16:00:29 <oomichi> #startmeeting qa
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16:00:50 <oomichi> hi, who are joining to the meeting today?
16:01:10 <clarkb> I am sort of around
16:01:24 <oomichi> andreaf: is on the air now today
16:01:43 <oomichi> clarkb: o/
16:02:02 <oomichi> mtreinish: sdague: afazekas: ping
16:02:14 <mtreinish> o/
16:02:19 <afazekas> o/
16:02:47 <oomichi> ok, let's start a meeting
16:03:09 <oomichi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/w/index.php?title=Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_April_27th_2017_.281700_UTC.29
16:03:14 <oomichi> ^^^ today agenda
16:03:28 <oomichi> from the previous meeting
16:03:45 <oomichi> "ACTION: andreaf to setup etherpad for Forum session"
16:04:00 <oomichi> andreaf: is preparing the above and we will be able to see it soon
16:04:15 <oomichi> "ACTION: gmann to add periodic job status tracking on bug triage etherpad"
16:04:35 <oomichi> I tried to reach gmann about this but could not get status about that
16:05:00 <oomichi> #topic The Forum, Boston
16:05:35 <oomichi> We have onboarding forum May 8(Mon), 16:40
16:05:50 <oomichi> I guess that could be like upstream training for new contributors
16:06:20 <oomichi> but I am not getting how to make process for this meetup yet, do someone have idea for that?
16:06:43 <mtreinish> oomichi: it is, the idea is to get people started contributing to qa projects
16:06:54 <mtreinish> give them a detailed introduction to the project, etc
16:07:25 <oomichi> mtreinish: yeah, we had this kind of meetup in HPE office before
16:07:59 <oomichi> maybe we will separate groups into some interested topics
16:08:04 <mtreinish> oomichi: we did?
16:08:12 * mtreinish doesn't rememeber
16:08:41 <oomichi> mtreinish: you made the mid-cycle meetup at HP office when you were PTL
16:09:03 <oomichi> mtreinish: I cannot remember the place nam..
16:09:09 <oomichi> name
16:09:15 <mtreinish> I did that a few times (it was easy to organize that way) But I don't remember having one to onboard new people
16:09:45 <mtreinish> the only time we did that which I remember was in Darmstadt with a combine infra/qa midcycle
16:09:56 <mtreinish> but anyway this is separate, and not important :)
16:10:20 <oomichi> hehe, ok anyways it would be nice to have some etherpads how to make it
16:10:56 <oomichi> another forum is  May 11(Thurs), 9:00
16:11:07 <oomichi> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/events/18777/users-operators-adoption-of-qa-tools-plugins
16:11:13 <oomichi> andreaf: is preparing for it
16:11:36 <oomichi> do we have items need to discuss Forum at this time?
16:11:53 <oomichi> #topic Outreachy intern
16:12:10 <oomichi> I guess rodrigods's turn for this
16:12:43 <oomichi> rodrigods: ping
16:13:04 <rodrigods> sorry
16:13:08 <rodrigods> so...
16:13:14 <rodrigods> this is more a fyi
16:13:41 <rodrigods> we are going to have an Outreachy intern that will work to add jobs where keystone will run against LDAP as identity backend
16:14:17 <rodrigods> once the proper announces are made, i'll introduce the intern to you, probably in this meeting :)
16:14:26 <mtreinish> rodrigods: ok, cool
16:14:36 <mtreinish> rodrigods: that does sound like a good job to add to the gate too
16:14:47 <rodrigods> mtreinish, exactly :)
16:15:01 <rodrigods> so i guess she will be more present in the -qa site than in -keystone :)
16:15:05 <rodrigods> side*
16:15:12 <oomichi> rodrigods: good, does he have some patches already ?
16:15:28 <rodrigods> let me take a look
16:15:44 <rodrigods> only general patches, not related to the project yet
16:16:01 <oomichi> rodrigods: ok, thanks for the info. That is good for us :)
16:16:06 <rodrigods> oomichi, ++
16:16:22 <oomichi> #topic Gate Stability - status update
16:16:35 <oomichi> #link https://goo.gl/ptPgEw
16:16:45 <oomichi> #link http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/gate.html
16:17:20 <oomichi> the above pages show it seems good status
16:17:52 <oomichi> do we have some topics about gate status?
