18:59:27 <amitgandhinz> #startmeeting Poppy Weekly Meeting
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18:59:33 <amitgandhinz> #topic RollCall
19:00:40 <malini> o/
19:00:46 <slackorama> o/
19:01:07 <anantha> o/
19:01:25 <cathR> o/
19:02:03 <tonytan4ever> o/
19:02:09 <amitgandhinz> #link Agenda - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Poppy
19:02:22 <obulpathi> o/
19:02:26 <amitgandhinz> #topic Last Weeks Action Items
19:02:42 <amitgandhinz> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/poppy_weekly_meeting/2015/poppy_weekly_meeting.2015-06-11-19.01.html
19:03:03 <amitgandhinz> 1.  malini did you groom the bugs?
19:03:10 * amitgandhinz i know i didnt get to that =(
19:03:32 <malini> me neither
19:03:38 <amitgandhinz> ok carry this forward
19:03:47 <amitgandhinz> #action amitgandhinz and malini to groom the bugs
19:03:49 <malini> I'll  surely get to it by then
19:04:03 <amitgandhinz> 2. malini to sync up with michael xin regarding security tests
19:04:24 <malini> that happened :)
19:04:38 <amitgandhinz> malini: you want to give a quick recap of the conversation and the action items out of it
19:04:41 <malini> So Mike & co are going to first address the outstanding patches
19:04:55 <malini> there are 3 of them tht needs rebase, updates etc.
19:05:26 <malini> Once those are merged, we'll have more patches from them - maybe we shud have an actio item rolling over every week to add new tests?
19:05:57 <malini> #action: malini to work with Mike Xin & get the outstanding patches merged
19:06:05 <amitgandhinz> ugh you beat me to it
19:06:13 <malini> jian5397: ^
19:06:50 <amitgandhinz> #topic Liberty 1 Updates
19:06:53 <amitgandhinz> #link https://launchpad.net/poppy/+milestone/liberty-1
19:07:09 <amitgandhinz> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/host-header-forwarding
19:07:17 <amitgandhinz> anantha has this in code review
19:07:22 <amitgandhinz> can everyone please review it
19:07:40 <amitgandhinz> we should try to get this merged
19:07:42 <obulpathi> sure
19:07:52 <tonytan4ever> will do
19:07:55 <anantha> Yep, I've addressed all previous comments by malini and obulpathi
19:08:06 <malini> thx anantha
19:08:10 <malini> will review
19:08:13 <amitgandhinz> thanks
19:08:17 <amitgandhinz> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/security-testing
19:08:26 <amitgandhinz> malini: jian5397: ^
19:08:33 <amitgandhinz> i guess malini needs to bug jian5397 for this =P
19:08:45 <malini> ok - I can do tht
19:08:52 <malini> bugging is my second nature ;)
19:08:55 <amitgandhinz> miqui: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/devstack
19:10:20 <amitgandhinz> sriram worked on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/log-delivery
19:10:32 <amitgandhinz> we need to get that merged too
19:10:54 <amitgandhinz> obulpathi: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/enable-disable-service
19:11:11 <obulpathi> its done
19:11:25 <obulpathi> wait,
19:11:29 <amitgandhinz> although anantha is working on moving it to an admin endpoint
19:11:34 <obulpathi> ananta is changing the implementation
19:11:37 <obulpathi> yep
19:11:57 <amitgandhinz> ok i will keep the status as in progress.  anantha i guess this is the bp you need to reference ;-)
19:12:09 <malini> talking abt admin endpoint - shud we also move create/delete flavors there?
19:12:18 <anantha> Oh I see. I created a new BP.
19:12:47 <obulpathi> malini: thats a good idea
19:12:51 <amitgandhinz> malini: possibly.  although i kind of like the restful natire of those endpoints as they are currently
19:13:10 <malini> is the admin endpoint unresty?
19:13:33 <amitgandhinz> a little bit only because admin isnt actually an entity
19:14:05 <malini> do we really need tht /admin in the url?
19:14:18 <amitgandhinz> also, creating/deleting flavors are actions against the flavor entity itself and we can restrict access to them
19:14:40 <amitgandhinz> hmmm....
19:14:52 <cathR> we have create/delete flavors doc'ed in the RS Admin Guide... guess it is in the right place :)
19:14:57 <amitgandhinz> so we could have POST /services/state { ... }
19:15:07 <amitgandhinz> cathR: yup
19:15:16 <malini> amitgandhinz: possibly
19:15:20 <amitgandhinz> and then lock that url to operators only
19:15:28 <malini> yeap
19:15:32 <amitgandhinz> likewise /domains/domain_name
19:15:40 <amitgandhinz> so we dont segment them into an admin path
19:15:57 <amitgandhinz> but we just lock those urls down in the rbac/repose component
19:16:03 <malini> yeap
19:16:35 <anantha> shall i change the code? One PR is already out
19:17:01 <amitgandhinz> does anyone have concerns with this structure?
19:17:16 <amitgandhinz> #info get rid of /admin/... endpoints
19:17:39 <amitgandhinz> #info use /services/state { ... } for updating a state and restrict access in repose
19:17:47 <obulpathi> /services/state
19:17:53 <tonytan4ever> +1 with passing stuff in the body instead of in url
19:17:57 <amitgandhinz> #info use /domains/{domian_name} and resrtict access in repose
19:18:02 <obulpathi> hmm .. won't pecan interpret the state as uuid?
