15:00:16 <EmilienM> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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15:00:27 <EmilienM> who is here today?
15:00:28 <crinkle> o/
15:00:32 <_ody> o/
15:00:36 <dfisher> o/
15:00:44 <spredzy> o/
15:00:49 <dmsimard> o/
15:00:59 <EmilienM> #link agenda: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-openstack-weekly-meeting-20150623
15:00:59 <EmilienM> #link last meeting: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/puppet_openstack/2015/puppet_openstack.2015-06-16-15.00.html
15:01:04 <sbadia> o/
15:01:14 <EmilienM> #topic Actions from last meeting
15:01:28 <EmilienM> spredzy,clayton create a POC and send an email to the ML about parameter default policy. Not Done, will be postponed
15:01:34 <EmilienM> cody to finish neutron patch to support puppet4 - DONE
15:01:39 <EmilienM> thx _ody btw ^
15:01:47 <EmilienM> spredzy Send a patch as an implementation reference (dbsync exec). Not Done, will be postponed
15:01:47 <EmilienM> spredzy Send an email on the ML to let community know the final word on that thread (dbsync exec). Not Done, will be postponed
15:01:54 <EmilienM> Emilien to run a thread on ML about some stable branches deprecations (grizzly+havana) DONE
15:02:04 <richm> here
15:02:05 <EmilienM> no negative feedback on this one ^
15:02:10 <EmilienM> I guess we can go for it
15:02:14 <EmilienM> and
15:02:16 <EmilienM> mdorman to work more on https://review.openstack.org/192009, DONE, merged
15:02:22 <galstrom> #join #openstack-meeting
15:02:25 <galstrom> sorry
15:02:35 <EmilienM> #topic Announcements
15:02:35 <_ody> thx for the review.  social and I'll will finish up the other one that wasn't caught by tests...and I'll get myself a better acceptance environment today
15:02:56 <EmilienM> #info 5.1.0 released!
15:03:05 <EmilienM> thanks everyone for the help on this one
15:03:08 <sbadia> \o/
15:03:24 <EmilienM> #info beaker jobs are now voting
15:03:36 <EmilienM> #info puppet4 jobs are now voting
15:03:36 <_ody> Yeah.  Great work on the release.
15:04:00 <EmilienM> #topic CI status
15:04:26 <EmilienM> beaker: working now on 'experimental' upgrade job
15:04:37 <EmilienM> #link experimental puppet upgrade job: https://review.openstack.org/194293
15:04:46 <EmilienM> any feedback is welcome in the patch ^
15:05:18 <EmilienM> _ody, sbadia: do we have blockers / work to do for Puppet4 ?
15:05:23 <_ody> Oh.  A question about CI status that I keep meaning to ask the group.  Any what for us to get a snapsho it time view of everything in master that is passing?
15:05:36 <_ody> EmilienM: Besides it being hard to do that ^
15:05:43 <EmilienM> #link CI status https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i2z5QyvukHCWU_JjkWrTpn-PexPBnt3bWPlQfiDGsj8/edit#gid=0
15:05:53 <EmilienM> _ody: I have this file now ^
15:06:06 <EmilienM> _ody: but we might need a webpage auto-generated
15:06:21 <_ody> Ok.  That will due...was hoping gerrit and zuul could tell me.
15:06:38 <EmilienM> _ody: we can follow-up that later, it's a good point
15:06:54 <_ody> Only other puppet4 thing is to get everything on rspec-puppet 2.2.0
15:06:59 <sbadia> yep
15:07:03 <EmilienM> #action _ody and EmilienM to figure out about a CI status page
15:07:12 <EmilienM> sbadia, _ody: cool. Thanks!
15:07:15 <sbadia> and a waiting patch from social (on puppet-nbeutron)
15:07:28 <EmilienM> a last question
15:07:36 <EmilienM> should we use Puppet4 for beaker jobs?
15:07:45 <_ody> Would be nice.
15:07:56 <sbadia> (2.2.0 is related to msync)
15:07:56 * _ody only because I am a puppet4 fanboy
15:08:23 <EmilienM> well, I would like to use what distros ship
15:08:25 <sbadia> EmilienM: hum it's too bliding edge :)
15:08:36 <dfisher> question about Puppet4:   do both Ubuntu and RedHat have Puppet4 available?  Are they the default?  I ask because Solaris is still on 3.6.2 and if needed I can start the legal process to bump to Puppet 4.latest
15:08:43 <sbadia> yes, it's better to use the distro version
15:09:02 <sbadia> it's 3.7 on debian/ubuntu
15:09:04 <EmilienM> I think for now we should stay on 3.x for beaker jobs and wait to see the package in the distros landed
15:09:12 <EmilienM> is anyone against that ?
