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09:31:57 <dikonoor> #topic PowerVM CI
09:32:29 <dikonoor> MujahidAli: What's the latest on the CI ?
09:33:59 <MujahidAli> dikonoor: CI is broken and Anurag is trying to redeploy it. He was facing some issues while deploying CI yesterday and I helped him to resolve them.
09:35:08 <MujahidAli> He is busy with some workshop today, when he is back I will continue with to work with him on bringing the CI back.
09:36:41 <dikonoor> Mujahid: OK. Sounds good. Is the CI completely broken at the moment or it is just few test cases are broken ?
09:38:02 <dikonoor> #action Anurag working on fixing the CI
09:38:29 <MujahidAli> CI is completely broken.
09:40:08 <dikonoor> Mujahid: OK. At this point, do we have any leads on what might be the cause?
09:43:20 <MujahidAli> We were facing issues with undercloud not able to connect to mysql and nodepool, so we redeployed the CI. But Anurag's local env was having some issues while running the deployment script. I think most of them are resolved and ansible scripts were running when I checked with him yesterday.
09:43:37 <dikonoor> Looks like most people could not make it to this meeting today. The immediate thing is to get the
09:43:49 <dikonoor> CI fixed.
09:43:53 <MujahidAli> sure
09:44:05 <dikonoor> Let's end today's meeting and work offline on this
09:44:12 <dikonoor> #endmeeting