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21:02:12 <ttx> #topic Swift 1.13.0 RC
21:02:23 <ttx> Early this morning I cut the milestone-proposed branch from the SHA that notmyname gave me for 1.13.0.
21:02:24 <SergeyLukjanov> o/
21:02:31 <ttx> Unless a regression is found in testing that RC, it shall be released as Swift 1.13.0 later this week
21:02:43 <ttx> The current plan is that the next release of Swift shall be the Icehouse-synchronized release, with RCs expected early April
21:03:14 <ttx> #topic icehouse-3 progress
21:03:39 <ttx> After Feature Proposal Freeze last week we had a lot of cleanups going on
21:03:52 <ttx> Now the current plans are all reasonable, but there is a lot left to do this week !
21:04:05 <ttx> Remember the feature code needs to land before EOB Tuesday March 4, after that it will need an exception
21:04:17 <ttx> Review and land early, as always... winter is coming
21:04:35 <ttx> One never knows how the gate will respond as we get closer and start piling up stuff on it
21:04:54 <ttx> but it's unlikely to get a lot faster
21:05:22 <ttx> Questions / comments on that ?
21:05:43 <lifeless> we're going to be requesting some exceptions
21:05:55 <lifeless> there are key heat pieces we need for proper upgrades
21:05:59 <lifeless> that aren't landed yet
21:06:06 <devananda> it is likely that Ironic will request an exception for the nova "ironic" driver as well
21:06:08 <ttx> lifeless: I think stevebaker mentioned them to me
21:06:11 <stevebaker> lifeless: what heat changes?
21:06:20 <lifeless> without which TripleO (and Trove, and others) have issues
21:06:28 <lifeless> stevebaker: graceful node changes
21:06:42 <lifeless> stevebaker: and we need to solve the 'nova 500's -> everything stops' bug.
21:06:49 <lifeless> stevebaker: because honestly, APIs are not bulletproof.
21:07:08 <stevebaker> ok
21:07:20 <lifeless> stevebaker: and the idea that a user should have to intervene after a DB or network glitch, or keystone being overloaded for a few seconds... is really hard to understand
21:07:25 <ttx> fwiw Heat and Horizon are naturally more liekly to get exceptions, as they need to catch up with the craziness upstream
21:07:36 <stevebaker> lifeless: at least that is a bug, not a feature
21:08:04 <ttx> stevebaker: are graceful node changes in your "high" list already ?
21:08:25 <lifeless> stevebaker: sure, but SpamapS tells me its been getting pushback, so I'm expecting that we need yet more discussion around it. So... may be last minute when we finally get consensus
21:09:01 <stevebaker> ttx: I'm not sure what specific blueprints are needed for graceful node changes
21:09:15 <stevebaker> I'll sort it out with SpamapS and lifeless
21:09:22 <ttx> sounds good
21:09:35 <ttx> #topic Red Flag District / Blocked blueprints
21:09:53 <ttx> stevebaker: while we are at it, you mentioned a potential conflict we may have to solve ?
21:10:16 <stevebaker> blueprint instance-users needs this devstack change to allow its gating to pass https://review.openstack.org/#/c/76036/2
21:10:22 <stevebaker> that is all
21:10:33 <ttx> #info blueprint instance-users needs this devstack change to allow its gating to pass https://review.openstack.org/#/c/76036/2
21:10:56 <ttx> dtroyer: can we get some express love on that one ? ^
21:11:14 <ttx> In other news, horizon/neutron-subnet-mode-support is blocked on neutron/ipv6-two-attributes
21:11:16 <dtroyer> ttx: +2
21:11:27 <ttx> dtroyer: thanks
21:11:49 <sdague> just +Aed
21:11:50 <devananda> ttx: I'd like to raise a question about nova BP deprecate-baremetal-driver, which was untargeted and unapproved last week
21:11:53 <ttx> markmcclain: what's the rough ETA for ipv6-two-attributes ?
