22:02:09 <sdague> #startmeeting qa
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22:02:11 <oomichi> hi
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22:02:34 <sdague> there's dkranz
22:02:48 <dkranz> Who is here today?
22:02:54 <adam_g> o/
22:02:55 <masayukig> o/
22:02:57 <dpaterson> David Paterson
22:03:00 <andreaf_> o/
22:03:02 <sdague> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Proposed_Agenda_for_May_8_2014_.282200_UTC.29
22:03:22 <sdague> dkranz: I just kicked it, but feel free to run it now
22:03:33 <mlavalle> dkranz: I am supporting a desployment to one of the data centes at work. Can I give the Neutron update at the start of the meeting, so I can concentrate at work after that?
22:03:40 <dkranz> sdague: There was something wrong with my connection
22:03:51 <dkranz> mlavalle: Yes, go ahead
22:03:58 <sdague> #topic Neutron Testing
22:04:03 <sdague> go mlavalle
22:04:22 <mlavalle> Of 28 api tests that we are tracking, we h only have 5 more to merge
22:04:36 <mlavalle> the rest have merged, so very good progress on that front
22:05:01 <sdague> nice
22:05:10 <mlavalle> I would like the core team to help us reviewing the following 3, to see if we can merge them soon:
22:05:36 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/83627/
22:05:52 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/67312
22:06:11 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/63723
22:06:35 <sdague> sounds great
22:06:57 <mlavalle> we also have 20 minutes of tempest on the Neutron agenda next Thursday at 9 am in the design summit
22:06:59 <sdague> #action core review eyes needed on 3 neutron reviews
22:07:09 <mlavalle> this is the etherpad that I put togeteher
22:07:15 <mlavalle> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TempestAndNeutronJuno
22:07:43 <mlavalle> In principle, during Juno we will be pursuing four lines of actions
22:07:53 <mlavalle> 1) increase the number of scenario tests
22:08:07 <mlavalle> 2) fill any gaps that might have been left in api tests
22:08:18 <mlavalle> 3) support the nova parity subproject
22:08:26 <mlavalle> 4) support other suprojects
22:08:38 <mlavalle> please feel free to review the etherpad and add to it
22:08:52 <sdague> sounds good
22:08:56 <sdague> mlavalle: anything else?
22:09:00 <mlavalle> that's all I have
22:09:02 <mlavalle> thanks
22:09:19 <sdague> great
22:09:21 <mlavalle> I'll be watching the rest of the meeting, but I might have to drop off
22:09:29 <sdague> ok, back to agenda as it's ordered
22:09:34 <sdague> #topic Reminder about summit etherpads
22:09:49 <sdague> The list of etherpads is here - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting
22:09:59 <sdague> not all have been created yet
22:10:36 <sdague> chmouel's UX one is missing
22:10:43 <sdague> boris-42's rally one is missing
22:10:44 <masayukig> maybe https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Summit/Juno/Etherpads#QA ?
22:10:46 <andreaf_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Juno-QA-design-summit-topics
22:10:53 <boris-42> sdague ?
22:11:27 <sdague> and maru_afk's functional test one is missing
22:11:42 <dkranz_> sdague: Please run the  meeting. I keep flaking in and out.
22:11:48 <sdague> boris-42: etherpad for rally / tempest summit session hasn't been stubbed yet
22:11:55 <sdague> masayukig: yes
22:11:58 <boris-42> sdague when is deadline?
22:12:06 <sdague> sooner the better
22:12:20 <boris-42> sdague ok will do (just finished slides)
22:12:23 <sdague> so people can look and provide feedback pre summit
22:12:41 <sdague> boris-42: there shouldn't be slides for a design summit session
22:12:53 <boris-42> sdague just small intro
22:13:11 <boris-42> sdague i think it's simpler to start from intro no?
