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21:04:19 <mikal> Hi
21:04:20 * devananda is lurking
21:04:29 <ttx> Agenda for today is available at:
21:04:35 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:04:56 <dolphm> ttx: (o/)
21:05:09 <ttx> #topic Actions from previous meeting
21:05:15 <ttx> I'm late with my actions to document SPD/SAD, will get that done this week
21:05:57 <ttx> #topic News from the 1:1 sync points
21:06:05 <ttx> Something wrong happened with the meeting bot, so we don't have a meeting summary...
21:06:10 <ttx> See channel logs at:
21:06:13 <mikal> :(
21:06:14 <ttx> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-relmgr-office/%23openstack-relmgr-office.2014-07-01.log
21:06:48 <ttx> A few highlights:
21:06:52 <ttx> dhellmann (Oslo) wanted to mention there were some issues installing alpha versions of libraries, issues are under investigation
21:07:20 <mikal> Is that a packaging problem?
21:07:20 <ttx> Oslo also anticipates another update to oslo.db soon (0.3.0) with opportunistic migration test fixes for both sqlalchemy-migrate and alembic
21:07:22 <mikal> i.e. pypi?
21:07:37 <ttx> a wheel magic fail iirc
21:07:40 <dhellman_> mikal: something to do with pip not liking alphas in some projects
21:07:53 <mikal> dhellman_: do you need help on that?
21:08:04 <mikal> dhellman_: I now employ the author of pypi and would happily ask him to help you
21:08:48 <dhellman_> mikal: send him over to the infra guys; I think this was either a mirroring issue (they've been working on moving off of our custom mirror tool at richard's suggestion) or something to do with the tox.ini settings in those projects
21:08:49 <devananda> dhellman_: thanks for the oslo.db updates! I'll test against Ironic once the patch is updated
21:09:00 <dhellman_> I'm catching up after a day offline, so I'll have more details tomorrow
21:09:17 <ttx> #topic Other program news
21:09:21 <mikal> dhellman_: ahhh, ok. The infra guys already know about Richard, so it sounds like this is already happening without me
21:09:24 <ttx> Infra, QA, Docs... anything you'd like to mention ?
21:09:27 <dhellman_> mikal: yeah, I think so
21:09:27 <mikal> dhellman_: I shall just take credit like a good manager
21:09:33 <dhellman_> mikal: ++
21:09:44 <ttx> jeblair, annegentle, mtreinish ^
21:09:52 <jeblair> oh yeah, on the mirror front
21:10:08 <jeblair> it appears our new mirror actually just caught a wheel-related error, which is neat
21:10:15 <mtreinish> ttx: nothing from me today
21:10:57 <jeblair> but yeah, we have a bit more work to finish the mirror infra, hopefully will be in place today or tomorrow
21:11:03 <dhellman_> jeblair: cool
21:11:39 <jeblair> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103991/ is the problem it caught
21:11:46 <ttx> #topic Horizon Juno features from other projects should be blueprinted now
21:11:51 <ttx> david-lyle: o/
21:12:07 <ttx> david-lyle: care to talk about that ?
21:12:13 <david-lyle> sure
21:12:19 <ttx> I'll parrot SlickNik's response
21:12:48 <david-lyle> In the past, we've had a few key features brought as must haves in Horizon late in the process
21:13:31 <david-lyle> I just wanted to make sure the project teams have made visible via blueprint in Horizon any such key features so we have a better chance of landing them cleanly
21:13:45 <ttx> <SlickNik> There's a couple of trove changes to horizon that we do need.
21:13:50 <ttx> <SlickNik> This one is needed for the neutron support:
21:13:57 <ttx> <SlickNik> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101055/
21:14:00 <ttx> <SlickNik> And this one for datastore support in Trove:
21:14:03 <ttx> <SlickNik> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/75269/
21:14:13 <ttx> david-lyle: not sure he has blueprints up for BOTH
21:14:23 <ttx> there is one for the latter
21:14:35 <david-lyle> the first has a bug attached
21:14:43 <david-lyle> so those are on our radar
21:14:50 <ttx> ok, good
21:15:23 <ttx> anyone else with last-minute surprise things for Juno Horizon ?
