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17:01:05 <sdague> ok, who's around for the qa meeting?
17:01:11 <mlavalle> me
17:01:13 <mkoderer> Hi!
17:01:17 <ravikumar_hp> hi!
17:01:18 <mtreinish> hi
17:01:37 <sdague> ok, agenda is here - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting
17:01:49 <andreaf> hi
17:02:03 <sdague> #topic Blueprint status
17:02:22 <afazekas> hi
17:02:43 <sdague> I still need to close out H2 and move things out
17:03:06 <ravikumar_hp> i took care my blueprints
17:03:06 * afazekas is still waiting for feedback
17:03:27 <ravikumar_hp> remaining will be finished in H3
17:03:44 <sdague> on anything I need to auto bump I'm going to bump to icehouse, so update to h3 if you think you are really going to be able to make it
17:03:47 <dkranz> afazekas: You mean the leak stuff?
17:03:58 <afazekas> dkranz: yes
17:04:02 <sdague> afazekas: yeh, on which thing?
17:04:21 <afazekas> sdague: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/35516/
17:04:27 <sdague> ok, so I've looked at the patch a little, and it's something I realize I need to take more time to understand
17:04:46 <sdague> do you want to give us a high level view of the approach you are taking? maybe it makes it easier to review
17:05:16 <afazekas> sdague: This is one resion for not making it complete at the first time, I still have minor design things to finalize as well
17:05:19 <sdague> or maybe some sample output of it
17:05:39 <afazekas> sdague: it has the same design as the pep8 checker
17:05:55 <sdague> afazekas: ok, but it's not yet hooked into any base classes right?
17:06:04 <afazekas> You have detectors  wich first records the begining state, and at the and compare it with the final state
17:06:21 <sdague> I guess that's what's made it hard for me to review, as it isn't yet functional
17:06:24 <afazekas> sdague: It is before and after test suite action
17:07:03 <afazekas> after the test runner it can say if something not deleted properly
17:07:12 <afazekas> It can be anything..
17:07:58 <sdague> oh, you get it by another wrapper
17:07:59 <afazekas> I would like to make some trick in the rand_name generation, to be easier to find aout which test case was the responsible
17:08:27 <sdague> what about having it in master setUp and tearDown for base class instead?
17:08:36 <sdague> so that we don't need the wrapper
17:09:18 <sdague> ok, well I'll go put some feedback out there post meeting
17:09:22 <sdague> and we can carry on in qa.
17:09:26 <afazekas> sdague: it would require to query everything, and I have concers with it's performance
17:09:54 <sdague> afazekas: it would be good to see if that was true in practice
17:10:21 <sdague> I would worry about performance later, right now a more integrated prototype is probably useful
17:10:41 <sdague> ok, mtreinish how goes testr?
17:11:06 <mtreinish> so we've had the testr run for a week and I've started working on tracking down some of the race conditions
17:11:19 <afazekas> sdague: I can make a change to be able to run on setUpclass /tearDown class or on tearDown / and setUp as a configure-able plugin
17:11:28 <sdague> afazekas: great
17:11:30 <mtreinish> I've got a fix pending on one in nova with aggregates list (that I need to rework a bit)
17:11:33 <dkranz> afazekas: +1
17:11:57 <sdague> mtreinish: is there a wiki or etherpad page with testr issues we're running after?
17:11:58 <mtreinish> but right now something got merged in nova that broke something with aggregates and availability zones
17:12:10 <mtreinish> and all the testr runs are failing
17:12:26 <mtreinish> sdague: there is https://etherpad.openstack.org/debugging-testr-tempest but I haven't updated it in a bit
17:12:37 <mtreinish> I'll take some time today to update it
17:12:40 <sdague> I think right now getting testr functioning is probably the highest priority team mission, as it's going to let us enable other things like heat
17:12:48 <afazekas> Is it allowed to move one host to two availability_zone ?
17:12:59 <sdague> mtreinish: ok, could you take a little bit of time to do that today?
