13:02:16 <vkmc> #startmeeting Outreachy midterm
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13:02:27 <vkmc> troubles of being user of several meeting bots
13:02:35 <vkmc> #topic roll call
13:02:46 <vkmc> who is here for the outreachy meeting? :)
13:02:47 <vkmc> o/
13:02:52 <ajya> \o
13:02:58 <sasha_jitsu> Hi!
13:03:00 <lxkong> hi
13:03:25 <vkmc> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-outreachy-midterm-may-aug-2018
13:03:34 <vkmc> I created a short agenda to guide this meeting
13:04:24 <vkmc> considering that not everybody will be able to join today, hopefully we can share updates in that etherpad and then catch up with the ones that couldn't make it today
13:05:02 <vkmc> and... in order to give you some more time for work on your presentation, I'll move the organizers introduction on the top
13:05:08 <vkmc> we can do interns and mentors then
13:05:36 <vkmc> #link outreachy openstack organizers introduction
13:05:41 <vkmc> #topic outreachy openstack organizers introduction
13:05:43 <vkmc> there
13:05:48 <vkmc> hey everybody
13:06:05 <Ne_> Hello Everybody! I am Neerja interning for OpenStack -Qinling with the guidance of my mentor Lingxian
13:06:34 <vkmc> I'm Victoria, I'm a software engineer at Red Hat currently focused on the Manila project
13:06:57 <vkmc> I've joined Outreachy (former Outreach Program for Women) in 2013 and that's how I started working at OpenStack
13:07:07 <vkmc> I'm currently one of the coordinators for Outreachy OpenStack
13:07:25 <vkmc> mahatic, are you around for any chance=?
13:08:25 <vkmc> seems not
13:08:37 <vkmc> ok, mahatic is also coordinator for Outreachy
13:08:56 <vkmc> and hopefully she will introduce herself next time around
13:09:01 <vkmc> now...
13:09:22 <vkmc> #topic outreachy openstack interns introduction
13:09:36 <vkmc> Ne_, do you want to start? already shared something about you :)
13:10:10 <Ne_> Sure!
13:12:21 <vkmc> Ne_, ?
13:12:48 <lxkong> maybe she is typing...
13:12:59 <vkmc> yes
13:13:24 <Ne_> I am currently a student at UT, Arlington and I am focused on giving back to the Open source community! Currently I am working on the Qinling project which is a serverless computer service for OpenStack . I am now focused on creating a python guide for Qinling! It's been great and exciting so far due to my mentor who has always supported me and clarified all the small doubts which I had.
13:13:46 <Ne_> They say it's very important to get a good mentor in your career to kick start your career and I'm very happy to say I have got one :)
13:13:53 <Ne_> Yes, I was indeed typing!
13:13:56 <Ne_> :)
13:14:02 <vkmc> awesome!
13:14:08 <lxkong> :-)
13:14:37 <vkmc> I agree is very important to get a good mentor
13:14:49 <vkmc> happy to hear you have one!
13:14:56 <lxkong> I agree i am not a bad mentor
13:15:00 <vkmc> haha
13:15:47 <vkmc> Ne_, how things have be gone so far?
13:15:57 <Ne_> Yes, a great one infact!
13:16:04 <vkmc> could you get in touch with the rest of the Qinling community?
13:18:01 <Ne_> So far its going good! I have to provide a patch reviewed by the other Qinling members other than my mentor. Qinling is a growing community and I would take time to interact with them.
13:18:33 <vkmc> Ne_, all right
13:18:43 <vkmc> does qinling have a irc channel?
13:18:55 <vkmc> perhaps #openstack-qinling?
13:18:59 <lxkong> sure, #openstack-qinling
13:19:18 <vkmc> super
13:19:42 <vkmc> well, it's great to start in a project like this... gives more space to learn new things and to make better contributions
13:19:48 <Ne_> I started my Internship a lil late than other members due to my school's policy's but I am definitely catching up! Yes, its openstack-qinling
13:20:02 <vkmc> I started contributing to marconi (nowadays the zaqar project) and certainly there was a lot of room for changes
13:20:15 <vkmc> (and therefore, learning)
13:20:37 <vkmc> well, thanks Ne_!
13:20:41 <vkmc> it's good to hear from you
13:21:00 <vkmc> next in the etherpad we have Aleksandra
13:21:17 <vkmc> not sure about her irc handle :)
13:21:20 <vkmc> is she around?
