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15:01:25 <edmondsw> efried is out and I don't think we have much to discuss today, so not going to go by the normal agenda today
15:02:36 <edmondsw> mdrabe will you have time to work with me on the multinode devstack setup today so that we can get you going on the MSP work?
15:04:45 <edmondsw> and there are a bunch of hopefully easy +2 reviews proposed for the *-powervm projects to move up to py36 if you get a chance to look
15:05:59 <edmondsw> mujahidali re: CI, which neos have you redeployed?
15:06:09 <mujahidali> We have a very negative dashboard for PowerVM-CI due to some bad neo-host. I have redployed neo-6,11,19,21,24,26 and 30. I hope after redployment the dashboard will be green again.
15:06:51 <edmondsw> and when did you redeploy them?
15:06:53 <mujahidali> neo-19 and 30 was down due to RMC inactive, restarted the FSP for them.
15:07:50 <edmondsw> may also need to redeploy neo8 based on the failed results of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624241/
15:07:56 <mujahidali> It completed nearly 3 hour back.
15:08:32 <mujahidali> and after that I need to restart mysql and nodepool and that took another hour to deploy vms.
15:08:48 <edmondsw> next time we have that many to redeploy, it may just be better to redeploy everything
15:09:23 <mujahidali> that' a better idea, I was thinking the same way.
15:10:23 <edmondsw> I wanted to ask you to specifically work on getting https://review.openstack.org/#/c/623065/ to pass
15:10:40 <mujahidali> I will redeploy neo8 and see if it help, otherwise will redploy whole CI.
15:10:42 <edmondsw> that may require CI changes to get it to pass
15:11:07 <edmondsw> but it's not clear to me... it may work but has just been failing due to these current CI issues
15:11:35 <edmondsw> please take a look at the Mailing List post that is linked in the commit message
15:12:29 <mujahidali> there were 50 test failures.
15:15:12 <mujahidali> I think I have tested py3 for devstack and it was failing for either OOT or IT.
15:17:38 <edmondsw> so then we definitely need to work on that
15:17:46 <edmondsw> or once they merge that devstack change we'll be broken
15:18:00 <edmondsw> so please make that a priority, one way or another
15:18:40 <edmondsw> either to get things working with py3, or figure out how to keep our CI from using py3 even after that devstack change merges (which would only be a temporary fix)
15:18:53 <mujahidali> okay, I will try another manual run for both OOT and IT with py3 enabled.
15:18:58 <edmondsw> tx
15:19:24 <edmondsw> mujahidali anything else to discuss for CI?
15:19:37 <mujahidali> nothing from me.
15:20:05 <edmondsw> alright, I'm calling it. Thanks
15:20:07 <edmondsw> #endmeeting