21:12:01 <ttx> stevebaker: magic!
21:12:15 <sdague> stevebaker: so does that close issues with the heat-slow tests?
21:12:22 <stevebaker> dtroyer, sdague, thanks
21:12:24 <ttx> devananda: cool, just a sec
21:12:55 <stevebaker> sdague: I've seen this failure a few times, I need to look into it http://logs.openstack.org/36/76036/2/check/check-tempest-dsvm-neutron-heat-slow/1adf53f/console.html
21:13:13 <markmcclain> ttx: hopefully later this week
21:13:34 <markmcclain> ttx: both have gotten core review attention
21:13:40 <stevebaker> sdague: some help in extracting pass/fail stats from logstash would be great
21:13:57 <sdague> stevebaker: ok, getting that voting should definitely be high priority before the mad rush, otherwise I'm sure neutron and nova will break heat again during i3
21:14:14 <stevebaker> sdague: we'll need to add the job to neutron too
21:14:22 <sdague> yes
21:14:23 <ttx> david-lyle: So.. if it lands then you shall get a FFE if needed to get it in
21:14:29 <sdague> well, to all the jobs actually
21:14:37 <david-lyle> ttx: ack
21:14:43 <ttx> david-lyle: if it doesn't land and is deferred... then I guess your change doesn't make sense anyway
21:15:00 <david-lyle> ttx: correct, will push to Juno at that point
21:15:16 <ttx> david-lyle: like I said above, horizon (and Heat) are naturally given more FFEs to catch up with the latest
21:15:34 <ttx> devananda: ok go
21:16:25 <devananda> ttx: so, that blueprint was untargeted and the relevant patch -2'd last week
21:16:37 <devananda> ttx: and, as i undersatnd it, ironic's graduation potential is pinned on that work
21:16:52 <ttx> russellb: around?
21:16:55 <russellb> yes
21:17:02 <russellb> driver is blocked on driver CI
21:17:03 <devananda> ttx: also, the code hasn't gotten any meaningful feedback from nova reviewers yet, even though we started the work months ago
21:17:22 <russellb> devananda: was WIP for most of that time right?
21:17:39 <devananda> russellb: it was, yes, but WIP was removed ~ a month ago, I think
21:17:58 <russellb> i3 is a dangerous time to rely on, heh
21:18:05 <devananda> sure
21:18:11 <russellb> but the main blocker is CI
21:18:20 <russellb> probably discouraged folks from looking
21:18:32 <dansmith> we're not merging drivers with no CI because we don't know if it works,
21:18:38 <dansmith> so if we don't have CI, what's the point of looking at it?
21:18:49 <ttx> hmm, what options do we have here (trying to wrap my head around this)
21:18:51 <devananda> ttx: so I'd like to be clear on whether that BP and the related work, nova "ironic" driver and CI for it, is a blocker for Ironic itself, or not
21:19:04 <devananda> and if it is, what we can do to unblock it for Icehouse -- if anything
21:19:19 <russellb> IMO, it is a blocker
21:19:32 <russellb> ttx: it's blocked unless we give ironic a pass on the driver CI requirement
21:19:43 <russellb> ttx: and when i socialized that around nova, i found about zero support :-/
21:20:05 <devananda> I don't want to fork the user base any more than anyone else -- but my mind is currently split on this
21:20:22 <ttx> devananda: how far away are we to have proper driver CI ?
21:20:47 <ttx> is it a "few more days" thing or a "never anyway" one ?
21:20:51 <devananda> I would like to think we're close to getting devstack to set up the environment
21:20:55 * devananda fins the link
21:21:04 <devananda> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/70348/
21:21:18 <devananda> it definitely needs more work -- it is breakign on some of the netron integration last I tried it
21:21:25 <ttx> russellb: what happens to the current baremetal driver ?
21:21:38 <russellb> it stays for now
21:21:50 <ttx> russellb: but it doesn't have proper Ci either, right ?
