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21:02:03 <ttx> Agenda @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:02:21 <ttx> Mostly about finalizing Design Summit prep
21:02:25 <ttx> #topic Tentative schedule
21:02:33 <ttx> We now have a complete schedule up at:
21:02:40 <ttx> #link http://openstacksummitfall2012.sched.org/overview/type/design+summit
21:03:01 <ttx> (that link only lists design summit sessions, yummy)
21:03:14 <ttx> Small adjustments are still possible, due to schedule conflicts for session leads
21:03:43 <ttx> But since the event organizers want to pre-print signage we'll try to limit changes
21:03:55 <ttx> #topic Split up Keystone Sessions
21:04:05 <ttx> Someone added that topic for discussion -- not sure who
21:05:02 <ttx> anyone ?
21:05:14 <ttx> well, I guess that wasn't that important
21:05:21 <jgriffith> hehe
21:05:23 <ttx> "right now two presenters have to lead a solid days worth of meetings on Thursday "
21:05:56 <ttx> well, one of them came up with that schedule and decided to do one block rather than two
21:06:18 <notmyname> one block of talks is a feature, not a bug, from my perspective
21:06:24 <ttx> We'll be back to this if whoever posted that topic wants to talk about it
21:06:29 <ttx> notmyname: agreed
21:06:48 <ttx> makes it slightly more intense for the session lead(s) but simplifies scheduling and attendees lives
21:07:04 <notmyname> and opens up the rest of the week for other talks and meetings that happen
21:07:06 <ttx> Brian escaped the prison
21:07:15 <bcwaldon> allo
21:07:23 <ttx> #topic Handle scheduling conflicts
21:07:34 <ttx> Does anyone have scheduling conflicts with the current proposed schedule ?
21:07:50 <danwent> no one reported any on the quantum side
21:07:54 <ttx> Like two sessions requiring your presence at the same time ?
21:08:09 <davidkranz> Nope
21:08:25 <markmc> no-one complained about openstack-common sessions
21:08:35 <ttx> there might be some changes around the Nova schedule, as I may have created a conflict for Vish in trying to accommodate markmc
21:08:54 <markmc> vishy can do two talks at once, no problem
21:09:03 <ttx> That's a Vish fact
21:09:18 <bcwaldon> someone register it!
21:09:20 <ttx> Potential upcoming change would be putting "scheduler for HPC" at the 10-17 5:20pm slot and leave the 10-16 11am slot empty
21:09:32 <ttx> but I need to see Vish first
21:10:28 <bcwaldon> vishy no longer exists
21:11:28 <ttx> #topic Tips for topic leads
21:11:41 <ttx> A few tips... on the right channel this time
21:11:49 <notmyname> speak clearly and start on time
21:11:54 <ttx> Note that the session descriptions in sched.org do not mention clearly the session lead.
21:12:04 <ttx> That's sort of a feature to make sure people do not think this is a speaker/audience thing
21:12:21 <ttx> and in previous editions we expected the listed "session lead" to be present and in some cases they wouldn't even show up
21:12:39 <ttx> So this time around, you're expected to be present at most of the sessions in your topic
21:12:57 <ttx> For those sessions where you know you won't be around... you should ensure that someone else (trusted lieutenant or the session proposer) will be present to lead it
21:13:20 <ttx> that should avoid some of the disaster sessions we had in the past
21:13:29 <ttx> We /should/ have paperboards and projectors in every room
21:13:44 <ttx> We should also have webex broadcasts, though I don't know how those will be working exactly yet
21:13:47 <ttx> reed: around ?
21:13:51 * annegentle waves and is unexcused
21:13:55 <reed> yes
21:13:56 <ttx> Questions ?
21:14:05 <ttx> reed: could you summarize the webex setup ?
21:14:16 <reed> i'm writing a blog post about this
21:14:22 <reed> here is the deal:
21:15:02 <reed> each of rooms Emma AB, Emma C, Windsor, Annie have one laptop connected to a projector
21:15:14 <ttx> reed: an additional projector ?
