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19:00:53 <terrylhowe> o/
19:01:01 <briancurtin> etoews: you around?
19:01:10 <etoews> o/
19:02:16 <briancurtin> as etoews mentioned on the email, it would be nice to figure out what changes currently in gerrit we need to be focused on. there’s a bunch on there that aren’t tied to launchpad issues
19:02:55 <briancurtin> and since i think we have a nice list of them on launchpad isolated from everything else with the 1.0 milestone, it’d probably be nice to match things up to ot
19:02:58 <briancurtin> *to it
19:03:02 <etoews> the patch set queue needs a thorough scrubbing
19:04:17 <etoews> start from the bottom?
19:04:39 <briancurtin> before we dig in, terrylhowe anything you want to cover before this?
19:05:07 <etoews> ya. this should be the last thing we do as it will probably eat up all the time.
19:05:07 <terrylhowe> not really, just trying to rebase the ksa patch this morning between everything
19:05:16 <terrylhowe> I got everything working this morning
19:05:32 <briancurtin> i don’t have anything to add either, just working through LP, so getting gerrit cleaned up is good
19:05:35 <etoews> can you give this a look terrylhowe ? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241446/
19:06:20 <briancurtin> however, before we start, I’m guessing we probably just want to be tying changes to LP, and moving things to workflow-1 that we don’t want to be messing with…right?
19:07:15 <etoews> i'm also okay with clicking the abandon button :)
19:07:26 <terrylhowe> I’m pretty much fine with clean up of examples, I’m just not in the mood to merge anything that might mess up ksa because I haven’t had any time lately
19:07:28 <briancurtin> yeah I’m just doing some quick abandons right now on my own
19:07:50 <terrylhowe> although examples shouldn’t be messed with for ksa
19:08:04 <terrylhowe> I still wonder why our functional tests are failing too
19:08:25 <briancurtin> terrylhowe: yeah i was going to stop and look at functional tests as well so we can get those back on track. will probably do that after the meeting
19:09:04 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190551/
19:09:41 <briancurtin> add suspend/resume actions to heat — needs functional tests, but should we just push this off?
19:11:08 <briancurtin> actually, this change brings up another thing: we have a bunch of places like this where there are ‘actions’ on a resource, but they’re not exposed on the proxy, so they’re not really complete when it comes to the target user (someone we’re not expecting to dive into the resource layer, keep their session around, etc)
19:11:30 <terrylhowe> hmm, good point
19:11:38 <etoews> considering there hasn't been any updates since the original patch set...yes.
19:11:39 <briancurtin> in cases like this, i think we should probably just hold off until post-1.0 and make the change more well rounded
19:12:11 <briancurtin> there’s probably a lot of these action things that are not totally exposed. i remember a bunch on Server
19:14:58 <etoews> regarding actions...this just merged https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239253/
19:15:35 <briancurtin> yeah that was on my todo list to look at
19:15:41 <etoews> too late!
19:16:45 <briancurtin> i pushed this heat suspend/resume to -2/w-1
19:17:06 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/195320/
19:17:31 <briancurtin> needs a rebase, could be quick. terrylhowe any thoughts?
19:18:53 <terrylhowe> anything profile related is going to mess up ksa briancurtin I need to look at it again, but I thought all those methods would just go away
19:19:47 <briancurtin> good enough. i can abandon it. easy enough to revive if it still ends up being valuable
19:19:54 <terrylhowe> I mean should we support this notion of all?  I’m not sure.
19:20:01 <terrylhowe> Leave it up for sure
19:20:54 <briancurtin> terrylhowe: i’m not sure what you mean on the first message
19:22:46 <terrylhowe> briancurtin: nevermind, I think these set methods might be valuable.  I just had a note to investigate if we should keep them for some reason
19:23:10 <terrylhowe> We were just using them in examples which etoews change will get rid of
19:24:12 <briancurtin> on these we could in theory be using them anywhere. i currently have another issue with the set_version not setting the right version to where you get the wrong identity client (or you can’t get v3 at all, can’t remember off the top of my head)
19:24:46 <briancurtin> that’s less of a profile issue and more of a service_filter issue, but that too will change from what i can tell in KSA, right?
