16:00:26 <lbragstad> #startmeeting policy
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16:00:40 <lbragstad> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/keystone-policy-meeting
16:00:41 <hrybacki> o/
16:00:42 <lbragstad> agenda ^
16:00:55 <lbragstad> ping v
16:00:56 <lbragstad> raildo, ktychkova, rderose, htruta, hrybacki, atrmr, gagehugo, lamt, thinrichs, edmondsw, ruan_he, ayoung, kmalloc, raj_singh, johnthetubaguy, knikolla, nhelgeson
16:04:16 <lbragstad> #topic PTG followup
16:04:26 <lbragstad> this is technically our first meeting since the PTG
16:04:58 <lbragstad> a couple of the big things we wanted to pursue from a policy perspective were default roles
16:05:07 <lbragstad> and oslo.policy attribute enforcement
16:05:14 <lbragstad> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/552045/
16:05:20 <lbragstad> not a whole lot as changed on ^
16:05:21 * hrybacki reads
16:05:24 <lbragstad> it's pending reviews
16:05:41 <lbragstad> but the default roles one is more interesting #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523973/
16:05:52 <lbragstad> and we've been keeping that on our radar in keystone meetings
16:07:03 <hrybacki> I've gone ahead and updated the review following yesterday's general Keystone meeting
16:07:09 <lbragstad> cool
16:07:16 <lbragstad> i'll take another look at it today then
16:07:22 <hrybacki> +1, thank you
16:07:28 <lbragstad> i'll also swing by a couple of the other project rooms and drop it there
16:07:36 <hrybacki> I think it's shaping up nicely.
16:07:44 <lbragstad> hopefully we start getting some other folks to look at it
16:07:47 <hrybacki> Good. Should we indicate our intiial target projects?
16:07:51 <hrybacki> ack
16:08:00 <hrybacki> yeah, April 20th will be here before we know it
16:08:05 <lbragstad> right
16:08:25 <lbragstad> that was all i had on those specific specs
16:08:33 <lbragstad> hrybacki: do you have questions or anything to bring up?
16:08:52 <hrybacki> Is there any reason you foresee that may block the spec from landing?
16:09:01 <lbragstad> lack of reviews :)
16:09:04 <lbragstad> but that's about it
16:09:19 <hrybacki> heh, ack. Who has merge rights on openstack-specs?
16:09:33 <lbragstad> i think it's pretty straight forward (but I've also been buried in the problem for years)
16:09:43 <lbragstad> i want to say openstack-specs is owned by the TC
16:10:00 <lbragstad> but i'm not 100% sure
16:10:06 <hrybacki> ack, well hopefully cmurphy has a good read on the heartbeat of the spec :)
16:10:47 <lbragstad> #topic open discussion
16:11:05 <lbragstad> when do we want to schedule the next policy meeting?
16:11:06 <hrybacki> No open questions -- just reviewing your spec and adding first round comments now
16:11:12 <hrybacki> I think bi-weekly is fine
16:11:25 <lbragstad> ok
16:11:46 <lbragstad> if after a couple more meetings we still don't have much to talk about, then i might propose cancelling it
16:12:09 <hrybacki> ack. If we can cover everything in the generic Keystone mtg then you have my +1
16:12:25 <lbragstad> or we can coordinate a specific time if other projects want to be involved
16:12:36 <lbragstad> and meet in #openstack-dev or something like that
16:12:58 <hrybacki> ++
16:13:52 <lbragstad> cool
16:13:55 <lbragstad> anything else?
16:13:59 <hrybacki> nack
16:14:01 <lbragstad> otherwise we can get some time back
16:14:10 <lbragstad> cool - thanks hrybacki!
16:14:16 <hrybacki> thank you lbragstad !
16:14:20 <lbragstad> #endmeeting