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21:01:16 <ttx> Our usual agenda for te last Havana meeting
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21:01:20 <ttx> aw
21:01:24 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:01:37 <ttx> #topic General stuff
21:01:46 <ttx> #info Less than 2 days before release, we have RCs everywhere
21:01:55 <ttx> #info At this point only regressions / critical upgrade issues should trigger respins
21:02:09 <ttx> and we'd seriously limit the number of fixes to reduce chances of regression
21:02:24 <ttx> Please note that if we do any respin, that would be tomorrow.
21:02:36 <ttx> On Thursday (afternoon for Europe, morning for US) we shall publish the standing RCs and cut the stable/havana branches
21:02:48 <ttx> Any question on that ?
21:03:07 <ttx> sdague, annegentle, jeblair: anything from QA/Docs/Infra programs ?
21:03:16 <annegentle> sure
21:03:45 <sdague> ttx: nothing major here
21:03:47 <annegentle> We're making progress on the install guide on all fronts. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/HavanaDocTesting is the test matrix, patching like mad.
21:04:15 <jeblair> ttx: nak, thanks
21:04:20 <annegentle> A bit of a debate on the team on whether to release Thursday if the install is not complete
21:04:25 <annegentle> release docs that is
21:04:25 <ttx> annegentle: no kidding
21:04:34 <ttx> right
21:04:40 <annegentle> we'll keep triaging every 12 hours
21:04:51 <annegentle> we REALLY really want to make the date
21:05:36 <ttx> annegentle: anything else ? Something we could do to help ?
21:06:02 <ttx> at this point most of us are just on-call waiting for some nasty regression to show up
21:06:08 <annegentle> people have been responding to my call for help on the mailing list and a neutron setup came out of that as well, so I'm pleased with the response
21:06:40 <ttx> annegentle: if you need one more day I guess that would still count as "Thursday", like in Hawaii
21:06:46 <annegentle> Test the install guide for your distro at http://docs.openstack.org/trunk, click the doc bug link (it's a cute red bug on each page) to report issues
21:06:54 <annegentle> ttx: nice. Might do that aloha!
21:07:01 <annegentle> mahalo
21:07:11 <annegentle> #help Test the install guide for your distro at http://docs.openstack.org/trunk, click the doc bug link (it's a cute red bug on each page) to report issues.
21:07:28 <ttx> markmc/dhellmann: around ?
21:07:53 <annegentle> In other news, O'Reilly is starting a custom edit of the Operations Guide, thanks to the Foundation for funding.
21:08:01 <annegentle> that's all I've got (and it's enough!)
21:08:04 <ttx> ok, let's skip oslo, I don't think there was anything from them anyway
21:08:10 <ttx> #topic Keystone status
21:08:15 <ttx> dolphm: hey
21:08:15 <dolphm> o/
21:08:19 <ttx> #info Keystone RC2 is out
21:08:24 <ttx> Looking at the havana-rc-potential list:
21:08:28 <ttx> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bugs?field.tag=havana-rc-potential
21:08:42 <ttx> 3 bugs -- nothing really critical afaict, could be fixed in stable/havana alright ?
21:08:52 <dolphm> yes
21:09:05 <ttx> might make sense to document them as known issues though
21:09:17 <ttx> at least the LDAP one
21:09:32 <dolphm> i was about to say that for the first two issues
21:09:45 <shardy> The trusts one will mean trusts support in Heat is broken
21:09:46 <ttx> as many as you want :)
21:10:37 <ttx> dolphm: might be nice to do a RC3 over that one, so that trusts work out of the box ?
21:10:39 <dolphm> shardy: hmm, i didn't expect that kind of impact
21:10:53 <shardy> but then it's broken anyway until the patch for 1231483 gets merged into keystoneclient
21:11:00 <dolphm> this issues applies to grizzly as well
21:11:20 <ttx> shardy: but keystoneclient can be fixed out of band
21:11:46 <shardy> ttx: yep, I'm hoping it will be, soon ;)
21:12:14 <ttx> dolphm: that sounds small enough for a RC3 for me, if you can get it to master today
21:12:31 <dolphm> working on it!
