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14:01:21 <esberglu> Anyone actually in for this today?
14:01:29 <thorst> I'm half here.
14:01:44 <thorst> more like 1/8th here
14:04:08 <esberglu> Anything you needed to talk about? I'm pretty much good from the CI side of things
14:04:28 <thorst> is the CI holding up well?
14:04:52 <thorst> I get a few failures every once and a while...but I think that's just bad patches
14:05:00 <thorst> I don't dive into it though
14:07:31 <thorst> other than that, I've got nothing.  Just have a happy holiday :-)
14:08:58 <esberglu> Yeah just bad patches. I have been seeing a few errors rebuilding a server in error state (like 1 a day maybe).
14:09:12 <esberglu> Was gonna hunt that down and make sure its patches not something on our end today
14:12:06 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/nova-powervm: Set MTU for the tap device  https://review.openstack.org/411317
14:12:51 <thorst> cool
14:13:05 <thorst> well, I guess that's it then.  Just take some time to catch up on your reviews if able
14:13:16 <thorst> and then happy holiday / new years and all that stuff
14:15:34 <esberglu> Sounds good. Happy holidays!
14:15:39 <esberglu> #endmeeting