08:00:38 <gmann> #startmeeting qa
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08:00:52 <gmann> Who all here today?
08:00:56 <masayukig> o/
08:01:07 <zhufl> o/
08:01:20 <tono> bye
08:02:06 <gmann> let's wait for couple of min for more people
08:04:06 <gmann> let's start
08:04:08 <masayukig> ok
08:04:14 <gmann> #agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_September_21st_2017_.280800_UTC.29
08:04:26 <gmann> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_September_21st_2017_.280800_UTC.29
08:04:47 <gmann> today agenda ^^
08:05:09 <gmann> #topic Previous Meeting Action review
08:05:25 <gmann> seems like no AI from previous meeting
08:05:33 <gmann> #topic PTG Summary
08:05:45 <gmann> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/122295.html
08:05:58 <gmann> thanks andreaf for sending the summary
08:06:10 <gmann> zhufl: you might have read this
08:06:29 <gmann> also we have queens priority etherpad - #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-queens-priorities
08:06:32 <zhufl> yeah
08:07:40 <gmann> priority for queens can be found there
08:07:58 <masayukig> I think any questions/suggestions are welcome :)
08:08:35 <gmann> zhufl: we had 1 item for you about scenario manager refactoring if you are ok with that
08:09:39 <gmann> any question about PTG
08:09:55 <zhufl> gmann: well, I'am not sure, I still remember one of Jordan's patch which takes long time not being able to merge
08:10:29 <zhufl> gmann: do you remember the arguments about the refactory of scenario.manager?
08:10:36 <gmann> zhufl: ok, that might be prior to make copy of scenario manger on plugin side
08:11:11 <gmann> zhufl: yes, that was because plugin were using it we could not break that. but to resolve that we copied scenario manger on each plugin side
08:11:38 <gmann> hope all plugin has their own copy now. if so we can refactor scenario manager without issue
08:12:54 <gmann> zhufl: this ML - #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-April/115073.html
08:13:18 <zhufl> gmann: oh, let me see
08:13:31 <gmann> you can find about status of plugin side fix ion this - #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tempest-manager-plugins
08:13:50 <gmann> i think we are all good to refactor now. we did not find anyone doping that actually
08:14:02 <gmann> zhufl: thanks. it will good help
08:14:26 <gmann> zhufl: if you have any query, feel free to ping
08:14:33 <gmann> let's move to next topic
08:14:47 <gmann> #topic Forum Topics for Sydney Summit
08:15:22 <gmann> there is anotehr mail from andreaf about forum topic for Sydney
08:15:25 <gmann> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/122297.html
08:15:49 <gmann> tough he missed the qa in braces ands my filter did not work to get this mail under qa folder  :)
08:16:05 <gmann> anyway
08:16:36 <gmann> like last time, we need to propose forum topic for QA and feel free to put your ideas in ethepad
08:16:37 <gmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-sydney-forum-topics
08:17:27 <gmann> do not know about exact deadline but i think we have good amount of time
08:17:49 <masayukig> heh, yeah, I'll take a look later
08:18:07 <gmann> masayukig: thanks
08:18:17 <zhufl> gmann: the deadline for what?
08:18:35 <gmann> zhufl: there is deadline to submit forum topic from each project
08:20:00 <zhufl> gmann: oh, I thought the session topic, which should have been finished
08:20:01 <gmann> #topic Gate Stability
08:20:25 <gmann> zhufl: yea sessions topics are done and schedule is also out
08:21:16 <gmann> zhufl: these are forum topic each project can have and after submission topic will be selected by selection team
08:21:40 <zhufl> gmann: oh, interesting
08:21:47 <masayukig> zhufl: are you able to come to the summit this time?
08:21:47 <gmann> those are more user developer interaction and gathering the feedback and requirement
08:22:16 <gmann> its not USA :) so visa things should be fine
08:22:35 <masayukig> I hope so...
08:22:56 <gmann> tough i have apply by next week
08:23:15 <gmann> *have to
08:23:38 <zhufl> I don't know, we haven't started the discussion of who will go to summit:)
08:23:49 <gmann> ok
08:24:05 <gmann> back to Gate topic
08:24:31 * masayukig nods
08:24:43 <gmann> it is more stable side now a days
08:24:51 <gmann> not much to discuss from my side
08:25:00 <gmann> masayukig: zhufl you have anything specific to bring
08:25:23 <zhufl> exclude scenario tests it looks fine
08:25:54 <gmann> zhufl: scenario tests are not going good?
08:26:24 <zhufl> sometimes
08:26:53 <zhufl> they have more chance to fail
08:27:21 <gmann> zhufl: did you observed the particular failure  or it is random timeout
08:27:49 <zhufl> gmann: more likely to be random
08:27:59 <gmann> humm
08:27:59 <masayukig> zhufl: hmm, if so, probably we should dig it more..
08:28:39 <gmann> afazekas had idea about bringing the all scenario tests back to one job
08:29:24 <gmann> so if something already going bad, we should bring it up which should help him
08:29:58 <zhufl> masayukig: gmann: oh, then I'll pay more attention to it from now on
08:30:12 <gmann> zhufl: thanks that will help.