21:12:53 <ttx> dolphm: ok, let's discuss that post-meeting based on status
21:13:04 <ttx> dolphm: I'll remove the other two bugs from list
21:13:08 <dolphm> sounds good
21:13:18 <ttx> and let you document them in release notes
21:13:28 <ttx> shardy: thx for the cross-project vision
21:13:38 <ttx> dolphm: nothing else ?
21:13:51 <dolphm> not from me
21:14:04 <ttx> #topic Ceilometer status
21:14:37 <ttx> jd__: bonsoir
21:14:41 <ttx> #info Ceilometer RC2 is out
21:14:41 <jd__> bonsoir !
21:14:45 <ttx> Let's see your havana-rc-potential list:
21:14:49 <ttx> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bugs?field.tag=havana-rc-potential
21:15:02 <ttx> The one bug you have there is not worth a respin, could be included in rc3 if we did one
21:15:13 <ttx> jd__: Any other blocker I should know about ?
21:15:32 <jd__> nop
21:15:39 <jd__> so far so good
21:15:55 <ttx> Other news / questions about Ceilometer ?
21:16:31 <ttx> #topic Swift status
21:16:35 <ttx> notmyname: o/
21:16:39 <ttx> #link Swift RC1 is out
21:16:42 <ttx> err
21:16:46 <notmyname> i
21:16:49 <notmyname> hi
21:16:50 <ttx> #info Swift RC1 is out
21:17:05 <ttx> Nothing on your havana-rc-potential list
21:17:14 <ttx> Does that mean there is no known need for a last-minute respin at this point ?
21:17:18 <notmyname> so far, everything looks good
21:17:22 <ttx> great!
21:17:27 <ttx> I like that.
21:17:57 <ttx> notmyname: anything you wanted to mention ?
21:17:57 <notmyname> many of us are in Austin right now at a 3 day hackathon. churning through reviews and features.
21:18:26 <notmyname> nothing to mention for the havana release
21:18:31 <notmyname> release notes are up
21:18:37 <ttx> notmyname: I saw that. thx
21:18:57 <ttx> #topic Glance status
21:19:02 <ttx> markwash: o/
21:19:04 <markwash> o/
21:19:07 <ttx> #info Glance RC2 is out
21:19:19 <ttx> Nothing on your havana-rc-potential list
21:19:22 <ttx> All good so far ?
21:19:28 <markwash> So far
21:19:46 <ttx> Other news / questions about Glance ?
21:19:56 <markwash> Not from me
21:20:07 <ttx> markwash: great, thx
21:20:22 <ttx> #topic Neutron status
21:20:29 <ttx> markmcclain: hola
21:20:36 <markmcclain> hi
21:20:36 <ttx> #info Neutron RC2 is out
21:20:41 <ttx> Looking at the havana-rc-potential list:
21:20:45 <ttx> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.tag=havana-rc-potential
21:21:03 <ttx> So... bug 1236439
21:21:05 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1236439 in neutron "switch to use hostnames like nova breaks upgrades of l3-agent" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1236439
21:21:31 <ttx> Do you want to document it as a known upgrade issue at this point ?
21:21:31 <markmcclain> changing the value one way or another breaks somethign
21:21:49 <markmcclain> right now that is our current thinking
21:22:23 <ttx> Is there any way to let the user choose the lesser evil ? Like having people upgrading keep grizzly behavior
21:22:41 <ttx> or does it have to be manual ?
21:23:00 <markmcclain> we're thinking on publishing a script to reschedule the agents
21:23:09 <markmcclain> rescheduling fixes the issue
21:23:46 <ttx> markmcclain: publishing.. in the release notes, right ?
21:23:56 <markmcclain> most likely
21:24:18 <ttx> markmcclain: ok
21:24:33 <ttx> at least distros could pick up the script in their upgrade scripts
21:25:16 <ttx> markmcclain: please push it to the bug as soon as you have it
21:25:21 <markmcclain> will do
21:25:22 <ttx> then copy it to release notes
21:25:42 <ttx> and while you're at it fill in other chapters of https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Havana for Neutron
21:25:49 <ttx> or delegate to someone who will, before end of day, tomorrow :)
21:25:56 <markmcclain> will do
21:26:12 <ttx> markmcclain: any other kitten killer / showstopper ?