15:09:33 <EmilienM> well, let's go ahead then
15:09:45 <dfisher> is there a timetable for moving to puppet 4 in debian/ubuntu?
15:09:49 <crinkle> it will be a long time before the distros ship puppet 4
15:10:09 <EmilienM> crinkle: good point
15:10:12 <crinkle> we should start testing beaker with puppet 4 when beaker is stable with puppet 4
15:10:13 <dfisher> ok.  just wanted to see if I needed to start that process on my end.
15:10:18 <dfisher> thanks
15:10:41 <crinkle> dfisher: most people on rhel/ubuntu install puppet from the puppet labs repos, not the distro
15:10:48 <crinkle> i don't know what the story is for solaris
15:10:55 <dfisher> we have a native package for it
15:11:00 <dfisher> to include 25 solaris resource types
15:11:10 <dfisher> which i desperately need to push back to puppetlabs
15:11:18 <dfisher> alas … no tests :(
15:11:19 <paramite> +1 to have at least separate job for puppet4
15:11:30 <EmilienM> ok, so we will think about testing puppet4 when beaker will be stable with puppet4
15:11:32 <sbadia> and what the impact on the CI ?
15:11:38 <sbadia> we have some metrics ?
15:11:48 <EmilienM> paramite: could be an option, and maybe set the job experimental?
15:12:01 <paramite> EmilienM, yup, exactly
15:12:01 <EmilienM> sbadia: what kind of metrics?
15:12:29 <sbadia> ressources of the CI are not infinite no :) ?
15:12:54 <sbadia> what the impact of duplicate beaker jobs (3.x + 4.x) on each patch
15:13:03 <EmilienM> sbadia: I can ask infra
15:13:09 <sbadia> thanks!
15:13:31 <EmilienM> #action EmilienM to investigate a new experimental job to test beaker against puppet4
15:13:43 <EmilienM> crinkle: where can I see if beaker is stable with puppet4 ?
15:13:50 <EmilienM> or the other way around
15:14:18 <crinkle> EmilienM: i don't know how well it supports installing puppet 4 and the all-in-one package yet
15:14:32 <crinkle> so we'd have to consult the documentation or ask the devs
15:14:33 <_ody> I can check with PL QE.
15:14:40 <crinkle> thanks _ody
15:14:54 <EmilienM> #action _ody consults PL QE to know more about beaker/puppet4
15:14:57 <EmilienM> cool
15:15:00 <EmilienM> anything else?
15:15:16 <EmilienM> ok let's go ahead then
15:15:24 <EmilienM> #topic Kilo release
15:15:37 <EmilienM> a lot of people is asking :-)
15:15:48 <EmilienM> #link status of kilo release: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-kilo-release
15:16:02 <EmilienM> we still miss some patches merged and also Keystone v3
15:16:22 <sbadia> I +2+A some patchs, I'll update the pad
15:16:45 <EmilienM> richm, crinkle: when keystone patches will be merged, can we do the release or should we also wait that all puppet openstack modules support new auth method?
15:16:57 <crinkle> we should go ahead when keystone is done
15:17:04 <EmilienM> ok
15:17:36 <EmilienM> there is not much to say about kilo release, I would just ask to reviewers to look at the etherpad and make sure patch are reviewed
15:18:12 <EmilienM> #topic Zaqar module
15:18:16 <EmilienM> Richard is not here
15:18:25 <EmilienM> but I think things are moved, I approved the repo in governance
15:18:52 <EmilienM> #link puppet-zaqar in governance: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191946/
15:19:09 <EmilienM> #link puppet-zaqar in os-infra: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191942/
15:19:48 <EmilienM> #topic Keystone v3 resource naming
15:19:51 <EmilienM> richm: hello
15:19:54 <richm> hello
15:20:03 <EmilienM> #link keystone v3 resource naming thread: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-June/067650.html
15:20:35 <richm> After going around and around with this - I think the right thing to do is to leave it up to the composition layer code to specify the full name of the resource
15:20:54 <EmilienM> there is feedback on this thread
15:21:07 <richm> That is, puppet-keystone will _not_ try to "normalize" user/project names in keystone_user_role
15:21:08 <mdorman> (sorry, late)
15:21:30 <EmilienM> richm: if the composition layer is backward compatible, I'm fine with that.