21:21:52 <lifeless> can I ask
21:21:53 <russellb> we're giving that a pass on the requirement to let ironic folks focus on ironic
21:21:57 <lifeless> from a project perspective
21:22:02 <russellb> since that's where baremetal interest went
21:22:10 <lifeless> can TripleO switch to using Ironic before Ironic's driver is merged to Nova?
21:22:35 <russellb> lifeless: i don't know, can it?
21:22:38 <ttx> lifeless: I guess you could use an out-of-tree driver
21:22:49 <lifeless> russellb: socially, culturally. Not technically.
21:23:01 <lifeless> technical stuff is straight forward.
21:23:03 <devananda> ttx: my concern with keeping baremetal in nova another cycle: IMO, that _will_ create a split. fokls are already pushing strongly to get additional features in ironic
21:23:03 <russellb> i think supporting both would be acceptable
21:23:08 <russellb> supporting only ironic seems kinda bad
21:23:43 <russellb> devananda: how about parity and migration path from nova-baremetal?  any issues there?
21:23:46 <lifeless> russellb: nova baremetal is extremely tricky do deploy properly.
21:23:49 <russellb> just wondering if there's any other potential blockers
21:23:50 <lifeless> russellb: scale issues; HA issue.
21:23:57 <devananda> russellb: parity isn't an issue - we alraedy have more features than nova-bm
21:24:01 <lifeless> russellb: I have zero interest in solving those problems in nova baremetal.
21:24:10 <russellb> not just more, but at least all of the same, yes?
21:24:33 <russellb> like, it's not missing some key feature nova-bm has, for example, even though it has all these other things
21:24:40 <devananda> no
21:24:42 <russellb> ok
21:25:04 <devananda> to be extra clear
21:25:05 <russellb> i ask because, you know, neutron has more features too :-)
21:25:16 <sdague> devananda: so that devstack patch looks like it just has a bad format in one bit and hit a race in one of the tests
21:25:16 <devananda> there are two features in noav-bm that are not in tree fo rironic yet -- but patches are up and nearly ready to land
21:25:19 <devananda> ie, this week
21:25:31 <devananda> *ie, i expect console and ephemeral support to land this week
21:25:35 <dansmith> so then, not parity? :)
21:25:47 <russellb> heh, but parity expected by feature freeze
21:25:51 <devananda> right
21:25:57 <ttx> russellb: we could also consider that nova ironic driver is not a prerequisite for graduation. that would be "integration", as an Horizon panel.
21:26:05 <ttx> so post-graduation
21:26:17 <russellb> ttx: well that's not what our graduation requirements say
21:26:27 <devananda> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/incubation-integration-requirements#n69
21:26:29 <russellb> ttx: which were specifically written to avoid a bad situation from happening again
21:26:37 <russellb> ttx: so i'm -1 on that
21:26:39 <devananda> that section landed last week, which caught me a bit by surprise
21:26:48 <russellb> devananda: you saw it way before it landed, come on ...
21:27:19 <devananda> russellb: not that long before ...
21:27:24 <russellb> ok, but not last week :)
21:27:27 <russellb> you commented jan 31
21:27:39 <devananda> ack
21:27:41 <russellb> but really, we can't allow another situation like we have with neutron
21:27:42 <dansmith> either way, approving another neutron (bomb) seems irresponsible
21:27:53 <lifeless> agreed on avoiding the neutron issue
21:27:53 <russellb> and that's what we're allowing if we graduate ironic before we can deprecate the old thing
21:28:04 <devananda> i agree -- i definitely do not want this to become a similar fiasco
21:28:10 <russellb> ok cool
21:28:16 <lifeless> russellb: so what are the specific requirements for deprecating nova-bm ?
21:28:26 <russellb> lifeless: parity and a migration plan
21:28:37 <lifeless> plan or implementation ?