21:26:29 <ttx> apart from the ones I know about ?
21:26:33 <markmcclain> no
21:26:46 <ttx> ok, so no RC3 at this point
21:26:53 <ttx> Other news / questions about Neutron ?
21:27:05 <markmcclain> I'm hoping no RC3.. nothing else from me
21:27:17 <ttx> markmcclain: thx!
21:27:29 <ttx> #topic Cinder status
21:27:33 <ttx> jgriffith: hi!
21:28:21 <ttx> hmm, no jgriffith yet?
21:28:42 <ttx> #undo
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21:28:49 <ttx> #topic Nova status
21:28:57 <ttx> russellb: around?
21:29:49 <russellb> hi
21:29:50 <russellb> sorry!
21:29:51 <ttx> #info Nova RC2 is out
21:29:58 <ttx> Looking at your havana-rc-potential list:
21:30:03 <ttx> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=havana-rc-potential
21:30:10 <russellb> added another to the list today
21:30:20 <ttx> There was some concern around bug 1239484 but analysis revealed a user corner case afaict
21:30:21 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1239484 in nova "failed nova db migration upgrading from grizzly to havana" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1239484
21:30:22 <russellb> but unless someone tells me otherwise, we can defer it to stable/havana
21:30:41 <ttx> bug 1230925 is just somethign we would pack in a RC3 if any
21:30:44 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1230925 in nova "Require new python-cinderclient for Havana" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1230925
21:30:49 <russellb> yep
21:30:52 <ttx> leaves us with bug 1221664
21:30:53 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1221664 in nova "xenapi: configdrive does not include network details" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1221664
21:31:20 <russellb> not clear from the bug or commit message if it's regression
21:31:22 <russellb> sounds like it's not
21:31:26 <ttx> russellb: yes, that would probably be a stable/havana backport
21:31:29 <russellb> i can try to talk to john tomorrow morning, but he marked it as medium
21:31:38 <ttx> unless it's a true regression
21:32:16 <ttx> right, so no RC3 at this point
21:32:24 <russellb> yep!
21:32:46 <ttx> russellb: anything else on your mind ?
21:32:55 <russellb> plenty, but nothing we need to discuss now
21:33:11 <ttx> russellb: how is summit scheduling going for nova so far ?
21:33:19 <comstud> just found a nova cells delete bug.. not sure if that'll be worthy of an rc3
21:33:22 <comstud> :)
21:33:37 <dansmith> comstud: nobody uses cells, so, no
21:33:41 <comstud> right!
21:33:44 <russellb> ttx: well ... set a deadline for proposals on thursday
21:33:46 <ttx> comstud: is that a regression compared to grizzly cells ?
21:33:50 <comstud> yes
21:33:56 <russellb> i've recruited a few people to help with scheduling, so we'll start soon
21:34:03 <russellb> comstud: have a bug filed?
21:34:11 <comstud> not yet.. *just* found it
21:34:17 <russellb> ah
21:34:20 <comstud> like during this meeting
21:34:21 <comstud> :)
21:34:26 <russellb> comstud: if only we had that cells job running :-p
21:34:34 <ttx> comstud: sounds like a documentable issue and a nice stable/havana fix :P
21:34:35 <comstud> this is hard to test
21:34:46 <ttx> whoi deletes cells anyway
21:34:47 <comstud> i think we're deleting from api cell but not child cell
21:34:55 <comstud> so according to API, everything appears oka
21:35:22 <russellb> shall we discuss more in #openstack-nova ?
21:35:29 <ttx> comstud: I'll let you narrow it down and talk to you after meeting
21:35:32 <comstud> yah
21:35:34 <ttx> in #openstack-nova
21:35:44 <ttx> Other news / questions about Nova ?
