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14:00:54 <efried> \o
14:01:38 <edmondsw> o/
14:02:03 <esberglu> #topic In-tree Driver
14:02:23 <esberglu> The pypowervm uc change merged yesterday
14:02:35 <esberglu> OVS has passed CI and is ready for reviews
14:03:06 <edmondsw> awesome
14:03:15 <esberglu> I ran SEA CI IT manually and it looked good and merged last night
14:03:20 <edmondsw> I pinged mriedem and sdague to start reviewing yesterday afternoon
14:03:36 <efried> I merged the *-powervm requirements bumps this morning.
14:03:44 <esberglu> However it's broken on the actual SEA patch, but works for everything else
14:04:08 <edmondsw> do we know why?
14:04:11 <esberglu> When it tries to apply the OVS & SEA patches onto the SEA patch it gets a merge failure
14:04:21 <esberglu> We hit this last release and I thought we fixed it
14:04:43 <edmondsw> did we only fix it OOT?
14:04:49 <esberglu> But we've changed a few things with how we set up the repos since then
14:05:16 <esberglu> No this would probably hit that as well, just not a very common case
14:05:35 <esberglu> That's first on my list today
14:05:41 <edmondsw> yep
14:06:03 <edmondsw> I will let mriedem and sdague know the OVS is fully ready, SEA we're still working a CI issue
14:06:17 <esberglu> edmondsw: Cool tx
14:06:43 <esberglu> The vSCSI patch is looking good functionally. I need to clean up the comment throughout a couple of the files that are outdated, missing params, returns, etc.
14:07:23 <esberglu> The UT is passing tox locally, but some of the tests are failing the gerrit tox
14:07:44 <efried> Have you -r'd locally?
14:09:05 <esberglu> efried: Not recently, but I have at some point since they started failing upstream
14:09:08 <esberglu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/526094/15/nova/tests/unit/virt/powervm/volume/test_vscsi.py
14:09:18 <esberglu> It's various tests in this file, not the same ones every time
14:09:42 <efried> hm, that doesn't bode well.
14:10:00 <esberglu> I think that they may just be taking too long?
14:10:02 <esberglu> http://logs.openstack.org/94/526094/15/check/openstack-tox-py27/c736859/job-output.txt.gz#_2018-01-08_21_19_34_770605
14:11:54 <esberglu> These tests call the top level attach/detach_volume methods and test the entire flows in each test
14:13:03 <edmondsw> does sound like a potential timeout issue
14:13:04 <esberglu> Which is not how most of the other UT for the IT work has been done, that was mostly smaller sets of code in each UT
14:13:13 <edmondsw> yeah, UT should be smaller
14:13:38 <esberglu> I based them off of the OOT tests, I've been trying to keep them as in sync as I can
14:13:43 <esberglu> Think it's worth reworking?
14:13:55 <edmondsw> we might have to
14:13:56 <esberglu> If that is indeed the issue
14:14:14 <edmondsw> you could try bumping the timeouts first and see if that resolves them
14:14:25 <edmondsw> to confirm the issue is what we think it is
14:14:52 <esberglu> I can't bump the timeouts, they're passing locally and I can't control the upstream zuul
14:15:10 <edmondsw> oh I meant locally
14:15:59 <esberglu> It's just one file, it shouldn't be that much work to break the UT into smaller sections
14:16:09 <edmondsw> k, let's start there
14:17:04 <efried> or reduce the timeouts locally and see if the same kind of errors pop up.
14:17:21 <esberglu> Sure I can try that
14:17:35 <esberglu> That's all I had for IT, any other thoughts from you guys?
14:17:56 <edmondsw> efried will you be able to review the SEA and OVS patches today?
14:18:07 <efried> Just finished the OVS patch.
14:18:13 <edmondsw> sweet
14:18:26 <efried> Will look at the SEA patch.
14:18:34 <efried> Been ignoring vSCSI because WIP and Zuul -1
14:18:43 <edmondsw> yep
14:19:27 <edmondsw> esberglu let us know when we should start looking at vSCSI, or if there are parts of it we should start looking at, like the non-test bits?
