14:01:33 <edmondsw> #startmeeting PowerVM Driver Meeting
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14:01:57 <edmondsw> #link agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm_driver_meeting_agenda
14:03:06 <edmondsw> efried mmedvede mdrabe you guys around?
14:03:21 <efried> ō/
14:03:23 <edmondsw> sorry mmedvede, didn't mean to include you
14:04:13 <edmondsw> #topic In-Rree Driver
14:04:22 <edmondsw> #topic In-Tree Driver
14:05:14 <edmondsw> I spoke to mujahidali about picking up some of what esberglu had been doing as far as porting things from the OOT driver
14:05:39 <edmondsw> he will try to do that if/when he can find the time
14:06:07 <edmondsw> anything else to discuss IT?
14:06:31 <edmondsw> #topic Out-of-Tree Driver
14:07:08 <edmondsw> I don't believe mdrabe has made any more progress on MSP testing
14:07:25 <edmondsw> if you have any updated outlook there, let me know
14:07:45 <edmondsw> the ceilometer docs weren't building correctly, so I fixed that
14:07:52 <edmondsw> ceilometer-powervm, I mean
14:07:59 <edmondsw> anything else for OOT?
14:08:03 <efried> nothing here
14:08:34 <edmondsw> oh, the secure boot support went in
14:09:11 <edmondsw> #topic Device Passthrough
14:09:20 <edmondsw> efried any updates?
14:09:42 <efried> Specs under review. edmondsw did I add you to Sean's alternative proposal for the file format?
14:09:52 <edmondsw> doesn't ring a bell
14:10:08 <efried> yeah, I did. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/603805/
14:10:22 <edmondsw> :)
14:11:24 <efried> so, spec reviews ongoing. I fear they're not going to get a lot of attention this release. But we should use them to inform whatever we decide to do OOT and just do that.
14:11:56 <efried> At the PTG we talked about trying to establish a file format that would be common among the various services.
14:12:27 <efried> A section in the file would give some indication as to which service "owns" a particular provider.
14:12:42 <efried> That way we can have a smooth transition from e.g. nova to cyborg for device rp ownership.
14:13:14 <efried> Anyway, my work on device passthrough has slowed a bit as I'm being pulled into this openshift stuff
14:13:34 <efried> (I keep typing openshit, I swear it's not on purpose)
14:13:34 <edmondsw> yep
14:13:40 <edmondsw> lol
14:14:07 <efried> otherwise nothing to report.
14:14:12 <edmondsw> tx
14:14:16 <edmondsw> #topic PowerVM CI
14:14:28 <edmondsw> mujahidali ^
14:14:35 <mujahidali> CI looks good after :edmondsw cleaned and restarted control node.
14:15:06 <edmondsw> the /boot directory had filled up
14:15:45 <edmondsw> have you had any time to work on multinode CI in the last week?
14:15:49 <mujahidali> I tried building a test ubuntu image using diskimage-builder but getting some error, will need to address those errors(the cause of the error may be wrong config).
14:16:32 <edmondsw> the guys in the slack channel may be able to help with that since they use it for KVM CI
14:16:45 <mujahidali> okay
14:16:59 <mujahidali> I am using following doc for the same https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/project-config/tree/nodepool/elements/README.rst
14:17:56 <mujahidali> however in place of the provide script I am jsut running disk-create-image command directly from command line.
14:18:09 <mujahidali> *just
14:19:25 <mujahidali> edmondsw: I will keep you posted on the futher progress
14:19:29 <edmondsw> tx
14:19:33 <edmondsw> anything else for CI?
14:19:39 <mujahidali> nothing else from my side.
14:19:47 <edmondsw> #topic Open Discussion
14:20:07 <mujahidali> We have holiday on next tuesday
14:20:07 <edmondsw> I've got jury duty tomorrow, so I probably won't be online
14:20:20 <mujahidali> jury duty ??
14:20:52 <edmondsw> it's an American thing, part of our judicial system
14:21:12 <edmondsw> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_duty
14:22:05 <edmondsw> #endmeeting