15:21:55 <richm> If the composition layer specifies username => 'glance', user_domain_name => 'services', then there had better be one, and only one, user named 'glance' in all domains
15:22:06 <EmilienM> richm: people should not have to change their composition layer because of this feature, otherwise that means we don't do backward compatibility
15:22:11 <richm> right
15:22:32 <richm> Backwards compatibility is a high priority
15:22:42 <EmilienM> awesome
15:22:56 <EmilienM> richm: do you have any blocker you want to discuss now? (about keystone v3)
15:23:04 <richm> I do _not_ want to be harassed by an angry mob for breaking their setups
15:23:24 * mfisch puts down his pitchfork
15:23:50 <richm> EmilienM: I'm still trying to figure out how make self.instances and self.prefetch work in all cases
15:24:17 <EmilienM> richm: ok, can you help us by giving some patches URL ?
15:24:22 <richm> I think I'm close - I should have another round of reviews later today
15:24:35 <richm> let me test what I have first
15:24:41 <EmilienM> richm: good work. I'll catch-up on beaker tests when you're done
15:24:41 <richm> in case you want to try something out
15:24:56 <EmilienM> anything else on keystone v3?
15:25:28 <EmilienM> seems like not
15:25:34 <EmilienM> #topic Move usage questions to openstack-operators mailing list
15:25:34 <richm> no
15:25:45 <EmilienM> So Richard ran this thread
15:26:00 <EmilienM> mfisch: what do you think ^ ?
15:26:09 <EmilienM> and all other operators here
15:26:11 <mfisch> I'm +1 with it
15:26:21 <mfisch> I think encouraging the tag use would be nice
15:26:29 <EmilienM> also +1 because it's consistent with how Openstack does today
15:26:40 <mfisch> does the ops list official support tags?
15:26:41 <_ody> +1, seems logical
15:26:49 <EmilienM> if anyone has objection, please raise your hand
15:26:52 <EmilienM> mfisch: good question
15:27:07 <mfisch> maybe we need to ask TomF?
15:27:39 <EmilienM> mfisch: do you want to take that point?
15:28:07 <mfisch> sure
15:28:11 <EmilienM> #action mfisch ask to TomF about usage of tags in Operators ML
15:28:27 <EmilienM> #topic Open Discussion, Bug and Review triage
15:28:40 <EmilienM> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/puppet-nova/+bug/1467667
15:28:41 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1467667 in puppet-nova "openstack-puppet modules should support configuring RabbitMQ heartbeat" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Mike Dorman (mdorman-m)
15:28:42 <EmilienM> mdorman: o/
15:29:18 <mdorman> so the main question on this is what mfisch brought up on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194399/
15:29:32 <EmilienM> we are facing the situation we were talking at the summit
15:29:33 <EmilienM> with oslo
15:29:34 <EmilienM> :)
15:29:41 <mdorman> the default value for rabbit_heartbeat_timeout_threshold changed between oslo.messaging 1.10.0 and 1.11.0
15:29:46 <EmilienM> this is an excellent question
15:29:48 <mdorman> old default was 60, new default is 0
15:30:04 <mdorman> my opinion is we make it default to 0 in puppet, since that’s what it is going forward
15:30:11 <mfisch> does 0 mean off?
15:30:12 <EmilienM> mdorman: if you patch nova, you have to watch which version of oslo it uses, and use its default value
15:30:28 <EmilienM> mdorman: at least that how we proposed to solve this issue in VC
15:30:47 <mdorman> mfisch:  0 does mean off.   but operators already using the feature (by default), are eventually going to have to do some reconfiguration, anyway, b/c once you go to oslo.messaging 1.11.0, the default is off
15:31:20 <mdorman> EmilienM:   i don’t think i was there for that convo.   not opposed to tracking the version of oslo.messaging, but unsure what the best day to do that is
15:31:26 <EmilienM> mdorman: I think we need to use openstack defaults
15:31:38 <EmilienM> and let operators change them
15:31:47 <mdorman> EmilienM:  right, agreed, but _which_ default is the question
15:31:47 <mfisch> thats my vote
15:31:52 <EmilienM> because if we start to change them, operators will hate us one day
15:31:55 <mdorman> from 1.10.0 and earlier, or 1.11.0 and later?
