18 <mahatic> thanks vkmc !
17:46:57 <mahatic> that's all from me for now :) Feel free to reach out to me via email/IRC, I'm happy to help
17:47:08 <phionah> Thanks for sharing such opportunites :) I will plan and consider attending one .
17:47:13 <oikiki> thank you for all of that info mahatic!!
17:47:22 <maysamacedos> Thanks, mahatic. It's would be definitely a really good experience
17:47:49 <mahatic> you're welcome and good luck!
17:47:52 <Suramya_> thanks mahatic: it was really encouraging to know that you are past  outreachy intern :o ..thanks for the information will surely apply :)
17:48:10 <mahatic> :)
17:48:41 <phionah> And also knowing there was women in openstack..first time hearing this so thanka mahatic..
17:49:32 <mahatic> you should all consider joining #openstack-women channel on freenode
17:49:48 <oikiki> oh wow i did not know
17:49:56 <maysamacedos> me neither
17:50:03 <maysamacedos> thanks again mahatic
17:50:25 <Suramya_> mee too!
17:50:36 <mahatic> :)
17:51:04 <mahatic> vkmc: would you like to go next?
17:51:09 <vkmc> sure!
17:51:11 <vkmc> let's make it brief
17:51:45 <vkmc> hi everyone, I'm Victoria, I'm coordinator for Outreachy (have been doing this for a while now)
17:51:51 <vkmc> I'm a software engineer working on Manila
17:51:59 <vkmc> (shared file systems as a service)
17:52:05 <vkmc> I'm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
17:52:37 <vkmc> and... I'm very passionate about mentoring, Outreachy in particular, since I've joined OpenStack thanks to it
17:53:04 <vkmc> I was an intern on Dec-Mar 2013
17:53:12 <vkmc> just like you
17:53:19 <vkmc> :)
17:53:48 <vkmc> it's really good to hear how many great things you have been doing during the first time of your internships
17:54:29 <vkmc> and all the hard work that mentors are doing
17:54:39 <vkmc> s/first time/first weeks/g
17:54:50 <vkmc> and that's all from my side
17:55:06 <Suramya_> :o you too! it was great knowing you vkmc and the things you all are doing for all of us :)
17:55:13 <vkmc> mahatic, maybe we can open to open discussion to chat about any blocker, doubt, concern from interns and mentors?
17:55:21 <vkmc> Suramya_, \o/
17:55:24 <oikiki> it's so inspiring that you were both interns
17:55:31 <mahatic> vkmc: yup!
17:55:39 <mahatic> #topic open discussion
17:55:49 <vkmc> yeah... Outreachy was that good for us... that we still want to keep involved :D
17:55:59 <maysamacedos> great knowing you, vkmc :D
17:56:14 <mahatic> :) touché
17:56:25 <mahatic> vkmc: ^
17:56:40 <oikiki> I don't have any blockers. The one thing Ive learned is to have patience with myself working on OpenStack.  And when I'm patient and don't give up, I usually move past any problems I had.
17:57:19 <vkmc> oikiki, that's the attitude!
17:57:34 <mahatic> +1
17:57:57 <vkmc> the rest of the mentees?
17:57:59 <mahatic> I agree with that thought, keep that up!
17:58:05 <vkmc> mentors?
17:58:06 <vkmc> :)
17:58:34 <phionah> From my side, blockers none at the moment..I always ping dims and some how am always sorted but I also create room to solve challenges thats how I get motivated.
17:59:13 <vkmc> that's very good
17:59:16 <maysamacedos> For now, I also don't have any blockers. And when I face some problems I do my best to solve it, and ping apuimedo when needed
17:59:38 <vkmc> sometimes you need to give time to problems... maybe when you are thinking/working on something else, things get clearer
17:59:46 <Suramya_> I too don't have any blockers all that I learnt was reviews are really important so we all should consider them to get out patch merged.
17:59:51 <maysamacedos> that's true vkmc
18:00:05 <vkmc> good good, love to see that you all are feeling comfortable with asking questions to your mentors
18:00:14 <mahatic> reviewing patches is a great way to learn and understand code
18:00:24 <vkmc> plus, hope you are comfortable asking questions to the rest of the community in your project
18:00:41 <vkmc> mahatic++
18:00:47 <Suramya_> yes everyone is ready to help o/
18:00:55 <mahatic> great to hear from everyone today!
18:01:09 <vkmc> yes \o/
18:01:14 <mahatic> thank you for all your work!
18:01:18 <mahatic> #endmeeting