22:13:16 <sdague> if you want to link some slides in the etherpad for people to read in advance, that's cool, but there shouldn't be slides in the session
22:13:22 <sdague> that's not what the session is there for
22:13:33 <boris-42> sdague okay I'll just left slides
22:13:40 <boris-42> sdague cause I think intro is required
22:14:24 <sdague> it's probably worth putting those out on the list in advance as well, just to further highlight them
22:14:43 <dkranz_> boris-42: Yes, please send intro to the list
22:15:03 <sdague> I'm going to spend lots of time tomorrow filling out my etherpad
22:15:14 <boris-42> hehe me too
22:15:43 <boris-42> sdague i know it's not super related to the rally & tempest integration
22:15:55 <sdague> ok. Reminder to everyone else to handle etherpads for the summit
22:15:55 <boris-42> sdague but I would like to speak about osprofiler & tempest integration
22:16:06 <boris-42> sdague is it ok?
22:16:29 <sdague> boris-42: I'd say try to keep this narrow to begin with, and if there is more time get there
22:16:33 <sdague> but 40 minutes goes fast
22:16:42 <boris-42> sdague okay it will be last topic
22:16:46 <boris-42> latest*
22:16:57 <sdague> and I think we've got some issues on time accounting that we need to make sure we sort out
22:17:16 <sdague> ok, next topic
22:17:18 <dkranz_> sdague: We should move on
22:17:21 <sdague> #topic Proposal to move success response checking to clients (dkranz)
22:17:33 <sdague> dkranz_: you have the floor
22:17:42 <dkranz_> sdague: I just wanted to see if any one objected to this proposal that was discussed on the ml
22:17:56 <dkranz_> or if there were any other comments
22:18:23 <sdague> I think it was generally agreed. I think it's worth writing up as a qa-spec, and we can approve it through that mechanism
22:18:23 <dkranz_> sdague: I don't really see any downside
22:18:32 <dkranz_> sdague: ok, I will do that.
22:18:34 <sdague> seems big enough to be a spec/blueprint
22:18:39 <sdague> vs. just a bug
22:18:53 <dkranz_> #action dkranz to create spec for moving response checking to clients
22:19:09 <sdague> I think the only details are around multiple allowed success codes
22:19:12 <sdague> so make sure to call that out
22:19:17 <sdague> just so we get that right
22:19:26 <dkranz_> sdague: Right. I wonder how many there actually are.
22:19:47 <dkranz_> sdague: Not counting those that say any 2xx is ok
22:19:53 <dkranz_> That's it
22:20:13 <sdague> cool
22:20:15 <sdague> next topic
22:20:29 <sdague> #topic Can we turn on voting of ironic jobs (recent creds change broke it)? (adam_g)
22:20:42 <dkranz_> adam_g: That's you
22:21:01 <adam_g> context: some refactoring merged recently that broke some of the non-voting jobs
22:21:10 <adam_g> ironic, and i believe solum
22:21:28 <adam_g> i dont think we can really make these voting until the projects have graduated
22:21:55 <andreaf_> adam_g: there's no solum job on tempest I think
22:22:31 <adam_g> andreaf_, oh, maybe not a job in the gate but some of the solum tests (at least reported by devkulkarni earlier)
22:22:58 <sdague> solum is running a ton of out of tree stuff though, so I consider that a different issue
22:23:06 <adam_g> we'll be making these ironic jobs voting in the ironic gate soon, not sure how to prevent this from happening other than urging people to pay attention to non-voting jobs
22:23:35 <adam_g> and /me being more proactive about catching failures during review :)
22:23:43 <sdague> adam_g: I think with the # of jobs on a tempest run now, seeing the non voting votes is going to get harder over time
22:24:14 <dkranz_> adam_g: I suggest sending a ml message saying that ironic is not gating only because of incubation but is solid.
22:24:17 <sdague> any idea if there is a gerrit query that would return those changes?
