19:03:11 <briancurtin> #startmeeting python-openstacksdk
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19:03:31 <briancurtin> there we go, with the right name. rtheis i wanted to start that up so it’s logged for whatever we do talk about
19:03:34 <briancurtin> rtheis: so what’s up
19:03:49 <rtheis> The message/v1/claim.py has a client field
19:04:03 <rtheis> it isn't a resource.prop()
19:04:26 <rtheis> but it is an ID field so I'm wondering if it falls into the bug as an item to change
19:08:47 <terrylhowe> o/
19:09:02 <briancurtin> rtheis: i’ll take a look
19:10:06 <briancurtin> message is weird in general
19:10:45 <rtheis> briancurtin: thank you.
19:11:54 <briancurtin> rtheis: i think both queue and client there should be resource.props and both should have _id — etoews you know anything about message/v1/claim.py
19:12:19 * etoews looks
19:13:06 <etoews> that was some of the first sdk code i wrote + the message api is weird
19:13:26 <etoews> let me see if i can make sense of what i did
19:13:29 <etoews> and why
19:16:14 <etoews> client is weird
19:16:26 <etoews> its a user defined id
19:16:50 <etoews> to identify the unique client that is interacting with the message service
19:17:43 <etoews> clients (in this case the sdk) need to include it with every request
19:18:31 <etoews> these are the "api docs" https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zaqar/specs/api/v1
19:19:31 <briancurtin> etoews: would those things being resource.prop harm anything? ultimately i think no, right?
19:20:02 <rtheis> etoews: do you have time to take the message _id/_ids work since you are more familiar?
19:20:30 <etoews> and i don't think the client id is returned in a response
19:21:35 <etoews> briancurtin: i think being a prop would be okay.
19:22:00 <etoews> rtheis: i wouldn't be able to get to it this week and likely not next week either.
19:22:13 <rtheis> ok, no problem
19:22:56 <etoews> i am around though so ping me with questions.
19:23:17 <rtheis> ok
19:25:21 <etoews> and queue is to claim/message as container is to object
19:26:38 <etoews> briancurtin: regarding your comment here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/275441/10/openstack/object_store/v1/container.py
19:27:45 <etoews> the snippet you showed me depended on stuff that doesn't exist yet?
19:27:45 <etoews> from openstack import resource2
19:27:45 <etoews> from openstack import attribute
19:27:51 <etoews> or am i missing something?
19:33:06 <etoews> briancurtin: ^?
19:33:50 <briancurtin> etoews: it’ll work on resource.prop, the snippet was just using newer things. i’ll drop the example into the review after this
19:34:11 <etoews> k
19:43:36 <etoews> briancurtin: end meeting i guess
19:43:47 <briancurtin> #endmeeting