14:01:47 <crinkle> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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14:01:57 <crinkle> o/
14:02:04 <mdorman> Morning
14:02:10 <sbadia> o/
14:02:13 <mfisch> bon matin mes amis
14:02:28 <sbadia> mfisch: :-D
14:02:41 <crinkle> #topic philadelphia midcycle
14:03:07 <mfisch> crinkle: so it seems to me that we may only have 3-4 of the folks who typically contribute at the meeting
14:04:33 <mfisch> crinkle: I have 2 thoughts, either we meet at lunch and just talk puppet cards/issues or maybe we meet and offer a working session to help & encourage new contributors
14:04:44 <mfisch> the latter could even be helping someone push a patch
14:05:04 <crinkle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/philadelphia-puppet-ops-session
14:05:11 <crinkle> that sounds good to me
14:05:44 <crinkle> the second item on that list should wait for the summit, and the other two aren't really very actionable
14:06:00 <mdorman> The second idea would probably draw more people
14:06:19 <mfisch> Im fine just talking shop with you guys for a bit
14:06:19 <mdorman> Mfisch's second idea that is
14:06:33 <crinkle> when would we offer that?
14:06:37 <mfisch> if we want to do my 2nd idea we can announce on the ops list or discuss with tom
14:06:56 <mdorman> Oh I thought you meant do that at lunch
14:08:07 <mfisch> we could do it there
14:08:53 <mdorman> Tbh I'm not sure there will be much time outside the meet up itself. There should be some dinner event on Monday
14:09:31 <mdorman> I imagine a lot of people are flying out Tuesday evening
14:10:21 <mfisch> yeah
14:10:43 <mfisch> we dont have enough critical mass for a room I guess
14:12:49 <mfisch> crinkle: lets just plan on having lunch together on monday?
14:13:02 <crinkle> works for me
14:13:19 <mfisch> I can also stand-up and give a short blurb about the community and that we have people who can help if you want to contrib
14:13:49 <crinkle> that would be awesome
14:14:19 <mdorman> Sounds good to me too
14:16:02 <crinkle> anything else on that topic?
14:16:14 <mfisch> nope
14:16:25 <crinkle> #topic open discussion
14:16:31 <mfisch> I have a topic
14:16:45 <mfisch> has anyone been able to get puppet to work with the keystone service token disabled?
14:16:53 <mfisch> I'd like to be able to bootstrap and then stop using it
14:17:16 <crinkle> you should be able to now with the rewritten keystone providers
14:17:29 <mfisch> crinkle: any hints?
14:17:53 <crinkle> if you run `puppet describe keystone_tenant` it should talk about the auth param
14:18:03 <mfisch> okay I'll dig a bit
14:18:03 <crinkle> you can pass credentials in
14:18:20 <crinkle> cool
14:19:15 <mfisch> it did seem to be that it was trying to use the token for most queries
14:20:14 <crinkle> yeah that shouldn't be necessary any more
14:21:23 <crinkle> anything else?
14:22:38 <crinkle> #endmeeting