19:18:22 <amitgandhinz> obulpathi is right
19:19:04 <amitgandhinz> what about PATCH /services { "field }
19:19:14 <obulpathi> or we can have services/service_id/state?
19:19:15 <amitgandhinz> what about PATCH /services { "field" : "state", "value": "enabled",  }
19:19:22 <malini> but then we'll have problems restricting access -rt?
19:19:32 <obulpathi> patch will be difficult to implement
19:19:33 <amitgandhinz> malini: we can still restrict that access
19:19:49 <amitgandhinz> but then we will have serviceid in url and in body = duplication
19:20:05 <obulpathi> because at the identity level we don't know what is allowed by user and what is by admin
19:20:31 <tonytan4ever> I think we should put service id for /state endpoint in the body
19:20:38 <amitgandhinz> +1
19:20:41 <obulpathi> we need to look into patch body and infer if thats admin only update or user allowed update
19:20:57 <obulpathi> +1 to tonytan4ever's idea
19:20:57 <malini> can repose do tht?
19:21:06 <amitgandhinz> no
19:21:18 <amitgandhinz> repose can only check url's and roles
19:22:09 <amitgandhinz> how bad is it really to duplicate the service id in the url and the body?
19:22:17 <amitgandhinz> or not include it in the body
19:22:26 <amitgandhinz> or is that just weird and confusing
19:23:31 <tonytan4ever> The service id in url makes me think if we are doing something with the admin user's service
19:23:37 <tonytan4ever> That's the confusing part.
19:23:43 <amitgandhinz> good point
19:24:16 <malini> amitgandhinz: u meant PATCH /service/{id}/state ?
19:24:24 <amitgandhinz> ya
19:24:44 <malini> {'id': ''ss', 'state': 'disabled'}
19:24:45 <obulpathi> or should we implement admin api separately?
19:24:52 <obulpathi> like admin.cdn.com?
19:24:57 <amitgandhinz> but then is that {id} a service that belongs to the privileged user making this call, or a customers's service id
19:25:14 <amitgandhinz> obulpathi: i like the idea of it all being part of poppy
19:25:22 <amitgandhinz> makes it easier to deploy and maintain
19:25:33 <malini> grr…this is getting messy
19:25:43 <malini> how do everybody else do that?
19:25:52 <obulpathi> ok .. lets think about this for this week
19:26:11 <malini> we can always iterate & make this better
19:26:26 <amitgandhinz> for now lets continue with tthe /admin/... patch that is already out there and then iterate on it
19:26:33 <malini> +1
19:27:00 <amitgandhinz> ok moving on...
19:27:05 <amitgandhinz> tonytan4ever: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/geo-restrictions
19:27:35 <tonytan4ever> This one is yet to be started.
19:28:06 <amitgandhinz> slackorama: does edgecast have some good docs on how its API implemented geo restrictions and what countrycodes/regions are supported?
19:28:30 <tonytan4ever> Planning to start it tomorrow. We will need to think about supported country codes and region codes though
19:29:11 <slackorama> amitgandhinz: Not really. Frankly, it's kind of a PITA to do it via the API.
19:29:21 <amitgandhinz> we may want to make the list of regions presented by poppy configurable (db table?) and then have a mapping to providers supported country codes
19:30:04 <amitgandhinz> slackorama: why is that?
19:32:11 <slackorama> amitgandhinz: because it's done via xml inside of a json object via an undocumented beta API.
19:32:19 <malini> wow!!
19:32:23 <amitgandhinz> ouch
19:32:40 <malini> xml inside of json - tht takes creativity :)
19:32:46 <slackorama> i think that pretty much is a textbook definition for PITA.
19:33:41 <amitgandhinz> im just glad that openstack has dropped support for xml
19:34:16 <amitgandhinz> and final bp - anantha https://blueprints.launchpad.net/poppy/+spec/operator-state-api
19:34:26 <amitgandhinz> this is the same as obulpathi one right?
19:34:30 <anantha> Yep
19:34:43 <amitgandhinz> ok, lets use the original one obulpathi had, and get rid of this oen
19:34:55 <amitgandhinz> #topic OpenDiscussion
19:35:17 <amitgandhinz> anyone have any specific topics to discuss?
19:35:32 <amitgandhinz> slackorama: are is it going getting poppy up and running?
19:35:40 <amitgandhinz> s/are/how
19:36:24 <slackorama> amitgandhinz: I have it up and running (thanks obulpathi). working on the driver as much as I can.
19:36:44 <obulpathi> you are welcome :)
19:36:47 <malini> I havent been able to update the end to end tests yet :/
19:36:52 <malini> will get to it after next week
19:37:02 <obulpathi> most of us are active in poppy channel from 9 - 5 EST
19:37:42 <obulpathi> so if you have any questions, that would be the best time
19:37:49 <amitgandhinz> cool let us know how we can help you
19:38:01 <amitgandhinz> and how to make this process better
19:38:09 <slackorama> thanks.
19:38:49 <amitgandhinz> ok any topics to be discussed?
19:38:59 <malini> none from me
19:39:08 <tonytan4ever> I am good.
19:39:13 <obulpathi> I am good
19:39:24 <slackorama> I'm good.
19:39:35 <amitgandhinz> okay.  thanks everyone =)
19:39:45 <amitgandhinz> #endmeeting