17:13:16 <sdague> #link current testr issues https://etherpad.openstack.org/debugging-testr-tempest
17:13:22 <mtreinish> sdague: yes I will
17:13:25 <sdague> great
17:13:48 <sdague> #action mtreinish to update testr etherpad with latest status of fails so we can try to get more folks on it
17:14:12 <mtreinish> sdague: but aside from the one that I'm currently fixing the ones listed there are sill active
17:14:38 <mtreinish> so there are 6 other outstanding issues listed there
17:14:43 <sdague> ok, good to know. I'll start poking from my test env today and see if I can help
17:15:01 <mtreinish> plus the az fail that's stopping the job from working
17:15:39 <mtreinish> afazekas: I'm not sure, I haven't looked at things in detail yet
17:16:35 <sdague> maybe we can try to enlist some of the infra guys that did testr conversions other places to help debug the issues
17:16:49 <mtreinish> sdague: sure that sounds like a good idea
17:16:56 <sdague> cool, great
17:17:28 <sdague> ok, I think the last blueprint that we wanted to be sure to talk about was the stress tests
17:17:32 <sdague> mkoderer the floor is yours
17:17:51 <mkoderer> ok so the refactoring is nearly done
17:18:16 <mkoderer> what is left is are unit tests and adding more stress tests
17:18:46 <sdague> cool
17:18:46 <sdague> that's coming right along
17:19:01 <mkoderer> I am currently quite busy .. so I hope I have something starting next week
17:19:19 <mkoderer> and.. I registered a talk for the Summit about the new framework
17:19:21 <afazekas> http://docs.python.org/2/library/fcntl.html#fcntl.flock a lock type which can work if we need to force something to be serialized
17:19:51 <sdague> mkoderer: cool
17:20:04 <mkoderer> I want to present the new framework with some real life test cases
17:20:13 <dkranz> mkoderer: By unit test do you mean something that runs in tempest to make sure the stress scenarios work?
17:20:26 <dkranz> mkoderer: But without stress.
17:20:33 <mkoderer> dkranz: yes something like that
17:20:37 <mkoderer> a sanity check
17:20:53 <dkranz> mkoderer: I put a suggestion in one of the reviews
17:20:54 <sdague> dkranz: yes, we were chatting in the review and it occurred to me that we really should have some sanity check on checkin to make sure we didn't land broken python code
17:21:03 <mkoderer> dkranz: that would be great
17:21:07 <dkranz> sdague: Definitely.
17:21:19 <dkranz> sdague: I basically suggested running each of them once.
17:21:39 <mkoderer> this could be a good and easy solution
17:21:39 <dkranz> sdague: Cleanup is the issue.
17:22:00 <sdague> dkranz: ok, well we should try to structure for that case
17:22:16 <mkoderer> dkranz: or we can add a NOOP action just to check the framework itself
17:22:26 <sdague> but I like the idea of one run only
17:22:36 <sdague> that could go into the normal gate runs then
17:22:38 <dkranz> mkoderer: Yes, but it is new cases that may be submitted not working
17:22:46 <mkoderer> sdague: sure this covers even more
17:22:59 <dkranz> sounds like a plan
17:23:03 <sdague> great
17:23:04 <mkoderer> yes let's to that!
17:23:40 <sdague> #action mkoderer and the stress test folks to make it easy to run once through only for gating purposes
17:23:45 <sdague> very cool
17:23:51 <sdague> ok, next agenda topic
17:24:04 <sdague> #topic WebDav status codes in nova? Consistently using the 404 or 422 on actions.