15:32:33 <EmilienM> mdorman: the version of the project you're patching
15:33:02 <EmilienM> we will probably have inconsistent default params across modules but well, if openstack is not consistent in oslo usage, we can't fix it.
15:33:17 <EmilienM> if the default changed in openstack, there might be a reason in the code
15:33:22 <mdorman> well kilo keystone has oslo.messaging>=1.8.0, so for kilo you could conceivably have either version (new or old default)
15:33:27 <EmilienM> and puppet does not deal with that
15:33:35 <EmilienM> oh I see
15:33:54 <EmilienM> mdorman: well, in that case I'll believe your OPS experience
15:33:58 <mdorman> this feature did not exsit before kilo, so we are not talking about having to backport it or anthing like that.
15:34:06 <mfisch> so where do the defaults come from?
15:34:06 <EmilienM> no we won't backport that
15:34:15 <mdorman> oslo.messaging, let me find the link real quick
15:34:19 <mfisch> the config is in keystone.conf (for example), but the default is really in the library
15:34:25 <EmilienM> we should also see what packaging provides :-)
15:34:35 <mdorman> yeah that’s a good point.
15:34:35 <EmilienM> in ubuntu/fedora at leasr
15:34:38 <EmilienM> least*
15:34:41 <mdorman> https://github.com/openstack/oslo.messaging/blob/1.10.0/oslo_messaging/_drivers/impl_rabbit.py#L125-L126  1.10.0 version
15:34:51 <EmilienM> mdorman: can you take the action?
15:34:59 <mdorman> https://github.com/openstack/oslo.messaging/blob/1.11.0/oslo_messaging/_drivers/impl_rabbit.py#L126-L127 1.11.0 version
15:35:27 <mdorman> EmilienM:   yeah i can figure out what packages have.  i suspect once all the inter-project deps are worked out, we’ll end up with a newer version of oslo.messaging anyway
15:35:32 <EmilienM> #action mdorman follows up https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194399/ in investigating oslo messaging version shipped by packaging and set the right default values
15:35:35 <EmilienM> mdorman: thanks
15:35:47 <mfisch> lets keep up to date on this via the ML
15:35:50 <mfisch> this is a very important patch
15:36:03 <mdorman> i’ll reserach and then post to ML
15:36:06 <EmilienM> mfisch: +1
15:36:12 <EmilienM> cool, we have a plan
15:36:16 <EmilienM> #link keystone.py patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/193679/
15:36:19 <EmilienM> mfisch: o/
15:36:32 <mfisch> yeah
15:36:38 <EmilienM> I think the problem is pretty clear
15:36:44 <mfisch> this is not a complicated patch but I wanted to let everyone know that we still need to sync this file
15:36:47 <mfisch> at least for this cycle
15:36:52 <mfisch> hopefully it will start getting packaged
15:36:59 <EmilienM> 1/ we have to continue to ship it until Ubuntu fix it (ship only on ubuntu systems)
15:37:06 <dmsimard> Also wanted to point out the keystone.py is also broken for icehouse - have a review for it here:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191212/
15:37:12 <EmilienM> 2/ make sure with jamespage it's WIP on his side
15:37:33 <EmilienM> dmsimard: good point, it would be great to be merged
15:37:52 <mfisch> I spoke to zul about it, I can ping james
15:38:14 <mfisch> is that an action? Probably talking to chuck was enough
15:38:39 <EmilienM> mfisch: cool, your patch is a good link to keep
15:38:54 <EmilienM> #action mfisch follows-up keystone.py issue on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/193679/
15:39:14 <EmilienM> #link nova/rbd: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/119093/
15:39:15 <EmilienM> dmsimard: o/
15:39:34 <mfisch> dmsimard: did you just sync that in from the icehouse branch?
15:39:43 <dmsimard> mfisch: yes
15:39:52 <mfisch> ok merged
15:40:07 <dmsimard> Would love to have the RBD ephemeral toggle merged is all, been outstanding since 2014 :)
15:40:25 <dmsimard> Otherwise nova::compute::rbd assumes Ceph is used for both Cinder volumes AND ephemeral storage
15:40:48 <EmilienM> I've participated to the patch, I'm not sure I can +2
15:40:50 <dmsimard> So if you use nova::compute::rbd with actual local storage, local storage VMs will fail miserably at spawning
15:40:57 <EmilienM> dmsimard: +1
15:41:26 <EmilienM> I don't see any blocker on this one
15:41:33 <dmsimard> I'm using that patchset in our deployments, works well for us.
