07:59:03 <gmann> #startmeeting qa
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07:59:14 <gmann> who all here today?
08:00:36 <apart> Hi
08:00:45 <gmann> apart: hi
08:00:46 <masayukig> o/
08:00:51 <martinkopec> o/, hi
08:01:38 <gmann> let's start
08:01:42 <gmann> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/QATeamMeeting#Agenda_for_October_19th_2017_.280800_UTC.29
08:01:48 <gmann> today agenda ^^
08:02:44 <gmann> #topic Previous Meeting Action review
08:02:57 <gmann> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/qa/2017/qa.2017-10-12-17.00.html
08:03:03 <gmann> 1 AI from last meeting
08:03:06 <gmann> 2 AI
08:03:20 <gmann> 1. andreaf prepare a patch for test.py release notes and docs
08:04:17 <gmann> i did not see the patch may be andreaf ll post soon
08:04:51 <gmann> as object service clietns are mvoed to lib now test.py is good to be declared as stable
08:04:55 <gmann> 2 andreaf send email about office hours in ~ UTC afternoon to replace this meeting
08:05:55 <gmann> i am not sure about this, may be andreaf proposal is to cancel 17UTC meeting in favor office hour ?
08:06:06 <gmann> but need to check with him
08:06:20 <gmann> #topic Forum Topics for Sydney Summit
08:06:31 <gmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qa-sydney-forum-topics
08:06:42 <gmann> forum schedule is out now
08:06:52 <gmann> we have ~3 sessions on QA related
08:07:15 <gmann> ~2 weeks to go for sydney
08:07:25 <gmann> apart: will you be able to join summit ?
08:08:29 <apart> This time no, for private reason:(
08:08:36 <gmann> ohk
08:08:51 <gmann> #topic QA onboarding
08:08:56 <gmann> we have 40 min slot this time
08:09:10 <gmann> Monday 4.40 PM
08:09:16 <gmann> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-forum-QA-onboarding
08:09:35 <gmann> i created ^^ etherpad for topic collection
08:09:57 <masayukig> gmann: ++ cool :)
08:10:06 <gmann> we can have first half of sessions for education and second half for question from audience
08:10:27 <gmann> so that people can ask whatever that want
08:10:42 <masayukig> gmann: yeah, it sounds nice
08:10:46 <gmann> please add topic we should cover in this
08:11:07 <gmann> masayukig: main thing is first half and what exactly we should cover in that
08:11:52 <gmann> let's collect the topic first and then we can select
08:12:13 <masayukig> gmann: yeah
08:13:06 <gmann> #topic Office Hours Summary
08:13:18 <gmann> we had first office hour and did bug triage
08:14:00 <gmann> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-October/123520.html
08:14:10 <gmann> summary report mail
08:14:20 <masayukig> gmann: yeah, I think it was a productive hour
08:14:45 <gmann> yea, it will help to keep eyes on critical or high priority bugs
08:14:56 <apart> Yes, the discussion lasts more than two hours
08:15:11 <masayukig> heh
08:15:36 <gmann> #topic Tempest
08:15:50 <gmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tempest+status:open
08:15:55 <gmann> all open reviews ^^
08:16:22 <gmann> Test.py to be stable: now it is all good to go
08:16:41 <gmann> and after that we nee to release the tempest to make new lib interface available in new version
08:17:02 <gmann> next is Zuul V3 patches
08:17:12 <gmann> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:zuulv3-tempest
08:17:30 <gmann> we need to review these patches. i am targeting those during weekend
08:18:05 <gmann> but currently those are zuul failing
08:18:38 <gmann> anything else on tempest ?
08:19:34 * masayukig will put the zuul v3 patches on my list
08:20:04 <gmann> moving next
08:20:07 <gmann> #topic Critical Reviews
08:20:20 <gmann> any critical review in any of your list
08:21:17 <gmann> #topic Open Discussion
08:21:32 <gmann> anything else to discuss?
08:21:50 <gmann> masayukig: pointed out the sanity job false passing
08:22:26 <gmann> masayukig: i doubt it was after moving to tox env ?
08:22:39 <gmann> so we have to do 2 things on that.
08:22:55 <gmann> 1. to make it fail when there is failure on script
08:23:14 <masayukig> gmann: I actually didn't put my eye on it in detail..
08:23:23 <gmann> 2. fix the failure by mention the required_projects in zuul v3
08:23:49 <masayukig> gmann: yeah, totally agree with them
08:24:18 <gmann> zuul-cloner would not work any more
08:24:37 <gmann> let me check or ll ping chandankumar if he can fix.
08:25:12 <gmann> anything else to discuss or we can close the meeting.
08:25:48 <masayukig> woo, what a very quick meeting
08:26:03 <gmann> yea
08:26:25 <gmann> masayukig: next meeting of 8 UTC will be on 2nd
08:26:31 <apart> :)
08:26:35 <gmann> i will be traveling on 2nd for sydney
08:26:39 <gmann> how about you?
08:27:21 <masayukig> gmann: Mine is Saturday evening
08:27:31 <gmann> ohk
08:27:41 <gmann> we will have office hour before that, we can discuss there about next meeting
08:27:53 <gmann> thanks all for joining
08:28:05 <gmann> #endmeeting