14:00:14 <crinkle> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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14:00:21 <EmilienM> o/
14:00:27 <mdorman> Hi
14:00:49 <crinkle> #topic review last week's action items
14:01:02 <spredzy> hello
14:01:03 <crinkle> the only action item last week was sbadia's work on rspec-puppet 2.0
14:01:22 <mfisch> hi
14:01:33 <sbadia> hi
14:02:18 <crinkle> sbadia: any update?
14:02:45 <sbadia> yep the card (on trello) continue to go ahead
14:03:08 <sbadia> rspec3, puppet-rspec2, puppet4 and lint all parameters
14:03:21 <sbadia> #link https://trello.com/c/tC7ZhPtN/10-add-puppet-lint-param-docs-plugins-to-puppet-lint
14:03:43 <crinkle> rspec-puppet 2 doesn't work with rspec 3
14:04:02 <sbadia> yep it's only a preparation
14:04:08 <crinkle> ah ok
14:04:10 <crinkle> cool
14:04:26 <sbadia> rspec ~> 2.x is pinned in rspec-puppet 2.x
14:04:43 <sbadia> https://github.com/rodjek/rspec-puppet/commit/a5540918c983011adc2620a210717484e11cce43
14:05:04 <crinkle> yup :(
14:06:01 <sbadia> I have some trouble with some spec/unit but I have not watched yet
14:06:39 <sbadia> I'll update the trello card
14:06:44 <crinkle> okay, thanks sbadia
14:06:58 <crinkle> #topic open discussion
14:07:16 <spredzy> crinkle, my PR for modulesync is done
14:07:23 <EmilienM> crinkle: I think keystone v3 patch is ready for review
14:07:27 <spredzy> I tried it on top of the commit you told me about and it works fine
14:07:42 <EmilienM> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146926/
14:08:07 <crinkle> spredzy: we're stuck because i'm still working on that with someone else, apparently it doesn't work for them
14:08:33 <crinkle> but i think your part's basically done, so thanks for working on it :)
14:09:03 <crinkle> EmilienM: i was looking at that yesterday, i think it's still wip but we can check with him today
14:09:09 <EmilienM> ok
14:09:15 <EmilienM> crinkle: I plan do test it
14:09:24 <EmilienM> probably on packstack
14:09:38 <crinkle> cool
14:10:30 <crinkle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/150108/
14:10:41 <crinkle> the spec is still wip which is why i think the patch must be too
14:11:45 <mfisch> crinkle: next week I'd like to discuss the mid-cycle meet-up, curious who will be there beyond you, me, dvorak, and mdorman
14:11:55 <mfisch> crinkle: and what we should cover
14:12:54 <crinkle> mfisch: i wanted to ask about that, from the last email it looks like we don't have a puppet-dedicated session?
14:13:14 <mfisch> I dont recall it on the schedule but we could still meet even if its not
14:13:32 <mdorman> I'm sure there will be several others with a general interest in the topic
14:13:53 <dvorak> crinkle: I was wondering about that also
14:14:04 <mdorman> Iirc we do have a break out on the schedule
14:14:16 <crinkle> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2015-February/006268.html
14:15:01 <dvorak> I figured it might be app ecosystem
14:15:08 <dvorak> or tools/monitoring
14:15:25 <mfisch> not tools and monitoring
14:15:34 <mfisch> thats Monasca + databases
14:15:36 <mfisch> an odd mix...
14:15:52 <dvorak> yeah, it struck me as odd that there weren't more sessions for this sort of thing
14:16:25 <mfisch> we can always make our own session
14:16:34 <mdorman> Lunch on the second day is slated for confih mgmt sessions
14:16:52 <crinkle> oh i didn't notice that
14:16:57 <mfisch> thanks mdorman
14:17:19 <mdorman> I knew it was there somewhere
14:18:58 <crinkle> i'm not sure that's really going to provide an atmosphere where we can get things done, but then there aren't a lot of topics people want to discuss https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/philadelphia-puppet-ops-session
14:19:37 <mfisch> I agree that lunch isn't the best forum for an agendad talk
14:20:23 <mdorman> I think a lot of people attend/sign up for that session just because they use puppet and it's of interest
14:21:00 <mfisch> so the audience of less for people in this meeting and more for a general audience
14:21:10 <mdorman> Not that there is some   specific thing they want to address re the project
14:21:17 <mdorman> Yed
14:21:28 <mdorman> *yed
14:21:34 <mdorman> Argh. Yes
14:22:12 <mdorman> I don't think it is inappropriate for us to come up with some agenda items we want to accomplish there, though
14:23:08 <mfisch> There's certainly some time slots there where I could skip the topic too
14:23:34 <dvorak> same
14:24:18 <mdorman> So is that our main topic for next week? Hashing that all out?  Everybody come with ideas...
14:24:46 <crinkle> let's continue to fill out the etherpad, and if we feel like we need it we can have an unscheduled session or possibly ask tom for our own session
14:25:00 <crinkle> right now it doesn't seem like enough material for a meeting
14:25:06 <mfisch> ok
14:25:12 <mfisch> and +1 on this being a topic next week
14:25:21 <crinkle> will add to agenda
14:25:37 <mfisch> I'd like to at least collect some phone #s so I can find you guys too
14:25:54 <crinkle> heh
14:26:49 <dvorak> I've not been to a mid-cycle operators meeting, anyone have an idea of the number of people that attend?
14:27:13 <mdorman> Couple hundred?
14:27:16 <mfisch> 100-200ish?
14:27:20 <mfisch> thats what I was thinking
14:27:38 <mdorman> Maybe a few more this time just because things are always growing
14:28:16 <mdorman> But there were  about  150 at the last one iirc
14:29:12 <crinkle> okay, everyone add topics to the etherpad and we can hash it out next week
14:29:17 <crinkle> anything else for this meeting?
14:29:21 <sbadia> ah, a quick question (unrelated with previous discusions :-)), we actually over-specify a lot of gems in our gemfile (w/o specific version), puppetlabs_spec_helper already define them as runtime deps ( https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs_spec_helper/blob/master/puppetlabs_spec_helper.gemspec#L20-L25 ) do you think it's a good idea to clean our gemfile?
14:29:30 * mfisch has to commute, thx everyone
14:29:38 <sbadia> mfisch: thx :)
14:29:41 <crinkle> sbadia: +1
14:30:14 <sbadia> ok, cool :)
14:30:15 <dvorak> sbadia: makes sense to me, and I think it's a good time to do it
14:30:50 <sbadia> yep (modulesync / and our current changes)
14:30:53 <dvorak> sbadia: I also tend to think we should probably just use the same Gemfile for everything when we can.  For example, I think neutron needs the json gem, but nothing else does.  I'd rather just put the json gem in every Gemfile to make maintenance easier
14:31:08 <sbadia> dvorak: +1
14:31:25 <sbadia> with modulesync it would be easy ;-)
14:32:26 <sbadia> ok, nothing else for me
14:33:00 <crinkle> okay, thanks everyone
14:33:04 <crinkle> #endmeeting