13:22:00 <sasha_jitsu> yep
13:22:40 <vkmc> sasha_jitsu, o/
13:23:02 <sasha_jitsu> Hi! My name is Sasha, I live in Moscow. I graduated from Saratov University with a degree in Information Security Specialist in 2014 but I have never worked in IT. In the past, I am a professional coach in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Now I'm practicing combat sport at the amateur level. In my hometown of Saratov, I created a Brazilian Jiu club, which exists and is still developing. I am also an LGBT and a femme activist,
13:23:03 <sasha_jitsu> helping my friend develop a combat sports club for LGBT and women in Moscow.Now I decided to return to IT, because I was always interested in this industry, after the university, I learned a python myself, studied machine learning.
13:23:45 <sasha_jitsu> My mentor is Dmitry Tantsur and Ilya Etingof. I'm working on redfish project. I do unit tests and  virtual media API for sushy.
13:24:01 <vkmc> wow, that's so awesome!
13:24:21 <sasha_jitsu> I got sick half of June and a little behind the schedule, but I hope that everything will be fine
13:24:30 <vkmc> oh, hope you are doing better
13:24:47 <vkmc> could you tell us a bit more about redfish and sushy?
13:29:23 <sasha_jitsu> all I typed did not go, i have any problem with internet
13:29:32 <vkmc> sasha_jitsu, no worries
13:31:29 <vkmc> while you type, next in the agenda is Aija
13:31:33 <vkmc> ajya, around?
13:31:39 <ajya> hi, I'm here
13:31:58 <vkmc> hey :)
13:32:02 <vkmc> want to introduce yourself?
13:32:06 <ajya> I'm working on the same project with the same mentors as sasha_jitsu, so I will skip the part about the project
13:33:13 <ajya> myself I'm a software engineer for a while, mainly worked on enterprise software in c#, java. Got myself between countries and jobs and decided to apply for Outreachy, I always wanted to do this, but leaving job for this did not seem a good idea :)
13:34:02 <ajya> so far I like this, learning a lot of new things as Redfish and Ironic is in domain I have never worked before, usually I was working on information systems in education, HR etc.
13:34:24 <vkmc> that's a big change
13:35:22 <vkmc> how is that you got interested in the redfish project?
13:35:26 <vkmc> same for sasha_jitsu ^
13:36:15 <vkmc> and... have you met with the rest of the community for your project?
13:36:30 <vkmc> do you use the #openstack-ironic channel or is there another one?
13:36:57 <ajya> wanted something completely new, I was looking at linux kernel project but that would be too much for now to learn as it was in C instead of Python
13:37:41 <ajya> yeah, I'm hanging around in #openstack-ironic channel, mostly in read-only mode but I got help when I needed
13:37:57 <vkmc> ok super
13:38:44 <vkmc> it's always a great idea to ask for help when you hit a blocker... make sure to ask good questions and to share context (using tools like paste.openstack.org for long logs, or etherpad.openstack.org for collaborating docs)
13:39:00 <vkmc> also it's very cool (and you can learn a lot) by helping other people if you see you can
13:39:14 <vkmc> and helping with smaller tasks (such as fixing a wiki, doing small reviews)
13:39:35 <sasha_jitsu> Redfish is a new protocol that replaces the  IPMI. It allows you to administer virtual resources using JSON schemes
13:41:20 <vkmc> nice
13:41:24 <vkmc> thanks for the explanation :D
13:41:35 <vkmc> ok, it's very nice to meet you too!
13:41:42 <vkmc> e-meet*
13:41:47 <vkmc> hopefully we will meet someday
13:42:07 <vkmc> ok... next in the etherpad we have Fatema
13:42:31 <vkmc> but I'm not sure if she is around
13:43:10 <vkmc> hmm, I don't see any irc handle that seems related
13:43:13 <vkmc> ah well
13:43:14 <vkmc> moving along then
13:43:30 <vkmc> #topic outreachy openstack mentors introduction
13:43:56 <vkmc> we only have two mentors today in this room
13:43:59 <vkmc> lxkong, o/
13:44:05 <vkmc> want to introduce yourself first?
13:44:08 <lxkong> aha ok
13:44:17 <lxkong> Hi, My name is Lingxian Kong, my inern is Neerja.
13:44:31 <lxkong> I'm currently I am working at Catalyst Cloud in New Zealand as a senior cloud computing engineer
13:44:41 * dtantsur will ping etingof meanwhile
13:44:58 <lxkong> I have been contributing to OpenStack for almost 5 years. Now I'm serving as the PTL of Qinling, which is a function-as-a-service project in OpenStack
13:45:32 <sasha_jitsu> Sorry, not Redfish. Sushy and sushy tools which is an adapter for Redfish, as far as I understand
13:45:32 <lxkong> Besides OpenStack, I'm also an active contributor to cloud-provider-openstack for Kubernetes, my focus area in Kubernetes community is the integration with OpenStack, making it easily to consume OpenStack resources for the application running inside k8s.
