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13:33:54 <efried> o/
13:34:41 <efried> From what I can tell, things seem to be going fairly well.
13:35:36 <esberglu> Yeah both for out of tree and in tree. I think that rebuild from error state test that was timing out
13:35:46 <esberglu> was causing other OOT tests to fail
13:36:01 <esberglu> Because we have been looking really good since then
13:36:49 <esberglu> And most of the IT failures are just merge failures trying to apply the spawn/destroy patch
13:38:30 <esberglu> The staging env. blew up yesterday, so I did a full redeploy with some changes that should make it easier
13:38:40 <esberglu> to update the in tree whitelist
13:38:49 <esberglu> And will be working on that today
13:38:59 <esberglu> As well as a few other CI backlog items
13:39:01 <efried> Anything I need to review?
13:39:55 <esberglu> I'm gonna push a few changes up later today, I want to test them on staging first
13:40:07 <esberglu> But nothing right now
13:40:45 <efried> Ight.
13:40:50 <efried> Is that all we got?
13:41:46 <esberglu> Other than that I was just going to mention OSA CI. The plan is to start putting some time into that again starting monday
13:42:24 <efried> Okay, I don't know anything about that, so unless adreznec is listening...
13:44:14 <efried> Soooo.... we done?
13:46:13 <esberglu> #endmeeting