21:16:29 <dolphm> i know this bp is generating some interest https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/federated-horizon
21:18:20 <david-lyle> dolphm: ok, that one has stalled a bit, but we can pick it up again if keystone is ready for us to
21:18:38 <ttx> ok, I think we can switch to...
21:18:40 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:18:46 <ttx> Anything else, anyone ?
21:18:58 <notmyname> o/
21:19:05 <eglynn> it would be great to have a TL;DR on what impact the tortuous DefCore discussionwill actually have on PTLs and projects
21:19:13 <eglynn> (...from a practical PoV)
21:19:14 * notmyname puts his hand down
21:19:30 * mikal steps back
21:19:35 <eglynn> notmyname: sorry, missed your hand there ... go ahead
21:19:53 <notmyname> your's sounds much more interesting :-)
21:20:18 <eglynn> cool enough
21:20:23 <dhellman_> That discussion isn't complete yet.
21:20:26 <ttx> eglynn: I expect the board to come up with a strawman proposal for designated sections
21:20:31 <mestery> ttx: Looking at the dates selected for SPD/SAD, I may push Neutron's out a week, since I haven't announced this yet and SPD is this week already.
21:20:35 <ttx> and call for general RFC on it
21:20:35 <dhellman_> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc/2014/tc.2014-07-01-20.02.log.html
21:20:40 * mestery should have sent email after last week's meeting.
21:21:03 <eglynn> it seems to be an incredibly important discussion that at least started somewhat "under the radar"
21:21:17 <mestery> mikal: Did you note the nova SPD/SAD already publicly?
21:21:19 <eglynn> ... or maybe just wasn't paying attention at the crucial points in time
21:21:34 <mikal> mestery: yeah, there was an email
21:21:36 * mikal finds it
21:21:54 <mestery> mikal: Cool, thanks. I'll send something for Neutron ASAP.
21:22:08 <notmyname> ttx: is it still "designated sections" or at the whole project level now?
21:22:29 <mikal> The subject was "[Nova] Timeline for the rest of the Juno release"
21:22:29 <ttx> eglynn: I think a process with a clear open RFC will be more inclusive
21:22:48 <mestery> mikal: Got it, thanks!
21:22:54 <eglynn> ttx: fair enough, I'll respond to the RFC when it appears
21:23:15 <ttx> notmyname: depends a bit on what process the board elects to choose to go forward
21:23:50 <ttx> notmyname: if they insist that we answer on designated sections, the TC's answer is "all the integrated release" being designated, since that's what we select and produce
21:24:14 <ttx> but we suggested that they come up with a strawman proposal and ask for community RFC on it
21:24:25 * eglynn is liking that TC response
21:24:58 <ttx> eglynn: as the representation of contributors, the TC can't really pick favorites within the integrated release
21:25:13 <ttx> we represent all the contributors to all the integrated release
21:25:14 <eglynn> ttx: that's a very fair point
21:25:24 <reed> ttx, agreed
21:25:28 <ttx> that's the set we define
21:25:34 <ttx> we can't make a subset out of it
21:25:41 <ttx> especially for trademak policy purposes
21:25:54 <ttx> that's really the board's right, mandate and prerogative
21:26:11 <eglynn> ttx: absolutely ... cool, sounds very reasonable
21:26:21 <notmyname> agreed 100%
21:26:21 <ttx> eglynn: I heard a blogpost might be coming up
21:26:48 <eglynn> ... I'll watch out for that, it would be useful
21:27:09 <ttx> hope it clarifies
21:28:26 <ttx> notmyname: you ahd another question/comment/topic
21:28:44 <notmyname> ah. yes, just a small FYI
21:28:46 <ttx> we still have time :)
21:29:21 <notmyname> we're doing final QA work on the next swift release (2.0), and that will probably be landing late this week or early next week
21:29:24 <notmyname> /end
21:29:41 <notmyname> it includes storage policies, which are a kinda big deal (tm)
21:32:18 * ttx hopes the next swift contrib tshirt will be "storage policies are kind of a big deal"
21:32:30 <notmyname> :-)
21:32:41 <ttx> ok, anything else, anyone ?
21:33:11 <mikal> "Just so you know, Storage Policies are kind of a big deal in Swift"
21:34:23 <dolphm> ttx: world cup time?
21:34:32 <ttx> indeed
21:34:34 <eglynn> still 0-0
21:34:34 <ttx> #endmeeting