21:28:48 <jgriffith> lifeless: prototype :)
21:28:50 <devananda> russellb: which is why i'm trying to figure out the shortest path to avoid another cycle of everyone's effort being split between two projects :)
21:28:53 <russellb> implementation, if there's code involved
21:28:56 <russellb> could just be docs
21:29:05 <lifeless> like, for migration, as a deployer I'd be entirely happy with use the API to copy settings from nova and push them to Ironic
21:29:09 <russellb> i think keeping nova-bm is very little effort on our part
21:29:28 <ttx> so I'm fine with granting a FFE to get the ironic driver in if the drievr CI is a bit late
21:29:39 <russellb> sure, that's an option
21:29:44 <russellb> if the driver is entirely self contained
21:29:47 <dansmith> seems like a big FFE
21:29:52 <russellb> review bandwidth is an issue
21:29:59 <russellb> but theoretically possible
21:30:07 <russellb> nova-core spread incredibly thin as it is
21:30:29 <russellb> so need a heads up if we expect that to happen
21:30:36 <ttx> BUT it won't work unless driver CI is up to snuff
21:30:38 <russellb> so i can figure out who could review it
21:30:41 <russellb> right
21:31:15 <devananda> russellb: lifeless: what do you see as the cost / impact of ironic not graduating // the nova-ironic driver not landing in Icehouse?
21:31:16 <ttx> ironic has been running after the clock all cycle
21:31:33 <lifeless> So, TripleO /needs/ HA and scale
21:31:53 <russellb> if it's not ready, it's just not ready
21:31:58 <lifeless> Like I say, I have 0 interest in the work needed to do that with nova-bm [as to why - thats a separate conversation]
21:32:01 <russellb> i'm not willing to break rules and create another bad situation
21:32:11 <lifeless> russellb: sure, I'm not asking you to. Gimme a second here :)
21:32:23 <devananda> russellb: that's fair. but i am concerned that both paths risk creating (different) bad situations
21:32:45 <russellb> and it's also not fair to drivers who have busted their tails to get CI up
21:32:51 <russellb> or the driver that may get removed next week over it
21:32:54 <ttx> lifeless: could tripleO still use ironic (and an out-of-tree ironic driver) if it misses the Icehouse boat ?
21:33:00 <lifeless> So, if Ironic isn't fully integrated, TripleO will have to choose between wrapping nova-bm in external tools (corosync, pacemaker) and the fugly that ensues to get HA.
21:33:03 <lifeless> OR
21:33:09 <lifeless> Using Ironic with an out of tree Nova driver.
21:33:22 <russellb> lifeless: assuming you're pinned to Icehouse
21:33:28 <lifeless> I think we'd choose the out of tree driver today, as the lesser of evils.
21:33:32 <dansmith> lifeless: this requirement has been in place for a long time
21:33:33 <russellb> lifeless: presumably you could use an in-tree driver if it landed early juno right?
21:33:36 <dansmith> lifeless: like, a year
21:33:41 <lifeless> russellb: RH are -very- much intending to ship a product :)
21:33:41 <ttx> lifeless: since TripleO isn't bound to releases, you could use an in-tree ironic early in Juno
21:33:56 <russellb> lifeless: i'm aware, but i have my upstream hat on
21:34:04 <lifeless> russellb: and other vendors are planning to ship product too
21:34:15 <devananda> dansmith: which requirement has ben in place for a year?
21:34:16 <russellb> vendor product desires are the least of my worries
21:34:19 <lifeless> russellb: right, and with my upstream hat on, I'm looking at the constituency of tripleo
21:34:24 <dansmith> devananda: the CI requirement
21:34:25 <russellb> i'm certainly not going to bend rules because of someone wanting to ship a product
21:34:27 <lifeless> russellb: which is all deployers
21:34:32 <lifeless> russellb: again, not asking you to
21:34:40 <russellb> ok, not sure why you brought it up then
21:34:50 <lifeless> russellb: I'm answering deva's quesetion about consequences of Ironi failing to integrate/graduate
21:34:55 <russellb> ok.
