09:08:29 <VedaAnnayappa> #startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting
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09:08:35 <VedaAnnayappa> hi
09:08:47 <anuragmahanto67> hi
09:11:39 <anuragmahanto67> update : PoweerVm ci infra memory cleanup/rmc check script is complete
09:12:13 <VedaAnnayappa> @anuragmahanto67, i dont see powervm ci running listed in ciwatch
09:12:14 <anuragmahanto67> currently looking into, nodepool resource cleanup script.
09:12:20 <VedaAnnayappa> is there any issue?
09:14:37 <anuragmahanto67> i didnt see any issues in log, though ci watch has not listed the job. but in zuul pipeline newest queue is running on "openstack/neutron"
09:16:02 <anuragmahanto67> and queue for openstack/nova is running for  7hrs
09:16:22 <anuragmahanto67> once thats finish, should show up in ci watch
09:16:24 <VedaAnnayappa> ok.. is the testbeds are fine or tests are failing still?
09:17:04 <anuragmahanto67> yes , few tempest tests are still failing.
09:17:53 <VedaAnnayappa> what is the nature of these test which are failing and how many are failing now
09:18:06 <anuragmahanto67> I have launched the manual run, once complete will get the exact failing tests of today.
09:18:25 <VedaAnnayappa> ok..
09:19:13 <anuragmahanto67> By nature all test seems not have any package related errors, so I assume its becoz of infra.
09:19:59 <VedaAnnayappa> ok... Also we have to move powervmstacker to special interest group, I will initiate the migration and corresponding changes will be done to governance repository
09:20:20 <anuragmahanto67> sure
09:22:43 <anuragmahanto67> thats all, update from my side.
09:25:16 <VedaAnnayappa> also py37 tests, There are time out of the testcases is happening however the same test passes in py36
09:26:26 <VedaAnnayappa> I tried isolating the issue and it mostly in below testbed TestPowerVMDriver,TestISCSIAdapter,TestVSCSIAdapter
09:26:49 <anuragmahanto67> sure will look into it.
09:28:43 <VedaAnnayappa> thanks for the update..
09:29:05 <VedaAnnayappa> #endmeeting