17:00:04 <andreaf> #startmeeting qa
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17:00:30 <rodrigods> o/
17:00:32 <andreaf> Good evening everyone, who's around for the meeting today?
17:00:38 <dmellado> o/ hi guys
17:01:07 <andreaf> Today's agenda: #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_February_16th_2017_.281700_UTC.29
17:01:22 <oomichi> hi
17:01:49 <andreaf> jordanP, mtreinish, afazekas: around?
17:02:15 * andreaf waits 1 more minute for folks to join
17:02:56 * oomichi +1
17:03:40 <andreaf> ok, let's start
17:03:45 <tosky> hi
17:03:55 <andreaf> #topic PTG
17:03:56 <chandankumar> \o/
17:04:04 <andreaf> hi folks
17:04:43 <andreaf> Based on the proposed sessions, I setup a schedule for QA at the PTG
17:04:53 <mtreinish> o/
17:05:01 <andreaf> #link https://ethercalc.openstack.org/Pike-PTG-QA-Planning
17:05:12 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, the schedule is pretty good for me.
17:05:31 <blancos> o/
17:06:07 <mtreinish> andreaf: is that overlap between dealing with the gate bug debugging session and grenade?
17:06:10 <andreaf> we're now very close to the PTG, so I kind reminder to session owners to do some preparation work on the sessions in the corresponding etherpad, so we can focus on the discussion at the PTG
17:06:44 <mtreinish> I think we should try to avoid that, because the grenade group is small and has a lot of overlap with gate expertise
17:06:54 <andreaf> mtreinish: grenade is monday, debugging the gate is Tuesday
17:07:15 <mtreinish> oh, sry I can't read
17:07:40 <dmellado> I was also wondering if you'll be around for more days than Mon-Tue
17:07:43 <oomichi> #link https://ethercalc.openstack.org/Pike-PTG-Discussion-Rooms
17:07:54 <oomichi> ^^ x-p session on extra rooms
17:07:55 <dmellado> maybe if we're short on time we could try to (even non-officially) meet
17:08:05 <luzC> o/
17:08:14 <mtreinish> dmellado: I'll be there all week
17:08:23 <oomichi> dmellado: yeah, we can
17:08:28 <andreaf> I made the sessions 1h long, i.e. ~50min + ~10 min break for people to move if needed
17:08:44 <andreaf> so that it's closer to the format we had at design summits
17:08:55 <andreaf> as I felt that 30min including break is too short
17:09:08 <andreaf> dmellado: I will be there until Friday morning
17:09:17 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, +1 on 1h for each session
17:09:35 <luzC> andreaf thanks for the schedule looks really good
17:10:12 <andreaf> dmellado: if we're there and there's a room / space available we can surely use the time to continue design / code sprint
17:10:26 <dmellado> andreaf: oomichi mtreinish that'd be cool
17:10:32 <andreaf> dmellado: I certainly would like to make the best of my time in Atlanta
17:11:20 <andreaf> there's the "team picture" thing as well that we need to schedule
17:11:30 <andreaf> I was thinking Mon or Tue so we're all around for sure
17:11:31 * rodrigods won't be there
17:11:33 <rodrigods> :(
17:11:55 <mtreinish> rodrigods: :( that's too bad
17:12:02 <andreaf> but maybe just before or after lunch so that we don't have to move around too much between sessions
17:12:07 <oomichi> rodrigods: oh, that is not good
17:12:07 <andreaf> rodrigods: doh
17:12:12 <dmellado> rodrigods: :\
17:12:30 <dmellado> rodrigods: I won't enter into details but you know my opinion on that...
17:12:38 <rodrigods> lol
17:13:03 <rodrigods> that's fine, will try to follow the etherpad's updates
17:13:50 <andreaf> so unless there's any comment on that I will book the photo slot
17:14:11 <dmellado> andreaf: +1
17:14:46 <oomichi> andreaf: nice to take team photo :)
17:15:01 <andreaf> also a couple of logistic notes: we won't have a projector in the rooms, so please bring some device with which you can get to the etherpad
17:15:18 <andreaf> and join #openstack-ptg for updates and x-projects notifications
17:15:46 <andreaf> I look forward to seeing all of you there
17:15:54 <andreaf> well not rodrigods this time :(
17:16:00 <mtreinish> andreaf: well the cross project rooms do have a projector
17:16:09 <mtreinish> but yeah in general there isn't one
17:16:20 <dmellado> andreaf: do you know if there's a tv set?
17:16:30 <dmellado> maybe not projector, but it'd be nice to hook up a bigger screen
17:17:01 <andreaf> mtreinish: heh yes good point - so if you have something to share I think there's still time to book rooms with projectors
17:17:46 <andreaf> ok anything else on the PTG?
