09:02:37 <dikonoor> #startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting
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09:04:01 <dikonoor> As part of today's meeting we will cover the PowerVM CI and the OOT out of sync problems
09:04:46 <dikonoor> #topic PowerVM CI
09:05:03 <dikonoor> mujahidali: What's the latest update on the CI.
09:05:58 <dikonoor> I believe amansi26 was running into some neutron l3 agent issues when stacking devstack.
09:06:23 <mujahidali> dikonoor: We are trying to fix issue with devstack stacking here is the fix proposed by amansi26: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/663868/
09:07:20 <dikonoor> mujahidali: I think you posted the wrong link. https://review.opendev.org/#/c/663868/ is not the devstack changeset
09:07:53 <mujahidali> amnsi26: is working on fixing the UT failures for the above patch
09:07:53 <dikonoor> amansi26: Could you post the changeset you proposed for devstack for the stacking problem?
09:08:07 <mujahidali> devstack change: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/664797/
09:09:16 <dikonoor> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/664797/ >> for the devstack stacking issue
09:10:18 <mujahidali> The change 664797 is dependant on another change 663868 by amansi26:
09:10:20 <dikonoor> amansi26: From https://review.opendev.org/#/c/664797/, the actual error that you were hitting is not clear. Is there a LP bug you have opened for this, that explains the problem details?
09:11:09 <dikonoor> amansi26: If there isn't one, it will get very tricky for reviewers to comprehend the problem. Could you open a LP bug against devstack explaining the problem that you were running into ?
09:11:38 <dikonoor> and then propose this changeset as part of that ? Basically update the commit msg of this to say closes-bug ?
09:12:26 <dikonoor> #action amansi26 to open a devstack LP bug for the neutron l3 problem and propose changeset for that.
09:12:38 <dikonoor> amansi26: ter ?
09:13:38 <amansi26> dikonoor: No there is no bug open for devstack in the LP.
09:13:58 <dikonoor> amansi26: Could you open one?
09:14:09 <amansi26> Sure
09:15:49 <dikonoor> amansi26: Thanks. It is not clear from the changeset how the proposed changeset will resolve the problem..especially because the problem is not unknown/clear
09:16:25 <dikonoor> amansi26: mujahidali: With this patch in the local environment, are we able to proceed with the manual CI run ?
09:17:07 <mujahidali> we are able to stack in the localenv.
09:17:29 <amansi26> dikonoor: nova-powervm driver is failing for some of the unit test cases as there is some Mock changes in the nova community.
09:18:52 <dikonoor> amansi26: I was referring to the CI run, which runs tempest runs and not to the UT testcases.. After the successful installation of devstack, was the tempest run successful ?
09:19:56 <amansi26> dikonoor: There were failures for tempest.
09:20:10 <dikonoor> amansi26: Approx. how many ?
09:21:01 <dikonoor> and what are they complaining about?
09:21:17 <amansi26> dikonoor: Every run has different number of failures.
09:22:19 <dikonoor> amansi26: That's very strange.. and are the testcases failing diferent?
09:22:19 <amansi26> dikonoor: Test case fails mostly with the log message- "TearDownClass"
09:22:38 <amansi26> dikonoor: yeas
09:22:38 <dikonoor> amansi26: Any additional information?
09:24:59 <dikonoor> amansi26: I believe you will be continuing to debug the same. #action amansi26 and mujahidali continuing to debug the cause of tempest testcase failure during a manual CI run.
09:25:22 <dikonoor> #action amansi26 and mujahidali continuing to debug the cause of tempest testcase failure during a manual CI run.
09:25:40 <dikonoor> #topic PowerVM driver out of sync with community
09:27:08 <dikonoor> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/663868/ proposed by amansi26 and diffeernt changesets namely https://review.opendev.org/#/c/662393/ by aarora06 attempts to do the same
09:28:14 <dikonoor> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/663868/ currently fails at 4 unit testcases. Looks like this is caused because of a mocking issue
09:28:54 <dikonoor> Testcase expects https://github.com/openstack/nova-powervm/blob/master/nova_powervm/tests/virt/powervm/disk/test_localdisk.py#L52 to be of type EntryWrapper but it is of type mock..
09:29:40 <dikonoor> #action > Work on fixing the mocking problem
09:30:16 <amansi26> dikonoor: I am looking into the issue.
09:30:37 <dikonoor> amansi26: Please check mock autospec functionality
09:30:44 <dikonoor> These are the two set of immediate issues that we need resolution on. Anything else, anyone wants to bring up ?
09:32:09 <mujahidali> nothing from me.
09:32:28 <dikonoor> Ok then.Ending the meeting
09:32:35 <dikonoor> #endmeeting