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14:01:19 <esberglu> #topic In-tree Driver
14:01:42 <edmondsw> got a +2 on SEA from gibi
14:02:06 <edmondsw> and of course OVS merged... I think that was since the last meeting
14:02:14 <esberglu> edmondsw: Yep
14:02:25 <esberglu> Nothing else to report really, just wait and see
14:02:34 <efried_back_wed> Hey, FYI, I'm on vacation today.
14:02:47 <esberglu> efried_back_wed: ack
14:02:47 <edmondsw> efried_back_wed yup yup, enjoy
14:03:11 <edmondsw> stephenfin said yesterday that SEA was on his list and he should get to it today
14:03:20 <esberglu> edmondsw: Awesome
14:03:35 <esberglu> The other thing we should start thinking about is what we want to target for Rocky
14:03:52 <edmondsw> yep, I've started thinking about that, and intend to corner Drew and get his thoughts today if I can
14:04:09 <esberglu> There are still some WIP patches out there from pike
14:04:30 <edmondsw> we need to start thinking about queens release
14:04:42 <efried_back_wed> real quick: are we gonna need a new pypowervm in g-r?  If so, gotta propose and merge it by eow
14:05:24 <edmondsw> efried_back_wed I'm not sure but we need to figure that out
14:05:50 <edmondsw> prometheanfire said they want a release, but it wasn't clear whether they are trying to hit queens (doesn't seem possible to me)
14:06:06 <edmondsw> that's on my todo list for today
14:06:21 <edmondsw> looks like there are some old names in the *-powervm-release groups that we might want to cleanup
14:06:51 <edmondsw> anyone know who has permission to add/remove there?
14:07:45 <esberglu> edmondsw: I think I do, let me check quick
14:08:09 <esberglu> nvm
14:08:32 <esberglu> edmondsw: Wait actually I do
14:08:56 <esberglu> I will remove adam, dom and kyle and add the two of you
14:09:02 <edmondsw> exactly... tx
14:09:37 <edmondsw> any docs we need to update?
14:09:49 <edmondsw> I don't think we have any new CONF settings to mention in https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/admin/configuration/hypervisor-powervm.html
14:10:05 <edmondsw> at least for OVS/SEA... would need to double-check vSCSI
14:10:24 <edmondsw> (there are a coupe CONF settings for OVS, but they're not specific to us)
14:10:35 <esberglu> edmondsw: I don't believe there are any, I can double check today
14:11:29 <edmondsw> at the end of pike we'd talked about creating our own os-powervm project, but it was too late to do that for pike
14:11:52 <edmondsw> probably time to look at that again if we want to consider it for queens
14:12:04 <edmondsw> got it on my todo list. Let me know if you have any thoughts
14:13:00 <esberglu> edmondsw: Remind me what the purpose of the project would be?
14:13:27 <edmondsw> to hold nova-powervm, ceilometer-powervm, and networking-powervm together
14:13:44 <edmondsw> currently ceilometer-powervm is under ceilometer, and that was a little problematic during pike
14:14:04 <edmondsw> this would be similar to os-win
14:14:38 <edmondsw> I think the problem with ceilometer was that they didn't cut a release and we were stuck in limbo for a while
14:15:21 <edmondsw> that's all I have today for IT
14:15:23 <esberglu> Yep, I think we also discussed an os-pvmstackers (or something like that) group to go along with it?
14:15:37 <edmondsw> what would the difference be?
14:15:55 <edmondsw> between os-powervm and os-pvmstackers?
14:16:01 <esberglu> edmondsw: I can't remember, I just have a vague memory of that being discussed
14:16:26 <edmondsw> k. hopefully it will come back to us when we dig into looking at it
14:16:41 <edmondsw> I pulled up a couple browser tabs to start doing that
14:17:21 <edmondsw> move on to OOT?
14:18:07 <esberglu> #topic Out-of-tree Driver
14:19:06 <esberglu> I have a couple WIP patches on my local machine adding some more autospeccing
14:19:32 <esberglu> Some of the tests are gonna need to be reworked
14:19:55 <edmondsw> finding holes?
14:20:42 <esberglu> Yeah, not too many. Right now I've pretty much autospecced everything where it just worked, haven't dug into the failing tests yet
14:21:53 <esberglu> Other than that I plan on continuing to knock out TODO items there as able
14:22:05 <edmondsw> esberglu did you get a chance to look at the patch taylor put up for refactoring volume drivers?
14:22:29 <edmondsw> I had added some comments asking for a slightly different approach
14:22:50 <esberglu> edmondsw: I started looking through it, was gonna wait until he reworked with your recommendations to really dig in
14:22:59 <edmondsw> I was just gonna say, might be ok to wait and review after that happens if you agree with my comments
14:23:09 <edmondsw> :)
14:23:59 <edmondsw> esberglu just added you to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/527813/
14:24:32 <edmondsw> haven't looked yet myself
14:24:42 <esberglu> edmondsw: Will look later today
14:24:53 <edmondsw> that's probably it for OOT
14:25:44 <esberglu> I'm gonna skip device passthrough, more of the same there I'd imaging
14:25:48 <esberglu> imagine
14:26:00 <esberglu> #topic PowerVM CI
14:26:16 <esberglu> I want to figure out that update server name test this week
14:27:02 <esberglu> Haven't looked at it really since last week
14:27:36 <esberglu> Now that the system I was testing OVS on is free, I'm working on upgrading the staging undercloud to pike in the background
14:27:51 <edmondsw> ++
14:28:11 <esberglu> Looks like the mysql service died on the mgmt node since yesterday afternoon, CI is down right now
14:28:21 <esberglu> So that will be first on my list today
14:28:30 <edmondsw> k
14:28:44 <edmondsw> seems like an odd thing to fail
14:29:27 <esberglu> edmondsw: Yeah haven't seen this before, no idea what happened
14:30:04 <edmondsw> tx for staying on top of it
14:31:23 <esberglu> I'm planning on stealing one of the production CI systems for future development. The env. can afford it
14:31:37 <edmondsw> ok
14:32:02 <esberglu> Other than that same story, knocking out backlog where I can
14:36:29 <esberglu> That's all for me today, anything else from you before I call it?
14:36:58 <edmondsw> nope, sounds good
14:37:18 <esberglu> #endmeeting