17:17:48 <mtreinish> dmellado: aiui the normal discussion rooms don't have that, it's just like a meeting room
17:18:09 <dmellado> mtreinish: got that, I was just thinking about the rooms at BCN
17:18:49 <oomichi> dmellado: ah, some rooms did, but the rooms didn't at BCN
17:19:09 <dmellado> oomichi: oh, it's true! just recalled about the last room
17:19:19 <dmellado> well, we'll manage xD
17:20:27 <andreaf> next topic?
17:20:27 <oomichi> andreaf: one question: how to use https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-ptg-pike-community-input ?
17:21:02 <oomichi> andreaf: we just will write some ideas or plans during the PTG session? or do we need to prepare the etherpad?
17:21:07 <andreaf> oomichi: well I send a message to the ML to start collecting input in there... but got none this far
17:21:44 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, I guessed so..
17:21:49 <dmellado> :\
17:22:25 <andreaf> anyways we have 30min in a shared room allocated for that,  so if folks show up we'll track their input there
17:22:43 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, it would be nice
17:23:00 <andreaf> and if anyone in the QA team knows of issues / feedback / input from other teams please track it there
17:23:52 <dmellado> folks, need to run for today
17:24:01 <dmellado> looking forward to see you all guys again next week!
17:24:07 <rodrigods> dmellado, o/ see you
17:24:08 <andreaf> see you there
17:24:17 <oomichi> dmellado: yeah, see you next week :)
17:24:19 <rodrigods> not there :(
17:24:37 <dmellado> rodrigods: rest assured I'll bring your 'topic' there
17:24:52 <rodrigods> dmellado, heh thanks
17:25:00 <andreaf> #topic Specs Reviews
17:25:07 <andreaf> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/qa-specs,n,z
17:25:16 <andreaf> anything to discuss on specs?
17:25:40 <andreaf> I guess we'll have time for that in Atlanta
17:25:58 <andreaf> #topic Tempest
17:26:08 <andreaf> Anything on Tempest?
17:27:23 <oomichi> nothing from me at this time
17:27:38 <andreaf> Any input from the bug triage?
17:27:41 <mtreinish> andreaf: we're close to getting py3 passing. All we need is:
17:27:43 <mtreinish> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/429949/
17:28:13 <andreaf> mtreinish: cool - is that ready for review now?
17:28:22 <mtreinish> heh, frickler caught a nova bug iterating on that
17:28:22 <andreaf> I saw you and jordanP were working on it
17:28:35 <oomichi> mtreinish: oh, nice. py35 job passes!
17:29:00 <andreaf> mtreinish: nice work frickler!
17:29:14 <mtreinish> andreaf: I haven't looked at the latest rev yet, but I imagine it's probably ready for real review
17:29:24 <mtreinish> it just won't land until the nova fix does, because of the depends on
17:29:49 <andreaf> mtreinish, oomichi: ok we should probably have a patch up to make the py3 job voting soon before we break it
17:30:09 <oomichi> andreaf: +1 on making it voting after that
17:31:31 <mtreinish> andreaf: I'll have to ask dims the status there, but we want to make sure it's voting on all projects that are running under py3 there
17:31:33 <andreaf> chandankumar: it was your week for bug triage - do you have anything to report?
17:32:17 <mtreinish> andreaf: I did file a bug related to py3 stuff this week:
17:32:20 <mtreinish> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tempest/+bug/1664454
17:32:20 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1664454 in tempest "tempest unit test tempest.tests.lib.services.test_clients.TestClientsFactory.test___init___no_module fails on py36" [Low,New]
17:32:22 <mtreinish> but it's not critical
17:32:52 <dims> mtreinish : i'll start proposing voting on py3 jobs after PTG
17:33:20 <mtreinish> dims: ok cool
17:34:14 <oomichi> mtreinish: are you trying unittests on py36?  Is that a single problem on current unit tests?
17:34:14 <andreaf> mtreinish: ok thanks I will have a look - probably after PTG though
17:34:27 * mtreinish is looking forward to removing https://docs.openstack.org/developer/tempest/overview.html#python-3-x from the docs
17:34:58 <mtreinish> oomichi: yeah, archlinux always uses the latest released version of python. So I'm on py36 already
17:35:07 <mtreinish> and 1 test is failing when I do
17:35:43 <oomichi> mtreinish: oh, cool. Thank you and archlinux for doing that
17:35:44 <mtreinish> but it's not critical to fix, because we won't start gating on 3.6 (or newer) until 2018
17:36:26 <oomichi> oh, I see
17:36:59 <andreaf> ok about bug triage again, I will extend the schedule on the etherpad tomorrow, please start to sign up for the next few weeks
17:37:04 <andreaf> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-qa-bug-triage
17:38:11 <oomichi> I hope https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372581/ is merged into master for bug triage
17:38:31 <oomichi> that is made by masayukig and in long-time
17:38:34 <clarkb> mtreinish: well we could in theory gate on it if we wanted to earlier
17:38:44 <clarkb> mtreinish: but ya likely not a high priority until 3.5 works well
17:39:38 <andreaf> oomichi: oh nice - #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372581/
17:39:44 <mtreinish> clarkb: sure, but yeah its not really worth the effort
17:39:51 <andreaf> masayukig: thanks for that ^^^
17:40:31 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, I forgot to update https://github.com/oomichi/bug-counter#current-graph many times. So the patch will help us
17:41:00 <mtreinish> oomichi: why not just write a cron job to update it
17:41:00 <andreaf> ok anything else on Tempest?
