15:00:50 <mwhahaha> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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15:00:58 <EmilienM> o/
15:01:09 <mwhahaha> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-openstack-weekly-meeting-20170124
15:01:42 <mwhahaha> hola peoples
15:01:45 <mkarpin> Hi
15:02:09 <mwhahaha> not a whole lot today
15:02:23 <beagles> o/
15:02:30 <mwhahaha> #topic review past action items
15:02:43 <mwhahaha> mwhahaha to sync with openstack release team about metadata.json updates - working on it. not much to report
15:03:03 <iurygregory> o/
15:03:16 <mwhahaha> mwhahaha to review cores - done. _ody also reached out to me to request removal as he's moved on to do different stuff as of late.
15:03:29 <mwhahaha> #topic open discussion, bug, review triage, etc
15:03:42 <mwhahaha> anyone one have anything in particular they are running into?
15:03:51 <EmilienM> so ubuntu
15:04:25 <EmilienM> it seems like webob is fixed?
15:04:28 <mwhahaha> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-ubuntu-ocata-m2
15:04:35 <EmilienM> they pin the version iiuc
15:04:45 <mwhahaha> that's what the ML seemed to indicate, so i'm rechecking where we're at
15:04:52 <EmilienM> ok
15:05:09 <mwhahaha> might just be designate, so we might be able to switch back to voting later this week if all goes well
15:05:25 <EmilienM> yeah
15:05:27 <EmilienM> OR we disable it
15:05:49 <iurygregory> if is just designate, disable him and enable everything back
15:06:17 <mwhahaha> i don't necessarily want to just remove ubuntu as sometimes it helps point at regressions since they are slower to update :D
15:06:45 <EmilienM> ok
15:06:51 * EmilienM nothing to add for today
15:06:51 <mwhahaha> but yea, if it gets worse that's an option
15:07:02 <mwhahaha> anyone else have anything else?
15:07:17 <mkarpin> nope
15:07:25 <iurygregory> nope
15:07:33 <beagles> nah
15:07:36 <mwhahaha> sounds good
15:07:38 <mwhahaha> thanks everyone
15:07:41 <mwhahaha> #endmeeting