17:03:48 <dkranz> #startmeeting qa
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17:04:15 <mkoderer> aha dkranz you run the meeting
17:04:46 <dkranz> Yes, Matt wasn't sure he could make it.
17:04:50 <dkranz> So who is here today?
17:04:57 <malini> o/
17:05:00 <mkoderer> o/
17:05:01 <giulivo> me too
17:05:05 <andreaf> Hi I'm here but I may have to leave soon
17:05:20 <agordeev1> o/
17:05:24 <dkranz> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting
17:05:34 <dkranz> Agenda
17:06:12 <dkranz> So blueprints is first
17:06:32 <dkranz> andreaf: Since you need to leave, is there anything specific from you?
17:07:44 <dkranz> ok, next up is negative tests
17:07:48 <giulivo> dkranz, on the blueprints, to avoid them growing again out of control, I propose everyone to approve those which have been already discussed
17:07:58 <dkranz> mkoderer: Do you want to give an update?
17:08:15 <mkoderer> dkranz: yes y not
17:08:16 <dkranz> giulivo: ok
17:08:38 <dkranz> giulivo: I think sdague would say we just want to approve those that will actually be worked on now.
17:09:00 <mkoderer> the first patch for the negative test blueprint will be ready for review tomorrow
17:09:32 <mkoderer> IMHO we have all the necessary features in there
17:09:45 <dkranz> mkoderer: I agree
17:09:59 <dkranz> mkoderer: We don't want feature creep before the first real submission
17:10:15 <dkranz> mkoderer: I think it strikes the right balance now
17:10:37 <dkranz> So we can send an email to the qa list when it is ready
17:10:50 <mkoderer> ok let's do it that way
17:10:55 <dkranz> Any comments about negative test strategy?
17:11:15 <afazekas> positive nagetive tests? :) https://review.openstack.org/#/c/65626/1/tempest/api/compute/admin/test_flavors.py
17:11:49 <mkoderer> positive negative test? what? ;)
17:12:16 <dkranz> afazekas: I'm missing something that you meant by pointing to that review ?
17:12:27 <afazekas> I saw sever patches which uses different type than we normally use.
17:12:53 <dkranz> afazekas: I think that is testing that both int and string work as flavors
17:12:56 <afazekas> Lot of new test case can be created If we really want to test thease int string things
17:13:22 <dkranz> afazekas: Let's not then.
17:13:42 <mkoderer> I mean the framework the we build could be used for positive tests as well..
17:14:06 <dkranz> mkoderer: Yes, but only a limited kind
17:14:22 <dkranz> But I don't think we should go there right now.
17:14:27 <dkranz> Anything else on negative?
17:14:28 <mkoderer> dkranz: that right.. and for me this is something that we can do later
17:14:44 <mkoderer> no not from me
17:15:11 <dkranz> rahmu: Config verification status/discussion
17:15:41 <dkranz> rahmu: We may need to push this til next week because mtreinish is not here. Or is this a different issue?
17:16:24 <dkranz> rahmu: You there?
17:17:14 <dkranz> rahmu also has the "six" issue so I guess we need to wait for him (her?)
17:17:35 <dkranz> #topic Critical / High bug review
17:17:49 <dkranz> Any bugs we need to deal with?
17:18:43 <dkranz> We are back to 20 or so New bugs
17:19:27 <dkranz> malini: marconi?
17:19:34 <malini> sure
17:19:36 <dkranz> #topic marconi testing
17:19:48 <malini> Just to give everybody some background, Marconi (a.k.a Queueing) is currently in incubation & we are steadily moving towards completing our graduation requirements.
17:20:10 <malini> I am working on adding Tempest tests & have some patches already
17:20:25 <malini> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/add-basic-marconi-tests,n,z
17:20:35 <malini> I would like some reviews on these
17:20:42 <dkranz> afazekas: You gave a +1 to the tempest patch
17:20:50 <malini> & Also feedback on stuff that we need to get done to graduate
17:20:58 <malini> yess..Thanks afazekas again :)
17:21:25 <mkoderer> malini: I can have look, could you simply add me to the reviewers list?
17:21:30 <malini> sure !
17:21:32 <mkoderer> easier for me to find them
17:21:33 <afazekas> dkranz: it will +2, when the other parts are merged
17:21:34 <malini> thanks mkoderer
17:21:48 <dkranz> afazekas: ok, great
17:21:54 <malini> afazekas: anything I can do to get the other parts merged?
17:22:14 <dkranz> malini: You need to talk to the folks who have approval rights on those projects
17:22:37 <dkranz> malini: which is basically the infra team
17:22:53 <malini> dkranz: thanks! I'll ping in #openstack-infra
17:22:54 <afazekas> malini: try to ping core reviews on the other projects at he #openstack-infra
17:23:09 <dkranz> malini: Great
17:23:10 <malini> I am planning to add the basic api tests to tempest
17:23:16 <malini> Is that sufficient to graduate?
17:23:25 <dkranz> malini: No
17:23:36 <dkranz> malini: THere are a whole bunch of other issues
17:24:10 <malini> dkranz: can I get some pointers on the other stuff?
17:24:16 <mkoderer> dkranz: do we have it somewhere documented what is needed?
17:24:29 <dkranz> malini: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/IncubationUpdate2013
17:24:48 <dkranz> malini: I am not sure that is completely up to date
17:25:27 <malini> This is our current plan https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/graduation
17:25:50 <malini> But I am looking specifically for tempest specific stuff
17:26:30 <malini> Did I sacre everybody away?
