19:05:10 <sriram> #startmeeting poppy
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19:05:22 <sriram> hey hey hey
19:05:27 <cathR> o/
19:05:34 <malini> o/
19:05:46 <sriram> make some noise!!! :D
19:06:20 <sriram> ok, a lot of people are out today including amit.
19:06:43 <sriram> since we had a discussion sometime back around having a meeting every 2 weeks
19:07:01 <sriram> I vote we skip this meeting.
19:07:14 <sriram> cathR, malini: ^
19:07:15 <cathR> +1
19:07:21 <malini> +1
19:07:54 * sriram insert jim carrey voice
19:07:57 <sriram> alrightttty then
19:08:08 <sriram> see you guys in the next one.
19:08:13 <sriram> #endmeeting poppy