15:41:55 <EmilienM> cool, good to know
15:42:13 <EmilienM> dmsimard: do you want to talk about "Lack of a proper Cinder provider for volume types, extra specs, qos settings" ?
15:42:45 <dmsimard> EmilienM: Sure, just wanted to have a general discussion around the lack of providers for volume types, extra specs, qos and the likes in Cinder
15:42:49 <EmilienM> dmsimard: do you mean to replace our wonderful execs by puppet providers ? :-)
15:43:11 <dmsimard> EmilienM: Ah, yes, indeed, https://github.com/openstack/puppet-cinder/blob/master/manifests/type_set.pp is not super cool
15:43:16 <EmilienM> yes +1
15:43:32 <EmilienM> I think nobody will reject this kind of patch
15:43:48 <EmilienM> which will make our module more stable & Puppetish than using Exec for that.
15:43:49 <xarses> yes, Please no one like it. I wish I had the time to fix it =/
15:43:50 <dmsimard> I tried to look at doing something with Cinderclient but it's too much work, it's all prettytables. Openstackclient provides csv output and could provide a mean to do something
15:44:18 <dmsimard> I just wanted to have your opinion on what module has the "best" implementation of a provider using Openstackclient, I'll try and take example from it
15:44:21 <EmilienM> dmsimard: osclient is the way to go, consistent with what we do in keystone already
15:44:30 <EmilienM> dmsimard: and you have the util code in openstacklib
15:44:55 <dmsimard> xarses: No hate, we've had to do something similar in our composition layer :(
15:44:59 <crinkle> dmsimard: check out how the keystone providers are done as well as https://review.openstack.org/#/c/172580/ for examples
15:44:59 <EmilienM> dmsimard: https://github.com/openstack/puppet-openstacklib/blob/master/lib/puppet/provider/openstack.rb
15:45:36 <mfisch> EmilienM: I have one more thing wrt keystone when this topic is done
15:45:46 <EmilienM> mfisch: ack
15:45:56 <dmsimard> crinkle, EmilienM: Thanks, I'll check it out. This is all in my free time so no ETA :)
15:46:00 <EmilienM> cool
15:46:04 <EmilienM> mfisch: go ahead
15:46:25 <mfisch> I just want to close out the topic, so I filed an Ubuntu bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/keystone/+bug/1467985
15:46:27 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1467985 in keystone (Ubuntu) "ubuntu package needs to ship httpd/keystone.py" [Undecided,New]
15:46:31 <mfisch> that will track the status
15:46:43 <mfisch> If I dont get traction I'll file a support ticket
15:46:55 <EmilienM> nice
15:47:08 <EmilienM> #link bug to track keystone.py missing in ubuntu packaging https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/keystone/+bug/1467985
15:47:46 <EmilienM> crinkle: I'm curious, can you give us a status on the work you're doing with integration module?
15:47:58 <crinkle> EmilienM: waiting on the repo to be created
15:47:59 <EmilienM> and if you have any blocker
15:48:15 <EmilienM> cool, after that I think we will be able to move fast
15:48:21 <crinkle> i think so
15:48:28 <EmilienM> crinkle: thanks for this work
15:48:32 <crinkle> yup
15:48:52 <mfisch> can we discuss puppet-monasca?
15:48:54 <EmilienM> we did all our agenda, does anyone has anything else to add? we have 10 min left
15:49:05 <EmilienM> mfisch: go ahead
15:49:08 <mfisch> yeah, I want crinkle to use here infra juju to get this merged: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194263/
15:49:16 <mfisch> that adds puppet-manager-core to monasca
15:49:25 <crinkle> i have no special powers
15:49:30 <EmilienM> mfedosin: just ping infra folks
15:49:34 <EmilienM> they are quite responsive
15:49:49 <mfisch> sure
15:50:00 <mfisch> I'll give it a couple more days before i bug people
15:50:19 <EmilienM> they use to review every day so I'm confident it's merged this week.
15:50:29 <EmilienM> anything else folks?
15:50:34 <mfisch> nope
15:50:39 <dmsimard> good for me
15:50:49 <EmilienM> That's All Folks!
15:50:54 <EmilienM> have a great day/evening
15:50:56 <EmilienM> #endmeeting