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15:00:20 <xarses> hi
15:00:22 <EmilienM> #link agenda: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-openstack-weekly-meeting-20150728
15:00:30 <mwhahaha> ahoy
15:00:50 <saneax> Greetings!
15:01:17 <EmilienM> let's start our usual dance
15:01:20 <EmilienM> #topic Review past action items
15:01:29 <bogdando> hi
15:01:44 <richm> hello
15:02:01 <EmilienM> mfisch to update review dashboard -> DONE : updated on http://ghostcloud.net/openstack_gerrit_dashboards/
15:02:24 <EmilienM> spredzy send mail to the ML about '<SERVICE DEFAULT>' magic string Done - Link : http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-July/070602.html
15:02:25 <xenolog13> hi
15:02:34 <spredzy> o/
15:02:38 <iurygregory> hello o/
15:03:02 <EmilienM> I was not here in the last meeting but I guess it was the 2 actions
15:03:12 <EmilienM> #topic CI status
15:03:52 <EmilienM> I would like some feedback on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/199712/
15:04:00 <EmilienM> it aims to get logs for our Puppet jobs
15:04:58 <EmilienM> maybe it needs more work or maybe it's good as it
15:05:20 <EmilienM> any thoughts?
15:06:02 <bogdando> About https://review.openstack.org/#/c/199712/13/spec/acceptance/basic_keystone_spec.rb
15:06:14 <mwhahaha> can that just be rolled into a rake task or something?
15:06:22 <bogdando> Jiri Stranskiy's comment seems valid
15:06:38 <pabelanger> o/
15:06:46 <EmilienM> bogdando, mwhahaha: indeed, rake seems also a good option
15:07:00 <EmilienM> I will investigate that way, thanks
15:07:26 <EmilienM> in CI, we also made progress on tempest integration: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/198561
15:07:38 <sbadia> +1 for the rake task, it's not realy a test
15:07:55 <EmilienM> thanks to Matthew (tempest PTL) and richm, we got simple code and it works quite good now
15:08:04 <EmilienM> sbadia: ack, will update :)
15:08:26 <sbadia> nice for 198561 !
15:08:28 <EmilienM> #action EmilienM to update https://review.openstack.org/#/c/199712/ to use Rake instead of acceptance
15:08:48 <EmilienM> and the last sub-item, is openstack integration
15:09:04 <EmilienM> pabelanger: can you summarize a status? any blockers?
15:10:15 <pabelanger> EmilienM: not really.  Just working on getting our basic integration tests going.  For the most part, just working to get the gate job going right now.  Dealing with some gem issues, since some don't need to be installed when we actually run the puppet code
15:10:31 <sgolovatiuk> Hi all
15:10:32 <pabelanger> diving into bundle install --without logic
15:10:53 <EmilienM> mhh, why does it work for all our puppet beaker jobs?
15:11:28 <pabelanger> well, reality is, you are installing un needed gems when you actaully launch beaker from the looks of it.
15:11:37 <pabelanger> so, if you have a beaker gate job, you really don't need lint gems
15:11:57 <pabelanger> so, you'd run bundle install --without development test
15:12:11 <Hunner> I think it's common to break the Gemfile into groups for that
15:12:23 <Hunner> eg https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-inifile/blob/master/Gemfile#L21
15:12:36 <pabelanger> right
15:13:00 <pabelanger> but I'm looking at the installed gems when I run bundle install, it is pulling in both development and system_tests by default
15:13:27 <pabelanger> either way, just testing things now for integration module, since we only really need r10k
15:13:29 <EmilienM> pabelanger: have you reported the bug in LP ?
15:13:41 <pabelanger> EmilienM: not yet, just figured it out this morning
15:13:44 <pabelanger> and need to dive deeper into it
15:13:53 <EmilienM> pabelanger: ok, good catch. Please do so we can track this work
15:14:41 <sbadia> we already slit the gems in our gemfile
15:14:47 <sbadia> haha but only in modulesync :)
15:14:55 <EmilienM> hum.
15:15:01 <sbadia> and the initial msync wasn't launched yet :)
15:15:05 <EmilienM> it's time to be consistent, isn't?
15:15:12 <sbadia> of course!
15:15:33 <spredzy> a thread has been launched earleir this afternoon http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-July/070769.html
15:15:38 <spredzy> about that exact matter
15:15:44 <EmilienM> sbadia: can you take an action to 1/ sync with pabelanger if msync/Gemfile is correct 2/ sync the files using msync across all modules?
15:15:49 <sbadia> https://github.com/openstack/puppet-modulesync-configs/blob/master/config_defaults.yml#L19
15:16:01 <spredzy> trying to sync with infra how we can use the same tooling to keep modules in sync
15:16:45 <sbadia> EmilienM: ok, of course
15:16:53 <pabelanger> spredzy: nice, will read up on it today
15:17:10 <EmilienM> #action sbadia & pabelanger: figure out Gemfile split in our modules
15:17:16 <sbadia> #action sbadia launch a initial msync on all our modules (ping cody)
15:17:17 <spredzy> pabelanger, ack thanks :)
15:17:23 <EmilienM> thanks guys
15:17:36 <EmilienM> pabelanger: anything else about openstack integration?