16:17:58 <mtreinish> oomichi: you should also probably link to: http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/data/integrated_gate.html
16:18:05 <mtreinish> which shows the failures we're not tracking yet
16:18:37 <oomichi> #link http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/data/integrated_gate.html
16:19:26 <oomichi> mtreinish: yeah, that seems useful
16:20:32 <clarkb> so this was one the things I wanted to bring up. Generally we are stable. There are a lot of failures due to timeouts though. Might be good to have people try to classify them so we can determine if they are slow nodes, slow code, slow tests, bugs, whatever
16:21:47 <oomichi> clarkb: mtreinish: the page shows only general jobs or including periodic jobs and non-voting jobs?
16:22:12 <mtreinish> clarkb: it's kinda hard to do that though
16:22:27 <clarkb> my understanding is that integrated_gate is just gate jobs for the "integrated" pipeline
16:22:32 <mtreinish> like how can we tell if the code is slow vs the guest is running on the same node as someone running mprime
16:22:43 <mtreinish> oomichi: yeah what clarkb said
16:23:01 <oomichi> clarkb: cool, that is helpful
16:23:06 <clarkb> mtreinish: one example would be if devstack takes an hour thats likely a slow node
16:23:40 <clarkb> whereas random dsvm job with default timeout of 40 minutes is just slow code against to short a timeout
16:24:39 <clarkb> (I don't actually know if thats how it will shake out)
16:26:06 <oomichi> ok, it would be nice to check this status also every week for selecting which issue should be concentrated anyways
16:26:42 <oomichi> #topic Spec reviews
16:26:53 <mtreinish> clarkb: maybe, or maybe someone introduced a bad db migration and caused devstack to time out
16:27:12 <mtreinish> clarkb: but I agree categorizing them is at least something to start with
16:27:18 <mtreinish> and we can analyze from there
16:27:36 <oomichi> +1
16:28:15 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/qa-specs,n,z
16:28:40 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/443504/ is only active spec for HA testing
16:29:05 <oomichi> I put some comments before and it is good to get more feedback
16:29:38 <oomichi> we can move if not having more items on spec
16:29:51 <Ak13> is someone still working on this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/255023/
16:29:52 <oomichi> #topic Tempest
16:30:32 <oomichi> Ak13: I guess nowbody
16:30:38 <oomichi> nobody
16:30:53 <oomichi> Ak13: are you interested in?
16:31:35 <Ak13> oomichi: yes I would be
16:32:40 <oomichi> mtreinish: you did put -2 about that long-time ago
16:33:13 <mtreinish> oomichi: yeah, because tempest isn't in place where it can do what was described in the spec
16:33:25 <mtreinish> oomichi: and it still isn't
16:33:35 <mtreinish> I outlined the reasons why pretty clearly in the review comment
16:33:46 <mtreinish> and the resources.yaml work never went anywhere
16:34:20 <oomichi> mtreinish: yeah, I see the point
16:34:27 <oomichi> Ak13: did you see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/173334/ instead?
16:34:42 <oomichi> that could be replacement
16:35:13 <oomichi> I just need to make it move forward
16:35:24 * mtreinish is still waiting for oomichi on that one
16:35:34 <Ak13> looking at it now
16:35:35 <oomichi> #action oomichi update https://review.openstack.org/#/c/173334/
16:36:17 <oomichi> Ak13: that is a little long spec, it would be nice to discuss later after reading
16:36:38 <oomichi> #topic Tempest
16:36:47 <Ak13> oomichi: Agreed, I will need time to digest it
16:37:00 <oomichi> Ak13: thanks
16:37:19 <oomichi> I did bug triage at this turn
16:37:32 <oomichi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tempest-weekly-bug-report
16:37:32 <Ak13> oomichi: Is it ok if I get in touch with you later with any questions about that one
16:38:19 <oomichi> Ak13: yeah
16:38:35 <oomichi> I just bring #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/455319 for closing a bug more
16:38:56 <oomichi> the bug status itself seems good, New bugs are only 4
16:39:32 <oomichi> In-progress bugs are 50, not so bad
16:40:16 <oomichi> do someone have items necessary to discuss Tempest?