08:30:41 <gmann> zhufl: it will be good to bring particular failure and log bug and e-r query
08:30:48 <masayukig> I actually subscribe this rss http://health.openstack.org/runs/key/project/openstack/tempest/recent/rss to see it
08:31:13 <masayukig> But I only get periodic job failures, so far
08:31:54 <gmann> masayukig:  nice
08:32:23 <gmann> masayukig: can we see the failure log also
08:33:09 <masayukig> gmann: yeah, we can see that from RSS
08:33:26 <masayukig> The RSS links to the o-h and logs
08:33:35 <gmann> masayukig: got it
08:33:37 <gmann> masayukig: thanks
08:33:42 <zhufl> masayukig: gate-tripleo-ci-centos-7-scenario002-multinode-oooq-puppet-nv	FAILURE in 1h 58m 31s (non-voting)
08:34:06 <zhufl> masayukig: can something like this be seen in the site?
08:36:17 <masayukig> zhufl: now, we only store gate data not check queue data, so,
08:36:30 <masayukig> I don't think so.
08:36:43 <masayukig> gmann: Am I correct?
08:36:51 <gmann> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/w0zAwBJY/
08:36:54 * andreaf o/
08:37:10 <gmann> zhufl ^^
08:37:11 <gmann> andreaf: hi
08:37:31 * masayukig is preparing a birthday cake for andreaf :)
08:37:36 <gmann> masayukig: yea no check pipeline as f now
08:37:42 <zhufl> I just be kicked by the bad network:)
08:37:51 <gmann> masayukig: oh, is it today?
08:38:14 <gmann> zhufl: no issue, o-h does not have check jobs data
08:38:15 <masayukig> gmann: Facebook said so :)
08:38:20 <andreaf> masayukig: :) thanks!
08:38:31 <zhufl> really? happy birthday!
08:38:43 <gmann> andreaf: happy birthday and πŸŽ‚
08:38:44 <andreaf> thank you ^_^
08:38:52 <gmann> masayukig: ^^ i found cake :)
08:38:55 <andreaf> heh nice cake!
08:38:59 <masayukig> gmann: nice :)
08:39:15 <zhufl> delicious:)
08:39:23 <gmann> heh
08:39:29 <masayukig> one more 🍰
08:39:40 <gmann> cool
08:39:50 <andreaf> wow thank you folks :)
08:39:53 <gmann> 🍾🍻
08:40:18 <zhufl> gmann: what's this
08:40:25 <gmann> ok, let's observe the failure and try to add e-r more and more
08:40:29 * andreaf feels like celebrating
08:40:39 <masayukig> gmann: +1
08:40:50 <gmann> andreaf: yea virtual celebration :)
08:41:02 <gmann> zhufl: beer and champion it was :)
08:41:11 <andreaf> zhufl: you should be able to get data on the overall pass/fail of the job from graphite
08:41:43 <gmann> yea graphite can be seen for those
08:42:21 <gmann> any more things on gate side?
08:42:22 <zhufl> oh i c
08:42:27 <andreaf> zhufl: something like this: https://goo.gl/ptPgEw
08:42:59 <andreaf> we are not running the ironic job anymore - thanks gmann
08:43:06 <andreaf> and we have the pike stable job as well
08:43:10 <gmann> yea those are gone
08:43:19 <gmann> +1
08:43:22 <zhufl> I can't visit google sites
08:43:41 <gmann> andreaf: anything else you found to do more cleanup on job list side
08:43:48 <masayukig> zhufl:
08:43:50 <masayukig> http://graphite.openstack.org/render/?from=-200hours&height=500&until=now&width=800&bgcolor=ffffff&fgcolor=000000&yMax=100&yMin=0&vtitle=Failure%20Rate%20in%20Percent&title=Test%20failure%20rates%20over%20last%20200%20hours%20(12%20hour%20rolling%20average)&drawNullAsZero=true&&target=lineWidth(color(alias(movingAverage(asPercent(transformNull(stats_counts.zuul.pipeline.check.job.gate-tempest-dsvm-
08:43:52 <masayukig> neutron-full-ubuntu-xenial.FAILURE),transformNull(sum(stats_counts.zuul.pipeline.check.job.gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ubuntu-xenial.%7BSUCCESS,FAILURE%7D))),%2712hours%27),%20%27gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ubuntu-xenial%20(check)%27),%27ff0000%27),1)&target=lineWidth(color(alias(movingAverage(asPercent(transformNull(stats_counts.zuul.pipeline.gate.job.gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ubuntu-xe
08:43:54 <masayukig> nial.FAILURE),transformNull(sum(stats_counts.zuul.pipeline.gate.job.gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ubuntu-xenial.%7BSUCCESS,FAILURE%7D))),%2712hours%27),%20%27gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ubuntu-xenial%20(gate)%27),%27b00000%27),2)
08:43:57 <gmann> masayukig: thanks
08:44:03 <masayukig> wow ...