21:36:04 <ttx> comstud: also, file a bug when you can
21:36:27 <ttx> #topic Heat status
21:36:33 <shardy> o/
21:36:35 <ttx> shardy: o/
21:36:38 <ttx> #info Heat RC2 is out
21:36:50 <ttx> Nothing on your rc-potential list
21:36:52 <shardy> Nothing RC3-worthy so far
21:37:07 <shardy> so all looking good atm :)
21:37:12 <ttx> about that keystone bug, how did that fly under the radar so far ?
21:37:25 <ttx> (if it breaks Heat trusts)
21:37:52 <shardy> ttx: Heat trusts landed late, and I've been working around several keystone and keystoneclient issues
21:38:15 <shardy> ttx: It wasn't an immediately obvious issue, and the keystone tests didn't catch it
21:38:20 <ttx> shardy: are you positive heat trusts will work with python-keystoneclient fix and that fix in ?
21:38:32 <ttx> or are we just waitig for the next hurdle
21:38:54 <ttx> (trying to gauge the need for a RC3 fix vs. a stable/havana one)
21:39:01 <shardy> ttx: My testing indicates it will, but unfortunately trusts are an immature feature, so we're finding all the issues
21:39:24 <ttx> shardy: at least it will work in some capacity, right
21:39:45 <shardy> ttx: without both keystone and keystoneclient fixes it won't work
21:39:48 <ttx> that == 'True' looks so wrong to me I kinda want it to go away
21:40:06 <dolphm> ++
21:40:28 <shardy> but users can still use the default user/pass instead of trusts, so impact is not that huge if we release with it broken
21:40:37 <shardy> just disappointing that's all
21:40:55 <shardy> it's been a long slog getting to this point
21:41:11 <ttx> shardy: will triplecheck the regression risk is null with dolphm but we can RC3 it
21:41:19 <ttx> if it gets into master soon enough
21:41:27 <dolphm> gating into master now
21:41:33 <ttx> shardy: Other news / questions about Heat ?
21:41:39 <shardy> ttx: Ok, sure, thanks
21:41:46 <shardy> ttx, not atm, thanks!
21:41:58 <ttx> #topic Horizon status
21:42:06 <ttx> gabrielhurley: o/
21:42:10 <ttx> #info Horizon RC2 is out
21:42:12 <gabrielhurley> \o
21:42:30 <ttx> Nothing on your rc-potential list
21:42:55 <ttx> gabrielhurley: anything I should know about ?
21:43:15 <gabrielhurley> Nothing I'm aware of. RC2 knocked out the last of everything and nothing's come up.
21:43:18 <ttx> gabrielhurley: you still need to copy a few highlights of your changelog to the release notes at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Havana
21:43:28 <gabrielhurley> yeah, I'll do that.
21:43:38 <gabrielhurley> It's such a pain converting reST/HTML into wiki syntax
21:43:56 <ttx> gabrielhurley: yes, i'm a bit disappointed by the change-password workaround but it's probably the best call given how late we discovered that gap
21:44:19 <gabrielhurley> yep. nothing that can really be done for now. Maybe as a stable backport in the future
21:44:50 <ttx> sounds a bit overreaching for a stable backport, but that's a discussion for another day
21:44:57 <ttx> Other news / questions about Horizon ?
21:45:32 <ttx> #topic Incubated projects
21:45:39 <ttx> hub_cap: no need for a Trove RC3 ?
21:46:20 <ttx> I'll handle Trove 2013.2 release when I'm done with the rest of the projects, probably Thursday still
21:46:36 <ttx> jgriffith: around now ?
21:47:36 <ttx> #topic Cinder status
21:47:46 <hub_cap> nope ttx (Sry)
21:47:46 <ttx> will give a quick status with the info in my possession
21:48:00 <ttx> #info Cinder RC2 is out
21:48:04 <ttx> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bugs?field.tag=havana-rc-potential
21:48:20 <ttx> We have bug 1233861 very likely to trigger a RC3
21:48:22 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1233861 in cinder "Mysql foreign key failure during db migration from 9 to 10" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1233861
21:48:30 <ttx> since it affects upgrades
21:48:52 <ttx> that said, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/51917/ is not in master yet
21:49:30 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:49:36 <ttx> Anything else, anyone ?
21:50:20 <ttx> well then
21:50:21 <ttx> #endmeeting