22:24:21 <andreaf_> adam_g, sdague: yes it's getting harder, and gate is not very stable (voting and not voting) so it's even harder
22:24:39 <andreaf_> dkranz_: +1 sounds good
22:24:53 <adam_g> i just threw up http://no-carrier.net/~adam/openstack/ironic_gate_status.html to help me monitor failures
22:25:02 <adam_g> s/threw up/put up :)
22:25:05 <sdague> heh
22:25:09 <sdague> it's funnier the first way
22:25:20 <dkranz_> sdague: Because we have non-voting jobs that have been downgraded due to failures and others that are solid but waiting to get in for other reasons
22:25:29 <dkranz_> Reviewers just need to know which is which
22:26:24 <andreaf_> dkranz_, sdague, adam_g: sortng the jobs and splitting them in sections would help already
22:26:55 <andreaf_> dkranz_, sdague, adam_g: but even nicer would be to get some stability stat next to the failing job
22:27:14 <adam_g> i'd be cool if there were a way to categorize both using notes in jenkins comments, based on pass/failure ratio over the last N days/weeks
22:27:19 <sdague> andreaf_: sure, that's in my elastic recheck set of futurues to give us that
22:27:23 <andreaf_> or some check that identified new test failures in an unstable job
22:27:48 <sdague> ok, this is turning more into brainstorm though, so I think we should table to beers somewhere at summit
22:28:03 <sdague> is there something actionable beyond sending a heads up to the list?
22:28:04 <adam_g> +1, tho i wont be there so someone will need to drink mine
22:28:09 <dkranz_> Really we just need a third tag which says "non-voting but look at a failure before approving"
22:28:16 <sdague> adam_g: bummer
22:28:35 <sdague> dkranz_: so realistically that feels to me like a "jenkins 2nd vote"
22:28:51 <sdague> which we'd need a bunch of infra buy in and refactor on
22:28:57 <sdague> but is kind of interesting
22:29:05 <andreaf_> sdague: is there a place where we can track such "additional topics to chat about at summit"?
22:29:16 <dkranz_> sdague: I don't know how much real work should be done here vs just living with it
22:29:31 <sdague> andreaf_: not atm, you have a suggestion?
22:29:51 <sdague> I just assume it will come up over coffee / food / beer all week, and my brain will end up full at the end of it
22:29:57 <andreaf_> sdague: perhaps another etherpad
22:30:00 <sdague> dkranz_: agreed, lets move on
22:30:01 <dkranz_> sdague: At past summits we have had "qa meetings"
22:30:16 <sdague> dkranz_: well, usually a lunch somewhere
22:30:34 <dkranz_> sdague: that too
22:30:45 <sdague> #topic Specs Review
22:31:01 <sdague> ok, time for specs that people want to talk about, and get eyes on
22:31:13 <andreaf_> ok
22:31:13 <sdague> dpaterson: I believe that includes you, right?
22:31:25 <andreaf_> dpaterson: go first
22:31:45 <andreaf_> or I'll start
22:31:48 <andreaf_> https://review.openstack.org/81294
22:32:03 <andreaf_> multiauth bp, I think it's ready all comments addressed
22:32:22 <andreaf_> and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81307/ keystone v3 jobs also all comments addressed
22:32:55 <sdague> andreaf_: this looks pretty good
22:32:56 <andreaf_> and I filed a new one today about client manager refactor https://review.openstack.org/92804 for which I'd love some feedback
22:33:22 <sdague> I'm good on 81294
22:33:31 <sdague> I'll look at 81307 in the morning
22:33:57 <sdague> andreaf_: any specific items you want to bring up about them?
22:34:19 <sdague> or just getting people to look?
22:34:46 <andreaf_> the latter
22:34:49 <sdague> #action qa-specs that are probably ready for final approval https://review.openstack.org/81294, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81307/
22:35:01 <dkranz_> andreaf_: I already gave my +2 to 81294 and mtreinish just -1 for syntax issue
22:35:21 <sdague> #action qa-spec on client manager refactor needs review https://review.openstack.org/92804
22:35:31 <dkranz_> dpaterson: You there?
