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19:01:45 <terrylhowe> Terry Howe, HP
19:01:53 <briancurtin> Brian Curtin, Rackspace
19:02:19 <jamielennox> Jamie Lennox, Red Hat
19:03:24 <briancurtin> i know Ed is at OSCON, and i dont think Alex is around right now, so let's get started and see if dean shows up
19:03:49 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104948/ -- add some factories
19:05:02 <briancurtin> jamie had a -1 with a big comment in authenticator.py about keeping up with plugins
19:05:20 <jamielennox> i had a -1 on that just because we'll quickly find we can't have a factory for all those things
19:05:29 <jamielennox> it might be worth having that around for example code
19:05:54 <terrylhowe> fair enough.  Are we going to have some automatic way to discover the plugins?
19:06:49 <jamielennox> i've been using entrypoints
19:06:58 <jamielennox> specify a plugin by name
19:07:17 <jamielennox> maybe the solution for now though is just a big comment to remove this before api stability
19:07:59 <briancurtin> im fine with that, or moving it to common for examples
19:09:35 <terrylhowe> ok, a comment would be convenient for now because that code is kind of convenient at the moment
19:09:43 <briancurtin> works for me
19:10:14 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105728/ -- full flavor CRUD
19:10:32 <briancurtin> i reviewed this earlier and +2ed it a bit ago. seemed straightforward to me
19:11:47 <jamielennox> looks good to me, just haven't had a chance to point it at a real server
19:11:53 <jamielennox> +A
19:12:34 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104987/ -- swift resource
19:13:03 <briancurtin> this isn't 100% because i need to go back and figure out Container.list - i had a hack in a previous patch set that i refactored out, but broke it
19:14:09 <jamielennox> is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104987/9/openstack/object_store/v1/container.py and having to do .existing() becoming a pattern?
19:14:17 <jamielennox> :61
19:14:23 <terrylhowe> I just got back from holiday and I haven’t had a chance to try it out
19:16:26 <briancurtin> jamielennox: yeah, i think we'll have to do that in a bunch of other places
19:17:07 <jamielennox> briancurtin: it's not terrible, but it feels like something is broken there
19:18:15 <briancurtin> jamielennox: as in i should do something else to create those objects, or that we should construct Resource differently?
19:19:18 <jamielennox> briancurtin: i don't know, just normally the output from a .list() is already a resource and i was wondering why it's returning data that needs to be constructed to a resource
19:20:10 <jamielennox> as in that loop, why isn't it just for obj in resp: obj.name = self.name
19:20:15 <jamielennox> return resp
19:20:29 <jamielennox> ah, obj.container = self.name
19:20:36 <terrylhowe> maybe the method should be called something else because I would think the list method on a container would return containers
19:21:12 <jamielennox> oh, right
19:21:24 <jamielennox> yea, terrylhowe i agree
19:21:25 <briancurtin> terrylhowe: that was one thing that made me think a bit. the account calls give containers, teh container calls give objects
19:21:40 <briancurtin> so right now they nest, but i guess they really shouldnt
19:22:04 <terrylhowe> swift is odd
19:22:32 <jamielennox> ++
19:24:07 <briancurtin> so if Container.list should list the containers on an account, should i then make Object.list take a container from which to list?
19:24:44 <briancurtin> also, where does that leave the list call on Account, which currently gives the containers?
19:24:56 <briancurtin> ...and yes, very odd
19:24:58 <terrylhowe> maybe we should just hide account
19:25:17 <terrylhowe> I’d really have to mess with it to form any meaningful opinion though
19:25:25 <briancurtin> i'll take a look at hiding it
19:25:37 <jamielennox> i don't know the swift api well enough to comment
19:26:04 <briancurtin> it made sense while building it to make it nested or cascading, like it currently is, but i'll give what we just talked about a shot
19:26:21 <jamielennox> but maybe this is one where you set list = False and then do container.get_objects() or something
19:27:11 <briancurtin> shouldn't be too hard to put together a few competing ones now that i've hacked through this current one
19:27:52 <terrylhowe> sounds good
19:28:50 <briancurtin> dean wanted to talk about lower level APIs, but i dont remember anything other than him saying "i want to talk about low level APIs"
19:29:38 <briancurtin> other than that, anything else on the table right now?
19:30:21 <terrylhowe> nothing here
19:30:25 <jamielennox> nope
19:31:13 <briancurtin> #endmeeting