13:46:00 <lxkong> For the people who are new to open source projects, my suggestion is to try to be the user of the project before actually looking into the implementation details,
13:46:10 <lxkong> install it, use it, debug it, fix it, and have fun with it
13:46:23 <lxkong> i think that's all i want to share with you :-)
13:46:39 <lxkong> vkmc: ^^
13:47:27 <vkmc> lxkong, thanks!
13:47:44 <vkmc> it's good to finally chat with you
13:47:53 <lxkong> vkmc: me too
13:47:54 <vkmc> I know a few people from Catalyst :)
13:48:01 <lxkong> yeah, Feilong I guess
13:48:18 <vkmc> yes, Zaqar PTL nowadays
13:48:30 <lxkong> yeah, we work together
13:48:35 <vkmc> awesome!
13:49:02 <vkmc> and I was trying to learn a bit about the cloud-provider-openstack for k8s
13:49:21 <vkmc> good to know you are involved in that project... I might ping you later heh
13:49:33 <lxkong> sure, any time
13:49:35 * dtantsur waves at etingof
13:49:40 <lxkong> i think manila integration is also a part of it
13:49:45 <vkmc> lxkong, exactly!
13:50:02 <etingof> o/
13:50:21 <vkmc> all right
13:50:27 <vkmc> moving along, so maybe we can freely chat later
13:50:35 <vkmc> we have etingof as well in the room now
13:50:38 <vkmc> thanks dtantsur for the pings!
13:50:42 <dtantsur> :)
13:50:44 <vkmc> dtantsur, want to introduce yourself?
13:50:53 <dtantsur> sure
13:51:16 <dtantsur> hi all! I'm Dmitry, I've been working on OpenStack Ironic for 4+ years (I think).
13:51:45 <dtantsur> I was born in Russia (near Moscow), moved to Czech Republic in 2014 to work for Red Hat, moved to Berlin last year
13:52:12 <dtantsur> also involved in TripleO and API SIG
13:52:32 <dtantsur> also writing an openstack SDK in Rust in my spare time. and playing bass :)
13:53:06 <dtantsur> together with Ilya we're helping sasha_jitsu and ajya work on redfish
13:53:17 <dtantsur> or rather, it's python implementation - sushy (yes, with Y in the end :)
13:53:42 <dtantsur> come to the openstack summit in Berlin this autumn ;)
13:53:50 <dtantsur> I guess that's me. questions? :)
13:54:10 <vkmc> niceeee
13:54:44 <dtantsur> some folks may remember me as a PTL for ironic in Pike and Queens
13:54:59 <vkmc> yes, I'm one of those folks
13:55:07 <dtantsur> :)
13:55:12 <vkmc> I don't know many people in Ironic but certainly I knew about you
13:55:24 <vkmc> that's awesome, it's good to meet you too!
13:55:43 <dtantsur> yeah, great to meet you too
13:55:46 <vkmc> etingof, want to say a few words about you?
13:57:00 <etingof> Hi all! I am Ilya, I work on OpenStack Ironic for 1 year. Prior to that I worked at RedHat security team herding hackers.
13:57:38 <etingof> Other than that I maintain a handful of open source projects (at GitHub) just for fun. An I play piano ;)
13:58:01 * dtantsur did not know about the piano bit, nice!
13:58:02 <etingof> together with dtantsur we're helping sasha_jitsu and ajya work on sushy
13:58:32 <vkmc> everybody is so talented here :)
13:58:33 <etingof> I think that's it for me ;)
13:58:56 <vkmc> all right, thanks for the intro
13:59:22 <vkmc> finally we have diablo_rojo_phon, but she is either sleeping (very early for her!) or celebrating 4th of July
13:59:27 <vkmc> so we might get her updates on email later
13:59:51 <vkmc> so, I'll start a very brief open discussion
13:59:57 <vkmc> #topic outreachy openstack open discussion
14:00:41 <vkmc> so... I wanted to have this meeting so we could know a few things about each other and encourage participation for everybody in this internships round
14:00:51 <vkmc> irc is always the best way to communicate in openstack
14:01:02 <vkmc> and I want you to know that anything you need, you can reach everybody in this channel
14:01:37 <vkmc> on other comments, as dtantsur mentioned, there is a community event (you can apply for a travel support grant to participate) happening in November in Berlin
14:01:44 <vkmc> it's called the OpenStack Summit
14:01:54 <vkmc> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/
14:02:13 <vkmc> the call for papers is open, so if you think you can participate with a talk, you are encouraged to do it
14:02:23 <vkmc> ping me or your mentors and we can brainstorm a bit
14:02:28 <dtantsur> ++
14:02:45 <vkmc> and/or*
14:03:00 <vkmc> we are overtime but... comments? questions?