17:24:15 <sdague> so that one I actually threw to the -dev mailing list
17:24:26 <sdague> as I think we need more broad input than just us
17:24:27 <afazekas> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1204999
17:24:28 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1204999 in nova "422 HTTP status code on several actions" [Undecided,New]
17:24:53 <sdague> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2013-July/012519.html
17:25:00 <sdague> I would encourage us to discuss it there
17:25:34 <sdague> so I'm going to jump from that topic quickly, and say lets do it on the list
17:25:53 <sdague> #topic Adding test cases with skip attribute vote? Exact rule (afazekas)
17:25:55 <afazekas> sdague:  IMHO it not just WebDav code, but in this case it is not the correct cde anyway
17:26:15 <sdague> well it's only in the webdav rfc
17:26:24 <sdague> but anyway, lets do it on the list
17:26:33 <sdague> afazekas: you're up next on the skip topic
17:26:56 <afazekas> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/35487/
17:27:14 <sdague> ok
17:27:39 <afazekas> The current Hacking.rst just forbids the changes which contains only skipped test cases
17:27:55 <afazekas> IMHO this is a good policy
17:27:59 <sdague> so the rationale behind why we don't want to land skipped tests is that the test itself is then never tested before it's in the tree
17:28:12 <ravikumar_hp> This submission has some tests that are not skipped .I will vote for adding tests with skip .
17:28:29 <mtreinish> yeah, I've had to go through and fix really broken tests before when I went to remove the skips
17:28:36 <sdague> I don't want to land non tested code in the tree
17:28:39 <ravikumar_hp> It is really hard to come back later to add those tests .
17:28:54 <sdague> so we should change the wording to we don't land any skipped tests
17:29:02 <afazekas> The never run was happened with several keystone change, because nobody wanted to fix it
17:29:18 <sdague> ravikumar_hp: it's easily breakupable into a patch with only working tests, and a different one
17:29:21 <afazekas> but in this case it is just config option, and AFAIK it will be default in neutron anyway
17:30:14 <afazekas> Unfortunately in neutron it is not as easy https://review.openstack.org/#/c/38591/ as in devstack https://review.openstack.org/#/c/38267/
17:30:17 <sdague> so I remain -1, and am verging on -2 because I'm not comfortable landing never tested code in the tree
17:31:07 <sdague> afazekas: ok, that's all that's needed there? Is there a reason quotas are off by default in neutron?
17:31:10 <ravikumar_hp> sdague: yes. that makes sense
17:31:36 <mkoderer> drawback of not accepting skipped tests in general is that you lose potential test coverage...
17:31:40 <ravikumar_hp> sdague: when we remove skip , those tests could break ..
17:32:04 <sdague> mkoderer: we've had tests that are skipped for over a year
17:32:22 <afazekas> sdague: I do not know about any other reason than , difficult to convince the unit tests to be default..
17:32:25 <mkoderer> would it be possible to put them into a seperate branch?
17:32:36 <sdague> mkoderer: we don't really work with branches well
17:32:38 <mkoderer> sdague: I see I don't know the history.. I am new ;)
17:32:43 <dkranz> sdague: I think this is a grey area that is not well served by a simple rule for acceptance.
17:32:58 <sdague> it does occur to me that maybe we should timestamp when a test is skipped, so we know how old it is
17:33:27 <sdague> and after a certain time say people need to fix them, or we dump them, because they are bitrotting a lot when skipped
17:33:32 <mkoderer> a timestamp in the code? or a script that checks it?
17:33:37 <dkranz> sdague: That works for me.
17:33:51 <sdague> in the code, make it another param on the skip bug
17:33:51 <mkoderer> sdague: sounds logical
17:33:52 <afazekas> dkranz: the git can tell it by 2-3 combined commands
17:34:17 <sdague> dkranz: landing a skipped test doesn't seem grey to me
17:34:25 <sdague> it means we put code in the tree that didn't get run
17:34:39 <sdague> that's a no no in my book
17:34:53 <dkranz> sdague: Yes, but if we reject it maybe no one will add it and we won't have it.
17:35:01 <dkranz> sdague: It can be a fail either way.
17:35:09 <sdague> dkranz: but it's not like we have it when it's skipped :)
17:35:16 <afazekas> sdague: basically all neutron job is non voting now, so they can run an fail:)
17:35:17 <mkoderer> dkranz: I agree to this
17:35:49 <dkranz> sdague: I think we just need to be more diligent about unskipping tests, perhaps by putting a reminder on whatever action is needed to unskip.