19:25:06 <etoews> so merge https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241446/ then abandon https://review.openstack.org/#/c/195320/ ?
19:25:52 <briancurtin> etoews: i don’t know how those two are related
19:26:10 <briancurtin> the latter is just refactoring a class we at least currently do need
19:27:09 <etoews> just going off of terry's comment that we were just using them in examples (that are removed in the former)
19:27:28 <etoews> but if they're used more broadly then we'll need them
19:27:45 <terrylhowe> keep them both, they are both good I think
19:28:09 <etoews> keep both what exactly?
19:28:52 <etoews> merge them both?
19:29:16 <briancurtin> we agree about the 195320 one still being useful, so let’s shift to the other
19:29:23 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241446/
19:29:37 <briancurtin> currently +2 from qiming and myself
19:29:50 <etoews> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-openstacksdk/+bug/1487269
19:29:50 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1487269 in OpenStack SDK "Simplify the examples and make them more specific" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Everett Toews (everett-toews)
19:33:46 <briancurtin> terry just sent that one on, so next
19:34:52 <briancurtin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/188452/ is next and is mine, just needs to be refreshed. object_store metadata is currently weird/incomplete/requires working with the resource layer
19:35:28 <briancurtin> there’s an LP issue that pushes off custom metadata to 1.1 which is separate
19:36:26 <briancurtin> #topic https://review.openstack.org/#/c/212336/
19:37:12 <briancurtin> "Fix flavor find interface function” - this might have been fixed in the last round of find changes, i’ll try to take a look at running this after the meeting
19:37:56 <briancurtin> i’m fairly certain that probably isn’t needed, though
19:38:46 <briancurtin> hah, just abandoned an object_store upload/download change i had done in august...
19:38:59 <briancurtin> (we merged the same change a few days ago)
19:39:32 <briancurtin> and now comes a bunch of path_args related changes, so should probably just talk about that generally first
19:39:38 <briancurtin> #topics what to do with path_args
19:40:21 <terrylhowe> they work, but complicated
19:40:35 <terrylhowe> maybe some brute force approach would be better
19:40:37 <briancurtin> terrylhowe: i know you’ve been focused on KSA. do you think path_args is next and/or is the change you had done to move them to a function pretty much done or needs more work?
19:40:59 <briancurtin> i still need to look back at it and figure something out. it felt a bit odd from what i remember
19:46:17 <etoews> can we abandon these 2 drive by patch sets? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/218175/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/218183/
19:47:43 <briancurtin> we could use the code if done right, so maybe better just as workflow-1 and i can comment on the things it needs to be considered complete
19:48:02 <briancurtin> if the person never comes back, someone can just take the review over i think
19:48:35 <etoews> does qiming's patch set overlap? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/201983/
19:49:58 <briancurtin> etoews: mostly, but not completely…but qiming is around and active so actually yeah, can just take his as the route forward
19:50:14 <etoews> yes please
19:50:57 <terrylhowe> sounds good
19:51:01 <briancurtin> done
19:51:51 <terrylhowe> 9 minutes
19:51:56 <briancurtin> terrylhowe: have you looked at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/219840/ in a while?
19:52:23 <terrylhowe> that’s all tied in with path args briancurtin
19:52:28 <terrylhowe> haven’t looked at it in a while
19:53:30 <briancurtin> true. overall i like adding something like this does, as clarity around the differences in body values, URI values, header values will be good to have ironed out before we start growing a lot of contributors and more service code
19:53:59 <terrylhowe> yeh, on its own it is fairly simple
19:56:01 <briancurtin> 5 min left, anything else to squeeze in?
19:56:19 <terrylhowe> nothing here
19:57:44 <etoews> i think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242641/ is going to require some updates to the example code and docs but i'll comment over there.
19:58:24 <briancurtin> true, could use a doc update
19:59:15 <briancurtin> thanks everyone
19:59:17 <briancurtin> #endmeeting