22:35:34 <sdague> mtreinish should be working tomorrow
22:35:34 <andreaf_> dkranz_: yes I fixed the issue
22:35:34 <dpaterson> yup
22:35:50 <dpaterson> Sorry stepped away for a sec
22:35:52 <dkranz_> dpaterson: You can discuss your spec
22:35:53 <sdague> so dkranz_ +2 if you think it still holds and we can nudge him tomorrow for landing
22:36:00 <dpaterson> Sure
22:36:02 <dpaterson> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tempest/+spec/post-run-cleanup
22:36:02 <dpaterson> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/91777/
22:36:32 <sdague> dpaterson: so there is a clerical issue here where the patches need to be merged
22:36:36 <dkranz_> dpaterson: You should abandon the old patch and resubmit the new one with no dependency
22:36:39 <dpaterson> Basically I have been working with some QA folks on testing a HA configuration and running into issues with Temepst cleanup
22:37:15 <dpaterson> dkranz: will look into the problem
22:37:53 <sdague> dpaterson: one of the concerns I have about this approach is it papers over state corruption issues in the services by just having Tempest clean things up
22:38:10 <sdague> I'd much rather get the base services fixed to not be in an inconsistent state
22:38:22 <dpaterson> I agree
22:38:31 <sdague> also, we really *can't* access the db directly from tempest
22:38:39 <sdague> for both design reasons
22:38:43 <sdague> and practical reasons
22:38:46 <dpaterson> but before that happens I would like to have a tool to unblock my guys
22:39:12 <dkranz_> sdague: I think he is proposing a script, not having tempest do it automatically
22:39:29 <sdague> oh, ok, yeh I see that now
22:39:35 <dkranz_> sdague: There is already a script in the stress dir but it does not do what is needed.
22:39:38 <dpaterson> My proposal is just python, not dep on tempest.
22:39:47 <sdague> dpaterson: ok sure
22:39:51 <dkranz_> dpaterson: My concern is with the database cleanup part
22:40:00 <dpaterson> Yes
22:40:16 <sdague> on the db cleanup part, the issue we had before when we had whitebox testing was the schemas change a lot in a release
22:40:23 <sdague> so it's basically always breaking
22:40:27 <dkranz_> dpaterson: Any such database cleanup will be very fragile
22:40:28 <sdague> like *always*
22:40:40 <dpaterson> I am open to alternatives but currently they are getting into a state where API calls cannot remove objects.
22:40:56 <dpaterson> So somekind of surgery is going to be required
22:41:14 <dkranz_> dpaterson: I don't doubt that but I'm not sure tempest is the right place for that
22:41:17 <sdague> dpaterson: sure, so lets get the blueprint cleaned up so it's passing the docs job just to look at it.
22:41:28 <dkranz_> dpaterson: Stuff in tempest has to be kept working
22:41:49 <dkranz_> dpaterson: And that is hard with code that only runs when things get seriously messed up
22:42:07 <sdague> I'd be worth trying it, if we also required that any cleanup function needed an upstream bug before it could come in so that we'd actually work towards addressing root issues
22:42:24 <dkranz_> sdague: works for me
22:42:25 <dpaterson> It would only execute if cleanup is flagged to do so
22:42:31 <sdague> but we should also be very aware this is probably going to be very fragile
22:42:43 <dpaterson> agreed
22:43:07 <sdague> dpaterson: I also don't think it should be triggered by tempest. It would just be a helper tool that we keep around that people could run manually if they like
22:43:14 <dpaterson> it is
22:43:18 <dkranz_> +1
22:43:41 <sdague> dpaterson: ok, so if you can respin the spec, will take a look
22:43:47 <sdague> are you going to be in atlanta?
22:43:54 <dkranz_> dpaterson: It is useful because not every one has to figure out the weird db calls
22:44:05 <dpaterson> Sorry not this time,
22:44:06 <sdague> I expect the review queues are going to go really quiet next week regardless
22:44:18 <sdague> so it might not be till the week after that people get real eyes on this
22:44:34 <oomichi> dpaterson: interesting. In the HA testing, tempest will stop openstack for checking right switching?