17:26:34 <dkranz> malini: I think having tempest tests that actually run somehow is all that is needed but I don't know about how comprehensive they have to be
17:26:34 <malini> scare*
17:27:00 <dkranz> malini: You need to take that up with the technical committee I think
17:27:37 <malini> dkranz: ok..I was under the impression that somebidy here would have a say on the tempest part of it
17:27:57 <dkranz> malini: An opinion perhaps
17:28:13 <malini> sure dkranz!
17:28:17 <dkranz> malini: You should look at the coverage of the other projects to get an idea
17:28:21 <malini> I am looking for all the opinions I can get
17:28:38 <dkranz> malini: But dont look at heat of ceilometer
17:28:51 <malini> ok :)
17:28:51 <dkranz> malini: They were graduated before there was a tempest requirement
17:29:25 <malini> which would be a good one ?
17:29:36 <dkranz> malini: Perhaps glance
17:29:44 <dkranz> malini: Since it is relatively small
17:29:50 <malini> ok..
17:29:55 <dkranz> agordeev1: ironic testing
17:30:03 <dkranz> #topic ironic testing
17:30:05 <agordeev1> hi
17:30:44 <agordeev1> just want to highlight the theme of ironic functional testing
17:30:53 <dkranz> agordeev1: ok, go ahead
17:31:45 <dkranz> agordeev1: You there?
17:31:49 <agordeev1> the infra/qa guys suggested the way of testing. But i'm not sure if it is the best way to do that
17:32:02 <agordeev1> so, we introduced the alternative way
17:32:13 <agordeev1> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/64420/ and partially implemented it
17:32:44 <agordeev1> also started a discussion on mailing list
17:32:58 <dkranz> agordeev1: I saw that discussion
17:33:15 <dkranz> agordeev1: I didn't see a negative response to your suggestion
17:35:01 <agordeev1> thanks for paying attention to it
17:35:03 <dkranz> agordeev1: I guess that patch will get reviewed
17:35:20 <dkranz> agordeev1: Have you gotten any negative feed back?
17:35:43 <agordeev1> i hope for now we have a time to disccuss the solution and choose the right way
17:36:01 <agordeev1> dkranz: no, there is no feedback at all. Only a comment from devananda
17:36:40 <dkranz> afazekas: Do you have any comment about this?
17:37:18 * afazekas reading the patch
17:37:59 <dkranz> I don't have a strong opinion about this
17:39:19 <vponomaryov> git status
17:39:28 <vponomaryov> sorry, missed
17:39:38 <dkranz> vponomaryov: ??
17:41:06 <agordeev1> i'm hoping of getting more feedback/comments for the next meeting. For now, thank you for letting me to highlight this topic here :)
17:41:11 * afazekas may be the driver calls could be config option ..
17:42:36 <dkranz> agordeev1: ok, there are a lot of people not here today due to neutron/tempest Montreal thing
17:42:37 * IgorYozhikov is now away: went away...
17:43:02 <dkranz> #topic Criical reviews
17:43:09 <dkranz> Critical
17:43:45 <dkranz> We should continue to watch for heat and ceilometer patches though I don't believe there are any in need of attention right now
17:44:48 <dkranz> #topic Open Discussion
17:44:58 <dkranz> Any one have anything else to discuss?
17:45:43 <vponomaryov> dkranz: one thing
17:45:48 <dkranz> vponomaryov: Yes
17:46:07 <vponomaryov> On previous meeting, we have discussed refactoring of rest-client https://review.openstack.org/#/c/62923/
17:46:34 <vponomaryov> and we came to the next: add unittests and only one patch
17:47:04 <vponomaryov> unittests has been added, and its waiting for review
17:47:37 <dkranz> vponomaryov: ok, we should review that
17:47:43 <dkranz> vponomaryov: Thanks
17:47:56 <vponomaryov> dkranz: ok, thanks
17:48:13 <dkranz> Anything else?
17:48:37 <rahmu> dkranz: hey, sorry I was in a work meeting
17:48:48 <rahmu> is there still time to talk about the use-six blueprint?
17:48:51 <dkranz> rahmu: ok, you had two issues
17:48:55 <dkranz> rahmu: Go ahea
17:49:36 <rahmu> I thought we could start preparing for an eventual python 3 migration
17:49:48 <rahmu> by including the Six library as much as we can
17:49:58 <rahmu> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/six/1.1.0
17:50:06 <rahmu> other projects are already doing that
17:50:30 <rahmu> I wrote a blueprint to track this: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tempest/+spec/use-six
17:50:45 <rahmu> I don't know if the topic has already been discussed in the QA team
17:50:50 <rahmu> what do you guys think about it?
17:51:27 <dkranz> rahmu: We need to look at that. I am not familiar with it and am not sure how much code would need to change.
17:52:01 <rahmu> okay
17:52:25 <rahmu> briefly, six will do runtime detection of the python version
17:52:55 <rahmu> and will replace something like six.iteritems(mydict) with mydict.iteritems() in python 2 and mydict.items() in python 3
17:53:03 <rahmu> this is how the lib works for the most part
17:53:22 <rahmu> we can see here the other projects tracking this effort: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Python3
17:54:04 <rahmu> dkranz: any idea when would be the best time to bring this idea up?
17:54:48 <dkranz> rahmu: I suggest a mailing list discussion
17:54:59 <rahmu> dkranz: okay will do
17:55:13 <mkoderer> rahmu: otherwise we can discuss it on the next summit
17:55:36 <mkoderer> I have doubts that we get py3 support for this release
17:55:43 <dkranz> Yes, you can propose it as a session when the session website comes up
17:56:01 <rahmu> mkoderer: yeah sure.
17:56:08 <dkranz> mkoderer: I agree, but have no doubt that we won't
17:56:26 <dkranz> Anything else before we run out of time?
17:57:06 <dkranz> ok, our next meeting will be at 22:00
17:57:10 <dkranz> Thanks, all
17:57:16 <dkranz> #endmeeting