17:41:01 <andreaf> #topic DevStack + Grenade
17:41:37 <oomichi> mtreinish: because of waited for the patch merger ;)
17:42:01 <oomichi> That was just a workaround when I proposed
17:42:14 <oomichi> That = my local graph
17:42:35 <oomichi> andreaf: yeah, please go ahead
17:43:26 <andreaf> well the only thing I have on devstack is that it's now using cirros 0.3.5 which includes a fix to the sshd daemon start script to regenerate host keys if missing
17:43:44 <andreaf> that might help with the hard reboot test which has been failing every now and then on the ssh job
17:45:08 <andreaf> #topic openstack-health
17:45:18 <andreaf> anything on o-h to report / discuss?
17:46:10 <andreaf> #topic Patrole
17:46:26 <andreaf> Anything on Patrole to be discussed?
17:46:39 <blancos> We have a few topics for the PTG, but nothing urgent
17:47:00 <andreaf> blancos: ok, looking forward to talk about them at the PTG
17:47:38 <andreaf> #topic Critical Reviews
17:47:58 <andreaf> any review that needs urgent attention?
17:48:19 <rodrigods> i would like to ask ppl to take another look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/426249/
17:48:58 <rodrigods> it is one of the final pieces of a set of patches in test_roles
17:49:13 <andreaf> rodrigods: ok will do
17:49:34 <rodrigods> thanks
17:49:39 <oomichi> rodrigods: thanks for your work so much. I will try it again
17:49:50 <rodrigods> thank you all for the reviews so far
17:49:51 <andreaf> mtreinish: this is e-r but maybe you want to relook at this? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/434238/
17:50:27 <andreaf> From the agenda, #info rodrigods is the new QA liaison for keystone
17:50:33 <rodrigods> andreaf, ++
17:50:40 <tosky> \o/
17:50:56 <rodrigods> so please let me know of anything that might need someone from keystone to take a look
17:51:00 <andreaf> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#QA
17:51:01 <andreaf> \o/
17:51:11 <rodrigods> also, add me as reviewer
17:51:23 <mtreinish> andreaf: have you asked neutron about that, while I agree we should have a wider bug to track it, I'd prefer if we just marked the bug as a dup
17:51:23 <rodrigods> i regularly revisit my reviews queue
17:52:14 <andreaf> mtreinish: mark which one as a dup, the neutron one?
17:52:22 <oomichi> rodrigods: really nice work on QA side also, thx
17:52:57 <rodrigods> oomichi, ++ :)
17:53:00 <andreaf> I will check with neutron team, ok
17:53:13 <mtreinish> andreaf: yeah mark the neutron bug as a dup of the openstack-gate bug
17:53:18 <mtreinish> or add openstack-gate to the neutron bug
17:53:37 <mtreinish> I just don't like moving that query around, we're essentially just tracking 1 thing
17:54:27 <andreaf> well ok I don't mind either I just want to make sure we have a gate issue open for that
17:55:00 <andreaf> I will ping the neutron folks
17:55:01 <andreaf> ok five minutes to go...
17:55:13 <andreaf> I will save them for the last topic
17:55:19 <andreaf> #topic Open Discussion
17:55:54 <andreaf> I guess you've all seen the mascots
17:56:09 <rodrigods> yeah... why QA is a bat, btw?
17:56:17 <oomichi> haha, I think it is nice
17:56:25 <oomichi> bat eats bugs
17:56:26 <rodrigods> because we fight criminals during night?
17:56:28 <oomichi> :)
17:56:33 <rodrigods> like batman
17:56:36 <andreaf> lol
17:56:37 <rodrigods> ahh oomichi
17:56:38 <rodrigods> lol
17:57:12 <andreaf> but we don't eat bugs, we find them :D
17:57:39 <oomichi> sometimes we eat, but I don't ;)
17:58:12 <andreaf> anyways personally I don't care too much about the mascot, but I guess it makes sense as part of the overall team branding excercise
17:58:25 <andreaf> it looks nice anyways
17:58:27 <rodrigods> yeah
17:58:30 <rodrigods> stickers!
17:59:00 <andreaf> I want a huge projector for when the gate goes down :D
17:59:27 <oomichi> andreaf: ++ :)
17:59:59 <andreaf> before we go, thanks again oomichi for the great work and leadership in the last two cycles!
18:00:06 <andreaf> upz it's time
18:00:12 <andreaf> #endmeeting