21:35:07 <russellb> but anyway, you could use the in tree driver that lands early juno right?
21:35:21 <russellb> and drivers are easy to backport, if some downstream wants to
21:35:23 <lifeless> Yes, and tell product folk to backport that to I
21:35:24 <ttx> (since you're not bound to releases anyway)
21:35:26 <russellb> yep
21:35:41 <ttx> that sounds like plan C
21:36:04 <lifeless> so given that, I'm much more worried about Ironic API stability and driver fit-for-purpose than the integrated bit being set... *but*
21:36:06 <devananda> dansmith: yes, but integration testing was always communicated to me as a post-graduation requirement. not a pre-graduation. but that's a bikeshed at this point.
21:36:16 <lifeless> the integrated bit being set is a great proxy for those things.
21:36:24 <dansmith> devananda: yes (re: bikeshed)
21:36:29 <ttx> so.. plan A is we get driver CI up to snuff, and the driver in nova (potentially using a FFE)
21:36:43 <russellb> what was B, heh
21:36:54 <devananda> heh, yea, i think i missed B too ?
21:37:04 <lifeless> run around screaming with hands in the air ?
21:37:09 <devananda> :)
21:37:10 <ttx> ok okok ok plan B
21:37:17 <lifeless> devananda: so you said your merge got -2'd
21:37:30 <devananda> lifeless: yes, and the BP was un-approved and un-targeted
21:37:35 <russellb> because of driver CI, yes
21:37:39 <lifeless> devananda: which BP - CI? or driver?
21:37:43 <devananda> russellb: i'm surprised that it isn't even approved now
21:37:44 <ttx> plan C would be to miss the Juno integration boat and land the driver early in Juno. TripleO uses an out of tree driver in the interim between the two
21:37:45 <devananda> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/deprecate-baremetal-driver
21:37:51 <devananda> lifeless: driver in noav
21:37:55 <russellb> devananda: because everything has to be re-reviewed for juno
21:37:56 <devananda> *nova
21:38:07 <russellb> just what was done for everything
21:38:08 <devananda> russellb: ahhh gotcha.
21:38:24 <ttx> process artifact
21:38:31 <russellb> and i have to say, the FFE thing worries me
21:38:40 <lifeless> so question
21:38:41 <russellb> because i'm afraid it will be incredibly difficult to get folks to review it
21:38:47 <lifeless> how does the driver get CI without the driver being in tree?
21:38:55 <russellb> and if they do, they'll feel immense pressure to just approve asap, instead of giving it the review it deserves
21:39:00 <devananda> russellb: that's fair. a driver AND all the CI for it is not a small set of changes
21:39:04 <ttx> and I won't approve it unless people are lined up to +2/APRV it
21:39:10 <russellb> lifeless: that's a technical question, that's easy :-p
21:39:18 <devananda> lifeless: it's possible, technically
21:39:18 <lifeless> russellb: sure, but whats the answer ;)
21:39:19 <devananda> something like this
21:39:20 <ttx> tight schedule
21:39:45 <devananda> lifeless: land changes in devstack and tempest. add experimental check to nova pipeline. trigger it only on the patch sets that add the ironic driver
21:39:46 <russellb> a custom devstack-gate job that installs the driver first
21:39:48 <russellb> or whatever
21:40:02 <lifeless> I guess what I'm asking
21:40:05 <lifeless> since we're all here
21:40:28 <lifeless> is - are the devstack and tempest folk ok with how this will all fit together?
21:40:35 <lifeless> or are we inventing as we go along?
21:40:57 <russellb> on the devstack side, i think it's fine with the way it supports plugins
21:41:11 <devananda> there's some precedent - we did something like this already to land our Ironic tempest changes
21:41:13 <dtroyer> it looks good to me once it passes gate
21:41:14 <russellb> you can add whatever the heck you want to devstack by dropping in a couple new files
21:41:15 <dansmith> how much of tempest runs against ironic under nova, by the way?