22:45:01 <dkranz_> oomichi: Not sure what you mean
22:45:12 <dpaterson> I don't quite understand oomichi,
22:46:12 <oomichi> dpaterson: HA switchs active / standby controller-node as I understand.
22:46:50 <dpaterson> Tempest doesn't do any switches.  The idea is tempest is run and we get a report
22:46:54 <dkranz_> oomichi: I don't think tempest would know anything about ha, right?
22:46:56 <dpaterson> Then clean the system up
22:47:14 <dpaterson> Take down a controller or introduce some other failure
22:47:17 <dpaterson> and rerun tempest
22:47:26 <oomichi> dpaterson: oh, I see. thanks
22:47:27 <dpaterson> Should get same test report
22:47:41 <sdague> ok, great, dpaterson you need anything else on this?
22:47:50 <dpaterson> nope, thanks
22:48:00 <sdague> ok, great
22:48:05 <sdague> #topic Blueprints
22:48:12 <dpaterson> tx
22:48:17 <sdague> any in process blueprints people want to bring up?
22:49:06 <sdague> I'm assuming most people are prepping for summit
22:49:13 <andreaf_> sdague: Just mentioning that we made some good progress on the multi-auth bp with lots of reviews
22:49:27 <sdague> given that we only have 10 minutes left, lets jump to critical reviews
22:49:31 <dkranz_> sdague: Just that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/91899/ is waiting for final approval
22:49:32 <sdague> #topic Critical Reviews
22:49:37 <sdague> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92573/ - connection verification as part of RemoteClient init
22:49:46 <sdague> that was put in the agenda
22:50:07 <sdague> dkranz_: +A
22:50:12 <dkranz_> sdague: I think yfried is trying to debug some ssh issues we have seen
22:50:15 <dkranz_> sdague: thanks
22:50:58 <sdague> I'll plug the test and worker summary patch - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92362/
22:51:09 <sdague> as we lost test summary with the new subunit trace
22:51:23 <sdague> that will also let us see worker balance in jobs
22:51:28 <sdague> which is kind of useful
22:51:52 <sdague> andreaf_: what's the next patch needed for review in the multi-auth stack?
22:52:07 <sdague> any other critical reviews people need eyes on?
22:52:14 <andreaf_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80246/
22:52:16 <sdague> #topic Open Discussion
22:52:25 <andreaf_> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-summit-open-topics
22:52:25 <sdague> ok, let's do open discussion
22:52:50 <sdague> andreaf_: I like that 80246 is negative LOC :)
22:52:52 <andreaf_> sdague: just an etherpad for people to put additional ideas we can discuss at lunch or beer
22:53:08 <andreaf_> sdague: :D
22:53:10 <sdague> andreaf_: great, want to also send that to the mailing list
22:53:17 <andreaf_> sdague: ok will do
22:53:45 <sdague> anything else from folks?
22:54:00 <sdague> when are folks getting to atlanta?
22:54:10 <andreaf_> 7pm on Sunday
22:54:15 <dkranz_> sdague: Sorry I will miss the dinner. Don't arrive until 8pm
22:54:22 <oomichi> 15:30 Sunday
22:54:31 <sdague> I will also miss the dinner, as I've got the TC / board thing that night
22:54:45 <sdague> but my evening schedule is always nuts
22:54:59 <dkranz_> sdague: Maybe we should have a lunch table on Monday
22:55:27 <dkranz_> Anyway, should be a busy week :)
22:55:36 <sdague> yes, it should be.
22:55:58 <sdague> I'm getting in Sat because of board things on Sun, so if anyone happens to be around Sat let me know.
22:56:28 <sdague> ok, I think that's a wrap folks. See you in ATL
22:56:41 <sdague> and there won't be a meeting next week, because of the summit, so see folks back here in 2
22:56:45 <sdague> #endmeeting