21:15:36 <reed> the laptop will be the webex presenter, will show the chat and stream to http://openstack.webex.com
21:15:41 <reed> each room has 2 projectors
21:15:54 <reed> one for webex, one for the etherpad or whatever
21:16:12 <reed> each room has one volunteer assigned to the webex laptop, in case things happen
21:16:17 <ttx> reed: I see that now. UDS-style
21:16:21 <ttx> only better
21:16:34 <reed> each streaming session has one producer assigned by Cisco/Webex team monitoring the quality of the streaming
21:16:49 <reed> if anything happens the producers will call the volunteer in each room to let them know
21:17:12 <ttx> reed: thanks for the update
21:17:14 <reed> UDS style, although using webex
21:17:46 <ttx> Does anyone have questions ?
21:17:47 <reed> knwon issue: webex and 64bit OpenJDK/JRE don't go well together, need 32bit environment
21:18:08 <ttx> sucks for me, but I'll be on site
21:18:25 <davidkranz> Having not done this, if you want to start by putting up a slide, where do you plug your laptop?
21:18:32 <reed> same for me, I need to workaround that too
21:18:38 <ttx> davidkranz: on the second projector
21:18:54 <davidkranz> ttx: OK, the "etherpad"
21:19:23 <danwent> does that mean presenter slides will not be visible via webex?
21:19:25 <ttx> davidkranz: yes, etherpad, slide, demo...
21:19:33 <annegentle> o/
21:19:40 <ttx> danwent: good thing we don't really do presentations :)
21:20:14 <ttx> reed: where does webex video point to ?
21:20:24 <reed> no video, only audio
21:20:30 <ttx> oh.
21:20:43 <reed> I am putting the links to all the webex sessions on sched.org and on a blog post
21:20:44 <annegentle> last time we created Etherpads and linked them on the OpenStack wiki ahead of time, shall we do that again?
21:20:51 <reed> they look like this: https://openstack.webex.com/openstack/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=923124308
21:20:55 <ttx> danwent: I'd suggest to upload the slidedeck somewhere and mention it at start
21:21:01 <reed> people will need to register
21:21:10 <danwent> ttx: k
21:21:21 <ttx> annegentle: yes @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Summit/Grizzly/Etherpads
21:21:41 <davidkranz> ttx: Are we serious about the webex? If so, people really need to identify themselves before speaking. That would be a good idea anyway.
21:22:15 <reed> davidkranz, we're serious :)
21:22:20 <ttx> davidkranz: good point
21:22:40 <davidkranz> reed: Good. It was hard for me at my first summit because no one said who they were.
21:22:58 <annegentle> ttx: ah thanks there it is
21:23:15 <ttx> davidkranz: it kinda depends if anyone is on the webex. We should ask at the start of the session
21:23:24 <jgriffith> So... hate to be the stick here... but can we avoid webex?  maybe google hangouts?
21:23:33 <davidkranz> ttx: Sounds good.
21:23:45 <ttx> jgriffith: reed investigated both I think
21:24:10 <jgriffith> reed: You're call, just wondered if both were investigated
21:24:16 <reed> jgriffith, webex
21:24:23 <jgriffith> reed: Okie dokie
21:24:38 <ttx> Any other question before we move on ?
21:24:54 <reed> jgriffith, hangout is no different than webex, it's proprietary :) webex at least gave us full professional support and it's well tested
21:25:12 <jgriffith> reed: webex is great for mac users, not so much for linux (ie 64 bit)
21:25:13 <reed> jgriffith, I mentioned it before: if anybody provides a fully open source system I'm happy to switch
21:25:25 <ttx> reed: well hangouts do not require a silly 32-bit Java-only bit
21:25:37 <reed> ttx, hangout is unreliable
21:25:38 <ttx> but I bet they have drawbacks too
21:25:49 <jgriffith> reed: No worries, just a thought
21:25:55 <reed> yes, this is not the time to discuss technology :)
21:25:57 <ttx> #topic 2012.1.3 (next stable/essex) release status
21:26:05 <jgriffith> LOL
21:26:06 <reed> after the summit we can discuss
21:26:08 <ttx> markmc: still around ?