21:41:31 <devananda> dansmith: can you rephrase that?
21:41:52 <dansmith> devananda: how much of tempest runs against nova with ironic as the virt driver?
21:41:57 <russellb> you could stage the driver in a stackforge repo while you work on CI, or just install it from the right review, i guess
21:41:58 <devananda> dansmith: none today
21:42:06 <dansmith> devananda: ?
21:42:17 <russellb> you mean, because it's not set up
21:42:24 <russellb> i think he means, how much of the test suite do you expect to pass
21:42:30 <dansmith> ...yeah
21:42:33 <devananda> dansmith: because the driver isn't in nova, and the devstack setup stuff is still being figured out
21:42:39 <lifeless> basic deploy/undeploy/stop/start
21:42:40 <devananda> see patch I linked ~15 min ago
21:42:41 <dansmith> devananda: so you don't know?
21:42:43 <devananda> oh
21:42:45 <lifeless> nothing with virtual networking
21:42:49 <lifeless> nothing ceilometer
21:42:58 <lifeless> nothing trove
21:42:59 <devananda> yea, i expect start/stop/SSH into node to all work
21:43:17 <dansmith> if this isn't known at this point, I can't imagine that this is doable
21:43:22 <dansmith> CI will not just go green,
21:43:29 <dansmith> it will find tons of issues that have to be fixed,
21:43:34 <dansmith> then integrated into the proposal,
21:43:36 <dansmith> re-reviewed, etc
21:43:47 <lifeless> dansmith: I think its known but not written down.
21:43:56 <dansmith> lifeless: it doesn't sound like that
21:44:05 <dansmith> "I expect $foo to work"
21:44:10 <lifeless> dansmith: anything that depends on virtualised infrastructure is not offered by nova-bm, nor by Ironic
21:44:14 <devananda> it's certainly conceivable that tempest hammering nova + the nova-ironic driver will uncover a ton of issues
21:44:17 <devananda> but then
21:44:29 <devananda> if you did that to nova-bm you'd have a lot of problems too, I bet ;)
21:44:44 <dansmith> devananda: that's not really the point, as we're already giving a free pass for it
21:44:47 <ewindisch> devananda: we've certainly found issues with the docker driver since running tempest against it. Surprisingly few so far, but issues nonetheless.
21:44:53 <dansmith> devananda: if we weren't, nova-bm and ironic would be out
21:45:08 <devananda> dansmith: sure
21:45:17 <devananda> also - whether ironic will pass CI or not is a bikeshed
21:45:28 <ttx> timeboxing this to 5 more minutes, we need to move on
21:45:28 <dansmith> what?
21:45:47 <dansmith> you can't just "have CI" and have it all fail and expect to get in... :)
21:46:28 <devananda> dansmith: my point is, if there's no review bandwidth // too much doubt from other parties // etc
21:46:37 <lifeless> dansmith: I think devananda means that that is a matter for the folk pushing the work. Whether it passes on first push of the review, or 30th, is orthogonal to the requirements.
21:46:39 <devananda> dansmith: then we won't devote what time is left in icehouse to that requirement
21:46:51 <lifeless> or not :P
21:46:55 <devananda> dansmith: and we'll focus on the other important things
21:47:02 <dansmith> lifeless: I'm saying that it plays into the "can we possibly review this before icehouse" equation
21:47:10 <lifeless> dansmith: ah yes
21:47:26 <dansmith> ttx: I'll shut up now
21:47:33 <ttx> Summary is: this has run unfortunately late, plan B looks more unlikely as each hour passes, so we might need to consider plan C
21:47:35 <sdague> right, and I agree, if there aren't preliminary tempest results now, I don't think it's doable
21:47:48 <devananda> ttx: thanks for giving this discussion some time
21:47:53 <ttx> It's sad because it all probably just needs one more month
21:48:14 <ttx> but tripleO at least shouldn't be taht much affected if it can consume early Juno-landed stuff
21:48:38 <ttx> okn moving on
21:48:38 <lifeless> tripleo will figure something out
21:48:41 <ttx> #topic Incubated projects
21:49:00 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov, kgriffs; around ?
