15:00:10 <mwhahaha> #startmeeting puppet-openstack
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15:00:24 <mwhahaha> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/puppet-openstack-weekly-meeting-20170606
15:00:47 <mwhahaha> so who is here today?
15:01:04 <EmilienM> hey
15:01:09 <mwhahaha> it'll just be a quick meeting to talk about the status of things
15:01:32 <EmilienM> on my list todo: mitaka eol
15:01:51 <mwhahaha> #topic mitaka eol
15:01:53 <EmilienM> I'll do it anytime soon
15:02:01 <EmilienM> I don't think it's urgent, but nice to do
15:02:14 <mwhahaha> no it's not, since we did a release recently
15:02:20 <EmilienM> the process is not complicated, just a little work
15:02:45 <EmilienM> I'll push for a last tag before probably
15:02:51 <EmilienM> and then mitaka-eol tag
15:02:55 <EmilienM> and then remove branches
15:03:01 <mwhahaha> we shouldn't need a last tag because we did that already
15:03:06 <mwhahaha> so it's just the eol tag
15:03:07 <EmilienM> for all modules?
15:03:10 <mwhahaha> yea
15:03:15 <EmilienM> ok, even easier
15:03:40 <EmilienM> we'll need to change Puppetfile on p-o-i, so checkout from the tag instead of branch
15:03:44 <mwhahaha> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:puppet-openstack-mitaka-eol-prep
15:03:46 <EmilienM> because puppet-ceph still need to test mitaka
15:03:52 <EmilienM> for stable/hammer
15:04:03 <EmilienM> should we eol hammer? (not sure)
15:04:13 <mwhahaha> probably should
15:04:36 <EmilienM> let's see it later
15:04:37 <mwhahaha> we can wait on that for a bit probably though
15:04:38 <EmilienM> mitaka first
15:04:41 <mwhahaha> k
15:04:46 <EmilienM> again, no hurry here
15:04:57 <mwhahaha> yup
15:05:05 <mwhahaha> #topic pike m2
15:05:10 <mwhahaha> so moving on to not old stuff
15:05:19 <mwhahaha> i'll propose the release patch later this week
15:05:24 <mwhahaha> we've already preped all the metadata
15:05:29 <EmilienM> I think tarball jobs work fine now
15:05:39 <EmilienM> so this release should be smooth (tm)
15:05:46 <mwhahaha> a likely story :D
15:05:59 <EmilienM> fyi i'm also releasing tripleo, probably on Thursday
15:06:27 <mwhahaha> cool
15:06:32 <mwhahaha> #topic outstanding ci issues
15:06:42 <mwhahaha> so puppet-ocavia is broken due to rdo packaging or something
15:06:47 <EmilienM> beagles: ^ fyi
15:06:50 <mwhahaha> the centos beaker is broken
15:06:53 <mwhahaha> has been for some time now
15:06:55 <EmilienM> octavia you mean :P
15:07:07 <mwhahaha> eh the annoying o-named one
15:07:11 <EmilienM> all branches or just master?
15:07:18 <mwhahaha> master
15:07:22 <mwhahaha> i haven't checked stable
15:07:37 <EmilienM> beagles: can we have some help on that front?
15:08:34 <EmilienM> I'll check with him, let's move on
15:08:45 <mwhahaha> sure
15:08:55 <mwhahaha> #topic puppet 5 testing
15:09:10 <EmilienM> so we landed a patch in p-o-i to be able to deploy puppet5
15:09:22 <EmilienM> if you run "check experimental" in puppet patches, it will run
15:09:27 <EmilienM> I did it and it works fine
15:09:45 <EmilienM> we should think at a migration strategy for future cycle
15:09:50 <EmilienM> maybe queens, we can start gating on it
15:09:55 <mwhahaha> cool
15:09:59 <EmilienM> for now, puppet5 is not stable afik
15:10:06 <EmilienM> but we're ready, which is cool
15:10:19 <mwhahaha> yea i think they are doing an actual puppet5 release this summer
15:10:27 <mwhahaha> so once they have non-nightly builds we can do that
15:10:32 <EmilienM> which gives us some time to think about it
15:10:55 <EmilienM> I'm done with $topic
15:11:11 <mwhahaha> #topic Open Discussion, Bug and Review triage
15:11:17 <mwhahaha> not sure if there's anything else
15:11:27 <mwhahaha> but i'll give it a minute and close the meeting
15:11:38 <EmilienM> we can talk about the weather
15:11:43 <EmilienM> it's sunny here
15:11:49 <mwhahaha> its getting hot :(
15:11:55 <EmilienM> you have mountains
15:11:59 <EmilienM> go work in mountains
15:12:09 <mwhahaha> the internets is not so great in the mountains :D
15:12:27 <EmilienM> ah right, internet
15:12:52 <EmilienM> alright, cheers folks
15:12:57 <mwhahaha> yup thanks
15:12:58 <EmilienM> back to work now
15:12:59 <mwhahaha> #endmeeting