15:18:58 <crinkle> do we want to discuss using beaker or not for integration tests with the broader group?
15:18:58 <pabelanger> EmilienM: not too much right now. Once I get the gate job working, we can flip that to voting. Then, we can really dive into how the puppet modules layout will look.  I have a simple scenario001.pp going local, but expect much feedback on it in the coming days
15:19:43 <EmilienM> crinkle: we can discuss about that now, we have the time I guess
15:20:06 <EmilienM> pabelanger: cool. I would just re-use the keystone/acceptance/wsgi manifest which is IMHO a good start
15:20:45 <EmilienM> so the question is:
15:21:00 <EmilienM> do we want beaker jobs to gate puppet-openstack-integration repo?
15:21:12 <EmilienM> like we gate other modules
15:21:40 <pabelanger> I thought we had decided no?
15:21:54 <EmilienM> we talked about this
15:22:05 <crinkle> we did, I was wondering if anyone else wanted to give input
15:22:17 <crinkle> I agree with no
15:22:20 <EmilienM> the questions could also be: do we want to support this repo only in the openstack infra gate or could it be run on anyone's laptop too
15:22:59 <EmilienM> crinkle: we disagreed and then agreed to say "no" for now until we get more experience with that thing. I think we can iterate later if we need to change that
15:23:04 <crinkle> it could still be run by developers, they just have to find their own vm to run it on instead of having vagrant provision it for them
15:23:31 <crinkle> EmilienM: ++
15:23:34 <EmilienM> the only thing I really want is:
15:23:51 <pabelanger> Right, there is a single launch script, run_tests.sh, that will get the box setup to run.  You just need to make sure you have a clean system to run it on.
15:23:53 <EmilienM> if I submit a patch in scenario001.pp in puppet-openstack-integration repo, I would like a job that actually run this manifest and test it.
15:23:57 <pabelanger> This is like how devstack works today
15:24:22 <EmilienM> so until now, we're good in our design
15:24:48 <EmilienM> it seems like we can go ahead if no more thoughts
15:24:49 <crinkle> okay let's proceed in this direction and iterate if necessary
15:24:55 <EmilienM> cool
15:24:58 <pabelanger> !
15:25:07 <EmilienM> #topic keystone v3 status
15:25:26 <EmilienM> I created the topic just before the meeting so we can have a quick summary from richm
15:25:29 <EmilienM> richm: o/
15:25:33 <richm> support for groups is well under way - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202409/
15:25:38 <richm> need some reviews
15:25:39 <EmilienM> just checking if you're aware of any blockers
15:26:30 <richm> trusts is proving to be difficult - having to support the self.instances/self.prefetch paradigm means figuring out a way to identify trusts uniquely - https://review.openstack.org/200996
15:26:40 <richm> gildub is still trying to figure that out
15:27:01 <richm> chem ran into a bug with identity providers - https://review.openstack.org/202689
15:27:17 <richm> it seems that openstackclient is printing python unicode strings instead of plain csv output
15:27:35 <richm> he will workaround with some ruby code hacks
15:27:56 <EmilienM> I guess osclient would need to be from liberty, not kilo, right?
15:28:08 <richm> EmilienM: right, so the bug is not a blocker
15:28:23 <EmilienM> well, if we can't test it now, it's a blocker to me
15:28:29 <richm> The Keystone devs are giving iurygregory pushback on the federation spec
15:28:32 <EmilienM> we need to figure out if we can use Liberty packaging now
15:28:34 <richm> EmilienM: he can test it now
15:28:39 <EmilienM> AFIK it's in a bad shape for RDO
15:28:50 <EmilienM> richm: everything?
15:28:55 <crinkle> pushback?
15:29:23 <richm> The Keystone devs apparently want a lot more in the federation spec, and possibly they want to have a spec per provider
15:29:28 <iurygregory> yes =/
15:29:50 <richm> I'm waiting for a response to my query from the Keystone dev who nack'd the spec
15:30:00 <iurygregory> We have agree that one spec is fine for federation
15:30:25 <richm> iurygregory: have you spoken to Marek?
15:30:54 <iurygregory> not yet richm,
15:31:01 <richm> iurygregory: ok, no problem
15:31:05 <iurygregory> after the keystone meeting i'll talk to him
15:31:09 <EmilienM> richm: maybe check with ayoung too ?