16:40:21 <mtreinish> oomichi: what happened to the bug graphs? :)
16:40:51 <oomichi> mtreinish: oh, keen point.. I didn't want to talk about that  TBH :-(
16:41:25 <oomichi> mtreinish: the periodic job was dead in my vacation, and I could not get the data before this meeting
16:41:47 <oomichi> mtreinish: I will be able to report it next meeting
16:41:53 <mtreinish> oomichi: heh, no worries
16:42:37 <oomichi> ok, lets move on
16:42:41 <oomichi> #topic Patrole
16:42:56 <oomichi> do we have discussion items about patrole today?
16:44:05 <oomichi> ok, lets move on
16:44:21 <oomichi> #topic DevStack
16:44:34 <oomichi> do we have discussion items about devstack today?
16:45:02 <oomichi> #topic Upgrade Testing
16:45:43 <oomichi> do we have discussion items about upgrade testing today?
16:46:02 <oomichi> I could not know "Rolling upgrade" before the meeting TBH
16:46:32 <mtreinish> oomichi: oh, I had a devstack thing, but it can wait till critical reviews
16:46:40 <mtreinish> because it's just a review
16:47:06 <oomichi> mtreinish: ok :)
16:47:15 <mtreinish> rolling upgrades was the thing castulo and luzC were working on
16:47:42 <oomichi> that soulds cool, thanks castulo and luzC
16:48:19 <oomichi> wasn't it affected with OSIC thing?
16:48:30 <mtreinish> yes, it was
16:48:59 <oomichi> mtreinish: oh, ok. maybe we need to find more members if we need to keep it, right?
16:49:41 <mtreinish> yep, but given the lack of general contribution in this space it's probably unlikely at this point
16:50:11 <oomichi> yeah, I agree. that could be discussed at the next summit, that is soon
16:50:28 <oomichi> ok, lets move on
16:50:35 <oomichi> #topic OpenStack-Health, Stackviz
16:50:57 <oomichi> someone has items for OpenStack-Health, Stackviz ?
16:51:48 <oomichi> #topic Critical Reviews
16:52:04 <mtreinish> nothing from me
16:52:05 <mtreinish> #link https://review.openstack.org/435106
16:52:06 <oomichi> mtreinish: you can bring yours now
16:52:27 <mtreinish> that fix is neeed to avoid the gate breakage oomichi introduced last night by approving a newton backport in devstack
16:53:02 <mtreinish> the sooner we land that patch the better, because we need to sort all the image handling well ahead of the release (otherwise it'll break grenade)
16:53:02 <oomichi> mtreinish: hehe, yeah I know I did some wrong thing
16:53:29 <oomichi> ok, let me have it as priority one
16:55:09 <oomichi> are there more patches to be reviewed?
16:55:59 <oomichi> #topic Documentation
16:56:01 <mtreinish> oomichi: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:treinish+status:open
16:56:02 <mtreinish> :)
16:56:31 <oomichi> mtreinish: hehe, you need to select important ones :)
16:56:55 <oomichi> I know everyone wants to say "my all patches are important"
16:57:03 <mtreinish> I definitely don't say that
16:57:12 <mtreinish> some of those patches are garbage
16:57:46 <oomichi> mtreinish: haha, yeah it is nice to do cleanup at some points
16:58:03 <oomichi> re: Documentation
16:58:12 <oomichi> I am not sure this topic TBH
16:58:28 <oomichi> do we have some topics about doc thing?
16:59:02 <oomichi> #Open Discussion
16:59:27 <oomichi> do someone has topics need to be discussed
16:59:30 <oomichi> ?
16:59:30 <clarkb> I'm going to try and pick up tls enabled by default in devstack after the summit
16:59:36 <clarkb> is that something that should have a spec?
17:00:06 <oomichi> clarkb: I don't think we need a spec
17:00:13 <mtreinish> clarkb: just flip the switch
17:00:25 <oomichi> oh, sorry tome is comming
17:00:28 <oomichi> #endmeeting