19:02:52 <sriram> #startmeeting poppy
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19:03:10 <sriram> wow amitgandhinz is here.. :P
19:03:22 <amitgandhinz> \o/
19:03:29 * sriram sees him lurking
19:03:30 <sriram> ha
19:03:33 <tonytan4ever> o/
19:04:02 <sriram> alrighty then
19:04:20 <sriram> #topic Review last week's action items
19:04:32 <cathR_> o/
19:04:43 <sriram> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/poppy/2015/poppy.2015-10-08-19.13.html
19:05:12 <sriram> amitgandhinz: resurrection of https://review.openstack.org/143192
19:05:19 <sriram> how did that go?
19:05:27 <amitgandhinz> still dead
19:05:48 <amitgandhinz> i wont be able to look at it until after i get back from the summit
19:05:59 <sriram> alright
19:06:11 <sriram> lets not set an action item for that this time.
19:06:25 <amitgandhinz> ya
19:06:36 <sriram> We didnt have too many other action items.
19:06:38 <sriram> Moving on
19:06:53 <sriram> #topic Liberty-3 updates
19:07:04 <sriram> https://launchpad.net/poppy/+milestone/liberty-3
19:07:12 <sriram> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/akamai-ssl-driver
19:07:19 <sriram> how is that goin	g, tonytan4ever
19:07:28 <sriram> I think we have fair amount of patches for that
19:07:35 <tonytan4ever> I'd say it is under review.
19:07:39 <sriram> DELETE cert, GET cert etc
19:08:01 <tonytan4ever> Those are under review too, though they are relatively less important PRs for us.
19:08:07 <sriram> I think we can leave that under good progress, I think this should be done pretty soon.
19:08:14 <tonytan4ever> Okay
19:08:41 <sriram> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/gate-api-tests
19:09:06 <sriram> amitgandhinz: I know you were working on this sometime back
19:09:14 <amitgandhinz> yeh i took my name off it
19:09:22 <sriram> but I dont see it assigned to anyone right now.
19:09:33 <amitgandhinz> basically its at the point where we need to figure out how to get docker running on the gate instances
19:09:49 <sriram> yeah, as we get more bandwidth lets pick that up, and also talk to infra about it.
19:09:55 <sriram> do they currently support it?
19:09:58 <sriram> amitgandhinz: ^
19:10:10 <sriram> tonytan4ever: ^
19:10:16 <amitgandhinz> they do for stackforge projects, but with everything moving to openstack idk if it changes anything
19:10:33 <amitgandhinz> maybe for core stuff you cant use it, but big tent may allow it
19:10:47 <sriram> "The only thing thats changed, is everything" ha.
19:10:52 <amitgandhinz> lets wait until after the migration (oct 17)
19:10:54 <sriram> amitgandhinz: righto
19:11:12 <sriram> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/devstack
19:11:28 <sriram> I know miqui, was on this for some time.
19:11:33 <amitgandhinz> no one has started this
19:11:40 <sriram> oh
19:11:52 <sriram> let me check if miqui is hanging out on poppy
19:12:31 <sriram> ok pinged him there, maybe he might join us.
19:12:48 <sriram> ok moving on
19:13:05 <sriram> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/mimic-racksapce-dns
19:14:29 <sriram> yeah, this is probably gonna be next on the list, to do.
19:15:01 <amitgandhinz> yeh i think this will be knocked out with those dns tests
19:15:06 <amitgandhinz> the dns driver needs some love
19:15:17 <tonytan4ever> +1
19:15:20 <amitgandhinz> maybe get some designate going with it too would be awesome
19:15:24 <sriram> amitgandhinz: +22 heh
19:15:31 <tonytan4ever> This could also help us get away from pyrax too.
19:15:36 <sriram> yup agreed
19:16:09 <sriram> alrighty
19:16:20 <sriram> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/code-coverage
19:16:38 <sriram> miqui was working on this, maybe we can sync up with him back on the poppy channel
19:16:44 <sriram> he is hanging out there.
19:17:04 <sriram> Moving on.
19:17:12 <sriram> #topic Bugs
19:17:29 <sriram> naah, poppy has 0 bugs. :P
19:17:43 * sriram waits for anyone else to disagree
19:17:54 <amitgandhinz> i see plenty lol
19:17:55 <tonytan4ever> I am here.
19:17:58 <sriram> lol
19:18:01 <amitgandhinz> https://bugs.launchpad.net/poppy/+bugs?orderby=status&start=0
19:18:14 <amitgandhinz> they need to be groomed tho
19:18:15 <sriram> yes.
19:18:50 <amitgandhinz> moving on
19:19:29 <sriram> we cant order bugs by date.. :|
19:19:53 <sriram> ok lets groom them a bit later.
19:20:04 <sriram> #topic Tokyo Openstack Summit
19:20:20 <sriram> soooooo, amitgandhinz  and malini are going to Tokyo!
19:20:24 <amitgandhinz> so i am working on the pressie =p
19:20:24 * sriram claps
19:20:47 <amitgandhinz> im waiting for some final reviews on it
19:20:54 <amitgandhinz> i got reviews from tonytan4ever and sriram
19:20:59 <sriram> amitgandhinz: nice!
19:21:08 <sriram> ametts as well
19:21:12 <amitgandhinz> yes
19:21:17 * sriram ametts usually lurks in here
19:21:45 <amitgandhinz> so we should be good to go
19:22:00 <sriram> awesome
19:22:14 <amitgandhinz> so far we have 19 signups
19:22:14 <sriram> anything else on the presentaions we need to discuss?
19:22:14 <amitgandhinz> https://openstacksummitoctober2015tokyo.sched.org/event/d8c883ae776168eae3283f0b740b0027#.Vh_84daxGjI
19:22:19 <sriram> woooo
19:23:17 <sriram> alright moving on
19:23:35 <sriram> #topic Open Discussion
19:23:58 <sriram> does anyone have anything?
19:24:26 <amitgandhinz> not i
19:24:29 <amitgandhinz> oh wait
19:24:30 <amitgandhinz> i do
19:24:42 <amitgandhinz> had a conversation with Highwinds CDN yesterday
19:24:55 <sriram> oh yes!
19:25:02 <sriram> how did that go?
19:25:04 <amitgandhinz> they are looking into poppy currently, and they hope to have  a dev team working on it starting january
19:25:30 <amitgandhinz> bradleyandrews is hanging out in the #openstack-poppy channel
19:25:34 <sriram> wow thats amazing news.
19:25:41 <sriram> is there right now?
19:25:42 <amitgandhinz> he is scoping out the work and trying to understand the architecture
19:25:48 <amitgandhinz> so please help out as needed
19:25:48 <sriram> we can ask him to join the meeting
19:25:55 <amitgandhinz> ya i told him about it
19:26:28 <sriram> ok
19:26:33 <sriram> I just pinged him,
19:26:40 <sriram> so lets wait a few he might join.
19:26:57 <amitgandhinz> although technically we are pretty much done =P
19:27:03 <sriram> ha
19:27:05 <sriram> yeah
19:27:23 <sriram> yeah, lets just continue in the channel instead.
19:27:28 <amitgandhinz> ok
19:27:35 <sriram> tonytan4ever: do you have anything for us?
19:27:47 <sriram> going once
19:27:59 <tonytan4ever> Nope
19:28:01 <tonytan4ever> I am good.
19:28:06 <sriram> going twice, going thrice.. :P
19:28:15 <sriram> see ya guys, thanks for coming.
19:28:23 <sriram> #endmeeting