14:19:45 <esberglu> I would appreciate reviews for vSCSI sooner rather than later
14:20:01 <esberglu> The UT is ready for review except for test_vscsi.py
14:20:38 <edmondsw> ok, I'll review that today
14:21:17 <esberglu> tx
14:22:46 <esberglu> #topic Out-of-tree Driver
14:22:57 <efried> I merged the *-powervm requirements bumps this morning.
14:23:16 <esberglu> The only thing I had OOT was the SaveBDM stuff from yesterday
14:24:04 <edmondsw> that was OOT?
14:24:18 <edmondsw> I thought that was part of the IT vSCSI work
14:24:43 <esberglu> Well I'm assuming the same errors I was hitting IT will hit OOT, but don't have an OOT stack right now to confirm
14:24:59 <edmondsw> oh, sure
14:25:32 <esberglu> The plan from yesterday was to confirm that it hits OOT as well, and remove if it's not needed there either
14:26:00 <esberglu> I'm not sure if it's needed for live migration or something
14:26:02 <edmondsw> yep, absolutely
14:26:14 <edmondsw> all changes that we've made in the IT patches should be worked back to OOT
14:26:22 <edmondsw> for OVS and SEA as well as vSCSI
14:27:46 <esberglu> Yep
14:27:50 <edmondsw> I'll fix the tests for that bdm cleanup patch I threw up yesterday... should have that up again in a few min
14:28:13 <edmondsw> I'm not thinking of anything else OOT of the top of my head
14:28:17 <esberglu> I'll put together a list on the etherpad
14:29:07 <esberglu> #topic Device Passthrough
14:30:57 <esberglu> efried: Anything to discuss here?
14:31:54 <efried> I can summarize the current status of the work in nova if you like, but in general we've just got quite a lot of work to squeeze in before feature freeze.  I'm heads down on that.
14:32:11 * efried apparently has multiple heads
14:32:36 <edmondsw> just don't start talking to yourself :)
14:33:01 <edmondsw> we can probably skip the summary and give you time to do the work for today
14:33:16 <efried> Whereas I wouldn't object to reviews from you guys, that's not strictly necessary; and there's really nothing else y'all can do to help without significant ramp-up.
14:33:25 <edmondsw> esberglu there was also a summary on the ML a couple days ago
14:33:34 <edmondsw> yep
14:33:43 <efried> Though edmondsw and charles may want to review the report client stuff out of interest since you're going to be working up similar code for pvc
14:33:57 <edmondsw> efried link?
14:34:21 <efried> Series starting at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/521685/
14:34:37 <edmondsw> tx
14:35:08 <efried> Goal this week will be to clear some of those WIPs at the top
14:35:26 <efried> (and get those bottom ones merged - that's on cores now)
14:36:13 <efried> looks like the bottom two are in the gate, cool.
14:36:31 <efried> Nothing else from me.
14:36:44 <efried> [looks like the bottom two are in the gate, cool.] <== so edmondsw don't -1 them!
14:36:58 <edmondsw> lol... sure
14:37:48 <esberglu> Alright sounds like we can move on
14:37:51 <esberglu> #topic PowerVM CI
14:38:08 <esberglu> Not much to talk about here other than the issue already mentioned
14:38:23 <edmondsw> ping me when you figure that one out?
14:38:31 <esberglu> edmondsw: ok
14:39:01 <edmondsw> I don't have anything else
14:39:23 <esberglu> After feature freeze I'd like to be heads down on CI for a bit
14:39:35 <openstackgerrit> Matthew Edmonds proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: cleanup private bdm methods  https://review.openstack.org/531874
14:39:44 <esberglu> I want to upgrade the undercloud to pike, update all of the management services
14:40:10 <esberglu> And have a ton of other small changes/cleanup to do
14:40:25 <edmondsw> ok, tx for the heads up... I think we can afford that after ff
14:41:06 <esberglu> Oh and get depends-on working
14:41:18 <efried> meh, low priority
14:41:42 <esberglu> #topic Open Discussion
14:42:16 <esberglu> Nothing else from me
14:42:20 <edmondsw> same
14:44:19 <esberglu> #endmeeting