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09:03:33 <VedaAnnayappa> hi
09:03:53 <anuragmahanto243> hi
09:05:07 <VedaAnnayappa> what is the state of production environment?
09:08:40 <anuragmahanto243> @veda when re-deploying I am getting below error in playbook "TASK [common : Update resolv.conf file] ****************************************
09:08:40 <anuragmahanto243> [pvmci-cache-1] => {"changed": false, "skip_reason": "Conditional check failed", "skipped": true}
09:08:41 <anuragmahanto243> *********************************
09:09:05 <anuragmahanto243> so i am syntax resolving the same
09:09:28 <VedaAnnayappa> was there any change in these Ansible scripts recently?
09:11:20 <anuragmahanto243> @veda no I dont think , recently there has been changes on the scripts
09:15:17 <anuragmahanto243> @veda current version is yml 2 syntax, I tried ansible  1.X version but syntax is newer so I it did not ran. currently fixing on ansible 2.2.0
09:15:51 <VedaAnnayappa> ok..
09:23:47 <VedaAnnayappa> ok..
09:23:48 <VedaAnnayappa> ok.. check to resolve the syntax , meanwhile can we bring UP staging with the latest tools
09:23:48 <VedaAnnayappa> is there any additional tools to be added or installed during deployment
09:23:51 <anuragmahanto243> @veda sure will resolve the syntax and deploy.
09:24:27 <VedaAnnayappa> ok.. also to support train release changes were done in nova-powervm component
09:24:28 <VedaAnnayappa> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/678482/
09:24:49 <VedaAnnayappa> its failing saying time out for few testcases
09:25:33 <VedaAnnayappa> also some of the tests are executed beyond the timeout time, please see comments of eric
09:25:55 <VedaAnnayappa> we need to drill down the issue on which test case is creating the time out
09:26:06 <anuragmahanto243> @veda sure will look into it.
09:26:11 <VedaAnnayappa> ok
09:26:22 <VedaAnnayappa> anything else to discuss
09:26:35 <anuragmahanto243> nothing else from my side.
09:26:38 <VedaAnnayappa> ok..
09:26:56 <VedaAnnayappa> #endmeeting