08:44:13 <zhufl> masayukig:)
08:44:18 <andreaf> masayukig: you'll need a URL shortener :)
08:45:00 <gmann> let's move next
08:45:04 <gmann> #topic Tempest
08:45:09 <gmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tempest+status:open
08:45:18 <gmann> ^^ current open reviews
08:45:47 <gmann> i will check comments on object storage client by tomorrow and update accordingly
08:45:51 <gmann> Test.py as stable: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tempest-test-module-stable
08:45:54 <gmann> andreaf: ^^
08:46:27 <andreaf> gmann: the etherpad may be out of date sry
08:46:43 <gmann> andreaf: ohk
08:47:06 <andreaf> gmann: but what's left is https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:test_module_stable
08:47:08 <andreaf> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:test_module_stable
08:47:21 <andreaf> gmann: and your patches for the object storage client
08:47:52 <gmann> andreaf: yea i will try to bring those upto date tomorrow
08:47:54 <andreaf> it would be great to merge all those while we are in the beginning of the cycle
08:48:02 <gmann> +1
08:48:40 <andreaf> also on Tempest I started looking at tracking test resources but I don't have anything in reviewable state yet
08:48:53 <andreaf> there was one topic we discussed at PTG scenario refactor
08:49:11 <andreaf> we hoped zhufl might be interested in that?
08:49:30 <gmann> andreaf: yea we talked about it with zhufl
08:49:45 <gmann> all plugins have copy now right
08:50:01 <andreaf> oh great sorry I did not read the whole meeting :P
08:50:07 <zhufl> I am just not very sure we can go smoothly:)
08:50:11 <gmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tempest-manager-plugins
08:50:35 <gmann> zhufl: will check the plugin if any pending and then we are good to go
08:51:02 <andreaf> zhufl: it would be great if you could start working on a patch series on that
08:51:03 <zhufl> gmann: heh wish so:)
08:51:10 <gmann> Bug Triage:
08:51:17 <zhufl> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497760/ if we use api_microversion_fixture in setUp, we will not be able to create resources in resource_setup
08:51:18 <patchbot> patch 497760 - tempest - Merge volume message list and show testcases
08:51:31 <gmann> it think i should have remove this as we are not doing bug triage any more in queens as discussed in PTG
08:51:32 <zhufl> gmann: still one question about microversion
08:52:14 <gmann> zhufl: i remember masayukig talked about this and i forgot to review
08:52:25 <gmann> zhufl: i will check it in detail and get back to you
08:52:35 <zhufl> gmann: ok:)
08:52:38 <andreaf> gmann: yeah we need to find a volunteer to drive bug triage and setup a different forum to discuss about bugs first though
08:52:48 <gmann> andreaf: you will catch right person interested for bug traige
08:53:27 <andreaf> gmann: I will try to find someone :) but if you have candidates as well let me know please
08:53:54 <gmann> andreaf: sure. may be we can check with chandankumar  if he is interested
08:53:55 <andreaf> unless any of you gmann masayukig zhufl want to be the bug czar for queens
08:54:43 <masayukig> andreaf: interesting
08:54:52 <andreaf> yeah I wanted to ask him even though I think he already has a few things on his plate :)
08:55:02 <gmann> ok
08:55:15 <andreaf> masayukig: are you volunteering?
08:55:24 <gmann> seems so :)
08:55:25 <masayukig> andreaf: let me think
08:55:43 <gmann> ok 5 min left
08:55:44 <zhufl> that will be great:)
08:55:46 <gmann> let's move
08:55:49 <andreaf> sure let me know!
08:55:51 <gmann> #topic Patrole
08:56:04 <gmann> anything on patrole side or we can skip this
08:56:50 <gmann> multipolicy spec is merged now - #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461140/
08:56:51 <patchbot> patch 461140 - qa-specs - RBAC testing multiple policies (MERGED)
08:57:00 <andreaf> yay +1
08:57:04 <gmann> #topic Critical Reviews
08:57:09 <gmann> any critical reviews
08:57:22 <gmann> andreaf: i reviewed the series for class level cleanup and looks good
08:57:51 <zhufl> andreaf: I really likes them
08:58:18 <gmann> #topic Open Discussion
08:58:23 <andreaf> gmann, zhufl: cool thanks I need to do that for the rest of the tests in tempest - help is welcome of course
08:58:27 <gmann> anything else to discuss
08:58:39 <gmann> andreaf: sure
08:58:59 <masayukig> zhufl: andreaf: gmann: yeah, I like them, I missed to +2, though.
08:59:12 <gmann> andreaf: i have 1 new mentee interested in QA
08:59:27 <gmann> i will check with him and will be good to start these things
08:59:30 <andreaf> that's great
08:59:33 <masayukig> gmann: nice
08:59:36 <andreaf> ok nice
08:59:54 <gmann> time up now
08:59:58 <gmann> thanks all for joining
09:00:08 <gmann> #endmeeting