14:03:08 <vkmc> sorry for all the changes at very last minute with this meeting
14:03:33 <etingof> do we have a whiteboard or a wiki may be?
14:03:46 <etingof> where all the news and important links are maintained
14:03:53 <vkmc> for this meeting in particular we have this etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-outreachy-midterm-may-aug-2018
14:04:01 <etingof> for instance I did not know about this channel
14:04:02 <vkmc> and we have this weeky for the internship in particular
14:04:06 * dtantsur proposes a face-to-face meetup in Berlin :D
14:04:22 <vkmc> etingof, that's bad to hear... we probably need to be more clear about this in the future
14:04:24 <vkmc> dtantsur++
14:04:44 <ajya> yeah, I did not know about this channel too
14:04:45 <vkmc> etingof, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Outreachy
14:05:07 <vkmc> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Outreachy
14:05:15 <etingof> is it 404?
14:05:24 <Ne_> Thank you vkmc for arranging this meeting! It would be great for us interns to know from the mentors and yourself --" What do you see as your best skill, and how did you learn it?" It would be help for newbies like us in the industry
14:05:27 <etingof> or is it just empty?
14:05:28 <lxkong> no i can access
14:05:42 <vkmc> etingof, works for me...?
14:05:42 <dtantsur> the channel is only mentioned once in the wiki
14:05:54 <dtantsur> somewhere in the middle. we should probably make it more prominent indeed
14:06:02 * dtantsur is also in the "did not know" camp
14:06:16 <vkmc> dtantsur, maybe we can make a landing page as we have for projects
14:06:21 * vkmc takes notes
14:06:56 <dtantsur> Ne_: the best skill is listening to people (it may be harder than it seems). especially in open source, there are a lot of inputs, you have to balance all them.
14:07:37 <etingof> vkmc I am thinking it would be awesome if the participants would have a shared *editable* space for organizational matters like this IRC channel
14:08:23 <vkmc> Ne_, good to hear that this was a good meeting for you! and... in response to your query, my best skill is communication, and I think I learned it by seeing how the openstack community works... it was kinda hard at first, but I'm quite comfortable now
14:08:24 <etingof> dtantsur, +1
14:09:02 <vkmc> my mentor, jpich, pointed me to http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#uselists
14:09:05 <vkmc> #link http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#uselists
14:09:07 <vkmc> good reading :)
14:09:13 <Ne_> Thank you dtantsur, vkmc and etingof, these are indeed true :)
14:09:23 <vkmc> etingof, great idea!
14:09:54 <vkmc> all right
14:10:11 <vkmc> feel free to use this channel to bring up subjects... if people is not responsive, ping them
14:10:33 <vkmc> (always with some context, it is worth mentioning the concept of naked ping in https://blogs.gnome.org/markmc/2014/02/20/naked-pings/)
14:10:49 <vkmc> we are here for you
14:11:03 <etingof> vkmc, ping! I've invited you to participate in the summit talk ;-)
14:11:08 <vkmc> if we don't get right away, is because timezones... always blame timezones
14:11:22 <vkmc> etingof, yes, I'm get back to that after this meeting :D
14:11:27 <dtantsur> we should have mentioned our timezones..
14:11:29 <etingof> thank you!
14:11:34 <vkmc> s/I'm get back/I'll get back/g
14:11:34 <dtantsur> mine is UTC+1/+2
14:11:37 <vkmc> thanks for the invite btw
14:11:49 <vkmc> mine is UTC-3
14:12:04 <vkmc> darn timezones
14:12:13 <lxkong> UTC+12 here, so it's very early morning
14:12:16 <dtantsur> oh yeah
14:12:27 <dtantsur> lxkong: does it even count as morning? :)
14:12:40 <lxkong> hah, 02:13AM
14:12:42 * dtantsur considers it night before 7am
14:12:48 <vkmc> lxkong, whaaat
14:13:04 * lxkong really needs some sleep
14:13:13 <vkmc> omg
14:13:14 <vkmc> go to sleep
14:13:15 <vkmc> haha
14:13:15 <Ne_> omg
14:13:32 * etingof is guessing that vkmc probably resides in Greenland ;)
14:13:38 <vkmc> all right, let's call this a meeting, but feel free to stay here chatting a bit more
14:13:41 <vkmc> #endmeeting