14:04:09 <crinkle> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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14:05:18 <bogdando> hello
14:05:33 <crinkle> #topic juno releases
14:06:01 <crinkle> I have a couple of metadata changes that need to be made before releases can be done
14:06:08 <crinkle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/136651/
14:06:19 <crinkle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/136650/
14:06:42 <crinkle> once those are in there are a series of "Release 5.0.0" patches to please look at
14:06:55 <crinkle> then I will branch from those commits, tag them, and release on the forge
14:07:15 <crinkle> that's my update
14:07:34 <crinkle> any questions or comments on that?
14:07:38 <sbadia> seems good!
14:07:40 <sbadia> crinkle: thanks
14:07:59 <nibalizer> are we metadata linting?
14:08:09 <sbadia> nibalizer: yep
14:08:16 <sbadia> I've a patch in ceilometer
14:08:35 <sbadia> oh, sorry, already merged, so I can made the patch on all modules
14:08:41 <crinkle> i'm also building these and testing them against the puppetlabs staging forge
14:09:43 <nibalizer> woot
14:09:48 <crinkle> okay
14:09:52 <crinkle> #topic HA: Pacemaker provider for Openstack services
14:09:54 <crinkle> bogdando: ?
14:10:05 <bogdando> crinkle, hello. My status is:
14:10:21 <bogdando> updated blueprint Pacemaker provider for Openstack services
14:10:30 <bogdando> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104861/
14:10:40 <bogdando> submitted Dmitry Ilyin's patches as a 1st step (WIP)
14:10:45 <bogdando> #link https://review.openstack.org/136708
14:11:09 <bogdando> that's it for now
14:12:34 <bogdando> next steps is to fix tests and provide some PoF request with HA case for, lets say puppet-heat.
14:13:25 <bogdando> In this request we will include openstack_extras::pacemaker::heat class in order to override standard Service provider for heat_engine to Pacemaker
14:13:44 <bogdando> some questions?
14:14:08 <nibalizer> i dont feel like i have enough familiarity with what your proposing to ask an intelligent question
14:14:18 <nibalizer> but ill look at the spec this week and bug you with questions if i have time
14:14:38 <bogdando> nibalizer, ok, thank you
14:15:18 <crinkle> same here
14:15:24 <crinkle> ready for next topic?
14:16:40 <crinkle> #topic Integration tests
14:16:43 <crinkle> nibalizer:
14:16:48 <nibalizer> ohai
14:16:55 <nibalizer> so https://review.openstack.org/#/c/126086/ is a change
14:16:58 <nibalizer> with beaker tests enabled
14:17:09 <nibalizer> the beaker tests on the infra side are all a-ok
14:17:15 <nibalizer> http://logs.openstack.org/86/126086/6/check/gate-puppet-storyboard-puppet-beaker-rspec/5c1530e/console.html#_2014-11-21_13_22_59_313
14:17:30 <nibalizer> that test actually fails because well the tests are failing because the storyboard module doesn't work in trusty
14:17:31 <EmilienM> oh dear I missed the meeting
14:17:43 <nibalizer> EmilienM: you missed the first *part* of the meeting
14:18:06 <nibalizer> so basically that means we can start integration testing the openstack modules
14:18:36 <nibalizer> and i can slap together some basics on that, i think the nova one has the super super basics already
14:19:14 <nibalizer> so it would be easier from the infra perspective to add the beaker-rspec tests to every module in one commit, nonvoting
14:19:31 <nibalizer> but Idunno how you all feel about having nonvoting tests all over your reviews (that would probably be failing at first)
14:19:44 <crinkle> I had some more comments on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102020/ and I'm not sure if sbadia's issue was resolved
14:20:13 <mdorman> nibalizer: personally i like the idea.  i don’t really care if non-voting stuff fails, i just think it’s good to have the info
14:20:32 <nibalizer> crinkle: okay ill respond to that after the meeting
14:20:57 <crinkle> i also think it's fine to have failing nonvoting tests, we'll just have to have people work on fixing them
14:21:14 <nibalizer> okay
14:21:50 <nibalizer> so we agree that we're gonna run failing nonvoating beaker tests on all the modules, and I (hopefully with help) will try to turn those tests green this cycle
14:22:28 <EmilienM> indeed, nonvoting is a good start
14:22:36 <nibalizer> okay, im done then
14:22:41 <EmilienM> nibalizer: +1
14:23:13 <crinkle> #topic open discussion
14:24:17 <crinkle> anything else to discuss?
14:25:05 <EmilienM> I have one thing
14:25:26 <sbadia> nothing for me: / (I caught the backlog of last week)
14:25:38 <EmilienM> I still don't really see why the pacemaker bits are going in extras, while we have some bits for rabbitmq, mysql in lib
14:26:08 <EmilienM> crinkle: do you know?
14:26:39 <crinkle> my understanding is that the pacemaker stuf isn't going to replace anything in the modules, so there's no reason to treat it as shared common code, so it doesn't belong in lib
14:26:41 <nibalizer> is the lib/extras the required vs optional split?
14:26:50 <crinkle> basically
14:27:12 <nibalizer> that would make sense to me to keep it in extras, but like I said, I have some learning to do on my end before Im ready to comment on that stuff
14:27:30 <crinkle> lib is getting consumed by the modules, extras is other stuff that isn't 100% necessary to have an openstack
14:28:38 <crinkle> the mysql and rabbitmq stuff goes in lib because every module is going to set up a database and a mysql user and a rabbit user and a rabbit vhost
14:29:02 <EmilienM> crinkle: fair enough
14:29:06 <crinkle> and as a reminder that stuff doesn't include setting up the mysql server itself or the rabbitmq server itself
14:29:14 <crinkle> which would go in the composition module
14:29:14 <EmilienM> ok
14:30:28 <crinkle> anything else?
14:31:57 <nibalizer> not from me
14:32:15 <sbadia> not for me also
14:32:30 <crinkle> woo short meeting
14:32:34 <nibalizer> woo
14:32:36 <crinkle> #endmeeting