21:49:08 <ttx> It's a bit of the same topic actually
21:50:39 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, o/
21:50:39 <SergeyLukjanov> re savanna i3 - https://launchpad.net/savanna/+milestone/icehouse-3
21:50:49 <SergeyLukjanov> everything is ok, all features and mostly all bug fixes under review
21:50:50 <SergeyLukjanov> icehouse - targeted client released
21:50:51 <SergeyLukjanov> bunch of API tests merged to tempest, several more on review
21:50:52 <SergeyLukjanov> the same with CLI tests
21:50:59 <SergeyLukjanov> and I hope to be able to land some simple scenarios test
21:51:03 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: you plan to follow feature freeze next week ?
21:51:57 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, it sounds ok, we could probably not land some features patches that are under review
21:52:13 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, but FFE will be ok for it
21:52:24 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: ack
21:52:53 <ttx> cool
21:53:08 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, I have two more questions :)
21:53:18 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: go for them
21:53:24 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, is it ok to hack docs after i3 while we're incubated?
21:53:46 <ttx> sure! Doc (and test) fixes are not affected by feature freeze
21:53:53 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, awesome
21:54:02 <ttx> so you can also increase test coverage
21:54:05 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, minus several FFEs :)
21:54:14 <SergeyLukjanov> and where is the best place for start discussion about renaming?
21:54:24 <SergeyLukjanov> honestly, I'm scared to rename after FF
21:54:58 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: we have the option to delay FF (icehouse-3) for savanna a bit too
21:55:35 <ttx> it's better if you can follow the regular one, but i agree that renaming would better happen BEFORE FF
21:55:57 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, I see two options - delay renaming to the time when Juno dev will be opened vs. delay FF
21:56:26 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: I think it's better if the icehouse version carries the future name
21:56:30 <SergeyLukjanov> for the first look #1 looks more consistent - to have savanna i1, i2, it and I release
21:57:18 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: but the message would be confusing. Savanna will be integrated in Juno under the name X ?
21:57:37 <ttx> i1, i2 i3 are just intermediary milestones
21:57:43 <ttx> they don't matter that much
21:57:46 <SergeyLukjanov> heh
21:57:48 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:58:00 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: other questions ?
21:58:18 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, I'm thinking about the ETA for renaming
21:58:37 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: i would prepare a change, just to be ready
21:58:50 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: and harass lauren to get early answers
21:58:56 <ttx> :)
21:59:00 <SergeyLukjanov> :)
21:59:02 <ttx> PSA: we shall open the design summit session suggestion site on Friday or Monday
21:59:16 <SergeyLukjanov> we should receive results of names validation at the end of this week + 1w to choose the new name + 1w to rename
21:59:34 <ttx> #info Design summit session suggestion site shall open on Friday or Monday
21:59:37 <dhellmann> ttx: that seems early
21:59:49 <ttx> dhellman_: we usually do it around FF
22:00:12 <ttx> ~ 2 months before summit
22:00:15 <markmcclain> can we wait until Thursday?
22:00:20 <dhellmann> ttx: ok
22:00:22 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, so, looks like we theoretically able to do renaming before the first rc1
22:00:33 <ttx> markmcclain: icehouse-3 day ?
22:00:40 <markmcclain> yes
22:00:51 <ttx> markmcclain: to reduce the distraction ?
22:01:00 <dhellmann> markmcclain: +1
22:01:11 <markmcclain> yeah… I'd be ok with after Thursday too
22:01:18 <ttx> I guess I could procrastinate and make that happen
22:01:27 <ttx> on those good words...
22:01:29 <dhellmann> ttx: don't push yourself too hard
22:01:32 <ttx> #endmeeting