17:36:09 <sdague> yeh, we have the skip tracker, a run on that is probably a good idea
17:36:34 <mtreinish> the skip tracker will tell you which bugs we skip have been closed
17:36:37 <dkranz> sdague: we can run that once a week and send the output to the list or something to pester people :)
17:36:46 <mtreinish> but unskipping things is still very manual
17:36:49 <mtreinish> because of bit rot
17:36:53 <afazekas> Can we extend the skip tracker to show skip ages based on git history ?
17:37:39 <mtreinish> afazekas: that can be tricky because what happens if there is a code refactor that moves things around
17:37:40 <sdague> afazekas: I don't know, that's why I'd rather anotate the skips
17:37:42 <mtreinish> or a whitespace change
17:37:48 <mkoderer> mtreinish: if you want to do this automatically you need to check the bugtracker
17:37:49 <sdague> we can seed them with git values
17:37:50 <afazekas> mtreinish: restoring a change and rebasing is also manual
17:37:59 <sdague> mkoderer: we have a script that does that
17:38:03 <mtreinish> mkoderer: we have a script in tools that does that
17:38:09 <mkoderer> ;) ok ok
17:38:16 <mtreinish> mkoderer: https://github.com/openstack/tempest/blob/master/tools/skip_tracker.py
17:38:38 <mkoderer> cool
17:38:44 <sdague> we have 4 that should be fixed
17:38:53 <sdague> The following bugs have been fixed and the corresponding skips
17:38:53 <sdague> should be removed from the test cases:
17:38:53 <sdague> ()
17:38:53 <sdague> 1072318
17:38:54 <sdague> 1074908
17:38:55 <sdague> 1080406
17:38:56 <sdague> 1170718
17:39:05 <sdague> so that's easy patches for someone... maybe :)
17:39:18 <sdague> ok, well only 20 minutes left, so lets move on
17:39:32 <sdague> #topic py26 compatibility (afazekas)
17:40:08 <afazekas> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/38284/
17:41:17 <afazekas> IMHO it is small/simple enough patch for letting tempest running with py26 without skip issues
17:41:50 <sdague> ok, I think I'm fine with that. We'll probably have to revisit once we drop nose as test-requires
17:42:01 <mtreinish> afazekas: that's probably fine. But, I personally don't feel py26 compatibility is something that is very important for tempest.
17:42:03 <dkranz> sdague: Sure.
17:42:18 <sdague> dkranz / mtreinish: can you just take a look as well
17:42:31 <dkranz> Yup
17:42:50 <mtreinish> dkranz: sure
17:43:00 <dkranz> mtreinish: I wish it were not important for OpenStack at all but we are not there yet.
17:43:19 <sdague> I do think we probably need to rethink py26 compat for icehouse, because py26 will stop having security updates
17:43:20 <mtreinish> dkranz: we can lead the pack
17:43:33 <sdague> and I assume the software channel stuff for rhel will be ga by then
17:43:49 <dkranz> mtreinish: You'll have to lend me a nomex suit.
17:44:04 <dkranz> sdague: I hope so.
17:44:08 <sdague> dkranz / afazekas do you know if red hat's going to be ok with dropping 2.6 once the software channel stuff is GA?
17:44:16 <sdague> I realize it's only beta now
17:44:45 <dkranz> sdague: Let me find out.
17:44:52 <sdague> it would be nice to know, because I'm sure we're going to get asked about python 3 compat soon :)
17:45:13 <dkranz> sdague: Yes, this really sucks.
17:45:13 <sdague> and 2.6 vs. 3 isn't pretty
17:45:24 <sdague> cool, thanks dkranz
17:45:56 <sdague> #topic Consistent reviewing (afazekas)
17:46:03 <sdague> afazekas: the floor is yours again
17:46:29 <afazekas> sdague: we have too many open reviews, what can we do to make the marge process faster and simpler ?
