14:00:19 <esberglu> #startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting
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14:02:32 <thorst> o/
14:03:55 <adreznec> o/
14:04:55 <esberglu> #topic In-tree driver
14:05:59 <esberglu> I don't think much has changed for in-tree
14:06:17 <esberglu> Still waiting for wider reviews on the earlier patches, still WIP on the later ones
14:07:35 <esberglu> Anyone have anything they want to talk about in tree?
14:08:18 <adreznec> Nothing here
14:10:46 <esberglu> #topic OOT driver
14:10:52 <esberglu> Any items to discuss here?
14:14:25 <esberglu> Sounds like a no. I didn't have anything
14:14:30 <esberglu> #topic CI
14:14:57 <esberglu> A change went in yesterday evening that broke OOT CI on the master branch
14:15:36 <esberglu> Looks like it's just an import error though, not expecting it to be a tough fix
14:16:10 <esberglu> #action esberglu: Find solution for failing OOT CI on master
14:16:24 <esberglu> newton and ocata are also failing
14:16:27 <esberglu> but for a different reason
14:17:22 <esberglu> They are failing to stack and there is a devstack bug open
14:18:31 <esberglu> #action esberglu: Get fix for newton/ocata stacking bug
14:21:38 <esberglu> Any final topics before I close the meeting?
14:22:07 <adreznec> Nothing from me
14:27:54 <esberglu> #endmeeting