09:00:47 <andreaf> #startmeeting qa
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09:01:31 <andreaf> Hello who's here today?
09:01:38 <blancos> o/
09:01:54 <andreaf> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_May_3rd_2017_.280900_UTC.29 Today's agenda
09:02:24 <andreaf> ok let's wait one more minute to see if someone else joins
09:02:43 <andreaf> otherwise we can have a short meeting :)
09:03:18 <ltosky[m]> o/
09:04:25 <andreaf> hello blancos / ltosky[m] - it seems it's only the three of us today, so I would skip the standard agenda and go straight to any topic you may need to discuss
09:04:32 <andreaf> #topic Open Discussion
09:05:08 <chandankumar> \o/
09:05:12 <andreaf> ltosky[m], blancos: will you guys be in Boston next week?
09:05:21 <blancos> andreaf I will.
09:05:41 <ltosky[m]> the only topic I had was the heat client, but that probably requires more people
09:05:58 <ltosky[m]> no
09:06:17 <andreaf> hello chandankumar
09:06:30 <andreaf> I skipped the agenda since it's only few of us in the meeting
09:06:43 <andreaf> ltosky[m]: sorry you won't be there
09:06:43 <chandankumar> andreaf: i am not able to make it this time, but will try to make sure at next ptg
09:07:22 <andreaf> chandankumar: looking forward to see you in Denver then :)
09:07:35 <andreaf> #topic Heat client
09:08:18 <andreaf> ltosky[m] regarding the Heat client - mtreinish votes to keep it in tempest, I vote to keep it in heat - either case we won't get rid of it
09:08:41 <andreaf> ltosky[m]: would it make a difference from your pov?
09:08:59 <ltosky[m]> that's good
09:09:36 <ltosky[m]> if it's stable and alive, no
09:09:43 <andreaf> ltosky[m]: ok - we shall come to a conclusion latest next week
09:09:52 <ltosky[m]> yep, thanks
09:09:53 <andreaf> ltosky[m]: ok
09:10:11 <andreaf> #topic bug triage
09:10:20 <andreaf> chandankumar: anything to report on the bug triage this week?
09:11:09 <andreaf> btw we have no volunteer for next two weeks - next week is the summit so that may be ok
09:11:20 <andreaf> I'll sign myself up for the week after the summit
09:11:45 <andreaf> but it would be good to have more volunteers for the following weeks
09:12:08 <andreaf> chandankumar: are you still there?
09:12:54 <andreaf> #topic Patrole
09:13:06 <andreaf> blancos: anything to discuss on Patrole?
09:13:43 <blancos> andreaf We removed Heat support and are talking to Heat about maybe moving the tests to their repo instead.
09:13:45 <andreaf> Felipe wanted to chat about Heat - but I missed him, I was away I couple of days
09:14:11 <andreaf> blancos: ah ok you did that already :)
09:14:28 <andreaf> blancos: yeah I think it  would be great to have to tests in the heat plugin
09:14:37 <andreaf> blancos: thanks for that
09:15:00 <andreaf> #topic Open Discussion
09:15:16 <andreaf> blancos, ltosky[m], chandankumar: anything else?
09:15:24 <blancos> Also, I believe we're planning on cutting a 1.0 sometime soon, unless there's a reason we should wait
09:15:26 <andreaf> 3...
09:15:28 <andreaf> 2..
09:15:30 <andreaf> 1.
09:15:56 <andreaf> blancos: ok
09:16:17 <ltosky[m]> nothing from.me
09:16:26 <andreaf> blancos: yeah that would be nice so folks from other teams can consume the shared bits
09:16:54 <andreaf> blancos: do you have any stable interface yet?
09:17:28 <blancos> andreaf We haven't made a lib directory like in Tempest, if that's what you mean
09:18:02 <andreaf> blancos: I mean interfaces that you documented as stable, so that you won't change without a deprecation cycle
09:18:15 <andreaf> blancos: it doesn't have to be a lib folder
09:18:23 <andreaf> blancos: just curious
09:18:43 <blancos> andreaf I don't believe we've done so as of yet
09:19:03 <andreaf> if Patrole is going on pypy with a 1.0 version I think it would be good to document which interfaces people can rely on
09:19:28 <andreaf> so that when people start to use it their code will continue working across releases
09:20:06 <blancos> andreaf Okay, we'll be sure to do that. Thank you for the suggestion.
09:20:07 <andreaf> I guess that would be nice to have - at least a documentation that the interfaces are not stable yet or so
09:22:16 <andreaf> ok thanks for joining today
09:22:34 <andreaf> next week there will be no meeting because of the summit
09:22:51 <andreaf> so see you here in two weeks at 10:00 UTC
09:22:56 <andreaf> #endmeeting qa