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09:05:16 <VedaAnnayappa> Hi Anurag
09:05:35 <anuragmahanto243> Hi Veda
09:06:00 <VedaAnnayappa> how is the infrastructure of PowerVM CI, any progress?
09:07:07 <anuragmahanto243> In nodepool I can see following error. "ERROR nodepool.NodeLauncher: OpenStackCloudCreateException launching node id: 84686 in provider: PowerVM_DevStacked error:"
09:07:59 <anuragmahanto243> upon checking the hosts I am seeing error in "devstack@n-api-meta.service"
09:08:49 <anuragmahanto243> so every time nodepool tries to create a vm, this error is hit.
09:09:51 <anuragmahanto243> Here is the service status from one of the host. "devstack@n-api-meta.service - Devstack devstack@n-api-meta.service
09:09:51 <anuragmahanto243> Group: /system.slice/system-devstack.slice/devstack@n-api-meta.service
09:09:55 <anuragmahanto243> 5:46 neo6 devstack@n-api-meta.service[34054]: ERROR nova   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sqlalchemy/ut
09:09:57 <anuragmahanto243> st-packages/sqlalchemy/en
09:09:59 <anuragmahanto243> 21 03:35:46 neo6 devstack@n-api-meta.service[34054]: ERROR nova DBNonExistentTable: (sqlite3.OperationalError) no such table
09:10:01 <anuragmahanto243> k@n-api-meta.service[34054]: *** no app loaded. going in full dynamic mode ***
09:10:25 <VedaAnnayappa> is the node fine?
09:11:04 <anuragmahanto243> All the hosts except 2 has this error.
09:11:31 <VedaAnnayappa> so only 2 hosts are in healthy state..
09:11:45 <anuragmahanto243> yes
09:13:03 <anuragmahanto243> though I have done the manual run on neo11.
09:13:04 <anuragmahanto243> ==============================================
09:13:07 <anuragmahanto243> ======================
09:14:28 <anuragmahanto243> I dont see a quick workaround, redeploying hosts are works for a while only.
09:15:32 <VedaAnnayappa> then we should think of upgrading the tool, stage by stage, why dont we upgrade upgrade needed for mysql, nodepool, openstack..
09:16:51 <VedaAnnayappa> lets upgrade node pool.. and deploy few host and monitor the health status
09:20:47 <anuragmahanto243> yes we can upgrade node pool from 0.3.0 to 3.7.0
09:22:19 <VedaAnnayappa> lets try this one and see of we get some green signal, so as to conclude, powervm tests are working fine and infrastructure has to be updated
09:22:26 <anuragmahanto243> sure
09:24:14 <VedaAnnayappa> fine.. also community is moving to train release and it needs test to get triggered soon, we will try to bring a small setup working ...
09:24:37 <anuragmahanto243> okay
09:25:00 <VedaAnnayappa> cool
09:25:36 <VedaAnnayappa> #endmeeting
09:25:50 <anuragmahanto243> #endmeeting