21:26:14 <markmc> oh, yes
21:26:20 <ttx> How is that going so far ?
21:26:20 * markmc zoned out at the webex stuff
21:26:43 <markmc> latest status is:
21:26:44 <markmc> nova: 14 fixes merged and bugs targeted, 2 pending (from vish)
21:26:44 <markmc> keystone: 2 security fixes (critical/high), 5 others merged
21:26:44 <markmc> horizon: 1 security fix (medium), 4 others merged
21:26:44 <markmc> nothing for glance
21:26:55 <markmc> so, I think we're in good shape to release as planned on thursday
21:27:04 <markmc> just need to review these 2 patches vishy backported
21:27:12 <markmc> which are slightly scarey
21:27:25 <markmc> we'll be skipping glance in this release, looks like
21:27:46 * markmc looking forward to getting this out of the way and concentrating on stable/folsom
21:28:53 <markmc> ttx, that's me
21:29:42 <ttx> We'll have time to discuss transition of stable/essex maintenance to a specific team at the Summit.
21:29:57 <ttx> Questions on 2012.1.3 ?
21:31:02 <ttx> #topic Other team reports (docs, CI...)
21:31:11 <ttx> annegentle, mordred: anything you wanted to bring up ?
21:31:44 <annegentle> held a monthly doc team meeting yesterday, but want to find another time for it
21:31:47 <annegentle> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/doc_web_meeting/2012/doc_web_meeting.2012-10-08-20.02.html
21:32:09 <annegentle> to encourage more attendance - lots of doc team members are in Europe/Asia/Australia
21:32:27 <annegentle> Will figure out a "release" date for docs after the Summit
21:32:31 <annegentle> that's all I've got
21:32:43 <ttx> annegentle: thx
21:33:01 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:33:06 <ttx> anything else anyone ?
21:33:16 <annegentle> o/
21:33:26 <ttx> annegentle: you're on fire today
21:33:38 <annegentle> does the Filter on http://openstacksummitfall2012.sched.org/overview/type/design+summit#.UHSXb1SEP81 prevent displaying who has proposed the discussion?
21:34:22 <ttx> annegentle: It's not displayed in the description
21:34:27 <ttx> I mentioned it earlier
21:34:35 * annegentle reads scrollback
21:34:46 <ttx> annegentle: that way it's clear noone owns the room
21:35:04 <ttx> that said i could revert to adding "session proposed by" at the bottom of each description
21:35:22 <ttx> that would save you the lookup on summit.openstack.org to check
21:35:54 <annegentle> ttx: if you can bring in the data it would be useful - but not a requirement
21:36:41 <ttx> annegentle: it's a bit more complex now that you can merge multiple sessions into one slot... but not impossible
21:36:54 <mordred> ttx: you know, we _do_ have a system already that people use to review things...
21:36:58 * annegentle will look up the ones of interest
21:37:04 * mordred goes back and hides in hole
21:37:20 <mordred> ttx: nm - that was buffered from a LONG time ago
21:37:43 <ttx> mordred: hmm, ok :)
21:37:54 <mordred> ttx: please ignore me
21:37:57 <ttx> ok then
21:38:02 <ttx> anything else anyone ?
21:38:06 <mordred> ttx: we do have some upgrades/migrations planned for right after the conference
21:38:22 <ttx> mordred: what kind ?
21:38:35 <mordred> ttx: jenkins, gerrit moving to new servers
21:38:49 <mordred> ttx: upgrade to new etherpad server (leaving that to after conf)
21:40:17 <ttx> cool
21:40:30 <ttx> mordred: anything else ?
21:41:33 <ttx> ok then, see you all in a few days
21:41:35 <ttx> #endmeeting