17:47:30 <afazekas> IMHO one thing what we can do, is documenting the exact expectations about what patch can be merged. And we should be less nit picky some times :)
17:47:50 <mtreinish> afazekas: 30 nonWIP reviews really isn't that much
17:47:51 <sdague> so we only have 35 open reviews, which is 10% of the nova queue :)
17:47:56 <sdague> yeh
17:48:17 <sdague> I agree that in reviews we should give people as specific of feedback as possible
17:48:26 <afazekas> mtreinish: in tempest scale it is very much
17:48:28 <dkranz> sdague: I don't think what nova does is really relevant.
17:48:50 <sdague> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+-Verified-1+-CodeReview-1+-CodeReview-2+(project:openstack-dev/grenade+OR+project:openstack/tempest),n,z
17:48:53 <dkranz> sdague: The problem is that people can work downstream much faster and we don't want people to work downstream.
17:48:59 <sdague> we only have 19 without negative feedback on them
17:49:06 <sdague> 18 if you remove wip
17:49:21 <kashyap> Maybe this would be useful doc to keep handy when reviewing:
17:49:22 <kashyap> #link  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GitCommitMessages
17:49:50 <sdague> and I do think it's ok to be picky some times, I was -1ing a lot of patches that were doing cleanup incorrectly
17:49:54 <afazekas> kashyap: I very rare read the commit message :)
17:50:05 <sdague> afazekas: the commit message is important :)
17:50:06 <dkranz> sdague: That is not nitpicking.
17:50:07 <afazekas> kashyap: I very rarely read the commit message :)
17:50:10 <kashyap> afazekas, I always browse git commit logs
17:50:29 <kashyap> andreaf, it's really important to have all the information right there (without having to click bugs, etc)
17:50:37 <kashyap> (Oops, didn't mean to prompt him)
17:50:50 <sdague> kashyap: +1
17:51:08 <kashyap> afazekas, The above document is written by danpb, after experience with a lot of communities like Kernel/KVM, QEMU, Libvirt.
17:51:21 <dkranz> I think the biggest issue is turnaround time.
17:51:21 <kashyap> andreaf, I certainly learnt a lot from it (while I'm still new here).
17:51:45 <kashyap> Darn, I keep prompting him (Sorry, again). :(
17:51:49 <dkranz> If turnaround was fast, having to resubmit for a nitpick would not be as much of a problem.
17:52:08 <mtreinish> kashyap: its a good doc I often point people to it
17:52:19 <sdague> dkranz: that's fair, I think it's also fair that if you see patches that others should take a look at, drop it in #openstack-qa
17:52:52 <sdague> I just figured out how to do the enhanced queries, so that "no negative feedback" query is useful
17:53:01 <dkranz> sdague: If we are all ok with being pinged for reviews on-demand than that would work.
17:53:11 <dkranz> sdague: Within reason of course.
17:53:18 <sdague> dkranz: as long as it's on #openstack-qa
17:53:26 <dkranz> sdague: Of course.
17:53:33 <sdague> and only once a day per review, some times people ping everyone every hour
17:53:38 <sdague> that's no good
17:53:46 <kashyap> mtreinish, True.
17:53:50 <mtreinish> sdague: I think -dev would be fine too
17:53:56 <sdague> sure -dev is fine as well
17:54:06 <sdague> -qa has a captive audience though
17:54:07 <dkranz> sdague: We could also drop the review-by-more-than-one-company policy for a -1 that says I'm +2 after this nitpick is addressed.
17:54:26 <sdague> dkranz: yeh, it's only a guideline, if people think it was fixed that's cool
17:54:33 <dkranz> sdague: +1
17:54:52 <dkranz> sdague: OK, let's give this a try
17:55:01 <afazekas> what about considering 3 times +1 as a +2 ?