15:31:22 <richm> ok
15:31:57 <richm> so summary - please review https://review.openstack.org/200996 and https://review.openstack.org/202409
15:32:21 <richm> I need to update/rebase https://review.openstack.org/176150
15:32:26 <EmilienM> richm: ok thanks
15:32:42 <richm> I would like that review to be the "template" for the v3 conversion of the remaining puppet modules
15:33:03 <EmilienM> nice
15:33:11 <richm> that's it from me
15:33:22 <EmilienM> great
15:33:28 <EmilienM> agenda is done
15:33:28 <EmilienM> so
15:33:38 <EmilienM> #topic open discussion, reviews and bug triage
15:33:45 <angdraug> #link https://review.openstack.org/157004
15:34:09 <angdraug> there's been a new -1 on this today from bogdando, but we still need to clarify the state of -1 from EmilienM
15:34:37 <angdraug> EmilienM: can you have a look and confirm whether only bogdando's comment remains to be addressed?
15:35:30 <EmilienM> angdraug: I'll drop my -1
15:35:37 <angdraug> thanks!
15:35:38 <EmilienM> I agree with bogdando though
15:35:42 <angdraug> yeah, me too
15:35:55 * sgolovatiuk nods
15:36:23 <angdraug> nothing else on the "disagreements" inbox section atm
15:36:39 <EmilienM> cool, we're all happy then
15:36:50 <angdraug> any further comment on liberty?
15:36:56 <EmilienM> IBerezovskiy: I read your comment
15:37:19 <EmilienM> and we can't add 'liberty only' features while we're installing kilo in beaker
15:37:43 <EmilienM> we need liberty packaging in our CI and we need it stable, because if it's beaking everyday, we'll have to revert and come back to kilo
15:38:02 <EmilienM> I've heard liberty packaging is still very unstable in RDO
15:38:12 <sgolovatiuk> EmilienM, usually we do additional CI
15:38:13 <EmilienM> I did some testing for UCA on keystone and it looks better now
15:38:21 <EmilienM> sgolovatiuk: we?
15:38:28 <sgolovatiuk> one for Kilo and one for liberty
15:38:32 <sgolovatiuk> Mirantis
15:38:41 <xarses> that kinda goes back to my point on the supporting multiple release mail (that I've neglected)
15:38:43 <sgolovatiuk> and do ab testing
15:38:59 <IBerezovskiy> EmilienM: Is it possible to participate this activity somehow? I mean packaging
15:39:20 <EmilienM> xarses: for the reasons I mentioned, this is not possible
15:39:28 <EmilienM> IBerezovskiy: packaging? We rely on RDO & UCA
15:39:46 <IBerezovskiy> ok, got it
15:40:02 <angdraug> there's also this: https://review.openstack.org/185187
15:40:19 <EmilienM> xarses and I are talking about http://openstack-dev.openstack.narkive.com/og1yAf8j/puppet-supporting-two-openstack-releases-in-the-same-puppet-release
15:40:27 <angdraug> not sure if it's going to become stable faster than rdo, but imho worth watching
15:41:03 <angdraug> EmilienM: afaiu sgolovatiuk's point was that we could set up parallel non-voting beaker tests based on liberty packages
15:41:07 <EmilienM> angdraug: I'm working close to packstack team, I'm checking with them. I think it's close to have something "stable" enough
15:41:29 <EmilienM> angdraug: this is not that easy, our acceptance tests hardcode the version of OpenStack
15:41:55 <santosh> ping
15:42:26 <EmilienM> do we have anything else outstanding for today?
15:43:32 <sbadia> not related to puppet-openstack, but the thuesday (the 30/07) it's the puppet hack
15:43:36 <sbadia> #link https://puppetlabs.com/blog/join-us-puppethack-july-30
15:44:01 <sbadia> Thursday sorry…
15:44:14 <EmilienM> sbadia: nice! I'll be there
15:44:33 <EmilienM> maybe we can sync each others for who can participate?
15:44:40 <sbadia> me too, and spredzy also
15:44:43 <sbadia> yep!
15:44:44 <spredzy> I am registered
15:45:13 <EmilienM> Hunner, _ody_, crinkle: do you also participate?
15:45:39 <crinkle> I won't be able to be online the whole day
15:46:24 <EmilienM> I close the meeting in 1 minute, please raise your hand if we missed something
15:46:38 <Hunner> Yep!
15:46:57 <Hunner> Most likely I'll just have time to help other people, but not actually hack much though
15:47:21 <Hunner> And it's "open season" so openstack modules are totally in-bounds :)
15:47:45 <sbadia> Hunner: hehe :-)
15:47:55 <EmilienM> Hunner: nice
15:48:09 <EmilienM> Hunner: do you know the status of getting the modules 'Approved' ?
15:48:30 <Hunner> EmilienM: I can check on that and ping back in #puppet-openstack
15:48:36 <EmilienM> Hunner: cool thx
15:48:38 <EmilienM> I'll close the meeting by congratulating spredzy for his involvement in our group, I guess he'll be promoted (looking at vote results)
15:49:00 <EmilienM> have a great day everyone, see you on #puppet-openstack !
15:49:03 <pabelanger> later
15:49:11 <spredzy> EmilienM, thank you for offering my name, and thanks all the voter for your +1
15:49:19 <EmilienM> #endmeeting