17:55:09 <sdague> afazekas: no
17:55:11 <mtreinish> afazekas: no
17:55:18 <dkranz> afazekas: no :)
17:55:24 <afazekas> :)
17:55:26 <sdague> we have lots of people that put +1s on things
17:55:41 <dkranz> sdague: one or two more core reviewers wouldn
17:55:46 <sdague> by having +2 it means there is trust in your judgement
17:55:47 <dkranz> t hurt of course.
17:56:05 <sdague> dkranz: yeh, let me run the numbers again, i think some folks were coming up the ranks on reviews
17:56:18 <sdague> I was planning to see if we had good folks to propose next week
17:56:25 <dkranz> sdague: Great!
17:56:46 <mkoderer> what numbers count to become a core reviewer?
17:56:47 <sdague> I would also encourage folks to use this review query - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+-Verified-1+-CodeReview-1+-CodeReview-2+(project:openstack-dev/grenade+OR+project:openstack/tempest),n,z
17:56:52 <mkoderer> just number of reviews?
17:56:56 <sdague> mkoderer: reviews
17:57:01 <mkoderer> ok
17:57:06 <sdague> but we also want to see judgement
17:57:12 <sdague> so correctly -1ing stuff
17:57:26 <mtreinish> mkoderer: yeah its not just quantity but quality too
17:57:47 <sdague> because once you are core, you can approve, and we want to trust that the core members have good judgement in what they keep out of the tree
17:58:09 <dkranz> sdague: three minutes for slow test...
17:58:10 <sdague> that review query is the no negative feedback one, and there is no reason that shouldn't be a very short list
17:58:17 <sdague> right
17:58:30 <jog0> sdague: one thing i found useful was to look for open and approved patches
17:58:35 <sdague> #topic Separate heat job and slow tests in general (dkranz)
17:58:36 <jog0> something that got borked in a rebase
17:58:48 <dkranz> any one object to marking tests slow, skipping in full tempest, and having other gate jobs select the tests they want to run
17:58:54 <sdague> jog0: well that doesn't actually filter -2, so those would be in that list
17:59:05 <jog0> sdague: see https://github.com/openstack-infra/reviewstats/blob/master/openapproved.py
17:59:41 <sdague> dkranz: so right now we just have the twin volume test that's > 60s
17:59:42 <jog0> sdague: at least in nova we sometimes don't require to +2s for a trivial rebase of something already approved
17:59:45 <dkranz> I sent an email to the list about that.
17:59:54 <sdague> dkranz: yeh, lets do it on the list
17:59:56 <dkranz> sdague: heat?
18:00:02 <dkranz> sdague: ceilometer is coming
18:00:03 <sdague> well heat is a special case
18:00:15 <sdague> and I think heat should be it's own gate job
18:00:22 <dkranz> sdague: Only at the moment
18:00:28 <sdague> I think ceilo is going to just augment the other tests
18:00:32 <dkranz> sdague: Right, that's what we said.
18:00:45 <dkranz> sdague: about ceilo remains to be seen
18:00:50 <sdague> so I'd be practical now and start with just heat as a seperate job
18:00:56 <sdague> and see if we need a different solution later
18:01:00 <dkranz> sdague: That's what i was going to do
18:01:08 <sdague> ok, I'm cool with that
18:01:09 <dkranz> But we need to skip the tests for that job in the main gate
18:01:17 <dkranz> I propose to do that by marking them slow
18:01:22 <sdague> ok
18:01:25 <sdague> lets try that way
18:01:31 <dkranz> So be it.
18:01:32 <mtreinish> dkranz: just start the service tagging blueprint
18:01:35 <mtreinish> tag them as heat
18:01:46 <mtreinish> same net effect at first
18:01:46 <bdpayne> looks like it's time for the OSSG meeting… I'll wait for the previous one to wrap up
18:01:56 <dkranz> mtreinish: Let's move to qa channel
18:01:59 <mtreinish> dkranz: ok
18:02:01 <sdague> bdpayne: yep, I'll wrap us up now
18:02:08 <sdague> ok, thanks folks, our time is up
18:02:12 <sdague> #endmeeting